I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 215


Chapter 215 Crisis

The plane penetrated the clouds and landed at the second airport in the southwest of Beidu.

Shen Qian, who came out of the first class cabin, was suddenly startled before getting on the bus.

Dao Jiu, who had already opened the car door for Shen Qian, looked over for unknown reasons.

The emperor monkey, who climbed onto Shen Qian’s shoulder, also turned his head and expressed his doubts with his smart eyes.

“Dao Jiu, do you have a strange feeling?” Shen Qian pondered then said.

“What?” Dao Jiu said blankly.

“It’s… an inexplicable depression.” Shen Qian didn’t know how to describe it, so she could only say it briefly.

“Huh?” Dao Jiu scratched his head, “I can smell the smell of the airport restaurant, it seems to be Red Braised Pork…”

Shen Qian was speechless for a while Choking, I can only look towards Emperor Monkey again.

Seeing the Emperor Monkey also shook his head, Shen Qian frowned, he simply stood still and used the spirit strength he had just formed to perceive.

Now that the spirit strength has reached the level of publicity, the feedback to Shen Qian will be completely different from naked eye.

The spirit strength flowed out of Shen Qian’s body, and the world in front of her turned into another color.

Shen Qian finally found it.

The source of that repression.

In the south of the northern capital, there is a huge dark eye hanging upside down in the sky.

Those black eyes were tightly closed, but they exuded countless black threads, hiding the sky and covering the earth, covering most of the northern capital, and even part of the boundary of the second airport.

Shen Qian’s soul was trembling uncontrollably, it was the complete oppression from Life Level.

In addition, at the very moment when Shen Qian’s spirit strength appeared, the black silk thread in the nearby sky seemed to sense something, and it moved towards Shen Qian’s direction.

Shen Qian complexion changed, a keen foreboding that if he was entangled with that black silk thread, there would be unpredictable consequences.

He hurriedly converged all his spirit strengths.

In the last second of Shen Qian’s spirit strength returning to his body, that big, closed dark eye suddenly opened.


Shen Qian’s consciousness became blank.

He was in some kind of uncontrollable panic.

Just when Shen Qian was dazed, a gentle yet mighty force brushed through his body and woke him up.

“Leave quickly.”

A strange voice that Shen Qian had never heard rang in his ear.

Shen Qian didn’t have time to study it, so she quickly got into the car and greeted Dao Jiu and Emperor Monkey who were still ignorant, and asked the driver to leave the airport as quickly as possible.


Soon after Shen Qian left, in silence, a middle-aged man in black clothed appeared above the tallest tower in the airport.

His indifferent gaze swept across the tarmac of the second airport, then frowned.

“Yanshangong, you are really elegant, why are you starting to pay attention to the infrastructure construction in Beidu?” Facing about forty or so, a man with a looming resolute look also appeared next to the black clothed man, standing with his hands behind his back.

“Wu Wei.”

“You just cut off my perception?”

“Hehe, I just think this is the Northern Capital after all, but I need Mr. Han Chi to monitor day and night, it’s a bit unreasonable, doesn’t it make my Martial Arts department incompetent?”

Wu Wei didn’t seem to care about Duke Yanshan’s attitude and still kept a smile.

“You clearly know what this dude is!”

Duke Yanshan’s face sank, “Although I don’t know who cut off the cause and effect and blocked the secret, but I think It would be a fool’s dream to completely deceive this master!”

“I can feel that those Dao stones have been integrated into the Dao sea…hehe, it seems that I haven’t been out for many years, and some people have already Don’t take me seriously.”

“Yanshan’s public speech is too heavy.” Wu Wei said with a smile, “I think, with your status and bearing, why should you be obsessed with small things? Personal grievances, now a hundred years have passed, big changes are about to take place, it is not appropriate to fight again!”

“Big change?”

Han Chi sneered, “Minister Wu joked, and With the current strength of my Human Race, even if there is another ‘Ten Gates’ opening, what is there to be afraid of?”

“I can beat it alone!”

Han Chi said proudly .

Wu Wei’s smile finally subsided, and just as he was about to say, Duke Yanshan’s figure had begun to dissipate.

“You don’t need to say it again, Minister Wu, you clearly know that it is not only the influence of a ‘Sweeping Array’, it is cutting my anger and breaking my new way. This hatred cannot be ignored.”


