I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 33


Chapter 33 Confession Bureau

Happy Community, Shen Qian’s home.

The atmosphere in the living room is a little depressing.

Wang Xiaojuan was reclining on the sofa, looking pale and haggard, with hidden tears.

Shen Liang sat in front of the window far away from the living room. A plastic bottle that had been cut in half was filled with some water, which served as a temporary ashtray, and several cigarette butts had been stuffed in it.

“You said something, how will you live in the future?” Seeing that Shen Liang had not moved for a long time, Wang Xiaojuan grabbed the cushion on the sofa and threw it away.

……This cigarette seems to be a little moldy, it’s really hard to smoke!

Shen Liang came back to his senses, with a heavy face, he snuffed out half of the cigarette in his hand, but instead of throwing it into a plastic bottle, he used a pack of paper and stuffed it back into the crumpled cigarette. in the shell.

“How can I live…Isn’t it been this way for so many years?” Shen Liang was comforted.

“One month’s medical bills will be close to 8,000, so I don’t have to eat rice, I don’t have to pay utility bills, I don’t have to give my son’s pocket money, and he is growing up. We can save as much as we can, but his food can’t be bad…”

Wang Xiaojuan said, choked up again.

Shen Liang also fell silent for a while.

His monthly salary is only less than 6,000 yuan, which is still the result of frequent overtime work, and Wang Xiaojuan can only do some light part-time jobs due to physical reasons, about 1,000 to 2,000 yuan per month. unstable income.

In the past, Wang Xiaojuan’s monthly medical expenses could be offset by Shen Liang’s salary. Fortunately, meat is cheap these days, and tuition and miscellaneous fees in public schools are very cheap. The family can barely maintain it, and even save it. A little money for Shen Qian to go to college.

But now after an accident, Wang Xiaojuan’s monthly medical expenses have soared.

“It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t believe the small advertisements on the street and take medicine indiscriminately, or… or I will die, and you will live a good life with your son in the future…”

Wang Xiaojuan was talking, tears like rain.

“What nonsense are you talking about again?” Shen Liang scolded, walked to the sofa and hugged Wang Xiaojuan gently, “There is no way out of the sky, what kind of problems can be solved with money? , the most important thing is to live well.”

“At worst, let’s sell the house and go to the next street to rent a set. I saw it the other day, and it costs more than 1,000 yuan a month. The big house is more spacious than the one I live in now!”

Seeing Wang Xiaojuan still complaining about herself, Shen Liang struggled for a while, and finally bit his teeth, took out an envelope from his inner pocket and stuffed it into Wang Xiaojuan’s hand inside.

“Take it, I’ll find a way to get through it after these two months.”

“This is…”

Wang Xiaojuan started, and opened the envelope to read He glanced at it and said in surprise, “Where did you get the 10,000 yuan?”

“The half-year award in our factory was only issued yesterday. I was thinking about giving you a little surprise, but I just forgot it. I’m done.”

Shen Liang said lightly, feeling very ashamed.

My son finally borrowed money, but I withheld 10,000 yuan…I am truly ashamed of being a father and a husband!

“Windfall” dilutes Wang Xiaojuan’s sadness, and with Shen Liang’s comfort, Wang Xiaojuan’s mood finally stabilized.

She looked up at the clock hanging in the living room, and stood up in a panic, “Ah, my son should be back soon, I have to cook quickly.”

At this time, the sound of the key turning came from the door, and as the door was pushed open, Shen Qian walked in with two bags of fruit.

“Dad, Mom, I’m back… Mom, are you all right?”

Shen Qian walked into the living room and put the fruit on the table.

Wang Xiaojuan was about to speak when her eyes stopped and she said in surprise, “You bought durians? This… what kind of grapes are these, why haven’t I seen them before?”

In the open food bag, the grapes of azure are not only round and plump, but each one is the size of an ordinary lychee, and there are still water droplets on it, crystal clear and near-transparent, which looks really attractive.

“Oh, it’s called ‘Desert Rose’. The elder sister in the fruit shop said it was a foreign variety. Her shop protects treasure, and it’s limited.” Shen Qian explained.

“Durians cost more than two hundred per pound, where did you get the money?” Hearing the unusual complexion changed, Wang Xiaojuan asked, “How much is this rose?”

“The durian is fine, there is a discount, 100 98 per pound, this ‘desert rose’ is quite expensive, just a bag of this cost a thousand small.” Shen Qian told the truth.

Wang Xiaojuan was speechless for a long time.

Shen Liang was also surprised. Durian, as the king of daily fruits, is expensive in this era when fruits and vegetables are luxury goods, but this “desert rose” is too exaggerated. There are only two bunches in a bag, and each bunch is like thirty or forty grapes. It costs a thousand yuan?

Looking at the shocked parents, Shen Qian couldn’t help but secretly complained, but fortunately, he didn’t tell the truth, otherwise, wouldn’t you be directly stunned?

The real price of desert roses is more than 1,000, but close to 3,000…

Shen Qian didn’t want to be so extravagant, but when I heard that this desert rose has beauty and refreshment , the effect of dredging blood, he bought it immediately.

Wang Xiaojuan has just been discharged from the hospital. She is weak and needs a supplement.

“Little Qian…”

Still Shen Liangxian came back to his senses, looking at Wang Xiaojuan who was also raising his brows, Shen Qian hurriedly spoke first.

“Dad, Mom, I have something to tell you.”

Wang Xiaojuan wanted to say something, but was held down by Shen Liang. He knew Shen Qian’s character and wanted to come to him. What I want to say next is inseparable from these fruits.

Shen Qian took out a badge from his pocket and pushed it in front of his parents.

Shen Liang picked up the badge and couldn’t help eyes shrank when he saw the word “Martial”.

Although he is not a Martial Artist himself, but the whole society is open to martial arts, and there are social Martial Artists in their factories, and he is no stranger to such badges.

“I’m already a Beginner Martial Artist.”

Shen Qian’s voice was not loud, but it made Shen Liang and Wang Xiaojuan’s mind go blank, and they couldn’t come back to their senses for a long time. .

“I don’t know if you are clear, the Martial Arts department has rigid welfare targets for young Martial Artists. Beginner Martial Artists under the age of 18 can receive a monthly cash subsidy of 10,000 yuan. , oh, I heard from the staff of the Martial Arts Bureau today that there are actually some benefits.”

“For example, I will take the bus and tram for free in the future, go to public toilets for free, and most park attractions are also free. Also, if you buy a car of a designated brand, you will get a discount, as well as buying a house…”

Shen Qian said everything she learned today.

During this process, Shen Liang and Wang Xiaojuan stared at him blankly, neither speaking nor moving.

Shen Qian’s voice gradually became smaller, and he looked at his parents with some worry… Wouldn’t he be really frightened?

“Dad? Mom?” Shen Qian said tentatively.

Shen Liang and Wang Xiaojuan’s consciousness seemed to have finally returned to reality, they looked at each other and stood up at the same time.

“I’m going to get a thermometer…”

“Well, there should be some medicine for fever at home. I’ll look for it.”

Shen Qian: “…”

(end of chapter)

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