I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 38


Chapter 38 The Missing Shen Qian

Nine orifices, which refer to people’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth, the place where the snoring is Places…

In short, the nine natural openings in the human body.

Shen Qian is somewhat confused, aren’t these places already open, why do they have to reopen?

Maybe you will know the reason after being promoted…

Shen Qian thought about it, then grabbed the bracelet and asked Huo Linger, “Among the people you know, the most powerful person. How many orifices did he open?”

Huo Ling’er: “emm…it should be my Supreme Grandfather, he has seven orifices!”

Shen Qian: “I didn’t open nine orifices. Is it right?”

Huo Ling’er: “Listen to what my second aunt is impossible, not to mention nine orifices, even seven or eight are difficult, it’s not just about nine deaths and still alive, It’s that people have the power to control their own bodies under extremely chaotic and painful conditions!”

“That is to say, this is not something that people can do!”

Isn’t it something that humans can do?

Shen Qian touched the chin, even if the nine orifices are unrealistic, but with the ability of the system, under the premise of ensuring the safety of his own life, he should be able to have five or six orifices…

In order to make an extraordinary impact today, Shen Qian deliberately took a day off. It was already dark now. Judging from the time Huo Linger spent, he was afraid that it was already late at night when he woke up.

So Shen Qian called her home again and said that she was going to sleep at the old Wang Family tonight… Ever since she learned that Shen Qian was promoted to Beginner Martial Artist, her parents have become very kind, and they are very kind to this little one. Things are of course no opinion.

Huo Ling’er: “Hey, Shen Qian, how about you, why didn’t you chat with me?”

Everything was ready, Shen Qian didn’t get back to her and threw the bracelet away To the side, he took the coagulation mixture and sat down on the blanket.

Opening the system interface in his mind, Shen Qian entered the AFK command: “Promote the extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist.”

“The AFK target has been generated, and the system is parsing…”

Soon, a reminder came in his mind. Seeing that it wasn’t the previous “quest conditions are not met”, Shen Qian knew that the system did not disappoint him, and he went to the method that hit the extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist for nothing. .

“The system is parsed, and the optimal path is being calculated.”

“The task list has been generated, and the system is automatically finding the path…”

Not directly Is it ok, why even calculate the path?

Shen Qian’s mind flashed a big question a second before he lost consciousness.


In the early morning, the bell of dΔ«ng lΓ­ng lΓ­ng rang, and the noisy No. 7 Middle School campus slowly returned to peace.

The first class of Class 109 this morning happened to be the class teacher Liu Simin. When she walked into the classroom with the lesson plan in between, her eyes subconsciously swept the whole class, and then her eyes stopped.

However, Liu Simin didn’t say anything. She spread out the lesson plan and began to give a normal lecture. “Today, let’s explain the theoretical simulation volume of Martial Arts in Huangshi Middle School…”

About ten years later Minutes later, Liu Simin lifted the head, frowned and shouted, “Lin Xiaoqian.”

“Here!” Lin Xiaoqian, who was sitting in the front row, raised her hand.

“I remember that Shen Qian only took one day off yesterday, right?” Liu Simin asked.

“Yes.” Lin Xiaoqian flipped through the chat records in the class group, nodded and said.

At this time, the whole class also realized something and turned around. Sure enough, Shen Qian’s seat was empty.

Whispers sounded, and Zhou Xu winked at Wang Yangming. Both of them were a little bit taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune. How dare this fellow be so late for Teacher Liu’s class? Waiting for the three thousand-word review…

Until the bell rang for the first get out of class, the other students had nothing to do. Zhou Xu and Wang Yangming looked at each other, and already vaguely sensed something was wrong.

With Shen Qian’s urination, she might be late, but it’s impossible to be absent directly.

“Wang Aunt impossible not to call Shen Qian to get up!” Wang Yangming was puzzled.

Liu Simin frowned, clicked the bracelet and left the classroom.

After a while, Liu Simin turned back and walked straight to Wang Yangming.

“Shen Qian is not at home, and the phone can’t get through.” When Wang Yangming started, Liu Simin said, “According to his parents, he slept at your house last night, why? What’s going on?”

“Ah…” Wang Yangming panicked for a moment, but then his thoughts turned around.

He couldn’t help asking Lin Xiaoqian last night. He already knew why she was looking for Shen Qian. He felt ashamed and panicked, and subconsciously wanted to help Shen Qian cover up.

“Yes, he slept in my house…”

“Then why didn’t he come with you?”

“I…may be me I forgot to call him.”


“No, I just forgot to call him.”

“Wang Yangming, this is a very serious matter. Seriously, don’t mislead me!” Liu Simin suddenly became stern.

The honest man Wang Yangming finally lowered his head, “I…I don’t know where he is either. He wasn’t at my house last night.”

“I didn’t contact you either. ?” Seeing Wang Yangming shaking his head, Liu Simin’s expression became more serious, she turned her head and looked towards the rest of the class, “Does anyone know where Shen Qian is or have you contacted Shen Qian?”

