I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 40


Chapter 40 The Meaning of Killing

“You woke up from your contemplation (00:56)

You finally The comprehended method of opening the three orifices (00:57)”

second stage AFK Records made Shen Qian stunned at the beginning of the chapter.

Immediately he woke up, the so-called “comprehension” should be the process of the system automatically perfecting the method, but why is there no memory about the method that can be retrieved?

Frowned, Shen Qian, who felt that things were not simple, continued to read.

β€œYou go out the door of 303 (00:59)

You feel ashamed by the screaming of the woman in the hallway and you go back to the room (00:59)”

Shen Qian was confused at first, and then reacted, her face darkened.

He was undressed…

“You got dressed and walked out of the room and left the Tongxinyuan Hotel (01:03)

You came The H7 apartment across the street and the bracelet sent a message to Huo Linger: [I’m downstairs in your house] (01:10)

You met Huo Linger on Wangjing Road and brought her here A nearby alley (01:15)

Huo Linger asked if you were in a hurry to come to her so late (01:15)

You said to Huo Linger: ‘ Guess where my heart is’ (01:16)

Huo Linger said: ‘Left?’ (01:16)

You smiled slightly and said affectionately:’ No, on your side’ (01:17)


Shen Qian: ?

The system is exhausted?

Where are you going to download this earthy love story…

Resisting the burning shame, Shen Qian continued to read it, he believed that the system must be harboring a certain For this purpose, it won’t be so boring.

“Huo Linger was stunned (01:18)

Huo Linger blushed (01:21)”

3 minutes to react?

Shen Qian couldn’t help but complain about the long reflex arc.

β€œHuo Linger has difficulty organizing effective language and refuses to look at you (01:22)

You took the opportunity to ask: ‘Can you sleep with me’ (01 :23)

Although Huo Linger was flustered, she rejected you and was a little angry (01:23)”

In a hurry, the system is in a hurry!

Shen Qian made a regretful comment and then realized that it was wrong, and the sense of shame in my heart became even more serious, which made me how to behave in front of Huo Linger in the future!

“So you changed the request: ‘Can you put on cool clothes for me to appreciate?’ (01:25)

Huo Linger slapped you and left (01:26)”

Shen Qian froze completely.

He now seriously suspects that something is wrong with the system, which doesn’t look like it has a legitimate purpose.

Shen Qian, who was ashes as she was, continued to read it indifferently. It was already like this anyway, could it be worse?

After just a few seconds, Shen Qian almost jumped up.

“You took a taxi to the ‘Emperor KTV Club’ on the North Second Ring Road and paid a fare of 37 yuan (01:35)

You entered the ‘Emperor KTV Club’ and Opened a luxury private room (01:38)

You ordered ten gold medals to sing (01:42)

You made them change into cool clothes and dance around you (01:43)

You swelled with blood in their dance (01:49)

You successfully opened the seventh orifice and perineal orifice with ‘Blood of Desire’


The… clubhouse?

Shen Qian was silent for a long, long, long time.

He just wanted to ask…why are there no pictures here?

What about the good memory fragment?

Shen Qian felt a little desperate, but he finally saw the purpose of the system…the blood of desire?

So this is the method to open the seventh orifice, or is it a tailor-made system.

Shen Qian didn’t know, he just suddenly thought of another question, how much money did he have left?

“The blood vessels in your abdomen burst and start to lose blood (01:51)

You broke through the window to the screams of the gold medals (01:52)

You entered the sewer and escaped from the clubhouse security (01:59)”

The second stage AFK Records ends here, Shen Qian sighed in relief.

It’s okay, it’s a free prostitute, although the behavior of evading bills is shameful and not worth promoting… But anyway, it’s all done by the system.

The beginning of the third stage AFK Records made Shen Qian very dignified, and he finally knew why he entered the 998 Special Hospital.

Only from the text, I can’t feel the situation at that time, but the fact is that he had to go to the hospital to find a blood bag of the same blood type to transfuse himself because of excessive blood loss. After that, Shen Qian was trapped in a five-hour coma.

When she woke up again, Shen Qian embarked on a journey to open the eighth orifice.

The method of opening the eighth orifice of the system is called “Nerve Touch”.

The method is not as sinful as opening the seventh orifice. Shen Qian used an instrument in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital called the “Birth Experience Instrument”.

This kind of machine is used to simulate the pain of pregnant women giving birth. The original intention is to make the husband better understand the greatness of his wife and mother… And Shen Qian directly adjusted it to the maximum gear and experienced it for four hours.

Yes, four hours…

Just across the text, Shen Qian felt a little bit sore.

The biggest difficulty of “Nerve Touch” is that you need to stay awake throughout the whole process, and you even have to be distracted to hit the trick with qi and blood. Is this really something that people can do?

No wonder Huo Linger said that her Supreme Grandfather only had seven openings.

Shen Qian experienced the birthing apparatus at dawn, and was not discovered by the nurse on duty until ten o’clock in the morning, but the other party thought that Shen Qian had just experienced it for a while and did not know about Shen Qian. Been there for four hours.

Afterwards, Shen Qian secretly transfused herself in the utility room and was in a coma for another seven hours.

That’s all there is to third stage AFK Records.

After the mouth and tongue orifices are opened, there is only the last orifice in theory, the coccyx orifice.

At this point, Shen Qian also understood that the system was going to help him directly open the Nine Apertures and complete the theoretical limit of the extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist.

Why AFK Records have two more tracks left?

Shen Qian clicked on the fourth stage AFK Records in confusion.

β€œYou woke up from the utility room (17:35)

You left the hospital and ate four lunch boxes (17 :49)

You recuperate in an unoccupied corner of the construction site and begin to adjust your body (18:33)

You break a rebar as a weapon and leave the site (20:47)

You bypassed the surveillance and came to the Hope Orphanage on Beicheng Road (21:03)

You found a hiding place in the abandoned dormitory of the Hope Orphanage The scavenger here (21:06)

You fought him (click to extract combat experience) (21:08)


Shen Qian eyes shrank, I met the scavenger again… No, it was the system who brought me to the scavenger again.

He probably knew where the bloodstains on his clothes came from, and I’m afraid many of them were not his.

Because of the following records, system found another three scavengers within five hours and killed them all.

Seeing this, Shen Qian has probably understood that the opening of the ninth orifice is mostly related to combat.

Sure enough, at the end of AFK Records, Shen Qian saw a line of text.

“Your physical strength is exhausted but your willpower has reached its peak (02:18)

You successfully opened the ninth orifice coccyx orifice with ‘killing intent’ (02 :19)”

I can’t believe the process of opening the latter three orifices is so tortuous…

If there is no system, even if Shen Qian knows how to open these three orifices, he probably won’t go Try, because he thinks he’ll probably die halfway through.

Either die or die.

Shen Qian rubbed his brows, thinking of the last question… After all the nine orifices have been opened, what is fifth stage AFK Records?

(end of this chapter)

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