I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 223


Chapter 223 Now stand three feet away

People from Suzhou University of Science and Technology will visit Jiangzhong Junwu again in three days.

After a very short period of fermentation, all the teachers and students of Jiang Zhongjunwu knew about it.

Professors and lecturers were collectively silent, and all the military students also realized that it is impossible for any teacher to stand up for them in this matter.

This is a responsibility that they need to stand up for themselves.

Although the main force of the challenge is the freshman, the senior students are also paying attention to this matter.

But when the freshmen were actively getting involved, making plans and collecting intelligence, someone broke something on the campus Internet.

Shen Qian … is on leave again.

Countless people were in an uproar.

In the beginning, many people didn’t believe it, how could Shen Qian ask for leave at such an important time, but when Shen Qian’s classmates posted the class attendance sheet directly on the forum, everyone couldn’t. Do not believe.

This kind of behavior caused an uproar in the entire military in an instant.

“Putting fame and reputation, not doing the right thing, shrinking from battle, cherishing feathers… People like our school are ugly enough.”

Yang Lingjie put down the bracelet and said helplessly.

β€œHave you contacted Shen Qian?”

Ouyang Fei frowned.

Because of Shen Qian, the two became friends on campus.

“No, the phone was immediately turned off, and I don’t know what he’s doing…” Yang Lingjie wondered, “It stands to reason that Shen Qian is not the kind of person who would drop the chain at a critical moment! “

“I also don’t think Shen Qian would do this.” Ouyang Fei sighed, “It’s a pity that Zhao Keyi and the others don’t seem to believe me.”

“It’s also true that they are so impatient.” There is a reason for the incident, I really wonder why the school gave Shen Qian a leave, or… does Shen Qian really have something urgent to deal with?” Yang Lingjie speculated.

“What could make him put the school’s honor directly behind him?”

Ouyang Fei couldn’t think of it.


Jiangzhong Junwu is located at the border of the second province of Jiangzhong. After leaving Jiangzhong Junwu and going southeast for 20 kilometers, you can cross the border and enter Jiangdong No. 1 province.

Jiangdong’s first province ranks among the top in the country, as well as in education.

There are more than 30 colleges and universities in the first province of Jiangdong, including six key military colleges.

Shen Qian, who was sitting on the tour bus, listened to the tour guide’s explanation of the upcoming Jiangdong University Town, and he also listened with keen interest pleasure.

He held a stack of documents in his hand, all of which Wanning had given him a few hours ago.

In addition to most of Su Kewu’s genius information, there is also an intelligence document.

Shen Qian’s guess is correct, Dongri Colosseum is really inextricably linked with Su Kewu University.

To be more precise, the seven shareholders of Dongri Colosseum are all students of Suzhou University of Science and Technology.

Most of them are juniors and seniors, and one or two have graduated.

In this way, it can also explain why the people from Su Kewu University came to Jiangzhongjun martial arts school and called Shen Qian.

Shen Qian made a big fuss that day. Although most of the escaped monster beasts were recovered, there were still many high rank monster beasts that disappeared, not to mention that there was a fire behind them. The East Sun Colosseum was burned directly into ruins.

It was a huge loss.

In the challenge a day ago, the people from Su Kewu University were very ruthless. Even if Dr. Gao took action, the most serious one still had to lie in bed for at least two weeks. .

For college students who are in the prime time of Martial Arts, this is unbearable.

Since the purpose of their military challenge is not pure, then this belongs to the Liangzi forged by Shen Qian.

This is why Shen Qian directly rejected Zhao Keyi and the others.

Shen Qian was also really angry after learning what happened.

Three days?

Why wait three days!

“Jiangdong University Town is here, everyone will get off the bus in order. Passengers who want to travel independently, please gather here before ten o’clock in the evening…”

The bus slowly stopped at the university At the entrance of the city, after the tour guide finished explaining the precautions, Shen Qian walked over.

“Brother, you must be familiar with the university town, right? I want to ask you something.”

“You said.”

The tour guide accepted Shen Qian’s handover. The hundred-yuan bills that came, showed a smile.

“Where can I engrave a monument?”


The setting sun is like blood.

It was just before dinner time, people coming, people going at the entrance of Su Kewu University, which was quite lively.

Shen Qian carried a stone tablet and strode in under the setting sun,

“What are you doing?” The security guard at the gate of Kewu also stopped Shen Qian, who was not wearing a school badge.

