I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 45


Chapter 45 Violence

As the Fat Sea Seafood Restaurant has just opened, business is still booming. Full of diners.

In the middle of the restaurant, there is a long table, and a variety of seafood is placed on an ice-based plate for guests to pick up.

At this time, a man with a fat belly called the waiter, pointed to an empty plate in front of him and asked, “Where are the oysters, why are they all gone?”

“No. It should be!” The waiter was a little stunned, “I just made up the dishes ten minutes ago!”

“Why is the salmon gone!” A dissatisfied voice of a female customer came from the side.

“There are no more scallops, is there a mistake!” Another customer who came to pick up the food shouted, “Did you do this on purpose, didn’t you say there is no limit?”


The waiter was dripping with cold sweat. Only then did he realize that the plates on the long table were more than half empty. Hell, he really made up the dishes ten minutes ago!

The waiter informed the back kitchen to quickly make up the dishes and reported it to the manager.

When the manager came to adjust the surveillance, he saw that ten minutes ago, an unremarkable teenager came to the long table.

When he left, he walked with a half-height pile of plates with all kinds of seafood on them.

The most extreme thing is that the young man seems to be saving space. Like oysters with shells, he picks the shells and throws them into the trash can, and only puts the oyster meat on the plate… …

“Impossible, it’s impossible, it must be a competitor sent to make trouble, find him out for me!” The manager trembled with anger.

In half an hour.

The manager sat at a table in the corner with a warm and friendly smile on his face, watching the teenager sitting opposite him who was burying his head and eating hard.

Are you reincarnated as a starving ghost? !

The manager’s face twitched, trying not to let his expression get out of control.

He has been sitting here for twenty-eight minutes, and this young man in the school uniform of No. 7 Middle School has not stopped talking.

He didn’t need to spit out the skins to eat the shrimp, and he didn’t need to peel the shells to eat the crabs. The plate of seafood just felt like a soup dumpling, one bite at a time.

As he sat down for a while, there were thirty more empty trays on the shelf next to the boy.

It’s outrageous, it’s outrageous…

You don’t have to digest it, don’t you shit!

At this moment, the boy suddenly stopped and looked up at him.

The manager’s expression lifted, is it finally over?

Who knew that Shen Qian just gave him a strange look, “Manager Zhu, what are you doing? If you don’t turn over, the squid will be mushy.”

Manager Zhu responded, With a sigh, he quickly turned over a handful of squid grilled in a small pot.

He felt that he had overestimated the IQ of the young man in front of him or underestimated his face. He had already sat here to serve himself. Why did he still not understand?

An hour later, after countless protest calls from the kitchen, Manager Zhu, who was staring at the clock on the wall, suddenly shouted and stood up.

“ah ha ha, sorry, it’s eleven o’clock, our shop is closing!”

Looking at the excited Manager Zhu, Shen Qian shoved the last bunch of squid into the In his mouth, he asked reluctantly, “Don’t you usually have to wait for the guests to disappear?”

“We are a regular enterprise, strictly abide by the law, and never squeeze the working time of employees!” Manager Zhu Yiyi said with a serious face.

“Okay, then I’ll be leaving now.”

In the face of Manager Zhu’s rebirth, Shen Qian added, “It tastes good, I will often use it in the future. Come and visit.”

Manager Zhu froze in place.


“Now is the best time to lift iron, turn all the energy into physical energy!”

Walking out of the restaurant, Shen Qian quickly hit Take a car to Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall Nancheng Branch.

Since the last time I got a card, Shen Qian has never been to Martial Arts Hall for various reasons, but with his current physical condition, if he wants to make the fastest progress, he can only With the professional equipment of the Martial Arts Hall.

It’s already late at night, but there are still many rooms in the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall in Nancheng, where people are assiduously cultivating.

Shen Qian entered the front hall, and there were still two little elder sisters standing at the front desk wearing simple and elegant training clothes. Unfortunately, Xiao Xuan, the sweet girl who had entertained Shen Qian, was not there.

But Shen Qian didn’t come here to pick up girls, so she didn’t care. She walked to the front desk and said, “Open a platinum cultivation room, including nights. The name of the Membership Card is Shen Qian.”

The elder sister at the front desk on the right checked it on the computer, and then said apologetically: “sorry, the only remaining room in the platinum cultivation room has been reserved. Do you want to consider the gold level?”

Shen Qian frowned, then shook his head helplessly, “Then it’s gold.”

Shen Qian still has about 3,000 yuan on his card, which is more than enough to deduct the golden cultivation room. After completing the formalities, the elder sister at the front desk led Shen Qian to the back.

Bypassing the partition, it is the public hall of Martial Arts Hall, but at this time, many people gathered around the simulator, seeming to be watching something.

Shen Qian glanced at it and turned his head with no interest, because he seemed to see a silhouette that disgusted him.

β€œShen Qian?!”

He was too lazy to talk to Zhao Xin, but obviously Zhao Xin also noticed him.

Shen Qian pretended not to hear and went upstairs.

“Why is your ranking?” However, Zhao Xin came down from the simulator, with a little happy Loudly Said, “is not cheating, Hahaha …”

Shen Qian was taken aback by Zhao Xin’s words, what is the ranking?

He stopped, glanced up, and immediately understood what Zhao Xin was talking about. On the electronic screen that displayed the “Student Potential Index Ranking List”, his name really disappeared.

He was ranked 36th in the last test, and now the 36th place is a completely unfamiliar name. Not only that, but his name is missing from the entire list of fifty.

And Zhao Xin is still ranked 38th, the same as last time.

Seeing Shen Qian stop, Zhao Xin is even more excited, “I said how could you be so powerful, and sure enough, either the instrument malfunctioned, or you cheated!”

“Stupid.” Shen Qian glanced at him and said indifferently.

β€œYou are courting death?” Zhao Xin complexion changed.

“Young Master Zhao, the result is out, congratulations, your explosive power has broken through 145!” At this time, Manager Zheng, whom Shen Qian had met, walked up to Zhao Xin and said happily.

The onlookers also made some exclamations.

Shen Qian then realized that these people were watching Zhao Xin’s physical examination, but he was also a little astonished. If I remember correctly, Zhao Xin was in his early 130s last time. It’s only been a month. Progress is very fast!

Shen Qian guessed that the other party might also be taking some medicine.

“The potential index has reached 78, which is enough to rank third in our store!”

That manager Zheng seemed to be even happier than Zhao Xin, pointing to the big screen whose ranking had changed to Zhao Xin. Xin said, “Achieving this ranking can not only enjoy lower discounts, but also many hidden benefits, which are definitely beyond your expectations!”

“What benefits?” This is not what Zhao Xin asked, but Shen Qian heard a little interest.

“Does it have anything to do with you?” Zhao Xinhao said with a smile, “Shen Qian, if you know your face, don’t appear in front of me again…”

Zhao Xin suddenly couldn’t go on, because Shen Qian’s eyes at that moment made him a little chill.

The icy and violent eyes were beyond his comprehension, and unreasonable fear grabbed his throat.

“Shen Qian!”

At this moment, another breathless surprise cry broke the stagnant atmosphere, and an exquisite silhouette ran in front of Shen Qian, and also let the stunned atmosphere. Shen Qian came back to his senses.

“Xiao Xuan?”

Shen Qian turned her head and glanced at the sweet girl in hot pants. The inexplicable violence in her heart slowly subsided, and her face became normal.

(end of this chapter)

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