I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 211


Chapter 211 First Entry Secret Realm

“Dear Eight Senior Sister (stained)…”

“Time flies, it’s been a few months in the blink of an eye (stained)…”

“Did the little cutie miss me (stained)…”


Shen Qian smashed several pieces of letter paper in a row, and then carefully recalled Ji Ruoshui’s language style. After some thinking, he finally got inspiration, so he picked up a pen and started writing.

“Clouds like clothes and flowers like faces, and the spring breeze blows on the threshold of Revlon.”

“It’s been thirteen days of farewell, like thirty-nine spring and autumn…”

“The sound of the piano is still lingering, and the beautiful woman is gone.”

“I’m very good here, you (dirty)… I drink the water from the river, you are in the southwest border, and I think every day See See. How jun, this hatred will never end!”

“Speaking of whether you want to go out for a walk, I think Jiang Prefecture is very fun (stained)… Spring breeze ten miles Jiang Prefecture road, roll up the bead curtain It’s better.”

“Looking for your reply…I miss your Little Junior Brother.”

Shen Qian dried the ink and took a look, um…not bad. , is already his highest literary level.

I think it’s OK.

It was also after the Tantaiqin incident and the conversation with Heping Yangbo tonight that Shen Qian remembered that he had promised to write to Sister Ba Senior when he came to Jiangzhong, and he almost put it all together. Stubble to forget.

Although Shen Qian was very curious about Ji Ruoshui’s true identity, she also knew that this was probably not the time to investigate.

At least from the perspective of Uncle Pingyang, there are still various involvements behind these things. If you don’t have the strength to touch them, the consequences are unpredictable.

The “door” is not as simple as what I know so far, just like the last time I went to complete the night bounty, Shen Qian saw the shadow of the prince’s manipulation.

What he is more concerned about is…why did he see that white clothed man again?

At this point, even if Shen Qian was dull, he vaguely felt that the white clothed man seemed to have some inexplicable connection with him.

Also or another possibility.

What connection does he have with the system…

I just don’t know if Tantai Qin saw the picture he saw.

Have a chance to try it out.

Stop thinking, Shen Qian sealed the letter, took out the golden ball, and entered the online community of Baiwangdian.

He found a business called “Mountain And Sea Express” in the mall, and then spent ten contribution points to place an order directly.

It was only after the Hundred Kings Palace sent Mountain And Sea to deliver him a package last time that Shen Qian realized that the Hundred Kings Palace actually had such a service.

It’s a bit expensive.

If the ten-point contribution value is converted into Huaxia coins, it is one million!

One million to send a letter.

Shen Qian feels that she is really quite extravagant.

I wonder if Sister Hachi Senior can feel her sincerity?

But there was no way, Shen Qian could not go to Jiang Prefecture to ask for leave to send a letter. Fortunately, it was almost enough to write a letter a month, and Shen Qian felt that he could still afford it.

His current total property, if only the real cash part is counted, is about 580 million.

The Candle Snakes that were entrusted to Third Senior Brother to deal with have been sold one after another through auctions, and the final total income is about 460 million.

Actually, Shen Qian only got 430 million, and another 30 million, of which 10 million was for auction and the other 20 million was a thank-you gift for Third Senior Brother.

Although Shi Dingyan firmly refused, Shen Qian insisted on giving it.

In addition, Shen Qian completed countless Bounty Missions of the Martial Arts Association in the two months she was abroad, and the total number of bits and pieces of all bounties exceeded 100 million.

Yuan You just called and has helped Shen Qian to transfer 400 million of the funds to the fund for management. The monthly conservative income will be 4 million to 6 million.

At least for now, Shen Qian has no probability of being short of money.

In addition, Shen Qian has more wealth not on the surface.

For example, the ambergris he obtained from the Longyuan Group last time weighed 327 yuan, as long as Shen Qian purchased some more accessories, he could get at least three Evergreen Pills after refining.

These three Evergreen Pills can be sold for at least 500 million.

Another example is the contribution point of the Hall of Hundred Kings. He just glanced at it. After this period of time, Shen Qian used the “Martial God” ID to answer questions from time to time, and the accumulated contribution point is about to break through 2000. close.

The contribution value of one thousand points is one hundred million.

So Shen Qian’s personal net worth has already broken the one billion mark.

At least Shen Qian can now pretend to say “I’m not really interested in money”.

The doorbell rang, interrupting Shen Qian’s thoughts, Shen Qian mentally said “really so”, then walked over and opened the door.

A Mountain And Sea powerhouse in a cloak, imposing manner, but with a weird overall feel, is standing outside the door.