“I’m here to deliver something, and let’s have some communication.” Shen Qian smiled and cooperated and registered honestly.

After registering, Shen Qian walked into the school gate with a stone tablet and followed the sign all the way to the arena of Suzhou University of Science and Technology.

The campus of Suzhou University of Science and Technology is also huge. There are more than a dozen large and small venues in the arena area.

Shen Qian looked left and right, and finally stepped directly onto the central square surrounded by the stadium, and found a suitable position near the fountain near the center of the square.

Shen Qian put the stone tablet covered with black cloth aside first, then took off his long trench coat.

The windbreaker was taken off, revealing the brand new uniform that Shen Qian was wearing inside.

The bottom is navy blue, and the silver thread is entwined. On the left side of the chest, there is a pattern of Sun, Moon and Stars surrounded by flames, which is the symbol of Jiang Zhongjunwu.

The uniform worn by Shen Qian is one of Jiang Zhongjunwu’s three school uniforms, and it is also the least commonly used military uniform.

After putting on the general’s cap, Shen Qian slowly began to tidy up the collar and cuffs.

As early as when Shen Qian put down the stone tablet, many students of Su Ke and Wuhan University actually noticed him.

Until Shen Qian began to undress and then tidy up his clothes, his slightly strange behavior attracted the attention of many people.

And soon, some people recognized Shen Qian’s uniform.

“That seems to be Jiang Zhongjunwu’s school uniform…I saw it when I was watching a short video.”

“Jiang Zhongjunwu’s student?”

“What is he doing here…”

“Hey, I always think this person has several points of familiarity, but I can’t remember where I met him.”

gradually, Someone stopped to discuss.

After Shen Qian got dressed, she straightened the stone tablet next to her, and then ripped off the black cloth covering it.

Two lines of big characters like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing suddenly appeared.

“I stand three feet on the ground now, and I am the dragon who crosses the river!”

There is a line of inscription neither too big nor too small in the lower right corner of the stone tablet: “Jiang Zhongjunwu, Shen Qian. ”

The sentence was thought by Shen Qian himself, and he didn’t have much literary talent in a hurry, but… it’s enough.

“Then… what is that?”

The group of people who first noticed Shen Qian stayed for a while when the stone tablet was revealed and reacted at all But come.

The next second, Shen Qian threw the stone tablet on the spot, then undid the mountain and river sword from his waist and slapped it with the scabbard.


With an explosion, a deep pit appeared in the square, and the granite stone tablet was nailed directly into the ground.

The violent sound finally caught the attention of countless people.

Su Kewu University students who were walking in and out of the square all stopped in amazement and moved towards Shen Qian’s direction.

Whether it’s Shen Qian in a military uniform, or the stone tablet with the height of a man, it’s so dazzling at this moment.

“What is this?”

“What do the words on the stone tablet mean?”

“Jiang Zhongjun Wu Shen Qian? Shen Qian  … This name sounds familiar.”

“Fuck, those ten words…are they what I thought they meant!”

After a short silence, there were discussions, and the crowd gradually Stir up.

Soon, the students of Su Kewu, who had come to think of it, gradually turned into resentment after being surprised.

“Jiang Zhongjun’s people in the military have erected a monument in my Su Kewu University. This is too crazy!”

“I remembered that Shen Qian was the national champion in martial arts. …”

“What about the national champion in martial arts, this is Suzhou University of Science and Technology, our territory!”

“Yesterday, Qu Xiangyun and Lin Chen Senior went to Jiangzhongjun to play martial arts! Has the school gone, and won a big victory, it seems that this is Jiang Zhongjunwu’s revenge.”

“We must not let him put this stone tablet here, what is my Su Kewu University? !”

The students of Su Kewu in the square surrounded by the crowd.

“Remove the monument!”

“Dare to impudent at Suzhou University of Science and Technology, are you courting death?”

“Shen Qian, do you think Can the national champion in martial arts act wilfully!”

Many people were scolded with rage.

Shen Qian didn’t pay attention, just stood there quietly with a long knife, like a sculpture.


Finally, a senior student couldn’t stand it and shot directly.

He body flashed, broke out in a terrifying imposing manner belonging to the top middle Martial Artist, and punched Shen Qian with a punch.


With a muffled groan, everyone only felt that saw a flash, the senior student who shot had already flew back and fell into the crowd more than ten meters away.

