I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 32


Chapter 32 I want to worship him

“Actually, your thinking is not wrong, what is really wrong is your habitual thinking.”

Seeing that Wei Sijian has been driven insane, Shen Qian no longer sells guanzi, opened the mouth and said.

“Inertial thinking?” Wei Sijian asked in confusion.

β€œYou can stand on the shoulders of your predecessors, why do you have to build tall buildings on the ground?” Shen Qian grabbed the unknown spiritual grass in the experimental vessel, hehe smiled, β€œWho said that? The new one must be better?”

Wei Sijian, as if was struck by lightning, stood still.

“The new…the old…yes, why have I never thought of trying the old one? What bothers me has always been how to find the medicinal properties of the main medicine, but if I continue to use it In the previous way of thinking, I don’t need to adjust the main medicine, I just need to balance the ratio of the auxiliary medicine…”

He muttered to himself, but he seemed to have figured out something, and his eyes were shining.

“Senior Brother Wei, what are you talking about, old and new?”

The short-haired girl looked at the other three blankly and asked.

“I know how to improve the formula!”

Wei Sijian came back to his senses and said excitedly, “I had a misunderstanding before, which is… Speaking of habitual thinking, I always think that since I want to research a better medicine recipe, the biggest problem must be the main medicine, so I keep changing the spiritual grass as the main medicine, and the result keeps failing.”

“But what he said just now reminded me, in fact, after so long groping, my supplementary formula is already perfect, even if I don’t change the main drug, as long as I find the balance between them, their most perfect ratio , it can also achieve the purpose of improving the medicine recipe!”

Seeing a few people who were still confused, Wei Sijian stomped his feet, “Why are you so dumb?”

“The main drug of the ‘Body Refinement mixture’ is Qiweizi, which is the most suitable main drug that has been summed up by predecessors through countless explorations. How to make the best use of its medicinal properties has long been a mature theory. In fact, I only need to adjust the auxiliary drugs on the basis of the same main drug, and I can definitely make great progress.”

Wei Sijian explained it again, no matter how many people understood it or not. , I excitedly pushed a few people away and went to the warehouse to find a few more chibi seeds to experiment with.

“Eyes Obscured by a Single Leaf, really Eyes Obscured by a Single Leaf…”

Seeing Wei Sijian leaving in a hurry, the short-haired girl looked at each other , all silently shaking their heads.

“Although I still don’t understand it, I feel that Senior Brother Wei’s friend is very difficult to deal with. Just one sentence makes Senior Brother Wei crazy again.” One of them touched the chin.

“Yes, Senior Brother Wei has been researching this improved formula for almost half a year. Especially in the last few months, he seems to be stumped. Every time the teacher asks him about his progress, he is very irritable.”

“What is the origin of Senior Brother Wei’s friend? Why have I never met him?”

While the three of them were discussing, the short-haired girl suddenly felt that something was not right. She Look around, then startled.

“Senior Brother Wei’s friend…what about others?”

Several people were stunned at the same time.

At this time, Wei Sijian, who was holding Qisanzi, hurried back, and the short-haired girl hurriedly stopped him, “Is that friend of yours also a medical student?”

“I Friends?” Wei Sijian looked confused for a while, “Do I have a friend?”

“The one who was discussing the medicine recipe with you just now!”

“Oh, he, He’s not… Hey, yes, who is he?” Wei Sijian looked towards several people and couldn’t wait to say, “Is he a new colleague, what’s his name? It’s amazing, I must worship him!”


The short-haired girls looked at each other and fell silent again.


Shen Qian hurriedly walked out of the Medical Research Institute, and then walked out of the Martial Arts Bureau, until he got on the public tram home. relaxed, looked towards spiritual grass wrapped in plastic bag in hand.

Running after pretending to be forced, and holding a grass…it’s really exciting.

I don’t know the name of the spiritual grass in my hand, but Shen Qian estimates that it is qualified to be the main medicine of a mixture, and it is on the same level as Qiweizi.

After thinking for a while, Shen Qian took out her bracelet to open the search function, and typed in the words “Wei Sijian”.

Well…a lot of Wei Sijian jumped out, and Shen Qian didn’t know any of them.

So Shen Qian added the words “Professor Cheng” at the end.

“Hey, there you go!”

Shen Qian clicked on a news item at the top, which was a school newsletter from Northern Martial.

The general meaning of the news is that Wei Sijian, the genius of our school’s medicine pill department, was taken as a room entry Disciple by Cheng Shanhe, a leader in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and the vice president of the Northern Martial Pharmacy Academy, and there are a bunch of them below. Wei Sijian’s personal honor.

The No. 1 scholar in the liberal arts college entrance examination in the second province of the Yellow River…

Northern Martial is the only genius who failed to meet the standard in martial arts in the past ten years but was specially recruited…

At the age of 9, I participated in the Mathematical Olympiad and won the first place in the country…


After reading it, Shen Qian felt inferior because of his lack of culture, so he could only shout a shit in his heart.

It just didn’t expect that the other party was only a junior. Maybe it was his overly high hairline that gave Shen Qian the illusion.

Tell the other party the correct research direction of “strength potion”. It doesn’t matter to Shen Qian. In fact, there are several small mistakes in Wei Sijian’s notebook, and the dosage of those formulas is not correct. Wei Sijian is not so fast to research the real finished product of “strength potion”.

There is still time and opportunity if Shen Qian wants to make a profit from “strength potion”.

However, after knowing that “strength potion” is the original of Wei Sijian, Shen Qian no longer intends to sell medicine recipes, after all, it is not so ethical.

If you are really short of money, you can refine a little more finished product and sell it. It is not eye-catching and the income is considerable… Well, stable development is king.

The bracelet vibrated, and Shen Qian answered the phone, which was from Shen Liang.

“Smelly brat, where did you go? Remember to come back for dinner at night.”

“Ah, this… I have an appointment with my classmates to study.”

“Your mother is discharged.”

“Oh, come back soon.”

After hanging up the phone, Shen Qian could only send a message to Huo Linger regretfully, expressing herself If you want to go home and study hard, you can no longer accompany her to the VR hall to degenerate.

In less than a minute, Huo Linger replied with an animated expression of a puppy hanging its head. Shen Qian hesitated for a while before returning the message.

speaking of which Huo Linger’s family also seems to be very rich. Every time I go out with her, I can prostitute for free. Why do most good-looking girls have good family properties?

Ding Yi and Huo Linger are the same.

Strange truths have been added.

“Ding dong! Your account ending in 404 is credited with 10,000 yuan in Huaxia currency…”

When Shen Qian was distracted, a message brought him back to reality and gave full of his sense of gain.

The subsidy from the Martial Arts Bureau has arrived…high efficiency!

Shen Qian commented.

“Just in time to go home and have a confession with my parents.”

According to the current trend, the fact that Shen Liang and Wang Xiaojuan’s sons have become a giant amongst men cannot be concealed sooner or later. Considering the acceptance of the two, Shen Qian had to give them a little buffer first.

Having passed Beginner Martial Artist certification is an opportunity, after all Martial Artist badges cannot be faked.

They… should be able to figure it out, right?

(end of this chapter)

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