I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 47


Chapter 47 The Mystery of the Serpent

“cough cough, it’s not good for you to stay here?”

In the spacious, bright and luxurious cultivation room of 200 square meters, Shen Qian glanced at Xiao Xuan uncomfortably.

At this time, Xiao Xuan put on a black cheongsam and long white silk, and was brewing kung fu tea in front of the sandalwood tea table in the corner of the room. In the mist, her forehead was sweaty and her face was flushed. It made Shen Qian feel a little irritable.

The original Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall also has three diamond cultivation rooms on the top floor, which are only open to Diamond members.

This is what Shen Qian just found out.

According to Xiaoxuan’s statement, the diamond cultivation room has a special person to accompany her. She was selected by President Zhu to become Shen Qian’s exclusive customer service, providing a series of personal services from tea to massage.

“I can go out if you’re really nervous.” Xiao Xuan smiled when she saw that Shen Qian was a little nervous.

“That’s fine.” Shen Qian nodded.

“Actually… Actually, I don’t dislike these things…” Xiao Xuan took a few steps and turned her back to Shen Qian whispered.

Shen Qian startled.

“You don’t think I’m a random girl, I just have a good impression of you…”

Xiao Xuan’s ears are red, but her voice is smooth Get up, “I’m just an ordinary girl, you are a talented Martial Artist with a bright future, if you like me, I will only be happy…”

The very quiet one in the cultivation room , Xiao Xuan, who waited a few seconds for Shen Qian’s response, didn’t say more, lowered her head in disappointment, and walked out quickly.

Shen Qian slapped her mouth, watching Xiao Xuan’s graceful silhouette disappear at the door, with some regret.

You at least give me some time to organize the language…

I am a seventeen-year-old innocent boy, how can I refuse you?

Do the math.

Women only affect how fast I can draw my knife.

After forcibly comforting herself, Shen Qian took off her shirt, entered the hall where various Body Refinement equipment was placed, and began to concentrate on ironing.

The brand of equipment used in the diamond cultivation room is obviously more high-end, and it is very easy to use.

This time Shen Qian doesn’t have AFK. After talking with Xiaoxuan just now, he already knew the reason why Mr. Zhu was so attentive to him.

He was worried that if he let the system take action again, Mr. Zhu would also be his younger brother.

Fortunately, Shen Qian’s body is in a very hungry state now. Shen Qian estimates that even if she trains herself, the effect will not be much worse than the system.


The very quiet passage of time.

Three hours later, Shen Qian, who had almost lost the last ounce of strength, stopped and collapsed on the soft cushion, gasping for breath.

He was hollowed out.

But he got stronger again.

“I just don’t know how long it will take to reach the limit…”

The physical limit of 999Kg is very inhuman, but the problem is that Shen Qian should not think about condensing vitality in the short term and becoming a True Martial Artist is out.

After resting for a while, Shen Qian rang the service bell for everywhere in the room, and just one minute later, Xiao Xuan walked in.

“Help me get something to eat…well, ten people.”

Shen Qian thought for a while, then added, “If you don’t mind, press the button for me. One click.”

Xiao Xuan was first stunned by Shen Qian’s “ten people”, but when she heard the latter sentence, she came back to his senses, showing a happy expression, nodded.


Another hour later.

The refreshed Shen Qian sat on the sofa in the cultivation room, took a sip of tea, and sighed with satisfaction.

Speaking of which, Xiaoxuan’s technique is really good… Of course, it’s just an ordinary massage.

dong dong!

There was a slight knock on the door, Shen Qian raised her head in confusion, is Xiao Xuan back?

“Student Shen, I am Zhu Deyong, have you rested?” Zhu Deyong asked in a voice of neither too big nor too small.

“President Zhu, please come in.” Shen Qian sat up.

Zhu Deyong, a burly man in casual clothes, pushed in the door, sat down on the sofa opposite Shen Qian, rubbed his hands, “Don’t delay your rest, classmate Shen, I’ll have it. I said it straight.

Seeing Shen Qian?”, Zhu Deyong said “with a smile: “Student Shen is an authentic Nancheng native, right?

Is it, it used to be Lu He is a native of the city, but he settled in Jing City more than ten years ago.”

“Lucheng…” Zhu Deyong was a little dazed, “I also heard about the disaster back then, and it was a sensation!”

Shen Qian heard this and asked, “Does Mr. Zhu know the truth about Lu Cheng’s disappearance? I read myriad on the Internet, some said it was an earthquake, and some said there was a problem with the management. , Lucheng was captured by scavengers…”

Zhu Deyong hesitated for a while, and then whispered: “I wonder if Shen has heard a more mysterious statement?”

“Big snake?” Shen Qian remembered a niche post he saw earlier.

The post claimed that Lu Cheng was swallowed by a giant snake-like creature.

And most netizens feel that the person who posted the post is grandstanding.

“That’s right.” Zhu Deyong nodded, said solemnly, “You must not spread the word I told you today, it has a gag order above a certain level.”

paused, Zhu Deyong continued, “I also heard from a former comrade of mine that he drank a bit too much… More than ten years ago, his unit received an order to march to Lucheng, but at that time They don’t know what they are facing.”

“Even, they haven’t really arrived in Lucheng.”

“I still can’t forget what my comrade in arms said to this day. The expression on his face during this matter, it stands to reason that his character should not have this kind of expression…”

“What expression?” Shen Qian said curiously.

“Fear…the ultimate fear.”

“So, he really saw that big snake?”

“According to his description, then A serpent… or that creature was coiled on the ground, but its head stuck into the clouds, its body covered the heavens, shielding the sun, its mouth opened, and Heaven and Earth were only scarlet.”

“What’s more terrifying is that there is a terrifying pressure on the creature that is hard to describe, and just by looking at it, he never has the courage to stand up again.”

“I have a limited vocabulary, I don’t remember a lot of what he said at the time, but in a word…it’s invincible.”

Does the big snake that swallowed a city really exist?

Shen Qian was dubious, “If it’s really invincible, wouldn’t the big snake destroy the world sooner?”

“I don’t know.” Zhu Deyong shrugged, “Their entire company was paralyzed with fright at the time, and they didn’t really go into the battle. Later, they received an order to retreat, and what happened after that was unclear.”

“A bit off topic.” Orochimaru, Zhu Deyong said resolutely, “I mean, can you ask classmate Shen to cooperate with us in an advertisement?”

Sure enough, I got this black diamond card, and I still need to pay something.

When Shen Qian heard Zhu Deyong’s request, he felt a lot more at ease. In essence, Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall is a business, and throwing 100,000 yuan just because of his outstanding innate talent is too childish. .

“How to cooperate?”

“It’s very simple, in fact, there is no need for classmate Shen to do anything, just if someone asks, you say that everything in the brochure is true That’s it.”

Zhu Deyong chuckled, “As for the content, it is probably that Shen’s progress in Martial Arts was slow before, but after cultivating in our Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, he seems to be enlightened and progressing daily. Thousands of miles, even breaking through to become a Martial Artist at the age of seventeen…”

(end of this chapter)

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