I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 225


Chapter 225 Sweep

Hidden front, high level spirit effect.

Usually only found in psionic weapons above A-Rank.

The longer the blade is hidden in the scabbard, the more powerful it will be at the moment it is unsheathed.

This is not a trick that can be used in general competitions, especially when there is a certain disparity in strength.

Although Shen Qian brought “Mountains and Rivers”, he just left an extra hole card. In fact, he didn’t think he could use it today.

However, the students of Su Kewu University didn’t know the twists and turns. When they heard that Shen Qian was “afraid of killing Qu Xiangyun”, they all became furious.

So a new round of scolding started again.

“The national champion in the national martial arts is nothing but a supercilious madman!”

“Pretending to be so strong… Does it mean that this is also a bonus in the college entrance examination?”


“Qu Xiangyun, show him some color!”

Countless noises made even Qu Xiangyun, who wanted to speak several times, speechless.

After a while, the sound gradually subsided after the Academy instructor stopped drinking.

At this time, Shen Qian looked around and saw that the entire competition square of Suzhou University of Science and Technology was already full of people, and the number was definitely more than 2,000.

I’m afraid most of the people in the school have gathered here.

In addition to those senior seniors who stared at him coldly, there were twenty or thirty silhouettes standing in the air.

Fortunately, Shen Qian has condensed his spiritual core, and his state of mind has long since changed, but he can still face doesn’t change and be as stable as Old Dog.

“What I heard…still I’m not worthy.”

Qu Xiangyun’s voice finally came over, her eyes were also colder, obviously she was pulling out her S- After Rank’s psionic long sword, she couldn’t bear Shen Qian’s contempt.


The Heaven Reliant Sword in her hand shines brightly, blooming with blue color, as if she is also following the master’s state of mind and becomes angry.

Shen Qian couldn’t help but sigh in admiration when she saw it. It was indeed a psionic weapon of S-Rank, and it already possessed some kind of spirituality.

Perhaps seeing Shen Qian didn’t respond, Qu Xiangyun stopped talking, stepped on the lotus, and suddenly narrowed the distance between Shen Qian and Shen Qian, and then slashed out.


The sword glow that emerged from the sword body was initially small, but in the blink of an eye it turned into a Shocking Heaven Sword that was more than thirty meters long, and even the air was torn like cotton. sound.


The fountain behind Shen Qian exploded, the water forcibly cut off in the middle, and the bluestone ground in front of him and behind him was split.

A long and narrow gap spread, and gravel flew.

Severe pain spread from Shen Qian’s forehead in a linear shape. It was obvious that the sword glow was still more than ten meters away from him, but blood beads actually ooze out of his body.

If it wasn’t for his ten-aperture body’s physique far exceeding that of the average middle Martial Artist, even among the high Martial Artists, few people could match it, I’m afraid it would have already cracked in situ at this time.

At this moment, Shen Qian clear comprehension explained the difference between S-Rank psionic weapons and A-Rank.

In the Martial Artist stage under Mountain And Sea, because of the quality of vitality, it is difficult to release and form a lethal means.

If there is, most of them also need to use a high-star martial skill.

But an S-Rank psionic weapon can easily solve this problem.

In short, now Qu Xiangyun’s sword is something that Mountain And Sea can do under normal circumstances…

In other words, this is the legendary “” Forty-meter sword”!

might of a single sword

In a flash, Shen Qian couldn’t bear to think too much. He loudly shouted, his whole body was full of vitality, and he waved out the mountains and rivers in his hands together with the scabbard.


The metal intersect sound rang in the air, the scabbard collided with the sword glow, and the terrifying torrent spread instantly, rolling up countless gravel and dust, forming a horror The sandstorm moved towards all around and swept away.

However, with so many Mountain And Sea powerhouses on site, it is naturally impossible that accidental injuries occur.

The dust storm spread out for dozens of meters, and it was blocked by an invisible air wall, and it could not go any further.

It was just that the two people at the center of the storm were completely covered by smoke, and they couldn’t see the situation at all for a while.

“How’s it going?”

“Who won!”

The teachers and students of Suzhou University of Science and Technology were a little anxious.

Finally, the smoke finally dispersed bits and pieces, revealing two people facing each other ten meters apart.

When they saw the situation of the two, the students of Su Kewu University burst into cheers after a short period of stunned.

Qu Xiangyun is intact, and the long sword rays of light in his hands are still bright.

And Shen Qian looked much more embarrassed.