No one spoke , Liu Simin brows tightly knit, she waved her hand and said, “Let’s go to class first.”

After speaking, Liu Simin walked out.

In the blink of an eye, four classes in the morning, when Liu Simin walked into the classroom again and asked if Shen Qian had contacted anyone, all the students realized…

Shen Qian is missing.

The afternoon class was suspended by Liu Simin, and all the classmates began to contact each other and acquaintances to inquire about Shen Qian’s whereabouts.

Liu Simin was not too worried at the beginning, after all, she has experienced too many things like high school students running away from home, but generally speaking, in third-tier cities like Jing City, children of this age are also If you can’t get anywhere, there is usually a trail to follow and you can find it quickly.

But when it was almost dusk and there was still no news from Shen Qian, Liu Simin finally felt something was wrong.

Under the pressure of Liu Simin, Zhou Xu and Wang Yangming had to expose their shortcomings. They asked their classmates they knew well and began to search for VR halls, amusement parks and other places in Jing City.

“Still no?” Liu Simin, who heard Zhou Xu’s report, stopped delaying, reported the matter to the school, and went directly to the police station.


Xingfu Community, Shen Qian’s home.

Shen Liang glanced at Wang Xiaojuan, whose face was haggard, and couldn’t help but said, “Why don’t you go to rest first.”

Wang Xiaojuan shook her head silently, her eyes were still red and swollen, ” My son is gone like this, how can I fall asleep…Old Shen, where did he go to, why can’t he live and die…”

Wang Xiaojuan didn’t dare to say any more. She went down, and the tears had poured out of her eyes again.

Today is the third day of Shen Qian’s disappearance.

From unbelievable to sleepless nights, Shen Liang and Wang Xiaojuan have been mentally and physically exhausted.

“Didn’t the police force say that the case can be officially filed in more than 48 hours. Teacher Liu has already gone to the police force this morning. When the police Martial Artist intervenes, Xiaoqian will definitely be found soon. You Don’t worry.” Shen Liang was comforted.

“No matter how naughty and mischievous Xiao Qian is, he has always been sensible and will never run away from home. I, I’m just afraid that something will happen to him…”

The sobbing Wang Xiaojuan finally expressed her deepest thoughts.

“Damn, he is a serious Martial Artist now, what could happen?”

Shen Liang reluctantly said with a smile, but his heart was equally heavy.

dong dong!

The knock on the door suddenly sounded, Wang Xiaojuan was about to get up subconsciously, but she stumbled, Shen Liang quickly supported her, and when she stood firm, she walked quickly. Go over and open the door.

The door was opened, but standing outside was not Shen Qian, nor Liu Simin and the police, but a tall girl with a ponytail.

Her facial features are as delicate as carvings, her skin is as fair as jade, she wears light blue jeans, a simple white shirt, and a linen sweater with large slits, which matches her cool temperament, like a painting Chinese.

“You are…” Shen Liang vaguely felt that he had seen her, but couldn’t remember for a while.

“My name is Ding Yi, and I’m Shen Qian’s classmate.” The girl said, her voice a little hoarse, “I heard that he is missing, I…I’ll take a look.”

Shen Liang was stunned for a moment, and suddenly realized, isn’t this the female classmate that Shen Qian talked about with his childhood sweethearts and borrowed money from him?

Shen Liang, who has been so sophisticated for a long time, heard the strangeness of the girl’s voice. After a closer look, he found that the corners of Ding Yi’s eyes were a little red.

Is what my son said true?

At this moment, Shen Liang temporarily forgot his worries, and was shocked that Shen Qian didn’t brag about him…

“Old Shen, who is it?”

Wang Xiaojuan’s voice woke Shen Liang, and he quickly led Ding Yi into the living room.

Shen Liang whispered a few words to Wang Xiaojuan, Wang Xiaojuan was also dumbfounded, but she was not too surprised, just looking at Ding Yi’s eyes softened a lot.

The atmosphere in the living room was a little subtle, and Ding Yi also realized that her behavior of going directly to the door seemed a bit rash. She lowered her head slightly, bit her lips lightly, and was rarely embarrassed.

Fortunately, the sudden ringing of the phone broke the atmosphere.

Shen Liang grabbed the old-fashioned landline that had been in his hand, and pressed the answer button.

After “ummm” nodded, Shen Liang hung up the phone and looked towards Wang Xiaojuan, “The police Martial Artist has officially filed a case, Teacher Liu let us hurry over.”

Ding Yi Suddenly she got up and saw Shen Liang and Wang Xiaojuan looking over, she hesitated for a while but still raised her head and said firmly: “I’ll go with you.”


Jing City Center, Police Martial Artist City Station.

In a dimly lit small conference hall, Liu Simin was chatting with Shen Liang and his wife in a low voice, Lin Xiaoqian and Ding Yi were sitting together, Lin Xiaoqian whispered beside Ding Yi’s ear, but her expression was cold. Ding Yi seemed to be in a trance, only occasionally nodded.