Han Chi’s voice resounded in the sky above the airport, but the crowd of people in and out of the airport were unaware.

“I have already had a summons with King Zhou Yi. After this grudge, when it’s time for this Han to take action, I will not back away!”

Wu Wei’s brows furrowed Get up, speechless for a long time.

“The clansman clan…you are all too optimistic!”

After a long time, Wu Wei sighed, muttered, “What about King Zhou Yi, the times have changed, even more how , how many of you still have blood?”

“It’s really that day, I can’t tell…”

Wu Wei’s voice suddenly became cold, but soon, he restrained Emotions, and took a deep look at the direction a certain car was leaving, and then the figure dissipated with the wind.


Shen Qian looked thoughtful on the back seat of the large imported Mercedes-Benz.

He wasn’t quite sure whose voice had woken him up, but he had already realized who that big dark eye was.


No surprise, it’s the Duke of Yanshan!

The big black eyes should be some kind of spiritual strength illusion, but with Shen Qian’s current realm, it’s a bit incomprehensible.

He didn’t know why his spirit strength attracted Big Eye’s attention, but Shen Qian’s intuition was related to the last Dao Shi incident.

Like Tantai Qin, there is obviously no evidence and no signs to reveal, but the other party seems to have a faint intuition, and even uses the Divine Ability “Ask Sansheng” to investigate.

There may be some cause and effect behind this, or something like some kind of induction.

Based on this principle, Duke Yanshan may have opened his “big black eye” only if he felt something.

If it wasn’t for the rescue of another mysterious power, Shen Qian would have been a little bit dangerous today.

“The unfathomable mystery just walked away at Gates of Hell…”

Shen Qian spat out one mouthful of impure air.

At this time, he already understood a little why, when he made the decision before the college entrance examination, the boss Gao seemed to have no inclination, but he still vaguely reminded Shen Qian not to forget who is in the north.

Shen Qian has no idea how strong a top-level prince is, but from what she just got a glimpse of… Shen Qian hasn’t felt like an ant for a long time.

This is after his spiritual strength breakthrough.

It was funny to say, but he didn’t feel anything before the breakthrough.

This is probably ignorance so fearlessness.

Speaking of offending princes, in fact, there is more than one prince of Yanshan in the northern capital. If we really count, there are also princes of Tianning, the minister of the Ministry of Martial Arts…

That is another top prince. .

And unlike Duke Yanshan, most of his name is actually given to Duke Tianning.

It’s just that the Eldest Senior Brother Jiang Huan, who had never met before, took the initiative to stand up. Later, Shen Qian realized it later. In fact, the other party did not mean to draw hatred and share the pressure for Shen Qian. .

Thinking about this, the long-lost sense of crisis resurfaced in Shen Qian’s heart.

……Knife Nine is just Mountain And Sea, still not strong enough.

Dao Jiu, who was glanced at by Shen Qian, scratched his head with some unfathomable mystery. He didn’t know if it was an illusion. He seemed to feel a bit of disgust in Mr. Shen’s eyes.

“When the Northern Capital is over this time, let’s really keep a low profile and at least learn a Divine Ability before making waves.”

Shen Qian made up his mind at this moment.

As for this trip to the north, Shen Qian also decided to keep a low profile.

His current strength is very outrageous for peers, but if he shows his edge in front of Duke Yanshan, who knows if it will lead to some bad associations or even fear.

At the moment, Duke Yanshan has not locked his possible targets on him, and Shen Qian wants to make good use of this vacuum period.


Northern Martial.

As the No. 1 school in China recognized by many people after the fall of Jiang Zhongjun, it finally officially showed its style after the school started.

At least at this moment, Shen Qian felt a little strange standing in front of the Northern Martial gate.

It turns out that there are dozens of complicated Formations at the gate of Northern Martial, for decoration, lighting, defense and identification… At this moment, all the Formations are lit with rays of light, and more. It seems that the gate with a long history is like a dream.

When Shen Qian sighed, there was a sound of gongs and drums in his ears.

Before Shen Qian could react, a large group of students in brand new uniforms rushed out of the gate, cheering and holding banners in their hands.

“Warmly welcome Shen Qian teacher to join the Northern Martial Pharmacy Academy!”

“Shen Qian teacher YYDS!”

“Brother Shen, you are the beacon that guides the way, you are the sun of dawn…”


Shen Qian, who was so ashamed, dared not look any further, he After catching Wei Sijian, who was the most popular, gnashing teeth said, “It’s good to be low-key…why is there a band?”

