I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 217


Chapter 217 dragon roar

Until the two separated and the strong air wave dissipated temporarily, everyone could see the scene clearly in the scene.

The person standing still is Shen Qian.

There is no need to say who was flying upside down.

A lot of people were surprised by such a result, but there were also many who seemed relieved.

“It seems that those Jiang Zhongjunwu people on the Internet are not boasting awesome!”

“Shen Qian really has the strength of a high Martial Artist…”

“Then Why wasn’t he on the Hidden Dragon List?”

After seeing with their own eyes that Shen Qian didn’t seem to have fallen as rumored, everyone was even more puzzled.

Wang Shuo, who stabilized his body, wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. He stared at Shen Qian, his originally gloomy face was calm, and even a trace of excitement appeared in his eyes. .

“I almost thought I was going to be disappointed today.”

Wang Shuo smiled strangely and said in a low voice, “That’s the way…that’s Interesting.”

Squeak !

Wang Shuo disappeared in place again, and his violent vitality drove his figure to tear the air, making a very sharp sonic boom.

Shen Qian Motionless As Mountains, before the afterimage of Wang Shuo’s original place dissipated, has moved towards the upper right and threw a punch.


Shen Qian’s right fist collided with Wang Shuo, who appeared like a flicker.

The air wave is back, but at this time everyone was prepared, they all exited a hundred meters away, but no one was affected.

peng peng peng!

The continuous sound of tooth-crushing collisions kept ringing.

Just in a flash, Shen Qian and Wang Shuo have already fought dozens of tricks.

Those continuous afterimages of fists and feet have become the most freehand ink paintings. Everyone just took a photo with their wristbands, and when they looked at the frozen picture, they looked amazing.

“What a solid basic martial skill…is this a genius?”

Someone muttered to himself, which resonated with many people.

Basic martial skills are something that everyone can master, and because of this, how the skills displayed are obvious at a glance in the eyes of everyone.

Shen Qian’s punches and kicks are fast and precise, with just the right subtlety, never wasting a bit of effort, and never have any superfluous movements.

Wang Shuo is continuous, fast and slow, more bells and whistles, but also more beautiful.

The styles of the two are completely different, but they complement each other at this time. With the crisp sound of fisting to the flesh, they are very visually impactful in the sky of gravel.

“Monster, it’s all fucking monsters!”

A senior Northern Martial student seemed to be deeply shocked, and finally couldn’t help saying, “They all broke The limit of 100 meters and 2 seconds!”

“Is this impossible?”

The students standing around him are all senior students, naturally more proficient than those freshmen who are just watching the fun Many, but at this time hearing this, they all showed expressions of disbelief.

According to the textbook records, the theoretical limit of high Martial Artist is the explosive force of 9999kg, and the instantaneous speed of 100 meters in 1 second.

But beware…this is theory!

What is theory?

That is, under the most ideal state.

But in fact, more than 99% of people don’t meet this standard at all.

From Beginner Martial Artist, many people actually started to fall behind.

The theoretical limit of Beginner Martial Artist is the explosive power of 999Kg, but this actually represents the physical power exceeding 999Kg.

General Martial Artist At the Beginner Martial Artist Peak, if the explosive power exceeds 900Kg, it is considered excellent.

Only the Enlightened Martial Artist can meet or even break this standard with relative ease.

Pushing up from this, to the high Martial Artist stage, the people who can really achieve the theoretical limit are also as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

And as all Martial Artists know, speed is harder to break through than strength.

Especially 100 meters and 2 seconds, that is the first shackle of physical rules for human Martial Artist.

Even a genius like Zhao Keyi, who deliberately focused his cultivation on speed, failed to break that line for a long time.

β€œMountain And Sea can be broken.”

This is the realization of most high Martial Artists.

Innumerable Mountain And Sea powerhouses, all in the process of seeking the Tao, finally gradually brought the body to the limit state of the theory, and finally broke through in one fell swoop.

In other words, 100 meters per second is often something that only half a step Mountain And Sea can hope to achieve.

In pure high Martial Artist stage, this is incredible.

β€œI’m almost 6 dans higher than Martial Artist. It’s been a long time since the speed was stuck at about 2 seconds. Even I can’t see their movements. What do you think?”

Seeing that others didn’t believe it, the senior Martial Artist who spoke first was full of energy and said with a sneer at the same time.

Then everyone shut up and showed shock on their faces.

“Sure enough, what kind of evildoer is not enlightened…”



When someone’s sigh sounded, the rainstorm, which was completely set off by fists and feet, finally ushered in a short pause.

In a messy bluestone square, the two people who were separated by the impact driven by the final blow landed on the ground, their limbs trembling slightly, and they were gasping for breath.

