I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 21


Chapter 21 The Honest Man and the Big Dog

Although Shen Qian kept saying that if he hadn’t devoted a lot of energy to Wu Ke, His liberal arts grades are definitely not bad.

But that’s just a mouthful of words, Shen Qian still knows his weight.

At least in the field of reading, his innate talent can only be said to be average.

But after reading the history of China this morning, Shen Qian was surprised to find that he had memorized bits and pieces of the key points he had just read.

His brain seems to be getting better.

As for the reason…

Shen Qian touched his chest and fished out a pendant. There was a black irregular stone hanging on the pendant. Can capture the faint light that occasionally flashes away.

Black Shining Spirit Stone!

Spirit Stone has the effect of nurturing spirit strength, but Shen Qian has only been wearing it for a few days. Is the effect so obvious?

Shen Qian, who couldn’t figure out what was wrong, no longer bothered, and soon concluded that she was extremely smart, but she really didn’t focus on books before.

After a day of swimming in the sea of knowledge, it was time to finish school at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

It is expected that the cultural score will improve, so Shen Qian put on her schoolbag again, intending to make good use of the time outside of physical training.

β€œShen Qian!”

Out of the school gate, Shen Qian, who was reciting ancient poems with a Chinese textbook, heard a familiar voice calling out his name.


Shen Qian turned around and saw Wang Yangming standing behind a tree surreptitiously waving to him.

Shen Qian walked over wonderingly, “Why do you make it look like a spy connection?”

“Sorry, I’m not afraid of meeting Teacher Liu, my mother yesterday. I thought I was going to die at night, so I asked for a three-day leave with one mouth. If Teacher Liu sees me here alive, won’t I be hacked to death?” Wang Yangming squeezed his cap and explained.

“Are you all right now?” Shen Qian looked at Wang Yangming, but didn’t see much change.

“Of course… Hey, why are you holding a Chinese textbook, what the fuck, you even carry your schoolbag?” Wang Yangming asked in surprise.

“The study plan Zhang Liangwei set for me is to make full use of the time I have to walk and go to the toilet. After all, it’s only more than two months.”

“You, you… …” Wang Yangming was stunned, and then looked complicated, “So you have given up martial arts, so you gave me such a good mixture?”

“Have you eaten it, how is the effect? “Shen Qian asked impatiently.

Wang Yangming’s expression lifted, he opened the mouth and said excitedly, “Shen Qian, the mixture you gave me is amazing, after surviving the inhuman pain for a while, I was in the hospital this morning. By the way, I did a personal test, guess what?”

“Hmm ahhhh…nonsense, just tell the result directly.” Shen Qian responded perfunctorily and urged.

“5Kg, my strength has increased by 5Kg overnight!”

Wang Yangming said excitedly, “My previous explosive strength was at the threshold of 109 for a long time, and now The first test was 114, and the speed has skyrocketed…Shen Qian, for the first time, I felt that Wu Ke University was beckoning to me!”


Shen Qian pondered and silently estimated that the effect was actually better than he expected.

The medicine he gave to Wang Yangming probably only had the essence of the original strength potion 1/4/2022 before it was diluted. After Wang Yangming has completely absorbed the medicine efficacy, it is estimated that there is still room for two or three kg of improvement. .

“I remember you used ‘Body Refinement’, how was the effect at that time?” Shen Qian asked.

“I took it when I was graduating from junior high school. At that time, it took about two or three months to gain an extra ten kilograms of strength, but it was the first time I took it, and it is impossible to have it later. This is effective.”

Wang Yangming is still unable to calm down, “but your new mixture does not conflict with the previous medicine efficacy, and it works in one night, it’s really amazing!”

“You must still have residual medical power in your body. Don’t slack off for the next week. You must insist on refining your body every day. There should be room for improvement.” Shen Qian warned repeatedly.

Wang Yangming nodded, hesitated for a moment and then asked, “Shen Qian, did you spend a lot of money on this mixture? I didn’t find anything similar on the Internet.”

“Well, it’s alright.” As a Sanwu product, Shen Qian was not good at pricing, so he could only vaguely say, “I also got it from a special channel through a relationship with a relative.”

Wang Yangming struggled for a while, then dragged Shen Qian to a deserted corner, opened his backpack, took out two bulging envelopes and stuffed them into Shen Qian.

“You are…” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“My parents wanted to invite you to have a meal at home, but I knew that your character didn’t like these things, so I refused for them… The envelope contained fifty thousand dollars, maybe It’s not enough, I owe you what you suffer.”

β€œI can’t ask for the money, it’s not appropriate.”

Although Shen Qian has some ideas, it is He never thought about making money from Wang Yangming. He gave Wang Yangming the mixture not only because of a good relationship, but also because he wanted to treat the other party as a little white mouse.

“If you don’t accept it, our friend will not be able to do it.”

Wang Yangming smiled wryly, then became serious, “Your family is not rich, besides, my parents originally wanted to pay for it. The 200,000 people who helped me buy the special mixture, it seems that I have taken advantage of it.”

“Alright.” Shen Qian thought about it, Wang Yangming did not suffer, although his family was not What a wealthy family, but 50,000 yuan won’t hurt, and I really need money right now.

“Just why are there two envelopes?” Shen Qian asked in confusion.

“Cough.” Wang Yangming said with some guilt, “I originally wanted to give you half of it and save some for myself, but when I thought that you gave me the special effect mixture, I chose to study liberal arts, how can I Are you embarrassed to swallow your money?”

Seeing Wang Yangming’s moved appearance, Shen Qian patted his shoulder with emotion.

Pharaoh is still an honest man!

If he knew that my total cost would add up to 3,000 yuan, would he still have such thoughts?

But it can’t be counted like this. After all, although the wild chilisan doesn’t cost money, it can be considered valuable in the market.

And medicine recipes also have intellectual property value, just like I have always insisted on reading genuine novels…

Thinking about this, Shen Qian became more at ease.

“Old Wang, are you all right now?” After collecting the money, Shen Qian walked forward with his arms around Wang Yangming, “Let’s go, the VR hall will cover the night.”

“Don’t, I’ve woken up, I thought about it a lot last night…”

“You mean the composition you sent me?” Looking at Wang Yangming’s devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, Shen Qian Pressing on the wristband, he read with emotion, “Shen Qian, I think I’m so useless, I’m a complete waste…”

“Good Adoptive Father, stop reading !” Wang Yangming, who was instantly dead, hurriedly covered Shen Qian’s mouth.

“Do you want to go?”

“Go!” Wang Yangming added, gnashing teeth, “You are a big dog now, treat yourself!”

(end of chapter)

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