I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Shameful AFK Records

Shen Qian woke up suddenly.

The cold wind blew Shen Qian’s skin cold, and at this time Shen Qian was stunned.

Who am I? where am I? I’m mad?

Shen Qian thinks he must be dreaming, because if he doesn’t feel wrong, he is lying naked on the roof of the building at the moment, and his whole body is sore…

But the unusually real cold touch on the ground, as well as some sticky things at hand, reminded him that this was not a dream.

Shen Qian sat up abruptly, but the excessive physical movement almost made him fall forward.

This is clearly a symptom of discomfort caused by a sudden increase in physical strength.

Shen Qian had this experience once, so I still have some impressions, but the feeling of that time was far less intense than this time.

But… how?

He looked towards all around, his clothes were taken off neat and tidy and stacked aside, there was a lot of dirt on the ground of the rooftop, which seemed to be excreted from his body.

And a few meters away, an iron pot was set up. The pot was very clean, but there was a rather pungent medicinal smell.

Shen Qian not only had pain in her body, but also had some tingling pain in her mind. At this time, the sky was bright, and Shen Qian’s last memory was to fall asleep at home, so…

What the hell happened last night?

Some vague memories emerged, Shen Qian vaguely remembered hearing a bunch of strange sounds in his mind, what system and AFK were coming.

When Shen Qian thought of “system”, suddenly, a panel composed of light and shadow appeared in his consciousness.

This panel is divided into different areas, and the most conspicuous is the “AFK Records” in the center, which is still shimmering at the moment.

After Shen Qian’s consciousness was concentrated, “AFK Records” was enlarged, next moment, a row of bookshelves appeared in Shen Qian’s mind.

The entire bookshelf is empty, save for a folder on the far left of the top row.

The surface of the folder is marked with a series of numbers “22970308”, which is the date of last night.

When Shen Qian’s thoughts were concentrated again, the folder was opened, and a line of text appeared.

“Remarks: This AFK has no combat experience and no training memory. In order to save energy, except for the ‘pharmaceutical’ part, only text records are left for the host to browse.”

Shen Qian is somewhat Confused, but intuitively knew that most of the reason for his change came from the “AFK Records” in front of him, so he continued to watch.

β€œYou woke up from the bed (19:22)

You went out (19:23)

You took a taxi and arrived at the Nanmen River (19 :38)

You couldn’t pay the fare and suffered minor injuries by being punched and kicked by the driver (19:40)


Shen Qian: “?”

Wait, what the hell?

Why did I get hit?


You jumped into the Nanmen River 80 meters south of Wuding Bridge (19:43)

You jumped from the bottom of the river I collected a Chisandra plant in the depths (Note 1) (19:47)

You came to the Huaxia Pharmacy on Nanhe Road (19:59)

You bought nine Wei Dihuang Pills, Angelica, Salvia, Red Deer Skin and other medicine ingredients (20:02)

You could not pay the drug fee and the credit failed to put down the medicine and left the pharmacy (20:05)


Shen Qian’s mouth twitched, do I need to keep reminding me that I’m poor?

But Shen Qian was also a little curious.

No matter what kind of medicine the system wants to prepare, judging from the changes in his body, it should be a success, so where does the money for the medicine come from?

So Shen Qian continued to read.


You ran to No.113 Haigeng Road, Northern Part of City (21:18)

You rang the doorbell and followed the villa The owner explained the purpose of your visit (21:20)

You met Ding Yi and borrowed 2795.6 yuan from her (21:26)

You smiled evilly and turned away (21: 28)


Shen Qian: “……”

What a charming smile!

If the system didn’t lie to him, then Shen Qian felt that he could live on a different planet.

He admits that sometimes his cheeks are a little thick, but not to the level of “evil charming smile”!

Shen Qian decided to watch AFK Records first to avoid any surprises.