On the other side, Zhou Xu, Wang Yangming, Zhang Liangwei and other classmates sat silently, their eyes flicked over Ding Yi from time to time, and they would flash surprises, but the thought of Shen Qian was still “undetermined” , Several people lost the desire to gossip again.

The door was pushed open with a creak, and a tall beard man in uniform walked in.

Everyone in the Conference Hall stood up, and Liu Simin asked firstly, “Captain Song, how is it?”

Song Ye lightly said, “According to our one-day screening, I finally found some clues. Internet records show that Shen Qian opened a room in a hotel called Tongxinyuan in Beicheng four days ago…”

“What did he do with the room?” Liu Simin Confused Road.

“He’s alone?” Ding Yi said immediately, and immediately noticed that everyone was looking at her with strange expressions, and fell silent again.

“This requires further investigation, but the monitoring of the hotel shows that it was indeed him who opened the room, um… He was alone at the time, but he left the hotel in the early hours of the second day, and then Missing.”

Liu Simin frowned, “Doesn’t that mean the clues are broken again?”

“It doesn’t count.”

” What do you mean?” Liu Simin startled.

“Because there is no other monitoring and comparison, I applied to my superiors to investigate the communication records of Shen Qian.”

Song Ye said in a deep voice, “According to the chat records, he finally The object of the chat is Huo Linger, do you know anyone?”

Ding Yi was a little distracted because she heard Song Ye say “apply to the superior”.

She was a little confused about some of the mechanisms of Huaxia, who knew better than others. How could Shen Qian, an ordinary person, need to apply to her superiors?

Unfortunately, before she could think through it, the word “Huo Ling’er” caught her attention.

It was a name she neither knew nor heard from Shen Qian.

“Huo Ling’er?” Liu Simin thought thoughtfully, “It seems to be a sophomore student in our school, I have some impressions…”

“Fuck, it’s the one who just transferred schools. Junior sister, the new school flower candidate…”

Zhou Xu subconsciously shouted, and when he felt Wang Yangming poking at his spine, he woke up and glanced at him with an indifferent expression. Ding Yi, hurry up and shut up.

Song Ye glanced at the people with strange expressions, but he didn’t care, he continued: “The reason why I say there may be clues is because the information shows that Huo Linger’s address is at Tongxin. Opposite the Yuan Hotel…”

Song Ye noticed that the atmosphere in the Conference Hall was suddenly strange, and his voice subconsciously decreased.

Shen Liang and his wife were a little stunned, while Zhou Xu, Wang Yangming and the others were complexion greatly changed, Lin Xiaoqian was stunned, and Ding Yi looked pale.

Opening a room…junior sister…school flower…

A combination of these words, even if they were worried about Shen Qian’s life and death, four words flashed in their hearts…this Beast!

“Have you asked Huo Ling’er?” Liu Simin hurriedly asked without thinking too much.

“Well, Huo Linger’s identity is also a bit special, we are still waiting for the instructions from the superior…”

“We don’t need any instructions.” A clear Leng Rushuang voice hit. After breaking Song Ye, Ding Yi took a deep breath and suppressed the various thoughts surging in his heart, “Tell us her address, and we’ll ask her.”

“If it is your own behavior. That’s fine, let me know in time if you have any clues.” Song Ye agreed.


After sending off Liu Simin’s entire group, Song Ye stood there and looked thoughtful.

“Boss, it’s rare that you are so concerned about an ordinary disappearance case?” A policeman Martial Artist said with a smile, “You have been on it all day today.”


Song Yehehe smiled and didn’t answer, but he was talking in his heart, a seventeen-year-old Beginner Martial Artist, can you not care…

That’s all. , But Martial Artist’s medical examination can’t be faked, but he didn’t even have the strength of 130Kg a month ago.

Song Ye has never seen such an astonishing speed of progress in his life.

“Boss, the above is already dissatisfied with your lack of business. The bodies of scavengers have been appearing in Beicheng for the past two days. We haven’t found any of them yet. I heard that there is already a great character in Beicheng. You’re putting pressure on the police force…”

Seeing Song Ye didn’t speak, the police Martial Artist reminded him again.

“Huh, I’ve never seen them nervous when they were in Nancheng…” Song Ye muttered, rubbed his brows and sighed, “Go, get me all the files.”


The big chapter arrives two more.

In response, some readers feel that there is too much daily writing, and the plot is too protracted. I am also very troubled about this.

I have always felt that I am not the one who writes the story, but the one who carries the story. All these characters are actually living in another world. I want them to be full and the story to be self-sufficient. Agree, I want to write a true history of the growth of a teenager to Martial God… Well, I will try to speed up the rhythm, after all, Heaven and Earth is big, the reader is the biggest, and there are recommended tickets for a wave, thank you, and welcome everyone to continue to provide pertinent opinions~

(end of this chapter)

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