I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 224


Chapter 224 I’m Crossing the River

The group of freshman elites from Suzhou University of Science and Technology who arrived in a hurry, went to the Academy tutor first .

Shen Qian didn’t listen to what they were saying, but could see their expressions change.

First surprise and surprise, then sneer and anger.

The crowd automatically parted ways, led by the cold girl, a group of more than a dozen grandiose moved towards Shen Qian came over.

“Shen Qian, get out of Su Kewu University, or you will lose your hands and feet!”

The young man who looked like he was sloppy spat out the grass in his mouth. To, is already scolded.

“Today, I am erecting a monument here. People will not fall, and the monument will not fall.” Shen Qian responded lightly.

“The national champion of martial arts, right? Let me meet you first!”

A stern-faced young man rushed out from behind the condescending young man.

“Are you going?”

Shen Qian flipped through the information in her hand, and then frowned.

“Why?” The teenager startled.

“There’s no name on it, why do you come out and waste your time?” Shen Qian raised the document in his hand.

“Crazy!” The boy blushed suddenly, “Then you remember, my name is Zhang Feng, the highest ranking on the Hidden Dragon List is 92!”

“The highest ranking?” Shen Qian looked curious, “Is there such a thing? That is to say, you are not on the list now?”


Zhang Feng only thought that Shen Qian was like this When he was questioning him, he was mocking him. With a roar, his qi suddenly skyrocketed, accompanied by Spiritual Qi.


“Zhang Feng actually broke through at this time…”

The people around were envious and some taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Originally, Zhang Feng was only in the 8th dan of Martial Artist, but at this time he broke through to the 9th dan of Martial Artist.

More importantly, when Martial Artist breaks through, because Spiritual Qi is involved in the body, he can explode the power far beyond himself at this moment.

This is why in many stories, there are episodes of breaking through and then fighting back.

Even though this process may be only a few dozen seconds, it is enough to change a lot of things for a battle.

“At this moment, even if it is the second stage of Gao Martial Artist, you should avoid the edge for a while?”

Zhang Feng probably did not expect that he would break through at this time, after a brief stupor Ecstasy came over him.

The body that was moving fast turned into an afterimage in an instant. Zhang Feng lowered his head and moved towards Shen Qian.

“Running to Thunder!”

Zhang Feng shouting loudly, with a vague azure entanglement above his head, he actually used a martial skill.


How fierce the collision was, how sudden was Zhang Feng’s abrupt stop.

It was like a high-speed locomotive suddenly hitting an invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable wall. Shen Qian slapped him on the head, and his feet were lifted off the ground. The shape briefly hangs in the air.

And his face had already turned pale at a speed visible to naked eyes, and then his body trembled, “wow” protruding a mouthful of blood.


Shen Qian, whose face was always calm, let go, and Zhang Feng fell to the ground and passed out.


Incomparable silence.

Another move!

The Su Kewu college student who had been in the sports plaza for a long time was better. After all, there were already two “cannon fodder” before, the senior senior who was also a high Martial Artist also lost to Shen Qian. Men, they have nothing unacceptable.

But then things were different.

Unbelievable emotions crossed everyone’s mind.

That was an existence comparable to that of a high Martial Artist at that moment. Why, Shen Qian was so calm, and even did not move in the slightest.

The one girl and two teenagers standing at the front also had a slightly changed complexion, and it was no longer difficult to maintain a scornful attitude.

The dignified young man and the other elegant young man looked at each other, and both saw the solemnity in the other’s eyes.

Ask yourself, if they had just faced Zhang Feng in the same way, the two of them would not be able to do it so plainly.

“There are no virtuous people under the reputation, and the things written by those unscrupulous media can’t be trusted!”

The elegant young man sighed and stopped the two classmates behind him who were still trying to shoot. , he came out more and more and stood ten meters away from Shen Qian.

“My name is Li Qing, your knife seems to be pretty good, can you let me see it?” He said with a slight smile.

“You don’t deserve it.” Shen Qian shook her head and spat out three words.

Li Qing didn’t have time to show anything, but the crowd around was a bit frying.

“What did he say… Brother Li is not worthy?”

“Damn joke, does he know who Brother Li is?”

“Hidden Dragon The existence of the twenty-third place on the List is actually not worth mentioning in his mouth!”

Li Qing’s complexion also sank.

“Then I’ll have to learn.”

“You’re not enough, who is… Oh, Duan Yuanlong, come on too, let’s go together.”

Shen Qian raised his hand to stop him, then glanced at the information again, and said to the young man who was hanging around.

