I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 55


Chapter 55 The elder sister is the most governor

The top floor of Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, diamond cultivation room.

Shen Qian woke up from the AFK state, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and he was very used to the soreness that hit his whole body at that moment.

After thinking about it, Shen Qian came to the corner.

Here is a simplified version of the Martial Arts simulator.

Even if it is just a simple version, such a unit still costs hundreds of thousands, and only the diamond cultivation room has such a device.

During this period of time, Shen Qian instructed the system, and practiced hard day by day. Even though he had already made a 30% discount, the 100,000 yuan on his card was still depleted rapidly, and he had already emptied nearly one third.

But after experiencing the benefits of the diamond cultivation room, he couldn’t go back.

For example, the diamond cultivation room respects personal privacy very much. After exercising, he can use the touch screen at the door to clear all data with one click, so he no longer has to worry about being peeped.

Putting on the simulator’s helmet, Shen Qian didn’t delay. He punched the mirror-projected “Wang Yangming” on the opposite side, and then exited the simulator.

After waiting for a few seconds, a row of data is displayed on the screen of the simulator.

“Explosive power: 289 Kg

Instantaneous speed: 7.1 s/100m


Shen Qian slightly nodded, Recognize the speed of your progress.

In just one week, he has directly increased his explosive strength by nearly 100 pounds, which is appalling.

And this is his own shot. If the system with Absolute Control is shot, the explosive power will only be higher, because his physical power will definitely break the 300 level.

This has been equivalent to him having the power of the second stage of Beginner Martial Artist.

However, considering the physical limit of 999kg, Shen Qian felt a little bit of pain.

At this rate, he may not be able to become a “Quasi Martial Artist” by the time of the college entrance examination.

After a brief rinse, Shen Qian rang the service bell. After only 3 minutes, Xiao Xuan, who had been waiting, pushed the door and walked in.

She brought Shen Qian a plateful of beef burgers, a plate of volcanic stone sausages, and a large plate of chicken breast salad.

Shen Qian turned into a gluttonous eater, and took about 40 minutes to complete the process of devouring, and then fell back contentedly.

Behind him, Xiao Xuan, who had already changed into the black silk uniform, caught Shen Qian’s head, put it on her lap, and began to massage him with an exclusive technique.

“I don’t seem to have ever tipped you?” Shen Qian suddenly opened his eyes and said a little sorry.

“It’s okay, thanks to you, not only did I become a regular this month, but I also got an extra bonus!” Xiao Xuan said sweetly with a smile.

“Then I’ll be at ease.” Shen Qian closed her eyes again.

“Hey, hey, you shouldn’t force me to give it to me at this time, and then I refuse, and then you shove it in again, there’s no more pulling!” Xiaoxuan feigned angrily.

Shen Qian laughed, feeling a little emotional.

After getting along for a long time, although I can feel that Xiaoxuan often has a lot of acting elements and is not as innocent as she seems on the surface, I have to admit that it is still very pleasant to be with her.

Because she is always trying to make you happy and taking care of your emotions all the time. Although Xiaoxuan is not much older than him, it may be because she came out of the society earlier, very…governor.

Shen Qian has read several novels that say the elder sister is good, which makes sense.


Today is Sunday, Shen Qian did not continue to stay overnight in Martial Arts Hall, the refreshed one came out only at 9 pm, it was the moonlight and the starry weather. .

Of course, there is another reason for not staying overnight is that Shen Qian feels that it will be more and more difficult for him to control himself if this continues. in the arms of .

But it is said in the physiology textbook that breaking the body too early is not good for Martial Arts Cultivation, especially the teenagers who are full of vigor, it is easy to fall into the state of lack of energy.

Shen Qian asked herself, she probably didn’t have that much perseverance to control her desires, she just tried her best not to leave opportunities for herself.

But the massage is really comfortable. It would be nice if Xiao Xuan’s technique didn’t become more and more excessive.

Sighing, Shen Qian walked slowly on the way home.

Recently, both Shen Liang and Wang Xiaojuan are in a good mood. On the one hand, Wang Xiaojuan’s condition has stabilized and her complexion has improved. On the other hand, it is because…

Old Shen has been promoted.

Shen Liang has been the production team leader for ten years. Just two days ago, he was finally promoted to the deputy director of the workshop and was awarded a technical title.

But Lao Shen wasn’t too happy. That night, he sat alone in the living room and drank four or two drinks, and even scolded him rarely.

The reason is because of his promotion.

Last week, their deputy factory director celebrated his birthday. Shen Liang, who had not given anything for so many years, was forced by Wang Xiaojuan to give away two cigarettes, a bottle of wine, and a big red envelope of 1,000 yuan. .

And this Monday, Old Shen was promoted.

It is said that on the night of the birthday celebration, their deputy director patted him on the shoulder and said, “Old Shen finally got enlightened.”

Shen Qian could feel that some of the world views that Lao Shen had held on for many years had collapsed, but Shen Qian didn’t know how to comfort him.

He tried to accompany father on a drunken break…and found it difficult for him to get drunk.

Compared to Beginner Martial Artist’s physique in the second stage, it is as powerful as alcohol.

Anyway, the old couple, who could save some spare money, each found some hobby hobby, such as dancing in the sunset, and poker tables in the shade.

Shen Qian doesn’t matter if she goes home late.

The shadows of the trees swirled, and the darkness all around seemed to be a little thicker.

Shen Qian, who felt that something was wrong, stopped thinking and slowly stopped.

This is a side road that he often walks. It just passes under the viaduct, and the vegetation on both sides is thick, but there are no pedestrians at this time.

It shouldn’t even be ten o’clock.

“Who?” Shen Qian said alertly, and at the same time lit the system interface first.

“It’s still a little sharp.” An indifferent voice sounded, and the shadow of the tree seemed to melt, revealing a person standing in front.

There are also two people silently appearing behind them.

They wore a uniform black uniform, somewhat similar to a suit, but without a tie. The man in front of him had a gold edge on his cuff, which was faintly different from the other two.

Shen Qian has never seen this kind of clothing.

“Who are you?” Shen Qian asked slowly, sensing the movement of the system.

Fortunately, there is no sign of AFK in the system, which shows that the strength of these three people is not irresistible.

This is a method that Shen Qian summed up based on his understanding of the system to judge the strength of his opponent.

After all, according to past experience, the system will not put itself in uncontrollable and dangerous situations.

“Is it Shen Qian?”

The person who spoke first stepped out of the shadow, revealing a slightly feminine face, he said indifferently, “Please come with us. Come on, I need your help in investigating some things.”

Shen Qian frowned, sounding like a police Martial Artist, but the other party’s uniform was not that of a police Martial Artist.

“Which department do you belong to, and what are you asking me to investigate?”

“Martial arts.”

The feminine man spit out a Shen Qian and didn’t listen at all After reading the vocabulary, he took out a black badge and lit it up.

But he moved so fast that Shen Qian couldn’t see what the badge looked like.

“Take it!”

The feminine man ordered directly to the two people behind Shen Qian without waiting for Shen Qian to ask again.

For those who have read it, please re-read this chapter. The outline has been changed, and some settings have been advanced. The next section of emotion is very important and will bring out a lot of things that run through the whole story.

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