I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 44


Chapter 44 The potential of terror!

Shen Qian waited until after seven o’clock. As the students in the physical examination hall gradually dispersed, the Martial Arts simulator was vacated.

He walked into the simulation cabin and brushed it with Uncle Xu’s work card.

“Login?” The emulator’s interface lights up.

In the past, Shen Qian skipped this step directly, but this time he chose “Yes”.

“Welcome, ‘Dried Confusion’!”

Shen Qian was stunned for a moment, then she couldn’t help but let out a “puchi” laugh.

Dried confusion…hahahahaha.

I can’t see that Uncle Xu in the bones is still a young man!

After laughing enough, Shen Qian took a photo with the bracelet, then put on the helmet and nerve lock, and entered the “selection scene”.

After logging in, there are more scenes to choose from, but Shen Qian still chose the most familiar “Bronze Man Array”.

After setting the number of bronze figures to 1, Shen Qian clicked “Start”.

The consciousness was blurred for a while, and when she recovered, Shen Qian was already on a stone platform, all around was the misty cloud and the void.

Opposite the stone platform, a bronze figure was standing quietly, waiting for Shen Qian to attack.

Shen Qian didn’t hesitate, moved his feet, and appeared in front of the bronze man almost instantly across three meters, punching the bronze man’s face with a punch.


It’s been three years…

This is the first time Shen Qian has hit a bronze man.

The bronze man fell down instantly without raising his hand.

Even though there were some expectations, Shen Qian was still surprised and had mixed feelings in her heart.

“The level is over, the statistics are in progress, if you need to challenge again, please quit and choose again.”

The familiar sound of prompting sounds in my ears, but this time is completely different significance.

He finally passed the first test of Tongrenzhen.

And only one trick.

“This fist is like saying goodbye to the past…”

Shen Qian looked down at his hand, muttered.


The prompt sounded, and a panel displaying data statistics appeared in front of you. Sure enough, there were two modes: simple and detailed.

After Shen Qian chose the details, after a few seconds of delay, a lot of densely packed data appeared on the panel, but there were only a few meaningful data for Shen Qian at this stage.

β€œUsername: Dried Confusion


Physical Strength 231 Kg

Explosive Strength 191 Kg

Instant speed 7.9 s/100m

Physical strength Z

Physical toughness Y


Physical potential 999 Kg(?)


(β–ΌClick to expand for more detailed data)


Reminder: Martial Arts How difficult it is, please keep working hard!”

The explosive strength exceeded 190, and the 100-meter speed breakthrough took 8 seconds!

Shen Qian took a deep breath, and was left full of surprises.

According to the standard of textbooks, the explosive strength of Martial Artist in the Beginner Martial Artist section is between 150 and 250, and this is because they have an increase in vitality!

In other words, Shen Qian has been able to compete with many Beginner Martial Artists just by virtue of the extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist’s physique.

What impressed Shen Qian most was his physical potential.


This is the theoretical limit power of his current physique.

It was also the biggest change in his body after opening the ten orifices.

If I remember correctly, this is already the cap power of the Beginner Martial Artist 9 dan…

“Beginner Martial Artist 9 dan, full of vitality, can burst out tyrannical power with every move, with Strong destructive power.”

This is the original words in the Martial Arts theory textbook.

That is to say, if Shen Qian keeps polishing his body, even if he has no vitality, he can still compete with Peak’s Beginner Martial Artist with trifling Strength of Fleshly Body.

The body that opened the ten orifices can only be described as a monster…

Shen Qian noticed that the row of 999Kg on the data panel had become red, and there was a question mark next to it, After clicking the question mark, there will be a prompt that the statistics are suspected to be wrong, so that Shen Qian can test again.

But Shen Qian was pretty sure there was nothing wrong with this data.

Only this data can match his tenacious body.

This can also explain why he has been in a state of hunger since he woke up, because his body is indeed “ao wailing”.

Shen Qian exits the level and then re-enters, this time he chooses two bronze figures.

It was different from when a bronze figurine was, almost at the beginning, two bronze figurines took the initiative to attack him from left to right.

Although the two are still the strengths of Beginner Martial Artist, the two bronze figures who cooperated tacitly made Shen Qian in a hurry.

After a few fights and a few hard hits, Shen Qian barely passed the level.

“Although I have absorbed system’s combat memory several times, I am still too young in combat skills, at least not far from experienced…”

No more attention The statistics that jumped out, Shen Qian frowned and thought for a while, thinking that he should come to the physical examination hall often to practice real battle skills.

After all, hunting scavengers is not the norm, and not every battle is a matter of life and death, so Shen Qian has to have a second plan.

After fighting a few more times, Shen Qian did not choose to continue until he could easily resolve the two bronze figurines.

For each additional bronze figure, the strength of the bronze figure formation increases exponentially.

With his current strength, he will definitely not be able to pass the three levels of bronze figures unless the summon system helps, but that is meaningless again…

I went to Uncle Xu’s In the office, I returned the work permit to Uncle Xu, who was still working hard. Shen Qian didn’t stay long, and went straight out of the physical examination hall.

At this time, the moon is bright and the stars are thin, it is past nine o’clock, cold and cheerless on the huge campus, a ghost shadow is…

“Shen Qian!”

The sudden shout scared Shen Qian a shivered.

He hesitated for only a second, then ran away.

Huo Ling’er, who had just come out of the training camp, was inexplicably happy to see Shen Qian, but Shen Qian’s operation of quickly throwing herself into the grove to disappeared made her stunned for a while.

When Huo Linger wakes up and catches up, Shen Qian disappeared without a trace.

Huo Linger gnashing teeth, but she could only stomp her feet helplessly.


On the other side, Shen Qian, who had slipped out of the school gate, saw that Huo Linger didn’t follow, and couldn’t help but relax.

In the short term, he doesn’t know how to face Huo Linger. It’s enough to die once, let’s let time heal those embarrassing wounds.

Shen Qian, who was about to go home for dinner, came out slowly again.

Because he thought about the matter that mother couldn’t go to Old Hu last night because she didn’t have enough food to bring a box of noodles back…

“Eating mother at home will not say anything. , but it’s not a problem for her to stay in the kitchen all the time, but I feel bad for my mother and I can’t get enough to eat, how about… the next restaurant?”

Shen Qian quickly made a decision, but felt a little distressed money.

Although after the advance payment from Lin Xiaoqian and the others arrived, he was still the noble young man with a huge sum of 10,000 yuan. With his current appetite, he could easily eat 500+ per meal. A bit more luxurious.

While Shen Qian was hesitating, a very bright light pierced his eyes.

He looked up, but it was the place where the school entrance used to be a hair salon. He didn’t know when a new restaurant opened.

The restaurant’s glowing sign reads “Fat Hai Seafood Buffet”, and a banner hangs next to it: “Opening with a huge discount, the original price is 198 yuan, the current price is 58 yuan, all-you-can-eat, drinks Free!”


Shen Qian swallowed in disappointment.

Pure paradise, is this a passerby…

(end of this chapter)

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