I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 56


Chapter 56 You are outrageous

Beginner Martial Artist paragraph!


At the moment when their figures were activated, Shen Qian probably had a judgment based on the speed of the two.

Facing the two black clothed persons who were attacking from the left and the right, Shen Qian moved with his feet and slipped through the gap between the two, making the two of them jump in the air. .

“Sure enough, he is a Beginner Martial Artist.”

The feminine man who held his arms still was not too surprised, as if he had expected it, he just said indifferently, “The year of the weak crown, A poor family…but it’s a pity.”

“Hurry up, if he dares to resist, he will not be killed or injured.”

The feminine man gave orders to the two black clothed persons again. One sentence, and then turned on the video recording function of the bracelet, which seemed to be recording something.


A short stick slipped out of the cuffs of the two black clothed persons, and a cold light gleaming sharp blade grew out of the stick, and again aimed at Shen Qian. rushed over.

The auxiliary road is narrow, but it is better than the many trees. Shen Qian swayed with the help of the trees, but his heart sank.

The feminine man seems to have investigated himself specially, whether it is the seemingly premeditated ambush, or the understanding of his strength, it shows that the other party is prepared.

What makes Shen Qian refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases the most is that these three people are unknown, but they seem to be Martial Artists from an official organization. Shen Qian does not dare to be unscrupulous. shot.

But Shen Qian was even more reluctant to be taken away in a vague way, with unpredictable consequences.

If the other party is really a powerful organization, once it is restrained, I am afraid that the system will have nothing to do.

What annoyed Shen Qian the most was that it was called arrest, but since these two people took out their weapons, they made a fatal move. Although it was not difficult for him to one against two, his fault tolerance rate was extremely low.

A little carelessness can result in death.


Shen Qian, who was retreating in the bushes, stepped on a fruit pit, and his footsteps were stiff for a moment. The sharp blade slashed through Shen Qian’s arm, who couldn’t dodge, and the school uniform broke, and gurgling blood flowed out.


Shen Qian was finally provoked, no longer deliberately suppressing his strength, and his movements instantly became 50% quicker.


Following a groan, the black clothed person who had just jumped from the left was hit directly at the door by Shen Qian’s incomparably sharp punch, flew back upside down, and smashed heavily on the two meters away. on the trunk.

Blood and broken teeth spurted out of the black clothed mouth, and he fell to the ground, unable to stand up for a while.

Seeing this, the black clothed person on the right was about to retreat, but it was too late.

The furious Shen Qian disappeared in the blink of an eye, slammed into his arms like a hurricane, and an unparalleled force hit him. After flying three meters, the two hit a street lamp together.


The iron lamppost changed from a straight line to a curved line, the light piece burst, and the black clothed person coughed up a large amount of blood from his chest.

Shen Qian, gasping for breath, let go of his hand and let the black clothed person slip off the lamp post.

The street returned to silence, the feminine man with a look of shock came back to his senses, “pa pa pa” applauded, “Beginner Martial Artist 2nd paragraph… You are more than the data The one recorded above is more genius.”

“And you seem to have a lot of actual combat experience, and you have a high degree of control over power, which is really rare.”

Looking at the look of admiration The feminine man, Shen Qian didn’t want to beep with him, turned around and ran.

“didn’t expect was just a backup plan but it came in handy, but it’s good, it’s a lot easier.”

The feminine man didn’t stop Shen Qian, just shook his head After saying a word, I glanced at the video on the bracelet, satisfied with nodded and said, “Come out.”

Shen Qian stopped the steps of escaping when the feminine man just opened his mouth, because from him Before and after, four more people appeared silently.

The four were still wearing black clothed, but Shen Qian smelled a dangerous aura.

There were bursts of restlessness in his mind. Shen Qian, who had experienced it countless times, knew that it was a precursor to the system startup.

The feminine man behind him said indifferently: “Shen Qian resisted arrest, attacked the Law Enforcer, according to the law, can be killed on the spot, do it!”

“Are you sure you have to do this?” When Shen Qian heard the words “kill on the spot”, she couldn’t help sighing, and turned to look directly at the feminine man.

“I was only entrusted by others, I wanted to cut off your future and teach you a lesson.”

The feminine man laughed, “But I changed my mind, I will attack you today, come I will be hated by you, a seventeen-year-old second-stage Beginner Martial Artist, who dares to be remembered by you?”

“You’re not dead, I can’t sleep well… do it!”

Shen Qian looked up at the full moon in the sky, and let the four approach, as if giving up resistance and standing still.

“system, I’ll leave it to you.” Muttering, Shen Qian slowly closed his eyes.

When Shen Qian opened his eyes again, he was facing Shen Qian’s black clothed person, and what he saw was a pair of ice-cold pupils with no emotion, just like Spiritual God of aloof and remote .

The black clothed person shuddered for no reason.


The sound of the siren was gradually blurred in his ears. Shen Qian’s vision quickly regained focus, and a viscous liquid flowed down his forehead. shaded by red.

He wiped a handful of blood dripping from his forehead, and after making sure that he was okay, he looked all around.

It’s a mess.

Several potholes appeared in the surrounding 20-meter street, with gravel and dirt and broken branches everywhere.

Under his feet, a black clothed person was groaning unconsciously, a sharp blade penetrated his lower abdomen, and the other end was nailed to the ground. Every time he moved, he showed an extremely painful expression.

Farther away, two other black clothed persons were lying down one after another, one was lying on his side in a pothole, the other fell on his back into the gravel, covered in blood, and his life and death were unknown.

The fourth black clothed person was hanging on a tree ten meters away, with his hands and feet twitching slightly.

Finally, Shen Qian looked towards the feminine man.

The feminine man looked pale and sat under the guardrail three meters away. Shen Qian couldn’t see where his wound was, but the soil around him had been blood dyed red.

He was still awake, but looked at Shen Qian steadily, his eyes extremely complicated.

Shen Qian tried to move his footsteps, but a piercing pain came as soon as he moved. He looked down and found that his right leg was bent in a weird way… His leg bone was broken.

Intuitively, Shen Qian guessed that the most feminine man in the room did it.

But the feminine man must have paid the price, otherwise, it cannot be explained that this is the best time to win Shen Qian, but the other party is just sitting on the guardrail motionless.

“You, cough cough, just…cough, it’s outrageous.”

The feminine man opened his mouth, but he coughed very badly in just a few words, as if he didn’t know How to describe the scene just now, the feminine man used the word “outrageous”.

“But unfortunately, you can’t leave.”

The feminine man threw the communication device in his hand to the ground, listened to the approaching siren, coughed. Then he leaned back a bit, “If you want, you can kill me now…cough cough…It’s a return.”

Shen Qian didn’t respond, just looked towards the street. The three stormtroopers stopped by the side, and the policeman Martial Artist who took the lead.

Shen Qian was slightly sighed in relief because he knew this person.

“Don’t move!”

The person who came in shouted violently, then stopped in a little stunned, looking at the only one standing with faces in red and blue rays. A boy who is somewhat distorted under the illumination of the light.

β€œShen Qian?”

β€œCaptain Song, we meet again.”

Shen Qian twitched the corner of his mouth and raised his hand to say hello.

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