I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 35


Chapter 35 The “Green” Pharaoh

The next day, Shen Qian experienced Martial Artist’s whiteness for the first time. Prostitution function, take the free public tram to the school.

“Di, student card!”

“Di, senior card!”

“Di, Martial Artist card!”

A group of ordinary After the swipe sound, Shen Qian swiped with his badge.

As expected, Shen Qian received a wave of strange eyes, and her vanity got a little satisfaction.

“Already a Martial Artist, are you still taking the public tram?”

“Maybe it’s the card of the adults in the family, which was stolen by the child and pretended to be forced. I’ve seen a lot…”

Listening to the whispers of the people around, Shen Qian’s face darkened, and he silently put away the badge again.

He finally understands why Martial Artist is rarely seen on public trams.

There are only 59 days left in the countdown to the college entrance examination at the gate of the school, but this does not prevent the campus from still having a happy and happy atmosphere.

After all, as long as you don’t pass the martial arts exam these days, you are probably classified as a loser, and there is no extraordinary performance in the martial arts thing. Everyone is very anxious, so they are under pressure. very small.

Entering class 109, Shen Qian was stopped by an intellectual girl wearing glasses.

“Shen Qian, come with me.” Lin Xiaoqian looked serious.

Shen Qian startled, “What’s the matter?”

“Just come with me.” Lin Xiaoqian waved and walked out of the classroom to the end of the corridor.

Although Shen Qian was a little unclear, as the new acting squad leader, the other party must have something serious to do, so he followed Lin Xiaoqian all the way to the storage room at the end of the corridor.

Lin Xiaoqian saw that there was no one left or right, she opened the door and walked in, then stuck her head out, “Shen Qian, come in!”

So mysterious?

Shen Qian followed curiously. Lin Xiaoqian quickly closed the door and turned around.

The storage room was filled with all kinds of sundries, and the light was not very good. In the dimness, Lin Xiaoqian adjusted her glasses and stared at Shen Qian with a burning gaze.

Shen Qian subconsciously held on to the waistband of her trousers and said vigilantly, “What are you doing?”

“It’s not just me.” Lin Xiaoqian laughed, clapped.

So from the darkness all around, four more girls sprang out, all like Lin Xiaoqian, staring at Shen Qian with burning eyes.

Shen Qian was completely nervous, and always felt that this scene seemed to have been seen in some movie…

“It’s better to come one by one.” Shen Qian evaluated the enemy and us. Quantitative gap, a compromise was made.

“Don’t you have that many?” Lin Xiaoqian looked very disappointed.

“…It should be enough, after all, I’ve saved it for a long time.” Shen Qian didn’t expect the other party to be more direct than himself, and held back for a while.

“That’s very good!” Several girls were very happy, Lin Xiaoqian asked, “Is it also 50,000?”

“Not so much…”

Shen Qian replied subconsciously, and finally realized something was wrong, “What are you talking about?”

“It’s the special effect mixture you found for Wang Yangming!” Lin Xiaoqian said, “he He told me, and said that only you have channels, and there are none on the market…”

“Oh, so this is it.”

“Is there any problem, how do you feel? You look disappointed?” Lin Xiaoqian asked suspiciously.

“No, no.”

Shen Qian adjusted her thinking, and when she looked around, she realized that the girls in the storage room were all close to Lin Xiaoqian in the class. of.

As for why Wang Yangming exposed Shen Qian, he can figure it out. He leaked his mouth once before, and once expressed his unreasonable thoughts about Lin Xiaoqian.

Don’t think about it, this guy must be bragging in front of Lin Xiaoqian because Wu Ke is promising.

Aware of Shen Qian’s gaze, Lin Xiaoqian said with some regret, “I originally promised Wang Yangming not to say it, but I couldn’t hold back… But don’t worry, now only the five of us know, We will keep it a secret.”

Shen Qian let out a “huh”, and it is estimated that the whole class is well known in three or two days at most.

But he didn’t care too much. He originally planned to use the medicine recipe to make some money. It’s better to sell it to a classmate who knows the basics than to an outsider.

“I can get the mixture, but I have to wait a few days. Also, you need to queue up. I can get up to three bottles at a time.”

After pondering for a while, Shen Qian opened the mouth and said.

“It doesn’t matter, we can wait.” Lin Xiaoqian’s face showed joy, and then she asked, “Then this money…”

“You can wait until you get the mixture. Give it to me.” Shen Qian waved.

“Why don’t we give you a deposit first, so we can rest assured. Who knows if you will sell it to others first?”

Lin Xiaoqian thought about it and suggested road.

“It’s fine.” Shen Qian didn’t care.

Lin Xiaoqian discussed with a few girls again, and they all agreed to pay Shen Qian a tenth of the deposit first, so they each remembered Shen Qian’s card number and agreed to call the deposit tomorrow. .

After talking about the matter, Shen Qian pushed open the door of the storage room first, and then he saw Wang Yangming who had just come up from the stairs.

β€œShen Qian, how are you…”

Wang Yangming saw Shen Qian actually come out of the storage room. It was an accident at first, but he froze soon after.

Because behind Shen Qian, Lin Xiaoqian also followed, and her face flushed, she looked very happy.

And then Li Han, Mao Xiaoxiao… all are female classmates in the class.

Shen Qian also saw Lao Wang, and immediately realized from the other party’s expression that he might have misunderstood.

But he was annoyed that he sold himself too easily, so he just sneered and walked away, leaving only the other party standing on the stairs and his mentality gradually exploded.


The day of class passed quickly, and Shen Qian, who was immersed in the sea of books, was also awakened by the get out of class bell.

“Shen Qian, are you going to the VR Pavilion?” Zhou Xu touched his arm.

“No, I’m going home to study.” Shen Qian simply refused.

……Today, Monday, we have to train!

Shen Qian sighed inwardly.

“Okay.” Zhou Xu didn’t care about Shen Qian’s “sickness” from time to time, he glanced at Wang Yangming, who was silently packing his schoolbag and his back revealed loneliness, and asked strangely: ” What’s wrong with Lao Wang today, he doesn’t seem to care about us?”

“He thinks he’s been green.”

“What the hell?” Zhou Xu was stunned.

“Literally.” Shen Qian packed up his desk and waved his hand, “I’ll go first, see you tomorrow.”


When Shen Qian When I came to the old physical examination hall, five or six people had already arrived first, and no accident, Huo Linger really arrived first.

Huo Linger, who was wearing a plaid shirt and black short skirt, saw Shen Qian coming in, and hurriedly greeted her, her skirt flying up, bringing out her fair skin.

“Shen Qian, you are here… I saw that pervert again.” Huo Linger said anxiously.

“What pervert?” Shen Qian startled.

“The pervert I told you was always peeking at me during our training sessions!” Huo Linger lowered her voice, leaned into Shen Qian’s ear and said, “I went to open the window just now. , he was standing by the window, scaring me to death.”

Shen Qian glanced sideways at Huo Linger who was close at hand, her lips with lipstick were glittering and seductive. The distance between them is probably just a little bit bigger to kiss.

Since Shen Qian took her to the VR studio, she seems to have regarded Shen Qian as a good friend without defense…

“cough cough, the one you said Is the pervert wearing a robe, holding a book bound with thread in his hand, and smiling?” Shen Qian asked calmly, pulling a distance away.

“Yes, yes, how do you know?” Huo Linger said strangely.

“He’s right behind you.”

(end of chapter)

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