I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 212


Chapter 212 The Golden Body of Arhat

Shen Qian entered the gate of Shaolin Temple.

In front of you is an open square covered with white jade bricks.

What’s weird is that most of the square is a hazy gray.

Shen Qian walked along the middle road, and soon came to a building called “Arhat Hall”.

There are countless buildings nearby, Shen Qian saw Hidden Scripture Pavilion, Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda and so on.

But…these buildings are also gray.

Shen Qian tried to walk into the gray, but was blocked by an invisible force.

“Sure enough, the discussion on the Internet is true. Shaolin Temple is actually a combination of Secret Realm, and the bronze circle is only a small part of it, while other Secret Realm with higher stars are not open. So I can’t enter.”

Shen Qian immediately understood some of the posts she had seen before.

Shaolin Wuhan University is also a first-line martial arts university, and its status is quite special, at least it contributed a lot in the initial development of Martial Arts.

Based on the origin of Shaolin Temple itself, they also developed a lot of Secret Realm.

The same is true for Wudang University.

Without having a choice, Shen Qian stepped into the Arhat Hall.

The hall is very large, at least 500 square meters, tens of meters high, and there are eighteen Arhat statues on both sides, all of which are golden light shining and majestic.

In the middle of the great hall, there is a monk with a red fruit and an upper body.

He also has golden light on him, but it is naturally much weaker than the statue.

As soon as Shen Qian walked in, the monk’s face became vivid. He looked directly at Shen Qian and spoke in awe.

“But the layman Disciple Shen Qian?”

“Exactly, dare to ask who the Master is?” Shen Qian was unsure whether it was a daoist or an NPC, and answered Yili.

โ€œThis seat is named Jigang, presided over by Arhat Hall, you can follow my cultivation Arhat Fist method, when you can pass the bronze circle, you can go down the mountain!โ€

Monk Nodding slightly, then said.

Sure enough.

Shen Qian’s eyes light up, Secret Realm is completely different from the level on the simulator.

The level of the simulator is only to test the strength of Martial Artist. Even if it has the function of checking for gaps, it is completely dependent on itself.

But Secret Realm is different, it helps Martial Artist grow as much as possible while practicing.

For example, the Secret Realm in this bronze circle can even learn a one-star martial skill for free while clearing the level.

In the distant legend of ancient Chinese rivers and lakes, there is a widely circulated saying.

โ€œShaolin comes from the worldโ€™s martial arts.โ€

The Arhat Fist method is an exclusive martial skill from Shaolin Wuhan University. Although the star rating is only one star, it is a The top slot in the star martial skill.

The Arhat Fist of the flawless realm can increase his own strength by 10%. There is no better martial skill than it in the Beginner Martial Artist stage.

Although Shen Qian is already a middle-level Martial Artist, if he masters this martial skill, it is not a big problem to increase his strength by about 7%.

To this day, the only martial skill Shen Qian has mastered is “Shadow Blade”.

But that’s a killing skill and a trump card, and it’s not suitable for showing off easily. The Arhat Fist method can just help Shen Qian fill a little gap.

Although Shen Qian doesn’t need the Arhat Fist method to easily pass the 1-star Bronze Man Array, but the so-called “no prostitute for nothing, no prostitute”, if you prostitute, you still want to prostitute. …

It didn’t take Shen Qian much effort anyway.

“Master Ji Gang please advise me!”

Shen Qian cup one fist in the other hand said.

โ€œThe Arhat Fist method is a combined martial skill, in which there are 18 forms, which are taken from the eighteen Arhat poses. !”

Ji Gang said, exhaled, and his palms traced a strange trajectory.

“This is ‘Separation’!”

Ji Gang loudly shouted again, punching forward.

“This is ‘rush’!”


Ji Gang’s movements neither fast nor slow, showing Shen the 18 forms one after another Qian , while continuing to explain the main points of it, as well as some combination punches.

To evaluate objectively, this kind of explanation is fairly detailed. As long as people are not too stupid, it will not be too difficult to learn.

Ji had just finished 18 forms of boxing, and then withdrew his posture and asked in a solemn voice, “Disciple Shen Qian, a layman, have you understood the key points?”

Looking at the posture, if Shen Qian said that he didn’t understand it, and he would probably do it again.

Secret Realm is time-limited, which involves a trade-off.

For ordinary people, if you are more interested in this martial skill, you can give up the time to pass the level and the possible rewards later, and learn the martial skill here, until the time expires, you will be automatically kicked out of Secret Realm.

Or just study and learn, and then go straight to the level to win the clearance reward.

I don’t know how much resources will be consumed when Secret Realm is activated once, so there is the existence of Secret Realm point card, which is also helpless.

Of course, for Shen Qian, he only needs to read it once.

