I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 50


Chapter 50 One Punch One Zhou Xiaoguang

second day In the early morning, I was carrying a “strength potion” that was divided into five equal parts. Shen Qian went to school.

Although the refining of the pharmacy went well last night, but after looking at AFK Records, the time to find the chili is stretched. Shen Qian estimates that the chili in the Nanmen River has almost been picked. .

This is normal. After all, wild chibi seeds are rare, and the growth period is much longer than that of artificially grown chili seeds. Fortunately, Shen Qian no longer needs to refine medicine after that.

Taking advantage of the recess, Shen Qian called Lin Xiaoqian’s group of girls and sneaked into the storage room again.

Ignoring Wang Yangming who followed up, Shen Qian handed Lin Xiaoqian and the others five bottles of diluted strength potion in her schoolbag.

“If you haven’t used the Body Refinement mixture before, the effect should be the best, at least it can increase the strength of more than 10Kg, of course, it will not affect the use, at least the effect close to 10Kg should be able to achieve. Yes.”

Shen Qian explained, and then told the five people to take advantage of the next week’s golden period to maximize the efficacy of the medicine.

Lin Xiaoqian and the others are a little excited. The reason why they want to buy the special effect mixture is basically that their physical fitness has fallen into the bottleneck. With the special effect mixture, they can choose a better martial arts school.

“Thank you for your kindness, I will help you to say good things to Xiao Ding in the future.”

Lin Xiaoqian said with a laugh, “As for the money, within two days My dad will call your card.”

Why is it two days Shen Qian also understands that they always have to try the medicine efficacy, which is also what it should mean.

Absent from this matter, Shen Qian estimated that there would be a huge sum of 225,000 on his card tomorrow.

It was another day of indulging in books. During this period, I had to ask Zhang Liangwei or Lin Xiaoqian questions, because Shen Qian has already started to study science and engineering books, which is not a subject that can be effective by reading books.

Fortunately, Zhang Liangwei and Lin Xiaoqian are both soft-handed and very making an all-out effort.

Shen Qian received a call from the grade director Zhao Hanhai in the middle of the session. It turned out to be asking him if he would participate in the training camp tonight. It seemed to be counting the number of people.

Thinking that she has not shown up for more than two weeks, it would be a little inappropriate not to go, Shen Qian immediately said that she would not be absent tonight.

Soon after the day’s class was over, Pharaoh and Zhou Xu did not invite Shen Qian to go to the VR hall for a blackout. I think it was an earnest and well-meant advised speech in Liu Simin’s class today. Realizing that the college entrance examination is approaching and time is running out, people are determined to go back to practice body refinement.

However, with Shen Qian’s understanding of these two gangsters, within three days they will be revealed again.

After finishing the desk, Shen Qian came to the old physical examination hall.

The people in the physical examination hall are almost there. For some reason, Shen Qian always feels that everyone’s expressions are a little solemn.

Affected by Zhou Xiaoguang, most of the people in the training class were not too fond of Shen Qian, and directly ignored his arrival.

Shen Qian glanced at Zhou Xiaoguang, who was standing at the front, with some emotion in his heart.

Everyone has an aura, and Martial Artist is more obvious. When the aura reaches a certain level, the qualitative change is the so-called imposing manner, or even coercion, just like Shen Qian felt when he faced Liu Changqing for the first time. to the oppression.

When she first came to the training class, Shen Qian also felt pressure from Zhou Xiaoguang, but today, this pressure is disappeared without a trace.

As an extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist, Zhou Xiaoguang does not know the upper limit of Dao Body’s ability, but in a head-to-head match, Shen Qian has absolute confidence to crush him, even if he does not rely on the system father.

I just don’t know if I can do one punch.

At the current rate of progress, it may be easy to do in a few days.

“What are you looking at?” Feeling Shen Qian’s gaze, Zhou Xiaoguang frowned and turned his head.

“It’s nothing, I suddenly feel that you are kind.” Shen Qian said with a smile.


