I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 51


Chapter 51 Death Row

This is a group of people in tattered gray clothes, with their hands and feet bound in shackles.

Their heads were covered with cloth, and their faces could not be seen clearly. Before anyone arrived, a stench of decay had already rushed toward them.


Huo Ling’er covered her mouth and hid behind Shen Qian.

Zhou Xiaoguang and the others were also not very good-looking, but no one backed away because of their face.


Shen Qian’s eyesight has improved a lot, and at a glance, he can see the remaining handwriting on the chests of these prisoners, indicating that they are from β€œXX Third Prison”.

“Exactly thirteen…could it be?”

Zheng Shaoyang swallowed and his face turned pale.

Although their faces were covered, the aura on this group of people really didn’t look like a good stubble, and there was a vague and inexplicable dangerous aura fermenting in the air.

If he’s been through life and death battles, he’ll understand it’s called murderous aura.

The others were not stupid either, and soon realized that the group of prisoners also happened to be thirteen, so it was no coincidence.

“No wonder I’m calling today to count the number of people…” Shen Qian muttered.

His actual combat experience is due to the system, which is rare in this age group, so Shen Qian is probably the only person on the scene who is not blushing or heartbeat, even Zhou Xiaoguang’s face is a little uncomfortable at this time. nature.

Shen Qian even had a desire to have a try in his heart, but he couldn’t tell why.

“My dear friends, we’ve met again… The Master said: “Learning is not the same as learning, and the first two weeks have made everyone adapt to it. Today, let’s have a little fun.” “

Both Chen Feng and Zhao Hanhai, who had a stern expression, stepped aside, and Liu Changqing stepped forward to open the mouth and said.

“These thirteen prisoners are all felons I handpicked from a prison, and the most special thing is… there are two serial killers inside!”

“One per person, random matching, fair and just, the winner can pass this week’s assessment and get the reward provided by me personally.”

Liu Changqing said with a smile, “plus Friday , you have two chances in total, take advantage of it.”

“Oh, and one more thing, if these prisoners beat you, they can have their sentences commuted… As for the two death row prisoners, if the If no one can beat them, they don’t have to die.”

As soon as these words came out, the faces of the students who were calm just now changed wildly, and the prisoners who had been quiet all the time became agitated. .

This is clearly to let these felons go to hell!

Especially those two serial killers, who found a glimmer of survival from the desperate situation, and the potential explosion is only a matter of minutes.

“Classmates, rest assured, Liu Situ and I will be watching from the sidelines, and we won’t let the students fall into danger.” .

Everyone just sighed in relief, and heard Liu Changqing smile again, “But life and death battle, accidents are inevitable, and Director Zhao and I may not be able to rescue in time, so everyone can choose… Give up.”

So everyone’s faces were ugly again.

“I really wanted to think he was joking, but the experience of the past two weeks tells me that he is not.” Zheng Shaoyang said to Shen Qian with a smile that was uglier than crying.

I’m really curious about what you have experienced in the past two weeks…

Shen Qian muttered to himself, but at this moment he was a little distracted.

It’s no wonder that in the last training session he attended two weeks ago, Zhao Hanhai would have a dispute with Liu Changqing, mostly because of Liu Changqing’s “special” training method.

But what made Shen Qian most curious was Zhao Hanhai’s name for Liu Changqing.


What does this mean?

Shen Qian, who has read a lot of books recently, clearly remembers that this is just an official position in the history of ancient China, the same as the prime minister. Why does Zhao Hanhai call Liu Changqing so?

“That, Liu teacher… If you give up, you don’t have to fight?” Huo Ling’er raised her hand and asked weakly.

“Oh, giving up means getting out of the training camp.” Liu Changqing still answered with a smile.

All the classmates were even more silent, but they still said that, because of the face of the young people, no one expressed that they wanted to give up.

“No one gives up, that’s great!” Liu Changqing clapped, “Then let’s go straight to the most exciting draw. There are numbers behind these death row inmates, and everyone draws as many as they can. , as I said just now… fair and just.”

With a snap of his fingers, Liu Changqing had thrown thirteen paper balls, and the air vibrated spontaneously, and thirteen paper balls were just like that. suspended.

β€œChoose it.”

Liu Changqing gestured.

Zhou Xiaoguang was the first to come out, his face was calm, but the corners of his eyes that twitched from time to time still revealed a trace of tension in him.

With the leader, soon, everyone stepped forward to choose the paper ball, and Shen Qian also grabbed one and came back.

Huo Linger seemed to have forgotten that she was still arguing with Shen Qian, and at this time she got close to Shen Qian and Zheng Shaoyang, she frowned and said bitterly, “Shen Qian, I’m a little nervous, What if a murderer is drawn?”

At this time, the thirteen prisoners had already turned around under Liu Changqing’s signal, revealing the capitalized numbers behind them.

“It’s not impossible, you are the ‘the luckiest little fairy’, how can it be so easy…” Halfway through, the words stopped abruptly.

Huo Ling’er has opened the ball of paper, and there is a capital “seven” on it.

He glanced at the prisoner who had his back turned to the crowd. With his perception of murderous aura, he was 98% sure that “seven” and “nine” were the two strongest chains. killer.

Huo Linger actually won the lottery.


Shen Qian, who thought of something quickly, suddenly walked over to Zhou Xiaoguang and glanced at it.

“What are you doing?” Zhou Xiaoguang frowned.

“It’s nothing.” Shen Qian walked away quickly, but already saw that the number on Zhou Xiaoguang’s hand was “nine”.

Damn, what is fair and just, it’s all insider operations for a long time…

Excluding Shen Qian, the two strongest or most potential people in the top class are Zhou Xiaoguang and Huo Linger.

How could such a coincidence happen?

Shen Qian couldn’t help but glanced at Liu Changqing, Liu Changqing just happened to have a meaningful look, so Shen Qian turned his head away, pretending he didn’t know anything.

You are a high Martial Artist and you are right.

“Are there any doubts?”

Liu Changqing said with a smile, “Well, in the order of 13579 first, then 24680 Right.”

God’s one-three-five-seven-nine… Can’t wait to see the showdown between the murderer and Huo Ling’er?

Shen Qian complained inwardly.

One draw was a flat-headed boy that Shen Qian was not very familiar with. He seemed to be called Cui Su. He was obviously a little nervous and walked to the center of the field with a hesitant pace.

Liu Changqing swiped in the air, and there was a ten-meter circle on the ground.

“If one side goes out of the circle or admits defeat, it will end, and fleeing without a fight will be dealt with as giving up.”

After a brief sentence, Liu Changqing glanced at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng, nodded, went straight to prisoner number one, took off his shackles, and tore off the black cloth, revealing a bald man with a face full of be eager to have a try.

“Prisoner No. 1, Beginner Martial Artist A period of cultivation base, serial robbery, resisting arrest, and seriously injuring two police Martial Artists, but after staying in prison for a long time, his physical fitness has deteriorated seriously. The explosive strength just evaluated is 140Kg.”

Chen Feng read the information indifferently.

(end of this chapter)

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