The system is not a decoration.

After thanking Master Ji Gang, Shen Qian was about to pass through the Arhat Hall to break into the Bronze Man Array, but suddenly step one stopped, and a flash of light appeared in his mind.

So he retreated again, looking at the other party in the slightly confused eyes of Master Ji Gang.

“Disciple Shen Qian, a layman, what else do you have to do?” Monk Ji Gang finally opened the mouth and said.

“What the hell, Master Ji Gang, do you only know the ‘Arhat Fist method’?”

Shen Qian asked.

After some contact just now, he has already made a preliminary judgment that the Master Jigang in front of him should be an existence similar to a game NPC.

But the other party has certain thinking ability and wisdom, at least the kind that can talk and interact.

So Shen Qian had a vague idea.

It’s just that he’s not sure yet.

Master Ji Gang seemed to be stopped by the question, or there was no relevant question in the other party’s established procedures, so he froze and didn’t answer for a long time.

Shen Qian waited for a minute and saw that the other party still didn’t respond, so she couldn’t help sighed in disappointment.

It seems he overestimated the artificial intelligence in this Secret Realm.

Shen Qian was about to turn around and leave when Master Ji Gang’s voice suddenly sounded behind him, “Of course not, I have been cultivating in Shaolin for more than a hundred years, and I am proficient in every aspect of fist, kick and stick!”

Shen Qian startled , then hurried back.

โ€œMaster Ji Gang, what else do you want?โ€

Shen Qian asked impatiently.

โ€œI have been standing in great numbers for more than a thousand years, and have countless martial arts. I am not talented, but I have also learned seven-eight out of ten.โ€

Master Ji Gang looked serious , indifferently said.

“For example?” Shen Qian continued to guide.

“Such as… Shaolin Temple Seventy-two Stunts, Thirty-six Meditation, 18 Sects Heart Sutra, and…”

“What else?”

Shen Qian asked patiently, but he was muttering in his heart, how can you still be an NPC?

โ€œNine Great Divine Ability!โ€

Nine Great Divine Ability!

Finally hearing what she wanted, Shen Qian was instantly refreshed.

But he still can’t believe it, you, a Secret Realm NPC, can still have Divine Ability?

โ€œMaster Ji Gang, do you have Divine Ability?โ€

โ€œDivine Ability, people with great perseverance and wisdom cannot be cultivated. The little monk has been comprehend for many years, but he has achieved very little… “


Shen Qian heard that, forget it, it’s not a waste of time.

The seventy-two stunts are similar to the Arhat Fist method, and Zen Gong and the Heart Sutra are not very useful to him at present. After all, he has cultivated Ancient Cultivation Technique, and he does not need to change his ways in the short term.

He turned around again to leave, and heard Master Ji Gang continue to say: “…At present, I have only mastered the Divine Ability of ‘Arhat Golden Body’, I am really ashamed!”

” Master…you are so naughty!”

Shen Qian took back the steps she took, a little didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

I don’t know who designed this NPC, how can there be such a problem of incomplete speech.

“Master Ji Gang, can I learn ‘Arhat Golden Body’?”

Shen Qian’s eyes were bright, and he was finally at a loss.

Yes, that was his bold idea.

It also stems from the fact that Shen Qian read a little more extension information when she introduced it on the official website.

Bronze Array comes from Arhat Hall in Shaolin Temple, but Arhat Hall really has Arhat!

According to the official introduction of Shaolin Temple, Arhat Hall really has eighteen golden statues of Arhat.

Shen Qian checked it out of curiosity, and realized that Shaolin Temple has a Divine Ability, which allows the cultivator to impervious to sword and spear, iron and bronze, without the blessing of Essence Power, just fleshy body battle The strength is comparable to Mountain And Sea!

When entering the Secret Realm Arhat Hall just now, Shen Qian noticed that there was a golden light flickering on Master Ji Gang’s body, which was highly suspicious of the Divine Ability’s network map.

It’s just a temporary attempt, who knows that this NPC really seems to have something.

Just don’t know if the other party will really teach.

Shen Qian felt not very hopeful about this. After all, she had never heard of anyone who could learn anything other than Arhat Fist from the one-star Secret Realm bronze formation.

Shen Qian was thinking at this moment, assuming that this NPC really has Divine Ability, can he use the system to learn this Divine Ability in some way.

For example, forcing the NPC to use his full-body skills, or hacking into the Secret Realm’s programming or something…

Although this is a little suspicious of martial arts, it is impervious to sword and spear or something, that’s really cool!

This Divine Ability, which greatly enhances self-protection ability, is of course the more the better.

Just as Shen Qian’s mind was racing, Master Ji Gang spit out two words, “Yes!”


Shen Qian simply wondered if she had heard it wrong. Isn’t this too happy?