Unsure why, Zhou Xiaoguang thought that Shen Qian was trying to ease the relationship, and turned his head back in disdain.

“Shen Qian, you’re here!” The only one who greeted Shen Qian was Zheng Shaoyang, he quietly touched and whispered.

As for Huo Linger…

She raised her head arrogantly from the moment Shen Qian came in, her pouting mouth almost wrote “I’m angry” on her face .

It seems that the last time Shen Qian saw him turn around and run away, she was very worried.

The happy Shen Qian didn’t take the initiative to talk to her, and asked Zheng Shaoyang, “What’s the matter, do you feel the atmosphere is very heavy?”

“The two of you who are not here. This week, the content of the training camp has completely changed.”

Zheng Shaoyang said with a bitter smile, “We used to learn from each other by ourselves, it seemed that everyone was serious, and people were injured from time to time, but compared with these two weeks , those are just pediatrics.”

“Oh? So what is it?” Shen Qian curiously asked.

“Let’s just say last week, that mysterious powerhouse named Liu Changqing came again. He brought a cage. Do you know what’s in the cage?” Zheng Shaoyang looked mysterious.

“Do you know how tall the last guy who likes to hang his appetite is now?” Shen Qian sneered back.

“Damn, don’t everyone talk like this!” Zheng Shaoyang laughed, then whispered, “That cage is filled with…monster beast!”

“monster beast ?” Shen Qian was stunned, and then cast a suspicious look at Zheng Shaoyang.

After the recovery of Spiritual Qi, most of the beasts living in the restricted area have undergone some mutations more or less, but not all beasts can be called monster beasts.

Shen Qian is not sure how the monster beast is graded, but according to what the biology teacher casually mentioned, the weakest monster beast can also compete with the human Beginner Martial Artist.

The iron-eating beast that almost made Shen Qian burp, seems to be the lowest-level monster beast.

What is Liu Changqing doing with the monster beast? He won’t let everyone fight it for life and death, right?

“According to Squad Leader Chen, that mutated husky is indeed a monster beast… Of course, it’s just a cub, but it has eaten people, and the look in its eyes is frightening.” Zheng Shaoyang Said with lingering fears.

“And then?”

“Everyone has to fight it, and no weapons are allowed…” Zheng Shaoyang said with a bitter smile, “No more Ranking rules, only those who defeat it head-on will be rewarded.”

“The reward is…a military bone-hardening mixture!”

Bone-hardening mixture?

Shen Qian was surprised. Although he didn’t know the specific medicine efficacy of the bone-quenching mixture, most of the words that brought the word mixture were of great value.

β€œDid you succeed?” Shen Qian asked.

“No, that Yaoha is only a cub, but his battle strength is comparable to that of a real Quasi Martial Artist, and his baleful aura is too strong. When it pounces, my mind goes blank… Don’t Tell me, even Zhou Xiaoguang was bitten by it.” Zheng Shaoyang’s voice became lower and lower.

“Then who passed the test in the end?”

“After two chances, six people passed the test in the end, not even half of it… Huo Ling’er also passed, she seems to have recently passed. There is also a breakthrough, which is so strong that it is terrifying.”

It is not surprising that Shen Qian nodded, Huolinger should have opened four orifices at the time when her strength was growing rapidly, and she must have surpassed the average Quasi Mar Artist.

Zheng Shaoyang was about to say something when the door was pushed open and Chen Feng strode in.

Behind him, there are Zhao Hanhai and Liu Changqing who is still wearing an old robe. Zhao Hanhai has been frowning and talking to Liu Changqing, but Liu Changqing is just nodded from time to time, with a casual smile on his face.

“What sound?”

Shen Qian and Zhou Xiaoguang suddenly opened the mouth and said one after the other.

oh la la oh la la…

The others were stunned at first, but soon they heard a dull sound similar to the dragging of chains on the ground.

After the three of Chen Feng walked out, another entire group slowly walked out from the dark porch.

(end of this chapter)

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