I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 24


Chapter 24, Martial Artist 9th paragraph

“That girl in the second year of high school is also a good seedling.”

Huang Tao Dan smiled, “She just turned sixteen, but she’s already not far from the threshold of Quasi Martial Artist. The girls in the same school, except Ding Yi, she should be the second, or it’s not impossible to surpass Ding Yi in the future. “

“I’m afraid it will be difficult to surpass the little girl Ding Yi.” Liu Changqing shook his head and said, “There is one thing you may not be aware of, the teacher was also attracted to the little girl surnamed Ding at the beginning. It’s a disciple’s idea…”

“Is this true?” Huang Tao was surprised.

“There are still some unknown secrets in it, in short, there should be such a thing.” Liu Changqing affirmed.

“so that’s how it is…” Huang Tao’s face was stunned, and he seemed to have figured out a lot of things he had not figured out before. It’s easy to take people away.”

“I can’t stop it.” Liu Changqing shook his head, hesitating, “unless the teacher…”

“Forget it, now say It’s too late.”

Huang Tao turned his attention to the girl with neat bangs and delicate eyebrows in the field, and spit out a sentence, “Her name is Huo Ling’er.”

“Huo?” Liu Changqing slightly startled, chewing on this uncommon surname, and soon clear comprehension, “Pioneer Martial Artist?”

Huang Tao nodded, then browsed frowned, “Also There is one person, I’m not sure.”

“Who?” Liu Changqing asked casually.

“The boy with a plain appearance, with the word ‘forbearance’ on the cuffs of his school uniform, and his short head is called Shen Qian.”

Liu Changqing followed Huang Tao’s gaze, With his eyesight, it was easy to find Shen Qian in Huang Tao’s mouth.

The slanted word “forbearance” composed of blue ink is a bit dazzling, showing a taste of middle school, Liu Changqing twitched the corner of his mouth, and then nodded, “It really looks ordinary, um, except for the fair skin. A little…is there anything special?”

“This is the weirdest part, although I’m not very competent as a Principal, but I have to face the education assessment of the local Martial Arts Bureau every year. What kind of genius, I probably still know in my heart.”

Huang Tao shook his head and said, “But this Shen Qian, I… have no impression.”

“What do you mean?” Liu Changqing didn’t understand for a while.

“I read through his previous martial arts physical test results. It’s very… average. In the year-end test at the end of last year, his vigor was less than 100, and his speed was still hovering between twelve and thirteen seconds.”

“But at this time, his strength has become one hundred and four, and his speed has broken eleven.”

“oh?” Liu Changqing raised his eyebrows, ” Isn’t it cheating?”

“When they entered the door just now, Chen Feng had already tried them. If there was a real problem, he wouldn’t stand here.” Huang Tao shook his head.

“Well… from the end of last year to now, in four months, this pace of progress is so-so, and it’s normal for some people to be late bloomers.”

Liu Changqing said indifferently, Immediately he rubbed his eyebrows.

“I hope that one or two of these people can watch it, I can’t bear to tell these people what they are going to face… I don’t want to go to the bottom of the tower to self-reflect, alas, Damn.”


On the field, Shen Qian, who was “ordinary-looking”, discovered an embarrassing fact.

It’s called everyone to introduce themselves, but in fact, among the people present, except for him, these people have more or less contact or understanding of each other.

For example, if this person says “Ah, we did XXX together last year”, another person immediately says “Yes, do you remember XXX, he was there at the time”…

But there is another person who is as embarrassed as Shen Qian, the junior sister in the second year of high school.

Obviously, she’s not in this circle either.

So the two of them approached in tacit understanding, pretending not to be so embarrassed.

As they got closer, Shen Qian was quite sure that the other party didn’t use any makeup, but her skin was crystal clear and very attractive.

“Class 109 of Senior Three, Shen Qian.”

“Huo Ling’er.” The junior sister shook hands with Shen Qian generously.

The palm is a bit rough, but the back of the hand is very delicate.

Shen Qian secretly commented, and then curiously asked: “How come you are a sophomore in the training class, do you also want to take the college entrance examination this year?”

“I Of course, the college entrance examination will take place next year.” Huo Linger looked towards Shen Qian with a foolish look, “Who said that this training class can only be attended by high school seniors?”

Shen Qian looked at the other party’s eyes He felt insulted, but he couldn’t find any evidence for a while. Fortunately, Zheng Shaoyang came over at this time.

“Shen Qian, you seem to be relatively low-key in the past, do you need me to show you around?”

Zheng Shaoyang put his arms around Shen Qian without waiting for Shen Qian’s response. Forced socialization began.

“Zhou Xiaoguang, class 110, you must know, the current battle strength ceiling of No. 7 Middle School…he seems to have already broken through Martial Artist.” Zheng Shaoyang said the last sentence in a low voice.

The young Shen Qian standing in front of Shen Qian has never been in contact with him, but he has heard the name of the other party many times, and if Shen Qian remembers correctly, it seems that the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall’s Ranking List also has it. He is in the top twenty.

Zhou Xiaoguang is quite handsome, but his eyes are cold, so he can say hello to Shen Qian.

Shen Qian didn’t think there was anything wrong with the other party’s attitude. This kind of person who has been touted all the year round is more or less arrogant, so Shen Qian simply nodded.

After getting to know each other for a while, I probably remembered the name Shen Qian, but it took some time to match the numbers of the thirteen people present.

At this time, Zhao Hanhai was clapped, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Next, let me introduce you to the monitor of the training class. His name is Chen Feng. He was born in the military. He can be regarded as your Senior Brother. Chen is fine, and he will be in charge of the training class for the next two months.”

Zhao Hanhai pointed to the stern young man beside him who had been silent all the time, and introduced him.

“I’m Chen Feng.” Chen Feng’s voice had a sense of depth, and he obviously followed the cold line, and his self-introduction was just four words.

Hearing this voice, Shen Qian clear comprehension, he is the one who just tested the strength of everyone in the shadows.

“What kind of strength is Senior Brother Chen?” Huo Linger raised her hand and asked everyone’s questions on behalf of everyone.

“Medium Martial Artist, 9 dan.” Chen Feng didn’t hide it, he simply said.

Everyone whispered for a while, and even Zhou Xiaoguang, who had always been cold, was slightly moved.

Chen Feng’s age is not much older than them, definitely not more than twenty-five. Martial Artist in the ninth dan, one step away from the high Martial Artist, can be called a genius.

“Chen Feng was just on vacation, and the Principal invited him in person. He was also an influential figure in the school back then.”

Zhao Hanhai said with a slight smile, then his face changed. Su, “This training class will have rankings, which will be updated once a week. I hope everyone will perform well. When the final settlement is completed, those who rank at the top will receive extremely generous rewards.”

“What exactly?” It was Huo Ling’er who asked without hesitation.

Zhao Hanhai smiled but didn’t answer, just nodded to Chen Feng, Chen Feng stretched out his hand and made a vacuous grip on the air, the wind suddenly picked up, accompanied by a harsh rubbing sound, a piece in the corner of the empty hall. The whiteboard was forcibly caught by Chen Feng from the air.


Shen Qian’s eyes shined.

The recovery of Spiritual Qi makes cultivation possible, and the biggest difference between Beginner Martial Artist and Martial Artist lies in whether the body condenses vitality, which is a qualitative change and the source of Martial Artist’s super destructive power.

(end of this chapter)

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