I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 220


Chapter 220 Heaven’s Calculation

In the quiet and dark alley.

Nie Han lay on the ground trembling, torn skin and gaping flesh all over his body, and his breath was also wilted.


The long spear in his hand rolled to the ground, sliding down to Wu Jun’s feet.

“You have ruined the long spear of the double S’s psychic power. You are also a gunner, you are not as good as the Eldest Senior Brother…”

Wu Jun picked up the spear. The silver long spear with faint rays of light shook his head slightly.

“You’re humiliating me Meiyuan by killing me, teacher him…”

Nie Han struggled to lift the head, his face full of unwillingness and anger.


The third whip falls again.

Nie Han’s roar stopped abruptly, and his body cracked instantly and turned into countless ashes.

A cold wind blew, and all the ashes drifted away, leaving only a vague human-shaped mark on the ground, and a crystal clear and near-transparent spiritual core emitting golden rays of light.

Wu Jun waved his hand and took Nie Han’s core into his hand, then quickly threw it into the coffin of the hidden god, and closed the box with a sound of “Pa”.

Then, Wu Jun’s figure drifted silently in place.

After a few seconds.

Wu Jun’s figure reappeared at the entrance of Meiyuan.

He put the coffin and long spear in his hand on the ground, then took out a small porcelain bottle from his arms and put it on the ground.

“There is no joy in life, no pain in death, Amitabha…Bah, dead monk, don’t come to influence me.”

Wu Junshook the head, as if to drive away his mind What mischief is there.

Looking up at Meiyuan again, Wu Jun’s figure disappeared with the wind.


At the same time, inside the Meiyuan.

In the pavilion in the garden, Duke Yanshan’s third Disciple Guo Zhouyuan and sixth Disciple Ren Zihan were all lost chess pieces, turning their heads and looking towards Wang Shuo, who had just arrived in a hurry.

“What did you say?” Guo Zhouyuan asked in confusion, “What does it mean to suddenly disappear?”

“Third Senior Brother, Sixth Senior Brother, I don’t know how. The thing is, when I was walking to Qingliu Lane, I just blinked and Fifth Senior Brother suddenly disappeared…”

Wang Shuo explained blankly, “I searched all around and couldn’t see it. Man, at first I thought that Fifth Senior Brother was in a hurry, or that he turned back first, and when I returned to Meiyuan, I realized that Fifth Senior Brother really seemed to be missing.”

At this time , Ren Zihan who pondered for a while lifted the head, and shook his head at Guo Zhouyuan who was looking at him.

“The bracelet is not in the service area, and Communication Talisman doesn’t respond either.”


Guo Zhouyuan stood up and focused for a while , suddenly the complexion changed.

“What’s the matter, Third Senior Brother?” Ren Zi rarely asked Guo Zhouyuan’s expression, and hurriedly asked.

“I just tried to locate the fifth eldest through the entanglement of cause and effect, but I have no clue. I have a bad premonition…”

Guo Zhouyuan said solemnly.

At this moment, a black clothed silhouette silently appeared in the garden.

“Why all three of you feel ill at ease and what happened?”

Duke Yanshan, who appeared with his hands behind his back, asked indifferently.

“teacher!” The three hurriedly salute.

Only Wang Shuo lifts the head, seeing that Duke Yanshan’s figure is somewhat illusory, he can’t help but wonder, “teacher, your body…”

“It’s okay, it’s just an illusion body.”

Duke Yanshan waved his hand.

A phantom body?

Wang Shuo was full of doubts, but seeing that Han Chi didn’t mean to explain, he didn’t dare to ask more.

“Teacher, where is your real body?” Guo Zhouyuan asked boldly.

“Someone blocked the secret of Beidu just now, I went to check why, but at this time the secret has returned to normal…”

Han Chi said, his face changed suddenly, and then he His body disappeared in place like a bubble.

next moment.

Another Han Chi, dressed in black clothed and with a more gloomy face, appeared in the garden.

“teacher!” The three of them all clear comprehension that this is Duke Yanshan’s true body, and hurriedly saluted again.

Yan Shan Gong did not say a word, only the corner of his left eye was beating slightly.

Guo Zhouyuan, who was familiar with the habits of Duke Yanshan, was shocked. He knew that this was a sign before teacher flies went into a rage.

I haven’t seen a teacher like this for many years…

Could it be related to fifth junior brother?

Guo Zhouyuan’s bad premonition intensified when he thought of the inexplicably missing Nie Han.


next moment, the silent Duke of Yanshan waved his hand.

Several people only thought that saw a flash, and when they came back to his senses, they actually appeared at the entrance of Meiyuan.

All around, the Mountain And Sea powerhouse responsible for the guard is coming.