The crowd became more noisy, and Duan Yuanlong also showed an angry face. Li Qingsheng was afraid that if Shen Qian continued, he would completely lose self-control, and immediately shouted loudly, body flashed, and there were three Li Qingsheng in the air. Qing, moved towards Shen Qian from different directions at the same time and rushed over.

“3rd-layer shadow!”

“This is a Samsung martial skill… Brother Li is a freshman, too terrifying.”

Around Many exclaimed.

Even the mentors who watched the battle from a distance were slightly resigned.

Not only because Li Qing was able to use the Samsung martial skill to the point of perfection, but also because he didn’t have any luck anymore, but used all his strength as soon as he came up.

Shen Qian probably won’t leave the place easily because she wants to “pretend”.

This in itself lost the opportunity. Even if they all realized that Li Qing was not necessarily Shen Qian’s opponent, Shen Qian could not win as easily as before.

“Is this the unique martial skill ‘Shadow’ of Su Kewu University?”

Shen Qian looked around, showing a very interested expression.

Each Wuhan University has its own characteristics, and some unique martial skills are also one of the characteristics.

Shadow is a martial skill of Su Kewu University.

It is said that this star-level floating martial skill cultivation can transform hundreds of Avatars to the highest point, which is true and false, corresponding to the highest nine-star martial skill.

As expected, the world is very big, and you have to travel more to gain knowledge.

Because Shen Qian discovered that just with naked eyes and qi induction, he couldn’t tell which one was the real body.

This is equivalent to Shen Qian having to deal with the attacks of three Li Qing with high Martial Artist three-stage cultivation base at the same time, which is extremely disadvantageous under normal circumstances.

It’s a pity…

When Shen Qian condensed a ray of spirit strength between his brows and transformed into the “spiritual eye” method, everything was nowhere to be seen.

Spirit Eye, Spirit Hand, Spirit Wing…

These are the basic operations after condensing the spirit core.

But Shen Qian learned from Cheng Qingqing last night.

The Eye of Spirit is the simplest, but it is also the most widely used.


As if the bubbles were broken, Li Qing on the right and the center dissipated like phantoms, because…

Li Qing on the left had been strangled by Shen Qian’s right hand throat.

Li Qing’s cheeks turned blue and purple. Although he was speechless, the shock in his eyes had already exposed his heart.

He didn’t understand.

β€œLet go!”

Without waiting for Shen Qian to make any other moves, as shouted out loudly, a silhouette with flames all over her body rushed forward, because she was wearing a spirit. A fist with rays of light that can be gloved, moved towards Shen Qian and smashed in rage!

It was Duan Yuanlong who rushed out in a hurry.

“I asked you to join us just now… Now, don’t you think it’s a little late?”

Shen Qian sighed, his figure still didn’t move at all, But Duan Yuanlong’s fist failed.

The audience fell silent again.

Everyone, including Duan Yuanlong, stared at Shen Qian with hellish eyes.

Because at this moment, Shen Qian’s head was twisted 180 degrees without moving his body, and it fell down directly, avoiding Duan Yuanlong’s Iron Fist from the most incredible angle. .

 …hh, it hurts!

The expressionless Shen Qian was howling inside.

The system used this move in the past, Shen Qian was impressed and remembered it…I knew it would be so painful, it’s okay not to pretend!


Shen Qian’s head bounced back, and while Duan Yuanlong was still stunned, he released the other hand holding the long knife, and then firmly clamped Duan Yuanlong’s wrist.


Shen Qian suddenly shouted, and the vitality of his whole body rioted instantly, putting all his strength on his arms, and then Shen Qian’s arms slammed to the middle. one.


Complexion changed Duan Yuanlong just spit out a word, and his body was out of control and collided with Li Qing, who was also restrained by Shen Qian.


A sour collision sounded, and Li Qing, who was already a little hypoxic, fainted.

Duan Yuanlong still had some energy left, but he was dizzy and eyes blurred from the collision just now, and he couldn’t break free from Shen Qian’s restraint.

Before he could react, the second impact had already arrived.


Duan Yuanlong’s vitality that had just gathered in his body was immediately smashed into pieces.

bang! bang! bang!

A series of inexplicable and unpleasant crashing sounds continued.

Li Qing, who kept waking up and fainting, and Duan Yuanlong, who gradually stopped struggling, kept hitting each other until the crisp sound of bone cracking sounded, and until the blood in their mouths had already flowed all over the place…


Shout out loudly in the distance, Mountain And Sea’s horrific imposing manner assaults the senses.


Shen Qian bumped again for the last time and threw the two back to the distant crowd before Professor Mountain And Sea really ran wild.

In this brief moment, only the indignant crowd fell silent, only a few whispers sounded.

“Shen Qian…really strong!”