His figure finally retreated a few steps, and his clothes were also shredded into cloth strips by sword qi. Only the boxer pants specially protected by Shen Qian were intact.

Smear of blood seeps through, so I can’t tell how Shen Qian’s injury is, but just looking at the appearance, injury obtain is not light.

“Are you willing to draw your knife now?”

Qu Xiangyun stared at Shen Qian and asked slowly.

Shen Qian lifts the head, brushes away the long messy hair on his forehead, and exhales slightly, “I’m afraid it still won’t work.”

“If you admit defeat and leave now, destroy the stone tablet, and I will stop.”

After being silent for a while, Qu Xiangyun opened the mouth and said.

“Why let him go!”

“Both of his hands, since you come to play school, you should be mentally prepared for serious injuries!”

Seeing that Qu Xiangyun actually meant to give up, the students of Su Kewu University, who had regained their confidence, naturally quit and began to clamor.

“Come on.”

Shen Qian ignored the voices of all around and just whispered: “Offended.”

Next moment, Shen Qian closed on the eyes.

…that’s a pity.

Shen Qian sighed inwardly.

With his own hard power, he can only get to this point in the end.

Not to lose to Qu Xiangyun, but under Heaven Reliant Sword, it is quite difficult to win.

Qu Xiangyun was a little puzzled. She seemed to hear Shen Qian’s whisper, but she wasn’t sure if she heard it wrong.

At this moment, Shen Qian has reopened his eyes.

Qu Xiangyun has never seen such eyes before.

Even deep, has surpassed that of princes.

She was absent for a very short time, and Shen Qian had body moved and disappeared silently in place.

It’s like being integrated into the water flow, there are traces to follow but incomprehensible.

Qu Xiangyun never thought that someone could apply the Basic Movement Method to this level, but in an instant, a sense of crisis was in her heart.

She could vaguely see Shen Qian’s movement trajectory, but she had a feeling of powerlessness that she didn’t know where to start.

Shen Qian is like the most rejoicing water plant, and like the most blurred wind. Before she can come up with the most correct response, Shen Qian is already three meters away from her.

Such a distance, for the confrontation of the high Martial Artist, is almost equal to nothing.

β€œWhat is Qu Xiangyun doing, why does he seem to be stunned!”

β€œShen Qian is so close, why doesn’t he fight back…”

Countless people They didn’t understand Qu Xiangyun’s situation. From their perspective, they could only see Shen Qian moving forward suddenly left, suddenly right, while Qu Xiangyun was indifferent.

At most, I feel that Shen Qian’s movements are very smooth, revealing a kind of bewitching beauty, and nothing else can be seen.

Only the powerhouses above Mountain And Sea can see the subtlety, they are all complexion changed, but they are completely unable to intervene.

All the upheaval seems to have happened in just a moment.

Qu Xiangyun finally bit his red lips, and a sword flower danced from the Heaven Reliant Sword in his hand, and it was actually seven swords in an instant.

These seven swords spread out in all directions with the power of water waves.

Since I don’t know where Shen Qian will end up, I’ll cut it everywhere!

Qu Xiangyun’s ideas are crude, but very effective.

This is the confidence that S-Rank psionic weapons give her.

Under the Mountain And Sea, no one can stop it!

bang bang bang!

The air seemed to be chopped off, and there were bursts of sonic booms.

Shen Qian’s figure also shattered.

But Qu Xiangyun was surprised, there was no blood or obstruction…it was a phantom!

When she just had this idea, Shen Qian had already emerged ghost-like from behind her and pinched her wrist.

It turned out that the other party’s speed was so fast that even her was obscured by her own vision.


Severe pain came, accompanied by a groan, Qu Xiangyun had no time to react, his wrist had been broken, and the Heaven Reliant Sword fell to the ground with a bang.

She still wanted to struggle, but two fingers that were slightly warmer but more powerful had already pinched her throat.

Qu Xiangyun didn’t dare to move any more, and his eyes dimmed as if resigned.

“What movement method are you, why have I never heard of it?”

A trace of unwillingness remained in my heart, or the confusion brought about by losing the unfathomable mystery, Let Qu Xiangyun ask softly.

Shen Qian was silent, without any words.

In the competitive square, at the moment the Heaven Reliant Sword fell to the ground, for the first time today, it became absolute silence again.

Many people could not accept Qu Xiangyun’s failure.

There are many more people who cannot accept Qu Xiangyun’s defeat so “randomly”.

If you don’t know it’s inappropriate at this time, I’m afraid there are already many people who don’t know how to question it.


