I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 216


Chapter 216 Stepping on Nine Heavens

Wei Sijian brought Shen Qian to the notice wall of Northern Martial.

“Here, Brother Shen, see for yourself.”

Wei Sijian pointed to the three-dimensional electronic bulletin that was projected into the air.

Shen Qian ignored the surprised crowd all around and just looked up.

Like Jiang Zhongjun, Northern Martial’s bulletin board is also divided into several major sections. The first is the content of the Wind Cloud List of colleges and universities. The Northern Martial List, Hidden Dragon List, and Rising Dragon List are all available.

Of course, these lists have nothing to do with the current Shen Qian.

Even on the Hidden Dragon List, which is only for freshmen, Shen Qian has only been on the list once.

It may be that when the level evaluation of Heaven’s Line reached S, he briefly entered the top 100, but only ranked in the 90s.

And it was knocked out in less than an hour.

If Yang Lingjie hadn’t told him specifically, he wouldn’t even know there was such a thing.

But Shen Qian glanced over and saw many familiar names.

As far as Jiang Zhongjunwu is concerned, Zhao Keyi, Geng Qianqiu, Xiao Ye and the others are all on the list.

As far as other schools are concerned, there are several “acquaintances” of Shen Qian in the top ten of the Hidden Dragon List alone.

For example, when he was in the college entrance examination, his big brother Cao Qian, the pair of Cao Family siblings, was impressively ranked sixth on the Hidden Dragon List.

And Wang Shuo, who was ranked second on the Hidden Dragon List.

Shen Qian also saw Ding Yi’s name.

Although the ranking is not very high, it is also in the top 50.

This time she came to Beidu because of some kind of Shen Qian’s worries. She vaguely felt that something was wrong with Ding Yi.

In other words, after coming to Beidu from the other party, it seems to have fallen into some abnormal state.

Ding Yi’s hard work is unquestionable.


Nowadays, it can no longer be simply described as hard work, it even means desperately.

Even after the relationship was established, the connection was somehow less.

“Since the relationship is established, you can put more energy into cultivation”.

Shen Qian had a strong feeling, that’s what Ding Yi thought, although she didn’t say it.

This made Shen Qian quite didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

He is the male side, and he can’t pester Ding Yi like a little girl, so Shen Qian endured it.

This time in Beidu, Shen Qian also wanted to understand the secret behind Ding Yi’s crazy cultivation… He always felt that it was not that simple.

The real value of the Thang Long List is higher, and most of the names above are unfamiliar to Shen Qian.

He saw that the person with the highest ranking in Jiang Zhongjunwu was Qu Bai, currently ranked ninth.

The top eight are students from the four major schools, as well as students from another school called “Batian Junwu”.

After scanning those lists, Shen Qian’s eyes were fixed on an extremely striking announcement.

“At the end of the old year, the beginning of the new year, the sun and the moon are in the sky, come to Nine Heavens!”

This is about a tournament that swept all the martial arts college students in China announcement.

The event is called “Treading Nine Heavens” and is divided into two units.

One is an event only for freshmen in all martial arts colleges, called the “Nine Heavens Cup”.

This is a regular Martial Arts team challenge. Each college team has five regular players and ten substitute players. The ranking of colleges and universities is determined by the round-robin BO5 system.

There is nothing to say about this event. It used to be held every autumn harvest, but the name is different.

The “Nine Heavens Cup” was also expected.

“When the autumn comes on September 8th, I will kill a hundred flowers after the flowers bloom.”

At the beginning, Cao Qian and Shen Qian made an agreement on the battlefield of the college entrance examination. Later, according to Shen Qian Analysis, the high probability should be on top of this game.

What makes Shen Qian more focused is the second unit of the competition.

That’s the main event of “Treading the Nine Heavens”.

Because it doesn’t limit the grade, only the age… All martial arts college students from 18 to 24 years old can sign up.

And “Treading Nine Heavens” is based on individual results.

In other words, the main event of this second unit is very likely to evolve into the highest stage of individual competition.

Shen Qian also saw what Wei Sijian said about the so-called “seed quota”. According to the competition mechanism, all college students who have entered the Wind Cloud List will occupy the place in this competition. some degree of precedence.

Of course, because the specific rules are confidential, we don’t know what this “preemptive opportunity” is.

Shen Qian also opened the bracelet and searched the Internet. The discussion about “Treading Nine Heavens” on the Internet is very hot, but few people can tell the exact reason.

Because of similar events, at least several decades have not been started.

