I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 25


Chapter 25 Who Says an inch of grass

Chen Feng ignored everyone’s exclamations, grabbed the black pen with his backhand and put it on the whiteboard “shua shua “Wrote it.

He was writing everyone’s initial ranking against the information given by Zhao Hanhai.

Zhou Xiaoguang ranked first without any surprise.

Zheng Shaoyang came in eighth.

What surprised Shen Qian the most was Huo Linger, who came in fourth.

“That’s probably not far from Quasi Martial Artist.” Shen Qian had a guess.

Because the classmate who was ranked second seemed to have exposed himself just now, he happened to reach the baseline of Quasi Martial Artist and was looking for a breakthrough.

As for Shen Qian, in Twelfth, the only one weaker than him is Qian Enbo, a slightly fat boy, but the other seems to be a year younger than him…

putting it that way, he is the weakest.

However, Shen Qian didn’t feel anything. Except for Zhou Xiaoguang whose strength was unknown, everyone else’s strength was roughly in the range of 140 to 149. The gap was not very big, at least in Shen Qian’s view.

“This ranking will be updated next week, and the first reward will also be issued at that time, but…” Chen Feng coldly said, “There is no reward for the last three.”

Everyone Instantly understood the significance of the existence of this ranking.

Whether there is a reward next, the key is the bottom of the ranking… a bit embarrassing.

Especially to a group of people who are used to being touted.

“The principle of the cultivation method I will teach you in the next two months is very simple, that is to continuously squeeze your potential. This is the fastest way for you to make progress in a short period of time. The ranking mechanism can also be regarded as One of the ways.”

After Chen Feng finished speaking, he stepped aside and Zhao Hanhai took over the topic.

“Starting today, after school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, everyone will gather here. The training time is about three hours each time. Remember to arrange the time reasonably. If you want to leave, you need to contact Chen in advance. The monitor will explain.”

Shen Qian immediately sighed in relief upon hearing this. Fortunately, he only comes three days a week, which means it won’t take up too much of his own time.

Huo Linger used her bracelet to pull everyone into a group and then announced her disbandment. This is the end of the first face-to-face meeting of “Seventh Middle School Martial Arts Junior Crazy Group”.

The group name of such a shameful middle school was an idea that Huo Linger came up with after racking her brains. After Zhou Xiaoguang’s objection was invalid, the rest could only accept it silently.

Shen Qian could clearly see that even the reserved Chen Feng’s mouth twitched a few times.


After leaving the old physical examination hall, Shen Qian walked for a while and met Liu Simin who came in a hurry.

“Shen Qian, how is it, is Director Zhao embarrassing you?” Liu Simin came forward to greet him and hurriedly asked when she saw only Shen Qian.

“I’m fine.” Shen Qian was moved when she saw Liu Simin’s eager expression.

Aside from the teaching level, Liu Simin is indeed a good teacher.

“Isn’t your conduct point deducted?” Liu Simin asked in surprise.

I even added 10 points…

“No… Director Zhao set up a training class for top martial arts students, just because of this, Teacher Liu, you want to Keep it a secret for me, don’t let other students know.” Shen Qian said truthfully after thinking about it.

“It’s fine if you don’t deduct points, you can’t mess around in the future.” Liu Simin nodded that she knew, “Don’t worry, although it’s a bit embarrassing, I won’t tell other students.”


Teacher Liu, have you misunderstood something…

Shen Qian hesitated, but Liu Simin didn’t give him another chance to speak, and waved his hand: “Okay, hurry back to class. , the teacher has to pick up the baby.”

Seeing Liu Simin hurriedly leaving, Shen Qian could only shake his head helplessly.


Shen Qian roamed the sea of knowledge all day long.

Under Zhou Xu’s big mouth, gradually, all the students in the class knew that Shen Qian had “give up” on martial arts and planned to specialize in liberal arts.

Seeing Shen Qian’s diligent appearance, the class cadres headed by Lin Xiaoqian also sent another wave of warmth to Shen Qian…a bunch of study notes from the scholars.

During the last class in the afternoon, Shen Qian’s bracelet suddenly vibrated.

When he took out the bracelet from his inner pocket, he suddenly froze for a moment, feeling a little melancholy.

Because Shen Qian thought that Ding Yi was already not in, it seemed that she no longer needed to pretend to be so poor, so she could wear a bracelet on her wrist.

The bracelet was still vibrating. Shen Qian didn’t want to pay attention to the unfamiliar number, but the number was dialed persistently.

Shen Qian glanced at Zhou Xu, who understood and handed Shen Qian his wireless headset.

Connecting the headset, Shen Qian tilted her head slightly and answered the phone.

“Little Qian, it’s me.” A familiar deep voice came from the phone, with a bit of exhaustion.

“Dad?” Shen Qian heard Shen Liang’s voice and couldn’t help but startled.

“I’m in Jing City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and your mother is hospitalized.” Shen Liang’s voice was calm, but with a hint of hoarseness.

“What’s going on?” Shen Qian’s heart tightened.

“Kidney failure… I might need surgery, you, come over now if it’s convenient for you.” Shen Liang hesitated and said.


Shen Qian hung up the phone and didn’t bother to ask for leave any longer. Taking advantage of the teacher Old Feng, who taught basic chemistry, turned around to write formulas, he went directly from the back door. Slipped out of the classroom.


Jing City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, an old-fashioned hospital.

The new hospital is said to have a powerful Martial Artist, who can cure most diseases. Of course, the price of the treatment is unaffordable for the overwhelming majority.

Shen Qian ran all the way and found Shen Liang sitting in a chair on the third floor of the inpatient department.

I haven’t seen him for a day, Shen Liang seems to have experienced a lot of vicissitudes, and the white hair on the temples is more obvious, but Shen Liang still forced a smile when he saw his son appear.

“Dad.” Shen Qian greeted and asked eagerly, “Where’s my mom, what’s the matter? Didn’t she take medicine all the time, why did she suddenly stop working?”

When Shen Qian’s family of three evacuated from Lucheng, Wang Xiaojuan was exposed to the restricted area for several hours due to an accident.

Only taking special medicines regularly can curb the failure of body organs.

“Your mother is inside, the doctor is still consulting, please wait a while.”

Shen Liang pointed to the ward behind him. Shen Liang revealed Shen Qian’s question. With a bitter expression, “Your mother changed the medicine two weeks ago, and I just found out.”

“Changed?” Shen Qian was stunned.

“I don’t know where she saw the small advertisement, saying that there is a cheaper special medicine that costs less than a thousand a month…”

“My mother She’s not such a stupid person, wouldn’t she know that there is something wrong with such a cheap medicine?”

Shen Qian couldn’t believe it. In contrast, the shrewdness of mother should not be!

“She…she said that she still doesn’t want you to suffer in the army, so she wants to save some more money, and then she will persuade you to go to a normal liberal arts university…”

Shen Liang’s tone was complicated, and his voice gradually became softer to the point of inaudible.

Shen Qian was stunned.

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