Lord Yanshan ignored the saluting Mountain And Sea, just lowered his head and looked towards his feet.

Guo Zhouyuan and the other three who were still in doubt all bowed their heads, and then their faces changed drastically.

At their feet, there is a silver-white long spear, a burial coffin and a small porcelain vase.

“Nie Han!”

“Fifth Senior Brother…”

At the moment of seeing the silver-white long spear, with the sharpness of the three’s thinking, I had already thought of something in an instant, and it was all showing an unbelievable expression.


Duke Yanshan lowered his head slightly, unable to see his expression clearly, and could only hear the voice of joy and anger.

Ren Zihan crouched down and opened the coffin with slightly trembling fingers.

The spiritual core of a pale-gold is revealed to everyone.

Without the barrier of the burial coffin, the familiar Qi machine could no longer be concealed.

Guo Zhouyuan’s eyes blushed almost instantly, and the terrifying air from his body escaped, making the Mountain And Sea guards all around and Wang Shuo look pale.

“Little five…”

Duke Yanshan spit out two more words, and then lifts the head.

There was no expression on his face, except that the beating of the corner of his left eye seemed to be more intense.

“Wang Shuo, what happened today?”


Wang Shuo, who was already stunned, just woke up from a dream, and hurriedly bent over and said , “Today Fifth Senior Brother and I went to Northern Martial. We met Shen Qian, the little Disciple of Jing City Marquis. Fifth Senior Brother said that he felt a little tricky about Shen Qian, so he asked me to try it out. Later…”

Wang Shuo told everything he experienced today without omission and in detail, not only in great detail, but also without any subjective judgment.

After hearing this, Duke Yanshan was silent for a long time.

“Teacher, is it the work of Jing City Marquis?”

Ren Zihan finally couldn’t help it and asked.

“It’s Wu Jun.”

Emperor Yanshan said lightly, but for some reason, he seemed very calm at this moment, “There is still his deadness on the long spear.”

“It’s Wu Jun.”


“The four Disciples of Jing City Marquis?”

“How dare that dead face do this!”

Guo Zhouyuan was instantly furious, and the imposing manner on his body wanted to go straight to the sky, When the body moved, he had to go to Wu Jun to settle the account.

“Stop!” Yan Shangong stopped him.

“Teacher, fifth junior brother was killed, why did you stop me?” Guo Zhouyuan said with red eyes.

“You can retaliate at any time, don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment.”

Duke Yanshan glanced at Guo Zhouyuan, then opened the mouth and said, “Wang Shuo, you will Say it again about Shen Qian, don’t miss anything.”


Although he didn’t know the teacher’s intention, Wang Shuo still made several contacts with Shen Qian. , and all the information from various sources.

Emperor Yanshan didn’t say a word until Wang Shuo finished speaking, when he suddenly waved his hand.

In the void, a chessboard appeared.

The chessboard is based on white jade. Eighteen kinds of auspicious beasts are depicted all around, on which black and white two sons are interlaced, which has covered most of the chessboard.

Ren Zihan and Wang Shuo were at a loss, but Guo Zhouyuan was surprised.

This chessboard has a remarkable name, “Tian Suan”. It is a priceless treasure gifted to Duke Yanshan by King Zhou Yi himself, and is also one of the Spirit Treasures that the teacher cherishes most.

It is said that the reason why the teacher can become a top prince is that “heaven’s calculation” has played a great role.

I couldn’t see how Duke Yanshan moved, but two black and white sons began to fall on the chessboard.

A few people just stared at it for a while and then felt their eyes sore and didn’t dare to look any further.

A few minutes later, until the chessboard stopped changing, Duke Yanshan stared at the mysterious and complicated chess game for a while, then suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“Black and white reversed, the wind blows from the southwest… Interesting, this Shen Qian is very interesting…”


“You said, should I save Xiao Wu?” Han Chi suddenly said.

β€œteacher, don’t you want to save Fifth Senior Brother?” Ren Zihan was surprised and blurted out.

“I have used up all the materials in my hands. It will take a long time to save Xiao Wu. I don’t know how much he can keep himself…”

Han Chi Indifferently said, “Or, there is a method in front of you that basically won’t leave any repercussions, and even Nie Han will be a blessing in disguise.”

“Then why are you still hesitating, teacher?” Guo Zhouyuan was surprised Doubt again.

“This porcelain bottle contains the Mountain And Sea grade medicine pill, which was recently developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is called ‘Good Fortune’. It can make Nie Han recover as soon as possible. You may as well guess. The medicine pill that has not been developed in several decades, who came from?”

Lord Yanshan took the small porcelain bottle on the ground into his hand and immediately asked.