“This is already very low-key!” Wei Sijian said It seemed a little aggrieved, “Brother Shen, don’t you know that there were originally more than 200 people in the welcome team, but after I forcibly selected dozens of people… Even Yu Qing teacher and the others wanted to come!”

Yu Qing is also a lecturer of the Pharmacy Academy. He questioned Shen Qian in the last public class, but was convinced by Shen Qian’s bells and whistles of refining medicine by hand.

Listening to Wei Sijian’s meaning, it seems that the other party has also joined Shen Qian’s fan club.

“Don’t beep, hurry up!”

Shen Qian knew that he couldn’t communicate normally with someone like Wei Sijian, so he quickly pulled the other party and looked at countless passers-by. Fleeing in the middle of nowhere.

He was a little regretful, he knew he had asked Xiaoding to pick him up.

Mainly, he hasn’t entered his identity information, and if no one takes it, he won’t be able to enter the Northern Martial gate.

It’s all his fault for thinking of giving Ding Yi a little surprise.

Under Shen Qian’s strong request and even the threat of credits, the students who came to welcome Shen Qian’s Pharmacy Academy finally put down all the banners and the band stopped playing.

It’s just such a grandiose team that attracted a lot of attention on the way to the Pharmacy Academy.

Gradually, someone seemed to recognize Shen Qian.

Along the way, people started to come and watch Shen Qian with all kinds of pointing fingers.

At first, Shen Qian didn’t really care, until more and more people watched Shen Qian, and their expressions were strange, Shen Qian noticed something was wrong.

The Northern Martial is a place where talents gather, and they all have their own pride. They may be curious about Shen Qian, but not so much.

Like the last time Shen Qian came, it didn’t cause much disturbance.

Shen Qian put her ear out and heard some strange words.

What “genius has fallen”, “what about the national champion of martial arts”, “Jing City Zhongyong” and so on.

Shen Qian frowned, he turned his head and looked towards Wei Sijian, “What’s wrong with these people?”

Wei Sijian’s expression was very unnatural, “Brother Shen, Isn’t it normal that people are interested in you because of your fame?”

“Lao Wei, with your character, it’s normal that you won’t lie.”

“I… …Hey, forget it, I also know that I can’t hide it from you, Brother Shen, just read it for yourself!”

After being at a loss for words, Wei Sijian resignedly took out a pile of newspapers and sent them to Shen. Qian put it in his arms.

Shen Qian startled , this means…you are in the news again?

But he hasn’t done anything lately!

Shen Qian raised his eyebrows and pulled out a newspaper. The newspaper was “Barcode of Beidu”, a fairly well-known newspaper, and then Shen Qian saw the bright red headline on the front page at a glance. .

“Meteor is dazzling, but the rays of light are short-lived – the national champion of martial arts quietly “falls”? 》

“What the hell is this?”

Shen Qian was a little confused.

He flipped through the rest of the newspapers at will, and the headlines were really his news. Although the headlines were all kinds of bells and whistles, the core meaning was the same…

He Not anymore.

It wasn’t until Shen Qian read a detailed report in “High School Wukan” that he probably understood what was going on, and for a while he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

It turned out to be because of his recent “outstanding” performances on sims and Martial Arts Secret Realm.

Shen Qian broke through a “Heaven’s Line” in the simulation card, and only got an S rating after struggling a lot.

Not to mention Martial Arts Secret Realm, Shen Qian spends all his time on the bronze circle, and the evaluation is all “D”.

Originally, Shen Qian’s performance is normal for a freshman martial arts student, but the problem is…

He is Shen Qian.

“I knew that these data would definitely not be kept secret. Fortunately, I was wise and didn’t upload the physical test data…”

Shen Qian was a little fortunate at this moment.

“Brother Shen, don’t worry about these rumors, although you didn’t get on the Hidden Dragon List, you might even miss out on the seed spot for ‘Treading Nine Heavens’ this time, but I know you must put more effort into it. Putting it on top of refining medicine, you finally realize where your talents should be placed…”

Seeing that Shen Qian was a little distracted, Wei Sijian was immediately comforted, and just talking, he became A face full of joy.

“Wait…what seed quota?”

Shen Qian ignored Wei Sijian’s self YY, just caught the key words.

(end of this chapter)

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