The competition square is vertically upwards, and two people are standing in the sky at several hundred meters.

One is a man with white beard and hair but a very young face, and the other is a beautiful woman with a full body.

The two seemed to float between the clouds and mist, and even the Mountain And Sea powerhouse not far below could not detect their existence.

“It’s the Basic Movement Method, but it’s completely different.” The man couldn’t tell whether he was in admiration or surprise, and opened the mouth and said with a slightly complicated tone.

“He completely predicted the moving positions of all Qu Xiangyun’s perspectives. It can be said that each step of his progress was actually stuck in the dead corner of Qu Xiangyun’s viewpoint.”

Beautiful woman He also analyzed it, and then showed a very puzzled expression.

“Qu Xiangyun’s eyes have become a tool for him to deceive. He is young and obviously not experienced. How did he have such perfect battle awareness?”

“Good Shen Qian, good national champion in martial arts, name is not in vain, eye-opening.”

The man didn’t answer her question, maybe he didn’t have the answer himself, just sighed softly , “Jing City Marquis found a treasure!”

“Principal, what should I do now?”

The beautiful woman said worriedly, “Qu Xiangyun has already lost, Who else can stop Shen Qian, can’t let him really put the monument here?”

The man was silent for a while, then opened the mouth and said: “If it was a normal school kick, If you lose, you will lose, but the stone tablet is indeed a bit dazzling, let the seniors take action.”

The beautiful woman gently voted, she also thought so.

Shen Qian’s actions have already touched the bottom line of Su Kewu University, and some rules are no longer necessary to care about.

She was about to leave when the man stopped her again, “Wait…call Bai Fei here too.”

The beautiful woman’s face was clearly shocked In a flash, she said hesitantly: “This… it’s not going to happen, you know that Bai Fei is at a critical moment.”

“Come on.” The man smiled meaningfully, “Always Only one party can be convinced.”

Although the beautiful woman didn’t quite understand it, but seeing the Principal insist, it was nodded, and the body flashed disappeared in the air.


Qu Xiangyun also lost.

No matter how difficult it is for the teachers and students of Suzhou University of Science and Technology to accept, this is the reality in front of us.

The scene fell silent, especially the freshmen of Suzhou University of Science and Technology were the most difficult to accept.

How much they admired Qu Xiangyun and other three people, how lost they are at this moment.

The stone tablet brought by Shen Qian has been standing in the sports square of Suzhou University of Science and Technology for more than an hour.

Regardless of the final result, this day will be remembered by all the students present at Su Kewu University.

Qu Xiangyun clutched his broken hand, picked up the Heaven Reliant Sword that fell to the ground, and walked back to the crowd without saying a word.

Shen Qian also returned to the stone tablet, and resumed the posture of standing with the pestle and knife, as if waiting for something.

Many people are confused.

They didn’t know why Shen Qian didn’t speak and what he was waiting for.

They were even more tormented by the silence at this time, eagerly hoping that a professor could stand up and end the day quickly.

A moment.

As if pulled by some kind of qi machine, the crowd in one direction was separated, and a young man with cold eyes strode over.

With every step he took, his imposing manner kept climbing.

Three steps later, his imposing manner is even beyond the bounds of a high Martial Artist, but is still climbing as if there is no end.

The crowd gradually became agitated, and the young people’s names were constantly passed on.

“Zhou Renlin, it’s Zhou Renlin!”

“Junior Zhou Renlin?”

“Damn, I almost forgot, we still have Senior No shot!”

The inexplicable excitement spread through the crowd.

“Shen Qian Junior Brother, since you don’t know the principle of letting go when you see it, then today, you have to lie down and leave here.”

Zhou Renlin’s face was calm, Mi Wai opened the mouth and said. Although the words were plain, they revealed a strong confidence.

At this time, Shen Qian, who had noticed the person coming, flipped through the information in his hand and quickly found the person’s name.

“Zhou Renlin, No. 87 on the Rising Dragon List…” Shen Qian called out the other person’s name accurately by comparing the photo.

Zhou Renlin couldn’t help frowning when he heard Shen Qian’s opening, and there was a hint of vigilance in his heart.

He has been watching the battle for a long time. He originally thought that the materials in Shen Qian’s hands were only the students of Su Kewu’s freshman year, but now it seems that it includes their senior students.

This is a little weird.

Could it be that…Is he also the target of his plan?

Zhou Renlin, who had such an idea, couldn’t help but be taken aback.

(end of this chapter)

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