I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 210


Chapter 210 Ask Sansheng


Shen Qian petrified on the spot, wondering if he was listening wrong.

“Vice… Vice Principal, what did you just say?”

Shen Qian stammered and asked.

“I said… ok.”

Tantai Qin was expressionless, but stared at Shen Qian and repeated it softly.

“Then… you move the sword away first?”

Shen Qian was not sure what Tantai Qin meant for a while, or decided to release the life in front of her first. threaten.

Tantai Qin was silent for a few seconds, but he actually put away his sword.

So nice to talk?

While Shen Qian was muttering in her heart, Tantaiqin spoke again, “How to do it?”

“What to do?” Shen Qian replied subconsciously, then immediately reacted.


No, really?

But looking at Tantai Qin’s calm appearance, it doesn’t seem like he’s joking with himself.

At this moment, Shen Qian suddenly realized that even though the boss used Divine Ability to forcibly gain a lot of experience for himself, he still didn’t know how to deal with the current situation.

“cough cough, Vice Principal, wait for me to stroke it.”

Shen Qian was afraid that the situation would get out of control again, so she didn’t dare to hesitate too long, “You mean, as long as I The innocence is gone, this matter will be written off?”

“en.” Tantai Qin nodded.

Shen Qian’s strange feeling became more and more obvious.

……Does the man also have a clean statement?

How am I going to ruin my own innocence?

The strong desire to survive started to make Shen Qian keep thinking.

“I did look at your body, or… I’ll let you look at mine too?”

Shen Qian felt ashamed when she said this.

But he really wasn’t sure what Tantai Qin was thinking, so he could only try this.

“Okay.” Tantai Qin nodded again, and readily made Shen Qian doubt his life.

Shen Qian clenched the teeth, I am not at a loss!

shua shua!

Shen Qian efficiently took off her clothes.

The hall fell silent.

Tantai Qin’s eyes didn’t blink, but he really looked up and down.

Although I don’t know if it was Shen Qian’s illusion, or it was because of the lighting in the room, there seemed to be a blush on her cold face.

The feeling of shame could not stop spreading in Shen Qian’s heart.

I live to live…

After hypnotizing herself like this, Shen Qian finally felt a lot better.

“Vice Principal, do you think this is okay?”

“Not enough.” Tantai Qin’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and he gently took a deep breath, “Also There are…fingerprints.”

“You mean…” Shen Qian complexion changed.

No, you still have to get started?

Before Shen Qian could react, a faint fragrance swept across his face, Tantai Qin had already stood in front of him, and immediately stretched out his right hand.

The cold touch came from his chest. Shen Qian stared at Tantai Qin’s palm pressing on his chest in amazement. When his mind was about to crash, Tantai Qin’s palm moved quickly.

In an instant, Shen Qian was touched all over her body.


Looking at the cool and beautiful face in front of her, Shen Qian was thinking about whether she wanted to cooperate a little more when Tantaiqin gave her last palm and let go. On Shen Qian’s forehead.

At this moment, Tantai Qin’s palm became as crystal clear as jade.

Shen Qian finally realized something was wrong, but before he could react, Tantai Qin’s palm was already bent, and he slapped it hard.


Tantai Qin’s red lips parted lightly and spit out a syllable that Shen Qian couldn’t understand.


There seemed to be countless Sanskrit sounds in his ears, Shen Qian was slapped by the palm, and the whole person flew out… No, no!

Shen Qian stared at “self” who was still stuck in the same place with Tantai Qin holding his forehead in awe.

This is… Astral Projection?

Tantai Qin slapped the palm of a white jade like white jade, and two more shadows flew out of Shen Qian’s body.

They look exactly the same as Shen Qian, the difference is that one illusory shadow is covered with cracks, while the other illusory shadow is only half body.

Shen Qian lost the ability to think.

He didn’t know why three other selves appeared.

His thoughts became fragmented, and countless images passed before Shen Qian like a revolving lantern.

He seemed to start looking back on his life uncontrollably.

From infancy to entering Jiangzhong Junwu, countless messy and trivial memories exploded in Shen Qian’s mind.

At a certain moment, all memories turned into a black hole, and Shen Qian shuttled in the black hole.

He crossed the mountains, rivers and seas, entered the clouds and went straight to the starry sky. In a trance, Shen Qian saw the white clothed man again.

The white clothed man stands under a big Buddha.