Some people even say that the reason why this event is called “Treading Nine Heavens” is because it is sponsored by the Nine Heavens group, and the actual content of the competition should have nothing to do with “Nine Heavens”. …

The Nine Heavens Group is the Nine Heavens Group that opened the Nine Heavens Pavilion and the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall. Shen Qian looked it up and found that the other party was indeed the only sponsor of this tournament.

What really moved Shen Qian’s heart was the possible rewards of this event.

The Nine Heavens Cup Martial Arts Freshman Challenge has nothing to say. It is mainly about school honors. Individuals are the regular rewards such as certificates, bonuses, medicine pills, and martial arts orders.

And “Treading Nine Heavens” is different.

The detailed reward has not been released yet, but there is a saying on the Internet that there is a very high likes, from a blog claiming to be the son of a department official in the Martial Arts Department.

It is said that it is the final reward, there will be “Nine Kings Legacy”.

Each of the nine kings is a god-like existence.

Their legacy is a treasure that ordinary princes cannot ignore.

The reason why this blog appears to be very real is that the post was officially deleted shortly after, and only the screenshots are still circulating on the Internet.

In any case, the popularity of “Treading on Nine Heavens” is rapidly rising, which is why Shen Qian hasn’t had time to surf the Internet recently, so she didn’t even realize such a major event.

As for the seed quota, Shen Qian didn’t particularly care.

The rules are very vague. Shen Qian estimated the usefulness of this opportunity, but I’m afraid it’s not as outrageous as he imagined.

Otherwise, it’s nothing more than announcing the results directly according to the ranking of the list.

Shen Qian frowned suddenly, came back to his senses from a state of contemplation.

The atmosphere of all around is not right, the noise is waning.

After the spiritual core of cultivation came out, a perceptual warning kept reminding Shen Qian…who is coming.

He turns his head just as the crowd separates, revealing a group of students in Northern Martial uniforms.

Shen Qian’s eyes narrowed, his eyes were with the young man standing in the middle… Maybe it is more appropriate to describe him as a young man now.

I haven’t seen each other for nearly half a year, and the other party’s temperament has become more calm, and the edge of the first meeting has been restrained.

“Wang Shuo.” Shen Qian whispered the other person’s name.

“Shen Qian.” The other party also raised the corner of his mouth, his eyes a little complicated.

“Shen Qian!”

There is also a person coming from the other direction, but the other party is very loud, and there is a cold fighting intent rushing towards him.

“You are…Luo Yi?”

Shen Qian doesn’t know the people around Wang Shuo, but he has several points of impression of this person.

It is also one of the opponents in the ladder battle, and the strength is not bad.

“It doesn’t seem like a failure, you still remember me.” Luo Yi stared at Shen Qian.

“Luo Yi, didn’t you always say that you want to dignified Zhengzheng to fight Shen Qian? Isn’t this an opportunity?”

Wang Shuo suddenly said with a smile.

The surrounding crowd fell silent, and then they all backed away a little excitedly, leaving enough space, and many people quietly opened their wristbands, intending to record this scene.

“That’s right.” Luo Yi admitted without shyness.

Shen Qian frowned slightly.

He didn’t want to fight Luo Yi, it was not only pointless, but it might also lead to unnecessary trouble.

“But…not today.”

Luo Yi quickly changed his voice, stared at Shen Qian and said, “When the Nine Heavens Cup, I was in the ring High Level you! “

After Luo Yi finished speaking, he turned around and wanted to leave, but suddenly stepped one stopped again, and glanced at Wang Shuo said with a sneer, “I’m not like Na Li Changxing, I will be willing to be used by you as a tool !”

“Luo Yi!” A boy standing beside Wang Shuo said angrily, “Brother Shuo has always regarded you as a brother, and even the medicine pill given by Duke Yanshan is willing to share with you, what do you do? Can you say that about him?”

Luo Yi heard this laughed heartily and got up.

“Why, he used the rest of the medicine pill as a personal favor, I’m going to be deeply grateful?”

Luo Yi finished laughing, not knowing where to touch it Out of a bank card directly to the ground.

“The market value of three ‘Huayuan Dan’ is 6 million, this card has 7 million, and the password is 6 0… Wang Shuo, from now on, you and I will be clear!”


Wang Shuo did not speak with a sullen face, but the men and women around him all showed anger.

“Did you know… just because of Shen Qian’s punch, Li Changxing’s intracranial nerve was damaged, and there is almost no hope of Mountain And Sea in this life?”

Luo Yi glanced over Several people smiled contemptuously, “Wang Shuo only needs to ask sect for help, can’t he be cured with Meiyuan’s energy… But you ask Wang Shuo, what did he do?”

