I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 5


Chapter 5 Amazing medicine efficacy

As soon as Liu Simin walked out of the bathroom, she was shocked when she saw Shen Qian rushing over , both hands crossed near chest subconsciously, “What are you doing!”

“No, Teacher Liu, you are also a Beginner Martial Artist of 5 dan, please… I am not even a Martial Artist. What can people do to you?” Shen Qian was speechless.

Liu Simin also reacted that she was a bit aggressive and stroked her hair unnaturally, “What’s the matter with you?”

“Teacher Liu, I know you have always been a teacher. A good teacher who is dedicated to his work and loves his post, I have come to my senses after some of your teachings just now, and I have decided that in the next three months or so, I will work hard and strive to improve, and ask the teacher to help me a lot!” Shen Qian Said very sincerely.

“It’s fine if you know what’s wrong.” Liu Simin nodded with relief, “If there is anything the teacher can do, please be sure to…”

“Lend me five hundred.”


“I said, Teacher Liu, lend me five hundred.” Shen Qian repeated it sincerely, “This is the teacher, you can help me now .”

“What do you want five hundred for?” Liu Simin finally reacted.

“Pay the registration fee for the martial arts department.”

Liu Simin started and looked at Shen Qian again, “Are you serious?”


“Hmm…” Liu Simin pondered for a while, nodded, and patted Shen Qian’s shoulder, “If you really want to, then just work hard, although from the teacher’s point of view, I still recommend you to specialize in Liberal arts, but maybe there is a miracle?”

Liu Simin turned around and left after speaking, Shen Qian suddenly became anxious, “Teacher Liu, then you lend me?”

” Someone just paid your registration fee for you.” Liu Simin didn’t stop, just waved his hand and said something.

Looking at the physical examination hall in front of her, Shen Qian’s thoughts were temporarily pulled back.

How much progress has been made overnight?

Soon he knew the answer.

Came to the familiar office, opened the door, and still only Uncle Xu sat there, watching the news and drinking tea.

Uncle Xu glanced at Shen Qian who was walking over with rubbing his hands, and before Shen Qian could speak, he neatly took off the employee card and threw it over.

“Uncle Xu, you take me for who, I clearly came to see you today!” Shen Qian said angrily.

“Return the card to me.”

“It’s worth saying that, you see, I brought you a gift.”

” …Who gave Coke as a gift?”

“It’s sugar-free, and it’s two dollars more expensive!”

“Fuck off…you wait a minute. , why is the cap of this Coke bottle loose?”

“That’s because your hands are strong, it’s all an illusion!”

Shen Qian hurried out of the office after speaking.

Looking at Shen Qian’s disappearing back, Mr. Xu shook the head and sipped a coke but was a little puzzled. Didn’t this kid just come for the test yesterday?

is it possible that break through after a good night’s sleep?


During the noon break, there are many people in the physical examination hall, and it may be because the registration fee for martial arts was paid in the morning, so many people came to test their strength.

In order to keep a low profile, Shen Qian waited until the class was almost gone in the afternoon before coming to the simulator.

After swiping the card to enter and putting on the helmet, Shen Qian soon fell into darkness.

“Please select a test scene.”

The LCD screen lights up, still the beautiful female voice, Shen Qian vaguely remembers that the dubbing seems to be from a popular singer, but he forgot who is it.

Shen Qian still chose the “Bronze Man Array”, the scenery before him changed, and he came to the high platform shrouded in clouds and mist.

The bronze man on the opposite side stood quietly, waiting for him to attack.

Shen Qian loudly shouts, the whole person shoots out like a spring, punched out.

This fist was still easily dodged by the bronze figurine, but this time Shen Qian finally saw the bronze figurine’s attack action clearly, but Shen Qian’s dodging movement was slower, and the bronze figurine hit his arm .

Shen Qian took another kick and was hit by the bronze man in the face.

“The level is over, the statistics are still in progress, if you need to challenge again, please exit and choose again.”

Although the ending of the challenge is no different from yesterday, Shen Qian smiled happily stand up.

Two extra moves, that’s a huge improvement.

And he is not used to the skyrocketing physical strength, otherwise there should be room for improvement.


The prompt sounded, and Shen Qian quickly stood up and looked at the data panel.

“Username: Not logged in


Burst power 116KG

Instantaneous speed 11.1S/100 meters

Physical strength does not meet the measurement standard

Physical toughness does not meet the measurement standard


(β–ΌClick to expand for more detailed data)



Martial skill judged no

realm judged no


Reminder: Martial Arts more It’s tough, please keep working hard!”

Compared to yesterday…

The strength of 98KG has become 116KG!

And the speed has changed from 11.4S to 11.1S!

Although it had been expected, Shen Qian was excited by the magnitude of such progress.

You must know that the minimum admissions for martial arts in the college entrance examination last year were 118KG and 11S, and he was infinitely close to this level!


through childhood, this is the first time that Shen Qian clearly felt these two words.


After school, Shen Qian and Wang Yangming walked out of the school side by side.

At this time, people coming, people going at the school gate, Shen Qian glanced at it, and couldn’t help but stop.

“What’s wrong?” Wang Yangming said strangely.

“Wait for me.”