That was the biggest Buddha Shen Qian had ever seen.

There may be ten thousand zhang high, and even the flowing planet becomes incomparably small in front of this Buddha.

He has nine heads and thousands of arms.

He is kind-hearted and fierce.

Under his Buddha seat, it seems that all the evils in the world are suppressed, and blood is constantly oozing out of it, and the pooled blood even forms an ocean.

He was covered in golden light, and in his mouth he read the name of the Buddha that Shen Qian couldn’t understand but thought it was the most reasonable in the world. He then stretched out a palm and moved towards the white clothed man to suppress it.

The palms keep getting bigger, and soon covering the heavens, shielding the sun, the white clothed man is so small in comparison.

But the white clothed man suddenly laughed heartily and stretched his finger to the sky, “I don’t know how high the sky is!”

He stretched his finger to the ground again.

“I can’t see the thick loess!”

He stretched out his hand and grabbed it again, and countless stars all around came together and turned into a giant sword.

“Only see the cold moon and warm sun, Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, come to fry life!”


“This sword, when… slaying the ancients!”

The giant sword moved towards the palm that covered the sky and slammed down.

While Shen Qian was watching his heart agitated, looking forward to the collision between the ancient sword and the Buddha’s palm, a faint sigh sounded in Shen Qian’s ear.

“Tantai, that’s enough.”

Next moment, the picture in front of me shattered, and Shen Qian turned back uncontrollably.

His thoughts reunited in little by little, he passed through those black holes again, his memory returned to one place, and after a trance, Shen Qian opened his eyes again.

He was still standing in the living room, Tantai Qin was standing opposite him, gasping for a complexion pale.

Her palm had left Shen Qian’s forehead, but her expression was more complicated than ever.

Disappointment, confusion, confusion, guilt, fluke, curiosity…

Shen Qian never thought that this cold-looking woman could have such rich emotions.

In addition, a third person appeared in the living room.

Shen Qian realized who the voice was when she saw the other party.


Shen Qian hurriedly saluted.

“Hmm… get dressed first.”

Ping Yangbo reminded with a cough.

Shen Qian felt chilly at this time, so she quickly put on her clothes and said embarrassedly: “Principal, you finally…why are you here?”

“Tantai, you first Let’s go back… this is the end of the matter.”

Ping Yangbo did not rush to talk to Shen Qian, but first said to Tantai Qin who was still standing in a certain mood.

What’s the matter?

Shen Qian was thinking in his heart, how could he feel that Ping Yangbo seemed to mean something and knew everything.

But he was still sighed in relief.

Although he doesn’t know what happened just now, since Uncle Pingyang is not ignorant, at least he won’t have any worries about his life.

Tantai Qin came back to his senses, she took a deep look at Shen Qian, then her body flashed and disappeared without a word.


Waiting for Tantai Qin to leave, Shen Qian, who finally relaxed, couldn’t wait to speak.

“She didn’t want to kill you, at least she didn’t want to.” Pingyangbo seemed to know what Shen Qian wanted to ask, and said with his hands behind him, “That’s her unique Divine Ability, called…question three. Students.”

β€œAsk Sansheng?”

Shen Qian was a little confused.

β€œThere is a saying in Buddhism that there are three lives. The so-called three lives refer to the previous life, this life and the next life.”

Pingyangbo explained briefly.

Shen Qian remembered the other two illusory shadows that looked exactly like him, and immediately reacted.

It turns out that the two illusory shadows represent my previous life and my next life.

But why… one is broken and the other is only half?

β€œWhy does the Vice Principal of Tantai cast such Divine Ability on me?”

Shen Qian wondered.

“Then you have to ask yourself.”

Ping Yangbo glanced at Shen Qian, “Ask Sansheng has many uses, such as exploration, such as foreknowledge, or… Guess what happens when she hates someone so much?”

“She’s not going to kill all three ‘me’s… eh, No way?”


Shen Qian was joking, but got stuck halfway through.

“Well, this method of destruction is called ‘cutting three lives’, it is more terrifying than the Divine Soul, which can’t be detached forever, you will disappear completely, not to mention traces, together with others. Your memory will also disappear together.”

“And this disappearance is irreversible, even if you can find the legendary ‘time scroll’ and reverse the long river of time and space, it is impossible to revive you again. “


Shen Qian shuddered, and then the fear came up.

Ping Yangbo’s words are very informative. Shen Qian can’t understand what is the long river of time and space and the scroll of time, but he understands the meaning of “completely disappear”.