The corners of the clothes, the brows…a closer look, there are burn marks all over the two of them, and even the delicate lines of the body are faintly exposed.

“This is because of the overheating phenomenon caused by the high-speed operation of vitality in the body… wonderful, really wonderful, I have only seen this scene in online videos before.”

Very Soon “Bai Xiaosheng” made a popular science, with a look of emotion.

Shen Qian and Wang Shuo looked at each other silently, and at the same time moved their hands and feet silently like Wang Shuo, as if to relieve the pain of the body.

……Shen Qian had to pretend.

He admits that Wang Shuo is very strong, stronger than he expected.

The explosive power of the opponent had already broken through 6000Kg at Peak.

Judging vaguely from the quality of the other party’s vigor that occasionally revealed, Shen Qian roughly believes that Wang Shuo’s real realm is about a high Martial Artist.

What is this concept?

In a normal high Martial Artist section, the explosive power will not exceed 4500Kg.

He didn’t know how many tricks Wang Shuo had opened up, but the number would not be low.

…of course, none of that matters.

The important thing is that Shen Qian can only control his own power, and what he used is probably an explosive power close to 7000Kg.

Keep at a level several hundred Kg higher than Wang Shuo, but not too much.

It wasn’t until Wang Shuo’s hair started to spontaneously combust that Shen Qian realized that there was a saying that “the vitality is self-heating”, and she could only wear it with her.

But I have to say, this fight was really fun.

Wang Shuo’s understanding of basic martial skills is the highest among those Shen Qian has ever seen.

Under the circumstance of limiting her own strength, Shen Qian’s coping was not easy.

In less than two minutes, the two fought at least three hundred moves.

At this moment, the corners of his eyes were blue and purple, and there were countless bruises on his body, but…he believed that Wang Shuo had a harder time.

At least in terms of the degree of trembling of the other party’s body, he definitely hurts more than himself.

Shen Qian turned to leave, but Wang Shuo spoke again, “The outcome has not yet been decided, Shen Qian, did I say you can leave?”

Shen Qian frowned. stopped.

“I don’t think there’s any point in continuing to fight.”

“Do you think this is my limit?”

Wang Shuo laughed, his tone Suddenly contemptuous, “Or, is this the limit of your so-called ‘Jing City’s Light’ and ‘National Wu Scholar’?” There are some unusual meanings in it.

His eyes remained the same. He seemed to be looking at Wang Shuo, but he was actually sensing his surroundings vaguely.

He didn’t dare to release the spirit strength directly, but he also received some suppressed feedback from the kernel.

He wasn’t sure who was “looking at him”, but since the mysterious person had warned him, it wasn’t something he could handle.

Not even knife nine.

“Shen Qian, I have to admit, ordinary martial skills are really not enough for me to crush you… well, let’s try it out with you.”

Wang Shuosi It was a self-talk, but each one clearly fell into Shen Qian’s ears.

An inexplicable, seemingly ancient coercion was quietly rising from Wang Shuo’s body.

“What’s the matter?”

“What happened…”

Martial Artist’s innate keen perception makes everyone slightly change color, and finally gather their eyes It came to Wang Shuo, who had lowered his head at an unknown time.


As Wang Shuo raised his head, a clear dragon roar burst out from his throat.

The sound was not lethal, but it made countless people look pale.

I don’t know when, some golden scales appeared on Wang Shuo’s face, and his eyes were dyed golden, among which were two vertical pupils with no emotion at all.

“Mr. Shen move away, this is the ancient six-star martial skill ‘dragon roar change’!”

Because of Shen Qian’s restraint, Dao Jiu, who has been calmly watching the battle, complexion at this time changed , shouted loudly.

Shen Qian was shocked and alerted.


Six stars.

These two words are simply picked out and placed on the martial skill, which is a kind of coronation.

When two words appear at the same time, even if you don’t know what martial skill is, it is the ultimate terrifying.

The fact that ancient times can still be passed down to this day means that it is mysterious and difficult to decipher, and the six-star martial skill…the top level increase for individuals has reached 60%.

Even if Wang Shuo didn’t cultivate this martial skill to a realm, but in terms of the “power” of the two people, Shen Qian… was irresistible.


Wang Shuo just stepped on it lightly, and the sonic boom that was several times harsher than before resounded through the audience, and even many people covered their ears in pain.

An afterimage of the Golden Dragon vaguely appeared behind Wang Shuo, his fist raised, turned into a sharp claw, and against the grim face, he grabbed Shen Qian’s chest.


Dao Jiu did not continue to watch the battle, and appeared in front of Shen Qian with a flash, to help him resolve this move.

But in less than 0.1 seconds, Dao Jiu disappeared again.


A black clothed silhouette that appeared out of nowhere, pinched Dao Jiu’s neck and bumped him into a tree trunk a hundred meters away.