“Pick up.” A hoarse voice rang out.

Shen Qian didn’t investigate the identity of the other party too much, handed the envelope to the other party, and then said the recipient and delivery address.

<>The cloak powerhouse nodded slightly, then turned away without saying a word.

Shen Qian watched the other party disappear into the night, also clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

The energy of the Hundred Kings Palace is really hard to say. Last time, Heavenspan Pagoda did not mention it. After all, it is in the urban area of Jing City, and the boss Gao also knows the inside story.

But this is in Jiangzhong Junwu, not only in the restricted area, but also the strict access control is completely two concepts.

Shen Qian deliberately calculated it just now. It took twenty-nine minutes from the time he placed the order to the appearance of the Mountain And Sea courier.

How efficient this is!

In addition, after Shen Qian’s trial this time, he was sure that Pingyang Bo probably knew about the existence of the Hall of Hundred Kings.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to explain how the Mountain And Sea powerhouse of the Hundred Kings Hall can be unobstructed in the campus.

Shen Qian didn’t particularly care about the fact that he exposed himself as a member of the Hundred Kings Palace in front of Uncle Pingyang.

Even the top Mountain And Sea’s Tantai Qin is hard to resist, let alone Pingyang Bo.

The pattern of the other party is definitely beyond his imagination, and he doesn’t believe that the boss Gao does not know who Jiang Zhongjunwu’s Principal is. Since the teacher can trust him, it means that Uncle Pingyang is “his own”.


The sky was bright, and Shen Qian, who had finished ironing, went to the North Campus first.

There are a lot of classes today. After all, it’s the first week of school. Everyone obediently and honestly didn’t skip class. Shen Qian, as the monitor of a class, naturally has to act as an example.

In the morning, the compulsory basic weapon class and the shooting theory class are three consecutive sessions, and in the afternoon, there is a three-hour combat combat class.

Shen Qian didn’t show much of the limelight anymore. Obediently and honestly, learning from scratch with everyone is like reviewing “kindergarten knowledge”.

After finally finishing a day of class, Shen Qian was about to go to the physical examination hall to pass the time, and was blocked just after walking out of the teaching building.

Yue Dakan held the “Martial Arts Madman” fan and stared at Shen Qian against the flow of people. .

“Anything?” Shen Qian startled.

“You and I were supposed to be the only confidants in this lonely campus, why don’t you even understand me?” Yue Dakan sighed and squinted.

β€œI’m sick.”

Shen Qian didn’t bother to care about the second-grade patient, so she walked around him.

“Wait…Shen Qian, dare to fight me!”

Yue Dakan chased after him and shouted imposingly.

“Don’t dare.”


Seeing that there was no one left or right, Yue Dakan quickly approached, covered his face with a folding fan and said in a low voice , “Please.”

“Where did you sing this?” Seeing Yue Dakan’s pitiful appearance, Shen Qian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Did you have a fight with Ye Shicong?” Yue Dakan said resentfully, “Did he really endure 51 moves? Do you know how he laughs at me now…Yue Three tricks!”

“Yue three tricks!”

“I, Yue Dakan, have faced such humiliation in my whole life.”

“I can’t accept it. .”

Shen Qian also didn’t expect that a casual sentence of his own could trigger a chain reaction, he sighed, “I can’t help you… What can I gain from fighting with you other than wasting time?”

“I can give you benefits too!” Yue Dakan clenched the teeth.

“You don’t understand, it’s not a matter of good or bad…”

“Six hours of access to the simulator, I have already occupied the location, you can go anytime… Swipe my card, in addition, this ‘Juding Pill’ is my little intention, please accept it with a smile!”


Shen Qian was still worried about this just now Go to the physical examination hall, most of the simulators are full, didn’t expect Yue Dakan to send a pillow so quickly.

What can Shen Qian do?

Can only laugh at it.


Twenty minutes later.

A ring somewhere in the Jiangzhong Junwu Arena.

Shen Qian has already left, leaving only the bloody nose and swollen face, and Yue Dakan, who is bleeding from seven orifices, lying on the ring smirking.

After laughing for a while, Yue Dakan turned over with difficulty, staggered to a corner of the ring, fumbled for a while, and took the wristband with the camera mode turned on with his bent arms. He got up, then shivered and opened a chat group called “Down with the Great Demon King”.

“If he’s going to succeed in his ambitions, he dares to laugh at Huang Chao’s husband!”

“I’m not targeting anyone, I’m saying that everyone here…is a hot chicken!”

Then Yue Dakan uploaded the video titled “Today’s battle with Shen Qian in fifty-two strokes and lost half a stroke”.