However, Shen Qian, who reacted, was instantly overjoyed, “Master, are you really willing to teach me?”

“My Shaolin martial arts is compatible with the world and facing the world, why not teach me? study?”

Ji Gang Master indifferently said.

Although this sentence sounds a bit pretentious, Shen Qian gave the other party a heartfelt like.

“You have feelings, Master, I appreciate you!”

Shen Qian said sincerely, “Then Master… let’s start?”

“Also No.” Master Ji Gang shook his head.

โ€œWhy?โ€ Shen Qian startled.

“You are a layman Disciple, you cannot learn the Inner Sect Divine Ability!”

“But you just said that everyone in the world can learn it?” Shen Qian was stunned.

“Yes…but you need to go through more experience, at least you need to have a Buddha mind.” Ji Gang Master indifferently said.

โ€œHow can I prove that I have a Buddha mind?โ€ Shen Qian was helpless.

โ€œYou must be proficient in the seventy-two stunts of Buddhism, and you must master at least Seven Sects, the three-door Heart Sutra!โ€

Master Ji Gang stated the conditions.

His…so troublesome?

Shen Qian suddenly wanted to back off, but when he thought of the temptation of Divine Ability, he clenched the teeth, “Isn’t it just a bunch of unique Zen techniques, I’ll learn!”

“student that can be taught!”

Master Ji Gang’s expression changed for the first time, he was very pleased.

“Master…student that can be taught is a Confucian language, but you are a Buddhist.” Shen Qian couldn’t help but complain.

“Seventy-two stunts, second, the grappling hand.”

Master Ji Gang ignored Shen Qian’s humor and straightened up.

Shen Qian also put away his distracting thoughts, and started to study attentively on the surface.


Forty minutes later.

“Seventy-two stunts, the thirteenth type, wood-burning Blade Technique.”

Master Ji Gang reached out and grabbed a wooden knife out of nowhere. When I was about to start the exercise, my movements suddenly froze.

Shen Qian didn’t know why, but a mechanical voice sounded in his ear.

“Student Shen Qian, your level time has run out, Secret Realm is automatically closing, and the settlement evaluation will be sent to your mailbox in the form of email, please check it yourself.”

“Martial Arts is very difficult, please keep working hard!”

Shen Qian was in a trance for a while, and when he came back to his senses, he was already standing under that low mountain again.

And the Shaolin Temple in front of me has also become a landscape like a scroll again, no longer as vivid as before.

The time is up…

Shen Qian spat out one mouthful of impure air, also quite helpless.

After all, it is a one-star Secret Realm, and the limited time is one hour.

Shen Qian’s efficiency is already extremely high, all of which are “one-shot”, but Master Jigang’s rhythm is that neither too fast nor too slow, and Shen Qian’s urging is useless.

“For Divine Ability, it seems that I have to spend some more days in this one-star Secret Realm…”

Shen Qian muttered.

Originally, his original plan was to pass the low-level Secret Realm at the fastest speed, and then get the qualification to enter the myriad forms tower and the six-star Secret Realm as soon as possible.

After all, to reward this thing, the higher the Secret Realm, the better.

But didn’t expect this kind of accident.

However, Shen Qian is actually not a loss. In other words, high-level Secret Realm may not be able to obtain Divine Ability.


The bracelet vibrated, but it was Secret Realm’s settlement evaluation.

Unsurprisingly, a big “D”.

It’s also normal. Shen Qian didn’t even enter the bronze circle, but spent the whole time outside. There’s nothing wrong with giving the lowest rating.

Shen Qian didn’t care either.


It’s still the Martial Arts department, the 10th layer high-rise building in the northwest.

The fourth floor of the data monitoring center of the Martial Arts educational institution is the monitoring hall of the regular level of the Martial Arts simulator, and the fifth floor is the monitoring hall of the regular level of the Martial Arts Secret Realm.

At this time, in one of the offices, a man in a suit hurriedly pushed in the door, picked up the internal phone on the table, and dialed out.

“Hey, Team Leader Liao, the result is out!” The man said immediately when the call was connected.

“How’s it going?”

“Stunning, you can’t believe it…his rating is D!” The man said in an incredible tone.

“Really?” The other end of the phone was apparently startled as well.

“It’s true, I’ve been paying attention since you reminded me. You also know that this kind of thing is impossible to go wrong. After all, it’s all system judgment… Well, I understand, well, many thanks, goodbye! โ€

After a few more exchanges, the man hung up the phone and paced around the office excitedly.

“Such a peerless monstrosity is showing signs of falling… I don’t know how many people will be interested in this news, but it’s posted, and it’s really posted this time!”

โ€”โ€”โ€” โ€”

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(end of this chapter)

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