I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 28


Chapter 28 Shen Qian’s Diary

March 28, 2297:

“Sunny, I started to write Diary, but I am still a serious person.

The first training camp ended successfully. It turned out that the first method that squad leader Chen said was actual combat. I fought with Zheng Shaoyang, lost the fight, and then fought with Huo Linger I had a fight and I lost.

I suddenly realized that my combat experience was pitiful and I had to work harder.

…but how can I compare Fuck myself?

The problem of the century.”

March 29, 2297:

“The weather is not very good today, it is said that there is lightning and thunder in the restricted area , causing heavy rain in Jing City… Poor scavengers, I really don’t know how they survived.

Another day in the ocean of knowledge, very fulfilling.

Mother finally woke up, her condition was stable, but her mood was not stable, especially after she found out that she did something stupid and didn’t want to see me… Well, I also don’t want to see mother crying rustling sound, or she will be in the future I think of this embarrassing scene from time to time, and I will definitely try my best to find a way back.

Women are very careful animals, I just said the word ‘oh’ when I replied to the news last night, Ding Yi today 39 ‘oh’s have been sent to me.”

March 30, 2297:

“The content of today’s training camp is still fighting, but it ended early. A man named Qin Kunyang My friend’s leg was discounted. Zhou Xiaoguang did it. He was really strong. He only made one move from start to finish, and none of us could see clearly.

In addition, I finally confirmed it from Chen Feng’ The existence of the extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist ‘, which made me begin to doubt the true identity of the head of Old Hu, could it be…

He is a security guard who graduated from a regular college?

Playing iron at home After three hours, I felt that my strength had grown again, and I might be able to win against Zheng Shaoyang next time.

I visited my mother, I just saw the information when I left the hospital, and the abominable old Wang came to invite me to the VR hall again. Well, I sternly reprimanded him and rejected him. He was very ashamed, and then Zhou Xu and I went to the VR hall for a night out… No way, Zhou Xu only agreed to invite me alone (funny).

PS: It was past twelve o’clock when I went, so I still resisted the temptation today.”

April 1, 2297:

“Today is the weekend, but I just got home While I was sleeping, I was woken up by Ding Yi’s video call, and I didn’t understand why Why is she only willing to show one eye…

She said that the north is very dry, the weather is bad, the food is not good, and there are few friends… She also misses me very much.

Huo Linger also called me, and no one went to the team building activity she organized. She seemed to cry, so in order to comfort her, the kind-hearted I was forced to take her to the VR hall.

She seems to have never played video games, and sure enough, a girl’s first time is always the best. She had a great time playing it, and volunteered to help me charge 500 for the internet.

Oh, damn, why create obstacles for my hardworking me? “

April 2, 2297:

“The mother finally woke up completely, she could eat and speak normally, and asked me the origin of the 30,000 yuan. After explaining it again, mother is very interested in Ding Yi, wait, why is it 30,000 yuan…

It seems that something is not right.

In addition, I am planning a major event, and I plan to go to the Martial Arts Association to certify Beginner Martial Artist, so that I can get a huge income of 10,000 yuan every month, and stabilize my 10,000 yuan household. Prestige.

After some research, it is more troublesome than I thought to sell medicine recipes publicly. First, I have to be a registered pharmacist, and secondly, I have to have thirteen certificates related to medicine. More than a year…difficult.

It’s a little pity today that I missed Zhou Xu’s call asking me to go to the VR hall for free. I was forced to AFK by the system (stained)… I was determined to train Martial Arts well, so I refused took him. ”

April 3, 2297:

β€œThe countdown to the ‘Decisive College Entrance Exam’ was hung at the gate of the school, which gave me a sense of urgency, so when I met Wang In the first second of Yang Ming and Zhou Xu, I reprimanded them. Don’t invite me to the VR hall again today.

…Oh, what do you mean it’s my turn to treat? Please don’t interfere with my study.

In the training class, I finally beat Zheng Shaoyang once with my own strength.

He doesn’t understand why I’m progressing so fast, and the look on my face is really cute. I really can’t bear to tell him that it’s not your innate talent, but unfortunately I’m a jerk. “

April 4, 2297:


Make a video call with Ding Yi’s right face.

Take mother for a walk.

Being AFK (stained)… “

April 5, 2297:


Make a video call with Ding Yi’s forehead.

When I went to the hospital, I bought a bunch of flowers for my mother, and Lao Shen was sitting on wax.

During the training camp, I conceded defeat to Zhou Xiaoguang. He seemed to be speechless, but he didn’t know that I was actually afraid that the system father would punch him to death, but if I didn’t summon the system father, I was afraid of being killed He punched him to death.

Alas, things are always so wonderful.

Rolling iron. “

April 6, 2297:


Make a video call with Ding Yi’s left face.

Voice call with Huo Linger… Wait, why did she call me, oh, it turned out to be asking me to go to the VR hall, then it’s fine.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get too close to her, I couldn’t be sorry for the girl who was still waiting for me in the northern sun, so I rejected her.

……Damn, why does this dog system always like to play forced AFK?

I can only watch myself get stronger every day…

I’m so helpless. ”

April 7th, 2297:

β€œWhen I was in school today, I met the police Martial Artist to interrogate it. It turns out that the group of scavengers who entered Jing City have not been cleaned up. , which surprised me a bit, and couldn’t help thinking of the last time I was killed by system AFK.

I wondered if I was an extraordinary natural talent, or if the TV show was just bragging, and I haven’t had nightmares and no discomfort since then.

Today is also the first day of the training camp to update the ranking. In the past ten days, I have played a total of 14 games, won 6 games and lost 8 games, and I ranked eighth.

The killing technique taught me by the system can’t be used, and I can’t show that my strength is improving too fast, as stable as I am satisfied with the result, and making a fortune in silence is the kingly way, otherwise it will change. Just like Zhou Xu, he just accidentally said ‘I have thousands of New Year’s money that I haven’t used up’, and I was about to be (stained) by me and Lao Wang… Being squeezed out by Lao Wang, Lao Wang really doesn’t kind.

Oh, by the way, the reward for the training ranking is ‘tiger bone mixture’, a potion used to strengthen the toughness of muscles and bones. I heard that a bottle is worth 2,000 yuan, which can further stimulate potential, but it is very important for those who are making rapid progress.

I’m very tasteless, and I’m hesitating whether to sell it…

ahhhh, why do I have to write so much today, I can’t write it anymore, just stop here. “

April 8, 2297:

“I don’t know if it’s an illusion. After I woke up this morning, I found that the Black Sparkle Spirit Stone on my chest didn’t shine very much. I doubt it Spiritual Qi is almost exhausted.

I have a gut feeling that this may have something to do with the fact that I finished four textbooks in a week. I tried to do a set of simulation questions about the history of China, and I only got two questions wrong…

No, this has nothing to do with Spirit Stone, because I finally put my mind to my studies, and I really am a genius.

Mother is about to be discharged from the hospital, and has selectively forgotten her crying.

Everything will be fine, Jesus can’t stop it!

I said. “

April 9, 2297:

“Today is a good day to remember.”

Because after today, I will no longer be an ordinary me, but a noble me with a huge income of 10,000 yuan every month.

PS: Ding Yi’s birthday is still 58 days away, so I can’t forget it. ”

Let’s make an update today, and make up for the third update tomorrow. We need to sort out the outline.

In addition: the chapter will become a 3000-word base after it is put on the shelves.

(end of chapter)

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