I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 29


Chapter 29 Meet Ding Anbai again

Unlike the Martial Arts Department, the Martial Arts Association is a world organization with branches all over the world Around the world, there are four outlets in Jing City alone.

Walking out of the North City branch of the Martial Arts Association, Shen Qian felt that this world was different.

The reason comes from the badge with magnetic card authentication in his hand.

The badge is made of bronze with a Chinese character “Martial” in the middle, symbolizing the official status of Shen Qian Martial Artist.

When Shen Qian is promoted to Martial Artist, he can exchange for a silver badge, then gold, platinum, diamond…

“The explosive power is 150.63Kg, and the instant speed is 150.63Kg. 9.96s.”

This is the data that Shen Qian tested half an hour ago.

Shen Qian has a great sense of accomplishment, because this time he has no summon system father.

Of course, Shen Qian has not actually reached the level of Beginner Martial Artist, and his physique is comparable to an ordinary person with an explosive power of around 145Kg.

It’s just that after learning how the system works, he has been able to burst into a stronger power.

Although it is far from perfect as a system, it is more than enough to be certified by a Beginner Martial Artist.

For the sake of safety, Shen Qian also came to the North City branch of the Martial Arts Association for certification. Although there are countless powerhouses in the North City, a seventeen-year-old Beginner Martial Artist still attracted a lot of onlookers from the staff. .

But as long as you are in Beicheng, everyone can figure it out.

…The only pity is that the big-eyed girl who registered for Shen Qian didn’t leave his contact information. I guess she was worried that she was climbing high?

Shen Qian smacking his lips regretfully.

It is not enough to get the certification medal of Martial Artist, Shen Qian also needs to go to the Martial Arts Department, because the Martial Arts Association only certifies, and the Martial Arts Department is the real money-making parents. .

So Shen Qian took another taxi to the headquarters of the Jing City Martial Arts Bureau in the center of Jing City.

Compared with the Martial Arts Association outlets nestled on the street corners, the Martial Arts Bureau headquarters in front of you is much more imposing. In the city center of extremely expensive land, the Jing City Martial Arts Bureau directly occupies a lake. On the ground, around the Jing City Lake, there are more than a dozen pavilions of different heights, all of which belong to the Jing City Martial Arts Bureau.

China’s Martial Arts has a high weight. It not only manages all Huaxia Martial Artists, but also has a corresponding department for everything related to Martial Arts.

Whether it is military, education, science and technology, medical care, diplomacy… everything can’t get around the Martial Arts department.

No way, because this is a world based on Martial Arts.

And today, Shen Qian, who was officially registered as a Martial Artist, walked right in here with a bank card waiting to be fed.

The Martial Arts Bureau occupies too much space. Shen Qian went around and asked for directions several times, and finally found the Martial Artist Logistics Welfare Department.

After a series of queuing, filling out forms, and identity verification, Shen Qian, who had bound the bank card, walked out satisfied after half an hour.

According to what the aunt just said, the first subsidy will be paid to his account within three working days.

“Calculate the time, my birthday just passed in January, which means that I can still get 10,000 yuan for 10 months, and the road to a well-off society finally has a head start.”

Secretly delighted, when Shen Qian came back to his senses, she found herself lost again.

But there was nothing to do, and Shen Qian didn’t bother to ask for directions anymore, so she wandered around in the Martial Arts bureau.

A few moments later, Shen Qian suddenly saw an acquaintance in front of him.

I’m not actually an acquaintance. Shen Qian and he only met once, but Shen Qian remembered that he asked for a business card from the other party.

Canglang Pharmaceutical, Ding Anbai!

The well-dressed Ding Anbai walked with a group of similarly well-dressed people, and they were moving towards a courtyard in Southwest. They all seemed to have some kind of documents hanging on their chests, but they were too far away. Shen Qian Can’t see clearly.

Since it was such a coincidence, Shen Qian decided to go and see the situation.

He has always had a vague idea in his heart, that is, to realize the medicine recipe of “Physical Energy Mixture”. After making Lao Wang as a little white mouse last time, Shen Qian is more certain that “Physical Energy Mixture” is definitely hanging. Play all the Body Refinement mixtures available on the market.

Unfortunately, due to various concerns, Shen Qian could not make up his mind. If he could have more contact with Ding Anbai and find out the person and background of the other party, it would be more helpful for him to make a correct judgment.

Shen Qian came to the small courtyard and glanced up.

“Martial Arts Medical and Pharmacy Research Institute.”

This is the plaque hanging on the door of the small courtyard.

There are also two banners hanging next to it, one reads “Warmly Welcome Beidu Experts to Jing City Medical College”, and the other reads “Grand Celebration of the Successful Convening of the 7th Jing City Pharmaceutical Industry Summit”.

Shen Qian glanced through the door and saw that in addition to the four elder sisters in cheongsam, there were also two security guards in imposing manner.

“Hello, please show your ID.” A security guard reached out and stopped Shen Qian who was walking inside.

“I’m from Canglang Pharmaceutical, I forgot to bring it.” Shen Qian face doesn’t change.

The frowned security guard was about to speak when Shen Qian shouted to the front: “Mr. Ding!”

Ding Anbai, who had just followed the crowd, turned around when she heard the shouting , seeing Shen Qian couldn’t help but look surprised.

Hey, he seems to remember me, I really am a handsome boy who is easy to impress others…

Of course, whether Ding Anbai remembers him or not, Shen Qian had already strode over, but the security didn’t stop him.


Wait for Shen Qian to walk in, Ding Anbai had just opened her mouth, Shen Qian had already coughed, “Mr. Ding, if you don’t mind, let’s go inside. ?”

Ding Anbai started, glanced at the security guard who was still staring at this side, and immediately understood, he didn’t pierce Shen Qian while laughing, turned and walked in.

“You know I’m coming to the summit today, so I’m waiting here on purpose?” Ding Anbai asked indifferently.

“No, I came to the Martial Arts Bureau to do some business. I happened to see Mr. Ding and came over to say hello.” Shen Qian shook his head and said truthfully.

Ding Anbai has an indifferent expression about this, just in his heart, what can you do in the Martial Arts Bureau as a seventeen-year-old student?

However, in his capacity, he didn’t bother to argue with Shen Qian, but his expression became a little more indifferent.

Just when Shen Qian was thinking about how to open the topic, Ding Anbai suddenly stopped, and when everyone next to him walked forward, he turned around and looked directly at Shen. Qian.

“Young man, I probably know what you’re thinking. To be honest, I didn’t hate you before. After all, I came from this age. I also came from a poor background, and now I have everything. It’s all my struggle, step by step.”

“There are many paths in life, and there are no shortcuts.”

“I’ll give you one last piece of advice…”

Ding Anbai shook his head and looked at Shen Qian who seemed to be startled speechless, indifferently said:

“One cannot undervalue oneself, but also cannot aim too high. Go back, don’t try to find me in the future, it will only deepen my disgust for you.”

After finishing speaking, Ding Anbai turned and left.

Shen Qian: “???”

(end of this chapter)

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