Guo Zhouyuan and Ren Zihan were about to shake their heads when Wang Shuo, who was beside him, had already thought of something, and the complexion changed: “Shen Qian?!”

“That’s right.” Duke Yanshan was expressionless He said, “For saving Nie Han, he owes Shen Qian a cause and effect. If he can’t solve the cause and effect, his Dao Foundation will no longer be stable.”



After Guo Zhouyuan and Ren Zihan asked Wang Shuo in a low voice, they had already figured out what was involved, and their faces became ugly.

The Disciple of Jing City Marquis killed Nie Han, but Nie Han owes another Disciple of Jing City Marquis his life?

How ridiculous!

But what the teacher said is the truth.

Cause and effect karma, unless it is completely detached, who can avoid it?

While the group was silent, Duke Yanshan had already crushed the porcelain bottle, revealing one of the round medicine pills in the form of azure.

With another wave of his hand, the medicine pill turned into a fluorescent light, which directly melted into Nie Han’s spiritual core.

The already silent spiritual core suddenly shines brightly, and a humanoid phantom is faintly revealed.

Duke Yanshan waved his hand for the third time, the spiritual core and silhouette were all disappeared.

“I have already sent him to the secret room, and after 49 days of nourishment, he will be able to recover.”

Duke Yan Shan said lightly.

“But teacher, do you want to humiliate the Disciples of Jing City Marquis like this?” Guo Zhouyuan was no longer happy at this time, just gritted his teeth.

“I have tried my best to eliminate the cause and effect, but life and death are the avenues that I can’t touch. To completely solve the cause and effect, I still need to rely on Nie Han himself. You can go further.”

“Wu Jun, leave it to him to kill himself, but…”

Duke Yanshan’s voice was suddenly cold, “I, Meiyuan, can’t say nothing.”

When Guo Zhouyuan was expecting, he listened to Duke Yanshan’s instruction: “Zihan, you go overseas immediately and tell you Second Senior Brother…it’s time.”

” Yes, teacher.”

Ren Zihan gave a salute and soon disappeared in place.

“Do I need to disturb Second Senior Brother?” Guo Zhouyuan seemed to have some kind of concern.

“Zhou Yuan, you will send this letter to your Eldest Senior Sister…Go on.”

Yan Shangong flipped his hand and put the letter with Mo Xiang in it. He handed it to Guo Zhouyuan, and then he waved his hand to chase people away.

Guo Zhouyuan had to swallow all his doubts and leave with Wang Shuo.

After the Mountain And Sea guards who were all around had also left, a clear anger appeared in Duke Yanshan’s eyes.

“Gao Wenyuan, you are a good plot against!”

After he uttered these three words in a cold voice, he suddenly looked towards the Southwest direction, with more doubts in his eyes.

“But what is there… what is there?”

Shen Qian also left the roof of the teaching building with a stomach full of doubts.

……Is it true that you can’t be a boss if you don’t talk about it?

The boss Gao often said things that Shen Qian couldn’t understand, but Wu Wei didn’t seem to be much better.

After saying the words that made Shen Qian feel unintelligible, Shen Qian was about to ask what it meant, but Wu Wei suddenly left in a hurry.

Shen Qian pondered for a while, Wu Wei should not pretend that something happened in order to engage in mystery, so I’m just afraid that something really happened.

I don’t know what level of event it is, it will give Wu Wei a moment of lost self-control, and he needs to deal with it himself.

“Forget it, it’s none of my business anyway.”

Shen Qian shook her head, moved towards the Medicine Academy after leaving the teaching building.

He left in a hurry just now, but today’s first formal teaching has not yet been completed.


The moon is bright and the stars are sparse, and the rainy night sky is like a wash.

Besides the unnamed lake in Northern Martial, on a very secret hillside, when Shen Qian hurried over after class, there was already a tall girl in a white shirt and a plaid skirt standing. it’s here.

She didn’t have her hair tied today, her full head fine black hair was dancing in the night wind, and when she smelled the familiar and unfamiliar fragrance, Shen Qian felt a little nervous after a long absence.


Shen Qian had just uttered a word when the girl turned around.

Her cold face was a little stunned when she saw Shen Qian, and then the corners of her mouth spread slightly stiffly to both sides.

It was as if she hadn’t laughed for a long time, and she forgot how to make this expression.

Shen Qian couldn’t bear it any longer, and when a flash appeared again, she had already held the girl firmly in her arms.

The girl frowned, but quickly returned to normal.

But Shen Qian’s spirit strength is so sharp now, but he instantly captured the change of expression on Ding Yi’s face.

He followed the complexion and changed, and then in the stunned expression on the girl’s face, he pulled up her palm and rolled up her sleeves before she could react.

Eyes full of bruises.

(end of this chapter)

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