I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 39


Chapter 39 The Seven Days I Disappeared

Jing City Beicheng District, 998 Special Hospital, a complex on the second floor of the East No. 3 inpatient area within the room.

The weak light poured in through a loose window on the wall, leaving mottled patches on the cardboard boxes stacked in various shapes.

In the silence, a cardboard box in the corner suddenly moved slightly, and then went silent.

After a few seconds, with the sound of “crash-bang”, the cardboard box in the corner rolled down, and a blood-stained, hideous-looking silhouette emerged from the corner.

Shen Qian stared blankly at the narrow space in front of him. Before he could think about what happened, a tear-like pain suddenly came from his mind, which made him groan.

Shen Qian, who squatted down with his head in his arms, took a while to spirit slowly recovers. His pupils gradually recovered their focus, and a sense of trance arose, accompanied by endless hunger.

β€œWhy am I here, didn’t I shock the extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist at the hotel?”

The stench on Shen Qian’s body made Shen Qian’s mind a little unable to function, and he realized that he was the first One thing to do is take a shower first.

Fortunately, although the clothes I am wearing at the moment are not my own, the bank card, ID card and bracelet are still there, but the bracelet has long been out of power.

Shen Qian thought for a while, rummaged in the storage room for a while, found a torn bed sheet, wrapped it around her body casually, and left the storage room.

It wasn’t until she entered a spacious corridor and met the strange eyes of countless people that Shen Qian realized that she was in a certain hospital, and after spending a long time trying to persuade a driver, Shen Qian Finally got into a taxi.

β€œMaster, what day is it today?” Shen Qian asked.

The driver, uncle, didn’t really want to pay attention to Shen Qian, but seeing that Shen Qian had already paid 100 fares in advance, he replied in a muffled voice, “Wednesday.”

“Wednesday?” Shen Qian was nodded at first, then stunned, “impossible, it was dark before I lost consciousness, it was also Wednesday…”

Shen Qian closed his mouth because he saw the taxi time on the display.

April 17th!

How could it be April 17th…

Uncle, the driver who didn’t understand what Shen Qian was talking about, didn’t respond, and Shen Qian was also roaring frantically at this time.

What am I… AFKing for a week?

What exactly happened?

Shen Qian couldn’t believe it until she got off the car, but she knew that most of it was the truth.

Walking into the Tongxinyuan Hotel where she stayed last time, Shen Qian used twice the deposit to persuade the front desk to open a room, and then ordered a two-hundred-yuan takeaway with seven dishes and one soup.

After entering room 209, Shen Qian charged the bracelet and immediately lay down in the bathtub, her mind gradually calming down.

If it’s been a week, it’s useless for him to rush. The priority is to figure out what’s going on first.

After the body was almost rinsed off, Shen Qian called up the system interface in his mind.

The flickering rays of light on “AFK Records” were brighter than ever, and after entering with a mind, a row of bookshelves appeared in Shen Qian’s mind.

The top two rows of the bookshelf are already full of folders, all of Shen Qian’s AFK Records, and in the third row, there are five new, gleaming folders.

“It’s strange, isn’t it seven days, why are there only five folders?”

Shen Qian frowned and checked, and found that there were no records for the last two days, he immediately thought about it , Could it be that he was in a coma for two whole days in that small room in that hospital?

spat out one mouthful of impure air, Shen Qian quickly clicked on the first folder marked “22970410”.

“Note: This AFK has no combat experience and no training memory. In order to save energy, only text records are left for the host to browse except for the ‘Ice Soul Kaizen Method’ part.”

Frozen tricks?

Is this the method used by Huo Linger?

From this detail, Shen Qian is keenly aware that there may not be more than one enlightened method in this world.

“You took the coagulation mixture in your hand (19:37)

You started to run the ‘Ice Soul Kaisha’ (click to extract method memory) before the blood freezes (19:39) )

You successfully opened the first acupoint left eye orifice (19:59)

The capillary blood vessels in the corner of your left eye burst and 3ml of blood flowed out (20:00)”

Shen Qian subconsciously touched his left eye when he saw this, and there were indeed some tiny scars.

He thought for a while, clicked to extract the method memory, a memory containing a formula quickly filled his consciousness, and he naturally understood the principle.

“so that’s how it is, no wonder they all say that enlightenment is the process of nine deaths and still alive…”

Shen Qian was stunned.

The human body is born with blockages everywhere. This blockage is not a literal blockage, but a shackle brought by the physiological structure of the human body.

To give a simple example, most people cannot control their ears or toes freely without special training, which is a manifestation of blockage.

And enlightenment is to make the human body “unobstructed”, in order to awaken those dormant potentials, thereby increasing the upper limit of physical progress.

But this process is not easy. Forcibly opening the body is extremely painful. A little carelessness will only bring about adverse effects. For example, the left eye will be blinded directly, or the blood vessels will burst when the qi and blood are rushing up, and eventually the blood will be lost. and die.

The principle of the “Ice Soul Opening Method” is to make the Qi and blood docile, so that it is easier to control, but this is not enough, so the balance of the “blood coagulation mixture” is needed.

Otherwise, the blood vessels in the corner of Shen Qian’s left eye would burst, and there would never be only a little blood left.

Shen Qian, who is under the control of the system, has no emotions, and will not be affected by pain, so the awakening will be so smooth.

β€œYou successfully opened the second right eye orifice (20:13)

The capillary blood vessels in the corner of your right eye burst and 1ml of blood flowed out (20:13)

You continue to run the second part of ‘Ice Soul Opening Method’ (20:14)

You have successfully opened the third orifice (left nose orifice) (20:38)

You successfully opened the fourth orifice (right nasal orifice) (20:39)

You spit out 10ml of bloody snot (20:40)”

…need to be so detailed?

Shen Qian felt uncomfortable.

But he still sighed at the awesomeness of the system. The left and right nostrils were pierced together, and he successfully opened the four orifices in an hour, and Huo Linger, who also opened the four orifices, took Shen Qian’s four. to five times.

“You continue to run the third part of the ‘Hypocalypse’ (20:42)

You have successfully opened the fifth orifice and left ear orifice (21:33)

Your left ear is leaking…”

Shen Qian skipped this sentence directly.

“You successfully opened the sixth orifice right ear orifice (22:22)


The time spent by the fifth and sixth orifices Obviously longer, but also reasonable… eh, no!

Shen Qian was suddenly startled, because he only had three parts of the “Ice Soul Revelation Method” in his memory. Shen Qian guessed that either the Huo Family’s enlightenment method only reached the sixth orifice, or the system could only prostitute. to the method of the first six orifices.

However, although Shen Qian hasn’t investigated his body in detail, he can vaguely feel that he is completely different, and what is the difference, at this moment, limited by the invasion of hunger, his perception is not clear enough.

But he has a hunch of the Divine Art Great Accomplishment.

I’m afraid, he definitely opened more than six orifices…

Where did the method after the six orifices come from?

Shen Qian closed the first stage AFK Records which had come to an end, and then opened the second folder in his mind.

(end of this chapter)

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