Luo Yi said After that, when a few people were stunned, they passed through the crowd with laughter, and soon disappeared.

Shen Qian was also taken aback.

Li Changxing…

He quickly realized that this should be the real name of the so-called “Northern Martial freshman Zhang Zhe”.

Luo Yi’s remarks also confirmed Shen Qian’s guess.

Wang Shuo was the mastermind behind the unfathomable mystery challenge.

As for Li Changxing’s intracranial nerve damage, and even hopeless Mountain And Sea, this has nothing to do with Shen Qian.

The other party should understand the truth of “take responsibility for the consequences” from the moment of the shot, even more how the other party deliberately concealed the cultivation base at that time, which was originally harboring malicious intentions.

He should only be thankful that the challenge was on the Northern Martial campus, somewhere else… the system would definitely kill him.

The people around Wang Shuo were slightly changed by what Luo Yi said. Although no one questioned Wang Shuo, the atmosphere became subtle.

Shen Qian just thinks this scene is quite interesting. Wang Shuo wants to encourage Luo Yi to take action, but he eats a nose first.

“It seems that I think highly of you.”

So Shen Qian shook his head and smiled, making no secret of his sarcasm, “I thought you would be straightforward and upright if I didn’t see you for half a year. Some, didn’t expect, ah, they still like to play some unreliable tricks.”

“Shen Qian, do you really think… if you are lucky enough to get a national champion in martial arts, you will be invincible? “

Wang Shuo could not contain the anger in his heart because of Luo Yi’s almost humiliating words and deeds. He was ridiculed by Shen Qian at this moment, and his face suddenly became completely gloomy.

“That’s not…just as far as you are concerned, it seems that when I didn’t take the national martial arts exam, you were already trampled by me?”

Shen Qian therefore After thinking about it, he patted his head, “sorry, I forgot, I didn’t step on my feet, I just slapped you.”

The disgust for Wang Shuo made Shen Qian too lazy to pretend to be deep.

He doesn’t have a good temper, and… he hasn’t talked for a long time, he feels pretty good.


The surrounding crowd erupted into a loud noise.

Wang Shuo…was actually slapped by Shen Qian?

This kind of secret news came out of the parties’ mouths, and seeing Wang Shuo’s rapidly turning blue face, everyone is not a fool, so they can naturally judge the truth.

“Fuck, I’ve seen someone break the news in a post before, saying that Wang Shuo was humiliated by Shen Qian, didn’t expect it to be true…”

” This melon is really crunchy!”

Those noisy and harsh discussions seemed to have turned into the sharpest blades, all of which were inserted into Wang Shuo’s heart.

What about keeping a low profile and keeping a low profile when things go wrong… At this moment, the teachings from the Senior Brothers were also the principles that Wang Shuo had adhered to for a long time, and they were all forgotten by him.

“Shen Qian!”

The cold words were spit out from Wang Shuo’s mouth, and his figure disappeared instantly.

The screams sounded, and two students who didn’t have time to avoid were just blown away by the edge of the strong wind, and they all spit blood flying upside down.

Wang Shuo turned into a high-speed collision locomotive, and the end point was where Shen Qian stood.

The astonishing imposing manner rose from Wang Shuo’s body, and even Dao Jiu looked sideways at this moment.

“High Martial Artist!”

There were also senior students present, and soon someone judged Wang Shuo’s realm from the qi machine, and they exclaimed in shock. Voice.

The tumult of the crowd came to an abrupt end.

No one will laugh at Wang Shuo anymore.

An 18-year-old Martial Artist… This is a magical plot that no movie dares to shoot like this.

The number one scholar in the northern capital is so terrifying.

Shen Qian was also very surprised, but he was relieved quickly. Wang Shuo was taken in as a disciple by Duke Yanshan.

He was about to let Dao Jiu take a shot and beat Wang Shuo directly when a voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

“Fight, but don’t use all your strength… someone is watching you.”

Shen Qian was startled.

This voice had already appeared once at the airport, and it was because of the other party that he escaped under the eyes of Duke Yanshan.

How to choose?

Shen Qian didn’t hesitate much, and directly stopped Dao Jiu who wanted to shoot with his eyes. He took a deep breath and stepped on his right foot, and disappeared in place in an instant.



The two people collided fiercely in the middle of the road, and the air waves that were set off spread out, and the cracks spread from the center of the collision between the two people in waves on the bluestone square.

After a brief stagnation, one person stood still, while the other flew upside down for a few meters and staggered on the ground for a few steps, and finally stabilized his body.

Until this moment, the exclamation broke out in the crowd.

(end of this chapter)

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