Simply put, if Tantai Qin had really killed him for three lives just now, then maybe Jesus couldn’t even save Shen Qian.

What a terrifying!

Although Shen Qian already understood, there is a high probability that Tantai Qin wanted to confirm something in this way.

Confirm what?

Of course it was a good thing System did before…that was the first time the two had an affair.

Fortunately, Tantai Qin should have seen nothing.

Shen Qian just thought about it and found a strange thing.

That is in his memory, all the parts about the system, when his consciousness drifted out just now, all disappeared.

Shen Qian was not sure if what she saw was what Tantai Qin saw.

But judging from the fact that Tantai Qin didn’t really take action, she probably didn’t see it either.

Otherwise, Shen Qian would definitely be cold.

Although I don’t know what the principle is, but fortunately, after this time, Tantai Qin should be able to completely believe that he is not the person she was looking for.

At this moment, Shen Qian couldn’t help covering her face when she thought of it before.

…he thought Tantai Qin really wanted to do something to him!

A woman’s heart is seabed, and the ancients do not deceive me.

“Vice Principal is a bit too much, not only teasing me, but also using Divine Ability to deal with me…”

The fear in my mind, but it does not affect Shen Qian Take the opportunity to complain to Pingyangbo.

“You didn’t take off the clothes yourself?” Ping Yangbo smiled and said.

“I…Isn’t that a matter of urgency?” Shen Qian smirked, but muttered in the heart.

Dare you really arrived early, and you only came out after watching the excitement for a long time. Are you as handsome as a prince should be?

“Don’t slander me.” Pingyangbo seemed to see through what Shen Qian was thinking, lightly said with a smile, “If I stop it directly, Tantai Qin will still be unwilling, and let her untie her knot. Well, although I don’t know what that knot is, why is it related to you…”

“You can rest assured that with me, she can’t kill your three lives.”

“Of course I can trust the Principal!”

Shen Qian coughed to hide the embarrassment, then asked, “Principal, Tantai Vice Principal…who is it?”

Shen Qian is really confused.

He always felt that Tantai Qin gave him a very strange feeling, as if it was out of tune with everything around him, and this feeling was a bit familiar.

Thinking of the sentence “Women in the Ancient Age” once said by the boss Gao, Shen Qian’s doubts became stronger.


Ping Yangbo was silent for a while, as if caught in some kind of memory, and it took a long time to open the mouth and said: “She doesn’t belong to us. She is a person who awakened from the ancient times.”

“Awakening from the ancient times…what does it mean?”

Shen Qian’s body trembled.

“Ancient is ancient, literally.” Pingyangbo said with a smile.

“I don’t quite understand…” Shen Qian was still confused, “You mean, she has lived from ancient times to the present? But…”

“Have you forgotten, There is a special channel, which can reverse time and space, can also divide the world, and can also revive the myth and make the legend reappear?” Pingyangbo leisurely said.

“You mean… ‘door’?”

Shen Qian eyes shrank, finally realizing something, “Tantai Qin, from behind the ‘door’!”


In shock, he couldn’t help but call him by his first name.

“One hundred and twelve years ago, the chaos of Seven Star Alignment and the opening of ten gates changed too many things, and it was also the second big change of the times, but many things were due to controversy. Its existence has not been written into the official history.”

Ping Yangbo said with emotion, “The controversy still exists, and there are still many inside stories that I can’t tell you directly, you can explore it yourself in the future. “

“It’s speaking of which, in fact, Tantai Qin is not the first person from behind the ‘door’ that you come into contact with.”

Pingyangbo suddenly said meaningfully.


Shen Qian was startled first, and then some images flashed in a flash in his mind.

“Eight Senior Sister…”

Some things are actually not difficult to guess, just need someone to get through that layer of fog.

Shen Qian finally remembered where Tantai Qin’s strange feeling of being out of place had been seen.

Assuming that Ji Ruoshui is also the person behind the “door”, then everything can be explained.

Her completely retro lifestyle, she has no cultivation base but exudes a strong and vibrant body…

But why did the teacher bring her back from behind the “door”?

What kind of world is behind the “door”…

Is the Heaven and Earth I see really the real Heaven and Earth?

At this moment, Shen Qian suddenly had an unprecedented desire to explore.

He couldn’t wait to lift up the huge fog floating behind this era.

(end of this chapter)

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