Amid a few exclamations, after the man landed, he rolled his eyes and fainted before he had time to say anything.

And Shen Qian, still maintained the posture of standing with a pestle and a knife.

Not to mention moving, even in the field of vision of the overwhelming majority, he never even raised his hand.

“Jiang Zhongjun Wu Shen Qian, came to play the school today, please enlighten me!”

When the crowd fell into a brief silence, Shen Qian lifted the head slightly, word by word said.

His voice was not loud at first, but it quickly turned into a rolling thunder. Taking the square as the origin, it moved towards all around and spread out, echoing continuously in the campus of Suzhou University of Science and Technology.

“Alone to kick the school?”


Although it had been expected, the crowd that was hesitant to be so provoked by Shen Qian Immediately it boiled again.

“I’ll try your weight!”

Soon another senior boy came out with a cold face, moved towards Shen Qian and rushed over.

The strong imposing manner exuded from him also lifted the spirits of all around Su Kewu students.

High Martial Artist!


However, the ending, or even the process, has not changed at all.

After a muffled sound, the boy imposing like a rainbow flew out like a kite with a broken string, and passed out again.

The arena became dead silent.

All the students of Suzhou University of Science and Technology found it difficult to accept this result.

Another move!

Can’t see clearly again!

“Shen Qian…is so strong?”

“Isn’t it said on the Internet that he has ‘fallen’?”

“If he falls, it will be the whole country. Wu Zhuangyuan, there are always a few brushes.”

“What should I do now… or fight?”

Even in the four major schools, high Martial Artist is an absolute powerhouse.

With two lessons from the past, those who originally wanted to make a move were hesitant.

“People come to school alone and you play gang fights, can you afford to lose that person?”

“Shout out, it’s not that we at Suzhou University are talented!”

Everyone woke up like a dream, and suddenly many people took out their bracelets and started to make phone calls, and some rushed out of the square in a hurry.

Shen Qian just stood quietly beside the stone tablet, waiting for them to shake people.

This is what he wants.

In such a scene, his long-silent blood is gradually awakening.

When he was in Beidu, he was extremely aggrieved, but he couldn’t show it. Today was a good fight!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The talented students of Suzhou University of Science and Technology have not arrived yet. Along with the air-splitting sound, other powerhouses arrived first.

“Professor Huo!”

“Director Lei!”

“Teacher Wang…”

Just for a moment, this film There are seven or eight more powerhouses in the square with a terrifying imposing manner.

Judging from the various names of the surrounding students, there are subject professors of Suzhou University of Science and Technology, the director of the Academic Affairs Office, and the powerhouse of the Security Office.

These people are all Mountain And Sea.

After learning what happened from the students’ mouths, the faces of this group of Mountain And Sea powerhouse became unpleasant, and the eyes looking towards Shen Qian also became unfriendly.

But… as Shen Qian expected.

Although these people looked bad and their eyes were cold, none of them shouted at Shen Qian, let alone raised their hands.

Shen Qian understands, and so do they.

Disputes between students can only end with students.

Otherwise, they are smashing the signboard of Suzhou University of Science and Technology.

It’s just that people’s patience has its limits. After all, Shen Qian came to the door and slapped her face alone. He was still worried about what would happen, so he asked Second Senior Sister to find out what happened.

As time went by, more and more teachers and students gathered in the square.

In just a short while, the story of Shen Qian kicking off the school alone has spread throughout Suzhou University of Science and Technology.

No one dared to believe that Shen Qian was so arrogant, but when he arrived at the square, he saw with his own eyes the striking stone tablet and Shen Qian standing in the square with no one else.

Only did they realize that they had underestimated Shen Qian’s arrogance.

This shows that Su Kewu University is not taken seriously at all!

Who can bear it?

Rao is that Shen Qian has done enough psychological construction. At this time, being stared at by countless people like killing people, he is still a little uncomfortable.

I don’t know how long it took, there was a commotion outside the crowd, and then a group of students separated from the crowd and walked in.

He was led by a girl with waist-length hair and a cold face. There was a boy on the left and right of her, a dignified boy, and a refined face, but they all had extraordinary temperaments.

Shen Qian took out the stack of documents Wanning had given him, and then turned to the first few pages to read.

… Well, these three people seem to be the main force who went to Jiang Zhongjun Martial Arts School yesterday.

It’s finally here.

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