You took a taxi back to Huaxia Pharmacy on Nanhe Road and paid the fare of 57.6 yuan (21:59)

You came to Huaxia The big pharmacy paid 2651 yuan to take away the medicine ingredient (22:00)

You took a taxi back to Xingfu Community and paid 23 yuan for the fare (22:14)

You are at the door The convenience store spent 87 yuan to buy water, lighters, electronic scales, iron pots, and asked the boss for some charcoal (22:18)

You came to the 3 rooftops and started to make potions (22:25) ( Click to get ‘Pharmaceutical’ memory fragment)

The improved version of ‘strength potion’ is made (23:47)

You take off your clothes and take ‘strength potion’ (23:51) )

Your physical function begins to improve, and the severe pain puts you in a coma (23:52-10:11)


Note 1: Qiweizi is a medicine ingredient that contains a large amount of trace elements and a little Spiritual Qi. It has mild medicinal properties and is often used as a Body Refinement mixture for refining primary level Martial Artist. “

Shen Qian, who watched all AFK Records, fell into contemplation after the initial excitement and shame.

This “strength potion” doesn’t seem to be in line with what he thinks is common in the market The name of the potion, at this moment he is not sure how much the potion has strengthened his body.

Suddenly, Shen Qian thought of another question.

According to the record Come on, it’s already past ten o’clock?

He took a look at his wristband, and the time on it was already half past ten.

“I lost it. , I have class today! ”

Shen Qian of complexion changed couldn’t care less, put on his clothes in a hurry and hurried to school.


When Shen Qian hurried to school By the time we got to school, it was already past 11 o’clock.

It wasn’t intentional procrastination, but the money borrowed by God’s special system and Ding Yi was just enough for last night, the penniless Shen Qian can only run with the wind.

Fortunately, Shen Qian catches up with the last class, unfortunately this class is from the class teacher Liu Simin…

β€œI know You may have entered a stage where you have no desire to improve, and feel that there is no hope for martial arts, but this is not the reason for you to miss a morning…”

“There are more than 1,000 graduates from the school every year. There are a few people who have been admitted to martial arts, and everyone is like you, so doesn’t this society need other people…”

“Don’t think that no one cares about you, and no one will care about you. I care about you, I told you…”

“That’s it today, 30 points will be deducted for your conduct, just this once! “

After finally getting through Liu Simin’s urgency to urinate, Shen Qian finally sighed in relief.

He found his seat and sat down, and was about to pack up the complexion of Zhou Xu, who was at the same table for dinner. changed and covered his nose: “Damn it, Shen Qian, you were late in the morning because you fell into the toilet, right? “

Shen Qian also realized that he smelled a little bad. After all, he had discharged a lot of impurities, but he didn’t care, and asked casually, “I remember that the last class this morning was not a basic martial skill.” Class, how did you become Teacher Liu to come to class? “

Liu Simin taught Martial Arts theory and world history, so Shen Qian asked this question.

In the end, she had a good relationship with Shen Qian, although Zhou Xu disliked it, But still pinched his nose and explained: “Teacher Liu is here to collect the registration fee. ”

β€œWhat is the registration fee? “Shen Qian startled.

“Those who intend to take the martial arts college entrance examination will have to pay an additional registration fee. After all, you know how valuable those equipment are. ”

β€œIs the registration fee due today? “Shen Qian couldn’t sit still, “Why don’t I know?” “

“I was notified last month, but what are you doing with such a big reaction, is it possible that you still want to report to the martial arts department?” “Zhou Xu asked strangely.

There are more than 50 people in the class, and there are only 20 people who finally apply for the martial arts exam, and Shen Qian is not among them.


“Do you know what Shibei is for three days? How much is the registration fee? “

“Five hundred. “

Shen Qian couldn’t care less about talking nonsense with Zhou Xu, turned around and found Wang Yangming who was sleeping on his stomach across the table, and slapped him to wake him up.

” Well? “Wang Yangming lifts the head in a daze.

“Five hundred for the money. “

“Oh. Wang Yangming took out his wallet, flipped through it, took out a note and handed it over, “Uh, after I paid the registration fee, I only had five yuan left. “

“Damn, really poor, five dollars is also called money?” “

Shen Qian stuffed the five dollars into his trousers bag, turned around and slipped out of the classroom with a contemptuous sentence.

At this time, Wang Yangming was slightly sober, and asked aside in confusion. Zhou Xu, “Why does he want five hundred? “

“It seems…is the registration fee for the martial arts college entrance examination? “Zhou Xu said uncertainly.

The two who reacted immediately looked at each other in blank dismay.

(End of this chapter)

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