I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 43


Chapter 43 Back to School

When Shen Qian walked into Class 109 classroom, the classroom was empty and quiet terrifying.

He looked down at the bracelet in confusion. That’s right. Today is Monday, and it’s nine o’clock in the morning. It should be the time for the first class, who?

peng~ peng~!

At this moment, fireworks were suddenly sprayed from the door of the classroom. Shen Qian turned around in surprise, and saw that under the leadership of Lin Xiaoqian, the classmates swarmed in droves. Come in, crash-bang applauds.

β€œWarmly congratulate Shen Qian for recovering completely and returning to class!”

Looking at the banners pulled by Zhou Xu and Pharaoh, looking at the sincere faces, Shen Qian I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and was a little moved.

“Hey…it’s class time, isn’t it inappropriate for you to do this?” Seeing Zhang Liangwei who was eager to have a try and wanted to lift himself up, Shen Qian hurriedly said.

Zhang Liangwei looked at his white, tender and slender arms, and at Shen Qian, who seemed to have grown a lot stronger recently, he could only give up regretfully, and at the same time he helped his glasses and said, “Teacher Liu specially let him We did it to help you get rid of your psychological shadow.”

Shen Qian nodded, her heart warmed.

Knowing that he will be discharged after only four days of stay, Liu Simin, like Shen Qian’s parents, initially disagreed, or the doctor repeatedly affirmed Shen Qian’s physical condition. Freed from the smell of disinfectant.

In fact, even the attending doctor couldn’t explain why Shen Qian’s injury healed so quickly, but after Shen Qian vaguely revealed that he had a relationship with the Medical Research Institute, the attending doctor stopped asking questions.

Some special medicines do have the effect of going against the sky.

As for the nurses on duty, they wished Shen Qian could be discharged quickly.

The reason is simple…Shen Qian is so good.

The intensive care unit provides free freshly-made meals, and Shen Qian seems to be starving to death. He basically eats eight meals a day. Enough.

Originally, Liu Simin wanted Shen Qian to train for a few more days, but Shen Qian insisted on coming to the class. Considering that the college entrance examination was very close, Liu Simin finally agreed.

Shen Qian looked in the mirror when the dressing was changed last night. The wound on his back had not healed completely, but new flesh had grown, which did not affect his normal activities at all except for the unbearable itching.

After making a fuss with the classmates for a while, I promised Lin Xiaoqian and the others to get the mixture as soon as possible, and then Class 109 gradually returned to normal order.

Shen Qian sat down, took out a large bag of buns from his schoolbag, and at the same time picked up the “World History” textbook and read it.

The good time of reading and studying always flies by quickly. When the get out of class bell rang, Shen Qian closed the book in a hurry.

Shen Qian subconsciously touched a peach red stone hanging from his chest.

The obsidian Spirit Stone he wore before had already lost its luster and turned into an ordinary gemstone, which was sold online by Shen Qian for 300 yuan.

The stone he is wearing now is called “tourmaline”, which is also a mutated spiritual ore. .

After being discharged from the hospital yesterday, Shen Qian quietly went back to the 998 hospital and took away the spills of war that he had buried in the back garden.

I have to say that the scavengers are really poor, because the four people only left three things together.

A tourmaline stone, a map, and a small bottle of unknown dark green liquid.

The effect of tourmaline stone is roughly similar to that of Obsidian Spirit Stone, which can breed spirit strength. This kind of valuable and invaluable thing is very common in the hands of scavengers. Shen Qian estimates that it is because of Spirit Stone. Mine are all distributed in the restricted area.

The map is hand-painted, most of it is outside the restricted area, and some special places are marked on it, and a small part is the Jing City urban area. It should be added later.

The way the system takes Shen Qian out of town is in this part.

The last is the small bottle, which is something that neither Shen Qian nor system know what it is.

Obviously, there is no such item in system’s knowledge base, and most of them are from outside the restricted area.

The steady Shen Qian put it back on the ground. If you can’t figure out what the liquid inside is, then keep it buried…

The tourmaline stone has been let Shen Qian I feel that I have made a lot of money, and everyone likes the treasure that improves IQ.

Today was supposed to be a training day, but Shen Qian, who has been absent for two weeks in a row, doesn’t plan to go today, and Zhao Hanhai probably won’t take the initiative to ask him.

Zhao Hanhai hadn’t seen him since he was hospitalized. Probably in his mind, the absence of the mediocre Shen Qian would not have any effect.

Shen Qian has another thing to do today.

Test your current strength and… the limits of your body.

Assume A is explosive strength, B is body strength, and C is bottleneck strength.

A normal measure of a person’s realm is usually A, but in fact it embodies B. The system can mobilize most of the body’s power, so Shen Qian under the control of the system, A is often infinitely close B.

C is the theoretical limit of a person in the current realm, and this value is usually constant.

For example, the explosive power of 149Kg is the threshold of Quasi Martial Artist, then the C of most ordinary people is the physical power B corresponding to the explosive power of 149, and after Shen Qian is enlightened, C’s The value will be raised.

That’s the power of the extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist.

In deep thought, Shen Qian, carrying a bag, has come to the physical examination hall.

He walked around to the administrator’s office, opened the door, and the familiar uncle was still sitting in the familiar position.

“Yo, rare guest, it’s been a long time since you brat came.”

Uncle Xu is rarely reading the “newspaper”, but sitting in front of the computer wearing reading glasses , is crackling the words.

“hehe, Uncle Xu, are you busy with work?”

Shen Qian, who saw Uncle Xu’s serious work for the first time, leaned over curiously.

“It’s not for the purpose of cooperating with the school to submit materials to the admissions offices of major colleges and universities. I’m sorry that my eyes are dim and I have a headache looking at these data.” Uncle Xu sighed and pointed to the spreadsheet he was working on.

Shen Qian glanced at it, and it was all the data of this year’s graduates’ physical tests over the years.

“Why do these colleges and universities want the data we usually test? Can’t we just wait for the results of the college entrance examination?” Shen Qian strangely said.

“What do you know?” Uncle Xu took a sip of tea and said leisurely: “There are only so many good seedlings every year. In order to rob people in advance!”

“Equivalent to early admission in disguise?” Shen Qian was stunned.

“It can be said that although major colleges and universities have early admission mechanisms, there are always those who are unwilling to be admitted early or some fish that escaped the net. ‘There are a lot of geniuses!”

“Oh, I see, since you are always busy, let me go around the stadium on your behalf?” Shen Qian said with a laugh.

“Get out, get out!” Uncle Xu smashed his work card directly.


Shen Qian thought for a while and then asked, “Uncle Xu, can the Martial Arts simulator test the upper limit of physical strength?”

“Yes, you can log in with your work card and switch the data to detailed mode.” Uncle Xu replied casually.

“Understood!” Shen Qian went like a wind.

Uncle Xu took the gift bag that Shen Qian had left on his seat, opened it and couldn’t help but startled.

“The authentic Hucheng Longjing… This is a rare thing. When did this kid get so rich?”

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