I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 30


Chapter 30 Wei Sijian

Watching Ding Anbai’s back, Shen Qian only felt confused.

What is he… talking about?

Shen Qian reviewed what Ding Anbai said just now. He was very sure that he knew every word, but he didn’t know what the combination meant.

Does he know that I want to work with him?

But then Shen Qian rejected the idea again. If the other party really knew, then he could refuse it, and the other party had no reason to know.

At this time, a white haired old man walked out of the inner courtyard with a few youngsters in white long coats. Shen Qian saw everyone in the courtyard, including Ding Anbai, with faces on their faces. They all greeted them with smiles.

Indistinctly, Shen Qian heard words like “Professor Cheng”.

Just now Shen Qian has seen the work permits of other people. Most of them are entrepreneurs from the pharmaceutical industry. It seems that this old man named Professor Cheng is a medical expert from Beidu.

After everyone exchanged a few words, the square-faced youngster behind the old man suddenly said something, and then Shen Qian saw the white-haired old man frowning and reprimanded the youngster a few words. Face youngster retorted something unconvinced, then turned around and returned to the inner courtyard.

Next, Ding Anbai and the others entered the auditorium surrounded by the ugly white haired old man.

Seeing that the summit seems to have officially started, Shen Qian could only give up the idea of finding Ding Anbai to try again. He was about to leave when the prompt “ding dong ding dong” suddenly popped into his mind.

Shen Qian complexion changed with stress disorder.

“A valuable resource target is detected, and the system automatically turns on AFK mode.”

“Map information is being generated, the range is 3k㎑…”

” Locking the target location, generating the best route…”

“The target resource has been locked, the system is automatically finding the way…”


Shit, I’m in the Martial Arts bureau, the Martial Arts bureau of expert as clouds!

system What kind of demon are you going to be?

These thoughts just passed by in a flash, and soon Shen Qian’s eyes went black and he completely lost consciousness.


When Shen Qian opened his eyes, his first reaction was to look towards the surroundings vigilantly.

It doesn’t seem dangerous…and unusually quiet.

He was in a room full of books, like a small library. Looking through the gap in front of him, there were probably three or four rows of bookshelves, and Shen Qian was standing there. Location at the door.

He picked up a book with a white cover.

“Nine Needle Medical Outline”… a medical book?

Shen Qian glanced at the bookshelf in front of him again, “Cheng’s Pharmacology”, “From Medicine Refining to Pill Concocting – The Importance of Monster Beast Materials”…

This In the small library room, it seems that there are books related to medicine.

putting it that way, Shen Qian felt that she was probably still in the medical research institute.

“Ding, the target location has been reached, the system is automatically acquiring the resource array…”

“The resource array has been generated, the system is expanding the knowledge base, progress: 1%, 2% …”

Hearing the two prompts in his mind, Shen Qian understood.

So the target resources that system refers to are these medical books?

How did you get in?

He opened the AFK Records just now and glanced at it, the record was very simple, only one line:

“You followed Wei Sijian into the laboratory of the Martial Arts Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy. And came to the library (15:23).”

Who is Wei Sijian?

Shen Qian was a little at a loss.

At the same time, he thought of another question, was the AFK mode suspended because the system wanted to expand the so-called knowledge base?


While Shen Qian was thinking, the door behind him was suddenly pushed open.

Shen Qian’s body froze, and the person behind him stopped.

Shen Qian turned around slowly and saw a confused face staring at her.

It’s him!

Standing in front of Shen Qian was a young man wearing a white long coat and white gloves. The other party’s hair was messy, and his small eyes matched his standard square face. …

If I remember correctly, he is the young man who contradicted Professor Cheng just now at the entrance of the auditorium.

So embarrassing…

Does this count as being caught?

While Shen Qian was thinking about how to explain it, the square-faced youth spoke first.

He looked at Shen Qian suddenly, “So there are still people, that’s right, you help me find a book, I’m going to use it now, the name is “spiritual grass encyclopedia”, it should be counted down in it The second bookshelf!”

The young man with a square face finished speaking very quickly, then turned around and left.

Shen Qian was a little stunned, but thought of something, and subconsciously said, “Wei Sijian?”

“Why?” The square-faced youth turned his head.

“…It’s okay.”


Wei Sijian nodded, turned around and hurried away.

…… Wei Sijian is really him!

Just, why do you feel a little lack of heart?

Shen Qian thought about it for a while, and while the system was still reading articles, he came to the penultimate bookshelf, and soon found the “spiritual grass encyclopedia” mentioned by Wei Sijian.

After dawdling for a while, he walked out of the library after the system hint “The expansion of the knowledge base is complete”.

Beyond the library, there is a huge space covering an area of more than 200 square meters. There are laboratory tables and various instruments on display, occupying the space in front of you, and it is unclear. A good or bad medical smell fills the air.

In the huge laboratory, only Wei Sijian, dressed in white clothed, was burying his head in front of an experimental bench, concentrating on tinkering with something.

“Here, the book you want.” Shen Qian glanced at him, confirming that the other party was just tinkering with some medicinal herbs before approaching and handing over the book.

“Just put it aside.” Wei Sijian didn’t lift his head.

Shen Qian put the book on the experimental bench and stood by to observe it for a while. During this process, Wei Sijian did not respond and was completely immersed in his own world. He picked up the notebook spread on the table and read it over and over, but he ignored it.


Shen Qian touched his chin and guessed how he got into the lab, probably following behind him, just and honorable Coming in…

This Wei Sijian seems to be a fool!

“No, what’s wrong…” Wei Sijian finally raised his head, but only grabbed the notebook from Shen Qian’s hand, and never looked at Shen Qian.

Probably only this kind of talent is a real academic talent…

The completely relieved Shen Qian stopped staring at Wei Sijian with the browsers tightly knit and began to work in the laboratory Skate up.

In the process, he saw a lot of incomplete herbs and bottles and jars containing various medicines, but unfortunately they were not marked with names, and Shen Qian did not dare to touch them.

In addition to the library, there are many rooms connected all around the laboratory. Shen Qian’s eyes suddenly froze, and it was fixed on the nameplate of a room.

“Pharmaceutical storage room!”

Looking back at Wei Sijian, who was still muttering to himself, he tried to push the door, but found that there was an electronic lock, which was needed. Swipe card to enter.

So Shen Qian thought about it, then walked back to Wei Sijian, opened the mouth and said: “borrow your access card to use it.”

“Don’t bother me casually. “!” Wei Sijian glared at Shen Qian dissatisfied, but still took out a card from his pocket and threw it on the table.

Is it really so casual…

Looking at Wei Sijian who turned his eyes back to the notebook, Shen Qian spit out a groove in his heart, turned around and moved towards ” Pharmacy storage room” to go.

(end of this chapter)

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