After waiting for a minute, when he saw that the bracelet began to vibrate wildly, Yue Da smiled wickedly, and then calmly pressed the button next to the ring to call the school doctor.

Then Yue Dakan closed his eyes and fainted with a smile on his face.


Shen Qian was caught in a blissful mess.

Said happiness because he doesn’t have to worry about the queue of simulators at all. As long as he wants, there is a private room waiting for him to use at any time.

The trouble is because Zhao Keyi’s group is crazy.

In order to prove that they are the one closest to Shen Qian, they began to “run into” Shen Qian and “provocate” him at various times and on various occasions.

For example, Shen Qian was enjoying lunch, and when he looked down, he realized that there was a Geng Qianqiu under the dining table.

Or when he was in the public bathroom of the teaching building, someone handed a tissue as soon as he reached out.

…At that time, looking at Shangguan Ting, who was lying on the door with an innocent face, Shen Qian walked out of the door silently after lifting his pants to confirm that he had not gone to the wrong place.

In order to get Shen Qian to fight with them and allow them to record the video, this group of people did everything possible, their methods were unimaginable, their angles were bold and strange, and they were completely insane.

Shen Qian just mentioned that he hadn’t eaten Yunnan cuisine for a long time. When he opened the door on the second day, more than a dozen lunch boxes were placed at the door.

Open it up, my dear, some of them haven’t even torn off the airfreight label.

Shangguanting even bought ingredients and rushed to Shen Qian’s house to cook for Shen Qian himself and asked Shen Qian if she needed to wear black silk.

It’s just… outrageous.

In the past few days, Shen Qian had tried her best to avoid it. Until this time, Shen Qian was standing at the entrance of the Secret Realm area, and she felt the long-lost peace.

In fact, Jiang Zhongjunwu’s one-star Secret Realm opened two days ago.

But Shen Qian once again forgot to make an appointment in advance, and the queue was not until today.

Secret Realm is different from the simulator, and no one can help him occupy a place.

All Secret Realms are located in Jiangzhong Junwu’s East Campus, and beyond is the closed old campus, and the East Campus, which was opened only two days ago, is also the area that shocked Shen Qian the most.

Among them are the ancient towers of Rakshasa, which are as high as 1,000 meters, mottled temples hidden in the green, and continuous mountain ranges that are completely dark. There are also unknown canyons completely shrouded in colorful rays of light…

is like a picture scroll.

All thirteen Secret Realms are complete entity constructions.

Shen Qian really didn’t expect this.

At this time, Shen Qian was standing on a low mountain, and in front of him was a stretch of stone steps. At the end of the stone steps was a temple with red bricks and white tiles. Two vigorous characters could be vaguely seen.


This is where the Secret Realm is located.

There is a card reader next to the foot of the mountain. After Shen Qian swiped the card, lines of information popped up soon.

“The reservation information is being checked, and the identity confirmation is complete.”

“Welcome, Shen Qian!”

“The level has been locked to one-star difficulty. “

“Please click ‘Start’ to enter Secret Realm after signing the disclaimer agreement.”

Shen Qian calmly signed his name and clicked without hesitation “Start”.

With his current strength, it would really be a joke if he had to struggle with one-star Secret Realm.

Shen Qian’s wristband vibrated, indicating that a Secret Realm point card had been deducted.

Shen Qian didn’t care, he wasn’t worried that his Secret Realm point card would not be enough.

Yu Shousi has secretly revealed that the credits are all minor issues.

Convenience within the rules, Shen Qian is absolutely full of Jiangzhong Junwu.

Just after Shen Qian clicked “Start”, Heaven and Earth in front of him changed again with a bang.

When Shen Qian came back to his senses, he found that the world in front of him came alive.

When he turned his head, Jiang Zhongjunwu was nowhere to be seen. He seemed to be standing at the foot of the Shaolin Temple, surrounded by lush and green Birds, Speech, Flowers, Fragrances, and the thousand-year-old temple suddenly came alive. It is no longer only the beauty of the picture scroll, but the real solemnity of the years.

And at the entrance of the temple, there were also two more monks wearing cassocks.

He strode up the steps, and when he came to the gate of the ancient temple, the gate of the temple slammed open.

“Disciple Shen Qian, a layman, hurry up and study at the temple!”

The monk on the left shouted loudly.

Shen Qian lowered his head and realized that he was actually wearing a monk’s robe.

“Is it unreal again?” Shen Qian was not sure, but it all looked like the handwriting of a prince.

What else can I learn from Secret Realm?

Shen Qian looked thoughtful, and immediately stepped into the temple gate under the urging of the warrior monk.

(end of this chapter)

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