“This is too cruel, I feel like the skeletons of both of them are broken in half…”

“I heard that Li Qing and the others went to school yesterday and they played a ruthless attack. This is Chi Guoguo’s revenge!”

A sensible person said with a sigh.

“What should we do now, do you think Qu Xiangyun will be Shen Qian’s opponent?”

“It should work… Isn’t Qu Xiangyun the niece of Luo Shenbo? True biography!”

“The top three regulars on the Hidden Dragon List, I think she can at least be unbeaten.”

While the crowd was whispering, Shen Qian’s ears moved, However, after hearing some key information, he couldn’t help frowning.

It’s not that Qu Xiangyun’s genius made him feel the pressure… Joke, no genius can make him feel the pressure.

The main reason is that Qu Xiangyun, who they were talking about, turned out to be Luo Shenbo’s niece!

This is a little trickier.

Luo Shenbo is not only a prince who has a good relationship with the boss, but also has a very friendly attitude towards Shen Qian. He once went to Jing City to form a good relationship with Shen Qian, and even said that he would Introduce the Junior at home to Shen Qian…


That Junior should be…

Thinking about it, Shen Qian is nodded.

It doesn’t matter, anyway, Qu Xiangyun didn’t take any shots yesterday, so he won’t take any heavy action against her.

Shen Qian can only compromise.

While he was thinking wildly, Qu Xiangyun had already walked out of the crowd and stared at Shen Qian.

Her facial features are impeccable due to heredity and cultivation, and the bridge of the nose is high, giving her a bit of a mixed-race feeling. The overall high-cold temperament is somewhat similar to Ding Yi, but compared to Ding Yi. The tenderness of in the bones is filled with arrogance.

“Aunt once said that she would introduce you to me. I always disdain it, but now it seems that you are not as bad as the recent rumors.”

Qu Xiangyun spoke, his voice Crisp and moving.

“didn’t expect Luo Shenbo still remembers me, please say hello for me if you have the chance.” Shen Qian said politely.

“It’s a pure competition against the cultivation base, I may not be able to beat you.”

After Qu Xiangyun’s nodding lightly, said resolutely: “But today’s battle is about the honor of Su Kewu University, I… …can’t be defeated, so please forgive me.”

After Qu Xiangyun finished speaking, he raised his hand abruptly, and a colorful long sword appeared in her hand.


The sword groaned, and some students who were close immediately had fine red marks on their faces, and blood was seeping out. Crazy back down.

“Hi, sword qi is self-contained!”

“S-Rank’s psionic weapon!”


Many students have never seen what an S-Rank weapon looks like, but this does not prevent the Bai Xiaosheng among them from being able to recognize the extraordinaryness of this long sword at a glance.

“This sword is given by aunt, named ‘Yi Tian’, please advise.” Qu Xiangyun said softly.

Upon hearing that the Heaven Reliant Sword was bestowed by a prince, many people who had been skeptical at first immediately believed it.

How could a prince give a Mortal Grade?

Shen Qian also felt a little pain in the ass.

This is just and honorable to open and hang up, do you want a face?

In the high Martial Artist stage, A-Rank psionic weapons can easily increase the battle strength by 10% to 20%, so why can’t S-Rank go up by 30%?

According to the data, regardless of Qu Xiangyun’s real realm, as far as her own battle strength is concerned, she can already be comparable to Gao Martial Artist 6dan, and even Wang Shuo can’t compare to her.

Even, she has surpassed most senior students.

Coupled with this Heaven Reliant Sword, which I don’t know if it has any hidden skills, I feel that even Mountain And Sea powerhouse can try to poke it a few times.

The moment the Heaven Reliant Sword appeared, the Su Kewu college students in the sports plaza rekindled their confidence and invigorated their spirits while exclaiming.

For a while, the voices of “Shen Qian get out of Su Kewu University” and “Cut to death” became loud again.

“Your knife is good too, I can feel it… Draw your knife. “

Qu Xiangyun lowered the tip of his sword, stared at Shen Qian and said.

“Forget it.” “

Shen Qian shook his head and did not mean to draw a knife.

There were boos all around, and everyone thought that Shen Qian was trying to save face.

And Qu Xiangyun frowned after a stunned moment, “Why, am I not worthy? “

“Is this… tell the truth?” “Shen Qian was a little tangled.

“en.” Qu Xiangyun nodded.

“Well, it’s not a question of whether you’re worthy or not, but… I’m afraid I’ll kill you.” . “So Shen Qian speaks frankly.


A stone stirred up a thousand waves.

The crowd in the square that had been holding their breath, once again Because of Shen Qian’s “rampant” remarks, I was fried.

I wanted to write more, but I got home at ten o’clock, but it was too late. I’m sorry everyone.

(end of this chapter)

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