The tree cracked, and Dao Jiu’s face instantly paled.

It was a young man in his thirties with a casual smile on his face.

“I didn’t protect the calf, are you in a hurry?”

Nie Han!

Shen Qian’s eyes shrank and recognized the young man.

When I was in Jing City, it was the first time I met Wang Shuo. Nie Han once had a fight with Liu Changqing in the sky, and later he appeared and took Wang Shuo away.

Nie Han was Meiyuan’s fifth disciple, and even broke through Mountain And Sea long before Liu Changqing, and Dao Jiu didn’t even have the strength to resist in front of the opponent.

No wonder Wang Shuoming knew that he was guarded by Mountain And Sea and still dared to provoke him unscrupulously.


Shen Qian had little time to think.

Because Wang Shuo turned into ancient beast-shaped claws after a brief stagnation, accompanied by the resounding Dragon’s roar, moved towards Shen Qian and grabbed it again.

Unless the “Shadow Blade” is used…

In this case, his vitality will definitely be exposed.

Between thoughts are revolving, Shen Qian makes a choice.

Pu chi!

Compared to Wang Shuo, who had a sudden surge in martial skill, Shen Qian’s movements were a little slower, and Wang Shuo’s claws sank into Shen Qian’s chest.


With his toss, Shen Qian’s figure flew far away, and then smashed heavily on the bluestone square.

Shen Qian coughed and stood up. There were five blood holes in his chest and blood dripping from the corners of his mouth.

…Damn, it’s the first time I’ve been so embarrassed.

Shen Qian was thinking wildly, his foundation is there, the injury is not heavy, it is really fucking painful!


Wang Shuo roared again and rushed over.

Shen Qian was a little annoyed. He was weighing the possible consequences of letting the system beat Wang Shuo without revealing a trace. There was a sound of breaking in the sky.

“Stop it all!”

It’s finally here.

Shen Qian relaxed a little.

oh la la!

A strong wind blew through, and Wang Shuo, who was rushing up, flew out.

A familiar silhouette stood in front of Shen Qian.

And Wei Sijian, whose cat was in the distance, also gave Shen Qian an “ok” gesture.

The person here is Cheng Shanhe, Deputy Director of Northern Martial Pharmacy Academy.

Cheng Shanhe was still wearing a dirty lab coat and his hair was a little messy. He was obviously called over by Wei Sijian while he was busy.

Although it’s a bit late, it’s not too late.

“Professor Cheng!”

The students next to me saluted.

Wang Shuo also seemed to gradually wake up from the cold consciousness, the gold energy in his body gradually subsided, and he forced a smile to give a salute.

“Academy competition, click here to stop, just stop here.”

Cheng Shanhe held Shen Qian’s hand for a while, and saw that he was okay, this He turned around and said seriously.

“Let’s go, Teacher Shen.”

After Cheng Shanhe finished speaking, he wanted to greet Shen Qian and leave.


But with a chuckle, Nie Han stopped Shen Qian from the two of them.

“What else is Star Officer Nie up to?” Cheng Shanhe frowned, indifferently said.

“hehe, teacher…I want to invite classmate Shen Qian to be a guest in Meiyuan, so I specially ordered me to invite someone.”

Nie Han yawned, then looked towards Shen Qian, ” Shen Qian, let’s go?”

Shen Qian’s eyes shrank slightly, but didn’t expect Nie Han to appear here, even with such a purpose.

Seemingly feeling Shen Qian’s resistance, Cheng Shanhe shook his head and said, “Nie Star Officer, Shen Qian came to report to my Pharmacy Academy today. He has something to do, so it is inconvenient to go to Meiyuan.”


“I’m afraid he can’t help it.” The smile on Nie Han’s face gradually subsided.

“Nie Star Officer, please pay attention to your words.” Cheng Shanhe’s face also turned cold.

“It seems that the rumor is true, you really have several points of innate talent in refining pharmacy… Otherwise, Professor Cheng wouldn’t protect you like this. “

Nie Hanpi took out a token with a smile, “I just don’t know if the name of Professor Cheng is enough to stop me from taking him?” ”

The token is black and red in color, and in the middle of the complicated pattern, there is a big ancient and traditional Chinese character “Ji”.

As soon as this token appears, it is different from most A blank-faced Northern Martial student, Cheng Shanhe suddenly complexion changed.

“What is this? “

Shen Qian had never seen this kind of token, but he realized something from Cheng Shanhe’s solemn expression.

Nie Han was about to speak, when he was in the air. An indifferent voice suddenly sounded.

“Xiaocheng is not qualified, then I don’t know if the name of the Huaxia Medicine Refining Research Institute is enough, or… plus a member of the Huaxia Medicine Refining Master Association. Is the name enough? ”

(end of this chapter)

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