I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 23


Chapter 23 Training Class for Top Military Students

One by one?

Everyone was a little puzzled, but because no one spoke on the way, everyone maintained a high-cold personality, so no one asked any questions at this time, and a burly boy raised his feet without saying a word. Go in first.

The door was hidden, but the strange thing was that it was dark inside, and nothing could be seen, and the boy walked in without making any movement, behind the door was like a pool of stagnant water.

Zhao Hanhai waited for a few seconds, then opened the mouth and said: “Next.”

With the person taking the lead, the rest of the people didn’t hesitate. Go in one by one in sequence.

Shen Qian’s turn soon came.

He stepped into the door, and suddenly there was a sound of wind in his ears, and a black figure rushed in front of him. Shen Qian subconsciously dodged, but the black figure followed reluctantly, so he had no choice but to lift it up. Hand block.

deng deng……

She took a few steps back in the darkness, when Shen Qian was on guard, the shadow disappeared.

“Let’s go.”

A heavy voice sounded, and Shen Qian noticed the light behind him. Although he was a little puzzled, he still walked over.

Walking through the dark corridor, I suddenly see the light in front of my eyes. It is an open space the size of a patio-style basketball court, but it is empty, and the seven people who came in before Shen Qian are all gathered at this time. , Gathered together in twos and threes to discuss something.

Seeing Shen Qian coming in, the burly boy who entered at the beginning grinned at him, “Dude, have you been beaten too?”

“Accurately, attacked. “Shen Qian corrected him.

“Class 111, Zheng Shaoyang.” The burly boy took the initiative to reach out to him.

Shen Qian has always had a good impression of this heroic person, and nodded also held the other’s hand, “Class 109, Shen Qian.”

At this time, Shen Qian After thinking about it, listening to Zheng Shaoyang’s meaning, it seems that everyone who came in was attacked by the mysterious shadow, and then thinking about filling out the form, Shen Qian could easily guess…

This is It’s a test, or a test.

And Shen Qian, who was unprepared, didn’t have time to make a choice about whether to hide his strength. In other words, when he entered here, he would have no way out.

Although it doesn’t match his steady behavior, Shen Qian reckons that it shouldn’t be a bad thing for the school to gather so many talented people together.

As for why Shen Qian knows that everyone is a genius, it’s very simple, that Sombra’s strength is very strong.

In addition, he was the only one in class 109… After losing Ding Yi’s class 109, he was at the bottom of the grade in an instant, and there was no one who could play.

At this time, the rest of the people came in one after another, some with calm expressions, some with brows slightly wrinkle, and some with inconvenient walking, and they seemed to be slightly injured.

The last person who walked in was Zhao Hanhai, and beside him was a stern young man with sharp-looking eyes, wearing a hero’s singlet, revealing a whole body of tendon.

“Congratulations everyone, everyone passed the test, no one cheated on filling out the form, and their conduct is worthy of recognition, and each person will be awarded 10 points.” Zhao Hanhai said with a slight smile.

This kind of small benefit is an unexpected joy, and Shen Qian is also secretly glad that if she really listened to Teacher Liu’s at first and “confessed”, I am afraid that the deduction is not only ten points.

“I think everyone may be a little confused, why are you calling here.”

Zhao Hanhai continued to explain, “Everyone standing here is an explosive force in the Some of the top students above 140Kg have even stood before the door of Beginner Martial Artist. What you lack may be the last bit of help…”

“The college entrance examination is only two months away. , the school has specially set up this training class for top martial arts students, the purpose is to help everyone make further progress, and be able to cope with the college entrance examination with a better state and stronger strength.”

This remark did not allow To everyone’s surprise, as outstanding talents in the martial arts, apart from being inferior to those geniuses recommended by famous schools, they all have heard and understood each other, and many people have already had guesses in their hearts.

As for the appearance of unfamiliar faces like Shen Qian and Qi Liuhai junior sister, it is also normal, there will always be people who are more low-key.

A bootcamp?

Shen Qian chewed on these three words, so he was just starting a small stove?

Is the threshold of 140… Sure enough, the system is definitely intentional.

“There was no such convention in the past. This year is a bit special. As for what is special, you will gradually understand.”

Zhao Hanhai said meaningfully, “For the sake of To avoid unnecessary controversy, I hope the students can keep the events of this training class confidential, and our training time will not conflict with everyone’s normal schoolwork.”

Everyone is nodded, which is very interesting. Easy to understand.

Not suffering from widowhood but suffering from unevenness.

If this kind of openly open-minded behavior is spread, there will definitely be many students making trouble.

Why, genius is privileged?

Reality is only silent and cruel, but it never bothers to explain.

“Considering that everyone comes from various classes, we will spend another two months of training together, so let’s briefly introduce ourselves.” Zhao Hanhai said with a smile.


On the third floor of the small building, there is a horizontal bar with two figures standing side by side.

These two people watched quietly while Zhao Hanhai explained to Shen Qian and the others.

“Ai, fuck, the real genius has long been poached by the four famous schools, and there are some crooked melons and cracked dates… Every year without saying hello, you pry into the corner, and I don’t know what the teacher thinks. Yes, I never stopped him, Master said: “I can bear it, but I can’t bear it!”

The one who spoke out was a young man in his thirties. His dress was very strange. The popular inch head, but wearing a very retro robe, swearing and swearing at the same time.

“Brother Liu, Zi also said: ‘I don’t know what others don’t know, and I don’t know what others are.’ Is it too hasty to draw conclusions so early?”

He Standing beside him was a middle age person whose temples were covered in hoarfrost, hearing this said with a smile.

“Principal Huang, I’ve read all the information, you don’t have to comfort me.” Liu Changqing waved his hand and sighed, “It’s not a problem, there’s no place, just stand up for it…Fuck!”

After Liu Changqing shook his head, he couldn’t help but cursed, which made Huang Tao’s face twitch.

“My words are indeed not consolation.” Huang Tao pointed to the bottom and said, “For example, Zhou Xiaoguang is the person with the greatest potential at present. You may not know that when the admission teachers of the four famous schools came. , he just took a long vacation, otherwise he would be walked away.”

“oh?” Liu Changqing became interested, “I just saw his profile as a Quasi Martial Artist, isn’t it? Is there anything I don’t know about?”

“The records you see are all the final grades at the end of last year, and he has never been a breakthrough Martial Artist, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he is struggling Extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist…” Huang Tao lightly said with a smile.


Liu Changqing’s eyes immediately lit up, satisfied and satisfied, “I can’t believe that a general high school student can have this kind of consciousness, so he has long been I’ve been promoted to Beginner Martial Artist, it’s a good seed… What about other people, are there any similar ones?”

Liu Changqing couldn’t wait to ask.

(end of this chapter)

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