I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 52


Chapter 52 A trick

Beginner Martial Artist?

Cui Sol’s face turned pale, and he didn’t improve much even after hearing that the opponent’s physical fitness was declining.

He bravely walked into the circle, but the prisoner No. 1 who was released was not in a hurry. He first glanced at Liu Changqing in awe, and then he entered the circle after seeing that the other party had nothing to say.

“Start!” Chen Feng spat out two words.

Prisoner No. 1 loudly shouted and rushed towards Cui Sui.

Perhaps after the first two weeks of training, Cui Sui did not forget his movements. He dexterously dodged the opponent’s punch, turned and kicked the opponent’s lower back.

While the classmates were cheering up and wanting to cheer, prisoner No. 1 jumped forward, but turned around and hugged Cui Sol’s leg.

Cui Suil, who was unable to respond in time, was pulled down by the opponent, and fell into a close entanglement.

This level of close combat is not much different from a hooligan fight. It is probably that you give me a punch and I will give you a punch, and then hug and roll…

Soon, Cui Sol, who had been punched a few times because of his panic, was powerless to fight back.

“Enough.” Chen Feng called to stop just in time when Cui Sil’s bloody tooth flew out.

Prisoner No. 1 also obediently stopped and stood up, looking at Liu Changqing eagerly.

“Two years off.” Liu Changqing yawned.

“Thank you, many thanks, Lord!” Prisoner No. 1 was overjoyed, bowed again and again, and then withdrew from the circle.

Hearing that the sentence was actually reduced, the prisoners who were still covering their faces were obviously a little excited, and their bodies quietly straightened a lot.

Shen Qian is a little distracted again. Listening to Liu Changqing’s tone, it seems that he opened the prison. He said that it will be reduced by a few years?

“The next game.” Chen Feng announced again after Zhao Hanhai took Cui Sui for treatment.


Seeing another classmate being carried down, Shen Qian shook her head.

Actually, Liu Changqing is quite kind. These prisoners have indeed lost a lot of physical energy due to their prison life, and they are relatively slow to make moves. As long as they stay calm, everyone has a chance to win.

However, the difference in experience and courage between the two sides is too much, resulting in a one-sided illusion.

In the three consecutive games starting with Choi Sol, all the prisoners won easily, and the worst one was a dislocated arm.


As Chen Feng untied the shackles of Prisoner No. 7 and pulled the black cloth off his face, a pale-looking man with a bald head appeared. The young man showed his face.

Half of his cheek seemed to have been burned by fire, all twisted scars, he stood there and stretched his limbs, squinting at the chandelier above his head.

“It’s so beautiful, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the light…”

He licked his lips, in contrast, all the classmates couldn’t help shuddering.

This guy is too perverted.

And everyone felt an unusual aura from him.

“Prisoner No. 7, Beginner Martial Artist 2-stage cultivation base, serial murder, extinguish sect, arrested last year, executed 1 month later, should still be able to play Beginner Martial Artist’s Early-Stage or so Strength.” Chen Feng read the other party’s information and assessed.


Someone who is going to die in a month.

At least the powerhouse for the Beginner Martial Artist section.

Except for Zhou Xiaoguang, who was holding on, everyone took a step back unconsciously.

“The student who draws No. 7 will enter the circle.”

With Chen Feng’s indifferent announcement, Shen Qian felt that his clothes were being grabbed.

“I’m afraid.”

Shen Qian turned around and saw Huo Linger’s mouth pouted, and she said with tears.

Why are you afraid of pulling me…

Shen Qian sighed, moved her lips, “Give me your paper ball.”

“You can’t beat it either.” Huo Ling’er shook her head and took deep breaths, as if she wanted to be more courageous.

“I’ll just admit defeat after two moves, and I’m not afraid of him.” Shen Qian shoved his paper ball to Huo Linger.

Huo Ling’er glanced at Shen Qian, as if she really didn’t find the expression of fear on his face, she hesitated before handing the ball of paper to Shen Qian.

“Then you have to remember to admit defeat.” Huo Ling’er whispered.

“Are you sure?” Liu Changqing’s voice suddenly rang out. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Shen Qian. Obviously, the whispers between the two could not be hidden from him.

“Try it.”

Β·Shen Qian knew that he might have disrupted some kind of Liu Changqing’s plan, but at this moment, he could only say oneself.

β€œYou’re fucking awesome.”

Liu Changqing laughed and said to Prisoner No. 7, β€œI’ll give you ten moves, allow the broken leg, do it, let You have three more months to live.”

No.7’s eyes lit up, “Can you come out to breathe?”

“You don’t have a chance to bargain.” Liu Changqing sneered.

Nodded No. 7 said no more, walked into the circle and looked at Shen Qian with a smile, as if enjoying some kind of delicious food.

“Are you crazy?!”

Zheng Shaoyang looked at Shen Qian incomprehensibly, like a lunatic.

Zhou Xiaoguang and the others disdain, but there are also very few people who admire Shen Qian very much, this is because they don’t even want their lives to pick up girls…

Because they are keen to see, Liu Changqing retreated 20 meters and stood beside Zhao Hanhai, who was brows tightly knit.

This means that his possible rescue will also be twenty meters at night.

“It’s okay, it’s not that you can’t admit defeat.”

Shen Qian smiled and walked into the circle without hesitation.

How to beat him with the least cost?

Shen Qian took a deep breath, helping Huo Linger was just an excuse, in fact, he couldn’t restrain the idea of crazy growth in his heart.

This is more of a test for him.

A test that excludes the existence of the system and relies on his own strength to prove something.

Where does the system come from, why does it exist, why is he…

Occasionally in the dead of night, Shen Qian also thought about it, but at this stage, this question is for him There’s no point.


Shen Qian let out a long breath and stared at the increasingly dangerous prisoner number seven.

He must have a weakness.

And this weakness is not small.

Shen Qian is very determined.

Even if Huo Linger has opened the four orifices, her strength has surpassed that of the average Quasi Martial Artist, but her time is still short. It is a sure loss to deal with an outlaw with a Beginner Martial Artist cultivation base.

And Liu Changqing doesn’t plan a losing game.

“Just the left leg.”

No.7 muttered to himself, the next moment had disappeared like the wind.

murderous aura assaults the senses, but Shen Qian is unmoved.

His eyes were extremely focused, and at the moment when No. 7 moved, he saw it.

His left leg was extremely stiff, as if it couldn’t keep up with the powering right leg, but he started too fast, so it was hard to tell.

β€œLet’s go with the left leg then.”

Shen Qian’s thoughts flashed across his mind, he squeezed his fist, raised the knuckle of his middle finger, and poured out as much strength as he could. in one point…not as perfect as system, but enough.

Prisoner No. 7’s hand grabbed Shen Qian’s throat, but soon fell powerless.


The screams that were suppressed to the extreme turned into indistinct syllables. Prisoner No. 7 clutched at the knee joint that was fiercely hit by Shen Qian, as if Mud-like slumped to the ground, panting violently.

His eyes were white, as if he was about to faint in the pain.

In an instant, the huge venue became silent, and needles could be heard falling.

(end of this chapter)

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