Shen Qian said something, walked quickly through the crowd, and stopped the guy in the blue school uniform who was about to open the door and get in the car girl.

“Ding Yi!”

“en?” Ding Yi, who was holding the book, turned his head, a little confused, “Shen Qian, is something wrong?”

“Thank you.” Shen Qian stopped and spewed out two words.

Ding Yi startled , the expression on his face became even more confused, “Thank me for what?”


Shen Qian laughed, waved his hands and turned around go.

Ding Yi watched Shen Qian leave, then turned around and opened the car door to sit in the back seat.

There was already a middle age person in the back seat who was wearing gold-wire glasses and was reading some kind of text report projected by the bracelet. He glanced at his expressionless daughter, and suddenly opened the mouth and said : “That’s why you paid a thousand martial arts registration fee?”

“Dad, what are you talking about, that was just a student who forgot to bring money and borrowed it from me temporarily.” Ding Yi shook his head road.

“But why do I remember that you took a thousand dollars from your mother when you went out in the morning?” middle-aged man said with a smile, “It turns out that our primary one still has the ability to predict the future!”


“Dad!” Ding Yi blushed.

“Okay, okay, I won’t talk about it.” The middle-aged man adjusted his glasses and said casually, “This boy’s eyes are good, and he has a lot of energy, but it’s a pity…”


It’s a pity that the middle-aged man didn’t say anything, and Ding Yi didn’t ask any more.

After a short silence, the middle-aged man continued to read the report, and at the same time said to another man in a suit who was always sideways in the passenger seat: “Awei, after sending the primary one home, let’s go to the southern area. , I’m going to ask these marketing managers why the sales of ‘Body Refinement mixture’ dropped by 4% this month…”

Ding Yi sees that the father doesn’t pay attention to himself, I don’t know from Where did I find a small notebook, open it, and neatly added a line on the latest page:

“On March 9, 2297, in the basic martial skill occupied by Teacher Liu In class, I paid 500 yuan to help Shen Qian register for the Wu Ke college entrance examination…”

Ding Yi paused for a while after writing this, and after thinking about it, he smeared the last sentence and changed it to ” Shen Qian borrowed 500 yuan from me for signing up for the martial arts college entrance examination.”

Afterwards, the girl was satisfied and closed the small book.


β€œHow much did you borrow again?”

Wang Yangming glanced at Shen Qian who came back, a little confused.

“Shen Qian, tell me honestly, did you save Xiao Ding’s life?”

“What do you say!” Shen Qian said with displeasure, “is it possible that I only borrow money from Ding Yi?”

“Isn’t it?”

“Is it?”

“Isn’t it?”

“…Is that so?”

Shen Qian saw that Wang Yangming seemed to be really puzzled, and suddenly felt a little unconfident, “Don’t force it, go home quickly.”

“… p>

The two were not on the way. Wang Yangming was an aborigines in Jing City, and his home was near the city. After parting at the intersection, Shen Qian slowed down.

This day’s experience has proved that Shen Qian is not dreaming, so it is necessary to understand everything about the system.

Speaking of yesterday’s AFK Records, Shen Qian still had a key part that he didn’t watch, that is, the memory fragment about “pharmaceuticals”.

To be cautious, Shen Qian still found a public restroom and got in, so that he sneaked his consciousness into the system and obtained the memory fragment that could be lit up.

There was a tingling pain in his mind, and then Shen Qian had another memory about pharmaceuticals.

It felt oddly strange, as if he had actually experienced it firsthand.

From the combination of medicine ingredients, weighing to the order of delivery, and even the control of the heat, he remembered it clearly. will be normal.

Even, there is a lot of knowledge about medicine ingredients in my mind.

He already roughly understood the effect of the potion he refined, but now he still has a question to clarify.

If Shen Qian’s guess is true, then he already has a vague plan in his mind about what to do next.

Thinking of this, Shen Qian walked out of the bathroom and moved towards the nearest pharmacy.


Tianrentang is bigger than the Huaxia Pharmacy where Shen Qian went yesterday, and it is located in the core location of the south of the city.

Although it is a non-weekend day, there are still a lot of people in Tian Ren Tang.

Birth, aging, sickness and death, no one can leave medicine.

However, Tianrentang is divided into two areas, entirely different.

One is an area for the ordinary person to buy, which is bustling, and the other area is a place for all kinds of potions dedicated to Martial Artist, and there are only a few people.

After the resurrection of Spiritual Qi, many plants between Heaven and Earth also mutated, and some of them have a miraculous effect on the enhancement of human physique.

With the wisdom of human beings, it is a waste to eat these medicine ingredients or Spirit Treasure directly, so the pharmacy specializing in the martial arts came into being based on the original medicine.

After hundreds of years of exploration, there are countless kinds of medicines on the market, but there are only a few of the most mainstream ones.

Especially at the stage below Beginner Martial Artist, Shen Qian estimates that there are not many choices.

Shen Qian went straight to the Martial Artist area, and a shopping guide little elder sister with a professional smile came over, “little brother, which mixture do you want to buy?”

Shen Qian went straight to the Martial Artist area. p>

“Which is the best mixture for Body Refinement for Beginner Martial Artist and below?” Shen Qian asked directly.

(end of this chapter)

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