I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 58


Chapter 58 Yang Conspiracy (Three Larger Chapters)

Enlisted… deserted…

Before Shen Qian, who had some guesses, probably understood something.

“Captain Song, do you know who the director of the Jing City Branch of the Martial Arts Bureau is?” Shen Qian put the document down and asked.

“It seems to be surnamed Zhao. If I remember correctly, it should be Zhao Guangshou.” Song Ye recalled and said.

“That’s right.”

“What do you mean?” Song Ye startled.

“My dad has a colleague who used to be in Lucheng, named Zhao Guangzhi. About two months ago, my dad invited him and his son Zhao Xin to our house, and then I asked him one thing. Find a way for me to join the army…” Shen Qian explained.

“Wait a minute.” Song Ye interrupted Shen Qian and asked in confusion, “Ordinary troops?”

“Well, my dad didn’t ask for anything, whatever The military can do it.”

“With your talent, why would you want to go this route?”

Song Ye asked incredulously, “The three famous martial arts schools, you Which one is more than enough to get into, right? Even an ordinary martial arts university is more promising than this path?”

Song Ye really couldn’t figure it out.

There was a question he still held back before asking Shen Qian.

That’s how he managed to break a leg under the siege of the martial arts bureau powerhouse and win a big victory?

Chai Mu took six people with him, including seven of him, and all seven were seriously injured.

Two of them are still being rescued, and it is unknown if they will survive.

It’s just that Chai Mu seems to have brought some kind of healing mixture, so he was able to persevere, otherwise he should be lying in the hospital now.

Among them, there are two Beginner Martial Artist in the first section, four Beginner Martial Artist in the second section, and Chai Mu’s cultivation base is… Beginner Martial Artist in the third section!

It’s just… outrageous!

Song Ye couldn’t find a suitable adjective for a while, only these two words flashed in his mind.

Only a month or two ago, Shen Qian had a medical examination in the police force because of a scavenger case. He remembered clearly that Shen Qian’s explosive strength was about 130Kg at that time. How long did it take… …

Can’t figure it out, can’t figure it out.

Faced with Song Ye’s question, Shen Qian didn’t know how to explain it for a while.

When he found a relationship and entered the army, his system had not yet awakened. He was still a mediocre innate talent, otherwise he would not have to toss.

It can only be said that everything is by accident.

Fortunately, Song Ye saw that Shen Qian was silent, and did not hold on to the question, and instead asked, “So you received the notice of enlistment because you were looking for a relationship at that time?”


“Yes or not.”

Seeing Song Ye’s confusion, Shen Qian thought about it and said, “Although I was looking for a relationship at the time, Zhao Guangzhi said it on the spot, not very hopeful. “

“How much did you give?”

“Twenty thousand.”

“That’s true.” Song Ye nodded, “My child from Second Uncle’s family I have also found a relationship, and asked directly Chief-In-Charge, the cost will not be less than 100,000.”

Immediately Song Ye thought again, “In this case, how did you receive the notice of enlistment? Well, and looking at you, you don’t seem to know… Wait, you said that the person your father was looking for was called Zhao Guangzhi, and the head of martial arts was called Zhao Guangshou, isn’t it?”

“If there is no accident, Zhao Guangshou It should be Zhao Xin’s uncle, and Zhao Xin, I have some holidays with him…”

Shen Qian talked about his two conflicts with Zhao Xin before and after, and finally added, “I don’t remember. If it’s wrong, according to the information given to me by President Zhu of Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, Zhao Xin also has a cousin who is working in your Police and Armed Forces Bureau.”

At that time, Zhu Deyong called to remind Shen Qian, It was revealed that Zhao Guangshou was the director of a branch, but Shen Qian, who didn’t hear it at the time, thought that the other party was the director of the Police and Armed Forces Bureau.

Song Ye didn’t speak for a long time, just took the pen and paper to write and draw. After about five minutes, Song Ye dropped the pen and rubbed his eyebrows, “If what you said is true, I probably know what’s going on.”

“When I saw those documents just now, I also had a guess.” Shen Qian also rubbed his eyebrows.

“After you completely offended Zhao Xin, they first found a relationship and successfully got you a place in the army, and then used some means to block the notification, causing you to miss it without your knowledge. The time to join the army, and finally use this as a reason to give the Martial Arts Bureau a legitimate excuse to arrest you.”

Song Ye told the truth of his guess, which was similar to what Shen Qian thought.

“Simply put, this is Zhao Family’s revenge. The cause of the incident may be Zhao Xin, but such a meticulous revenge plan may not have come from a high school student.”


It is no longer important to Shen Qian who is planning, what he cares about now is how to break the game.

“Team Song, can you clear my innocence?” Shen Qian asked directly.

“It’s difficult.”

Song Ye said bluntly, “The reason why I said this plan is meticulous is that it is a chain.”

“How do you say it?” Limited by cognition, Shen Qian knew that there might be some links that he was not clear about.

“First of all, you can’t prove that you didn’t know about the notice of enlistment, and I guess you or your dad gave your information at that time. They must have a way to prove the notice of enlistment. It’s your choice.”

“Secondly, it’s the biggest problem. You resisted arrest and seriously injured the Law Enforcer. The two still in the hospital were even in mortal danger.”

Song Ye raised his hand and stopped Shen Qian.

“I know what you’re trying to say, they’re a weak spot by obscuring their identities, but it’s just as hard for you to prove, the fact that you beat them all seriously, and that’s enough for them to kill them. “

Shen Qian was silent.

“There is one more crucial question, I wonder if you have thought about Shen Qian?” Song Ye sighed suddenly.

“What?” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“Even if I report to the bureau, win the support from above, give me enough time and authority to investigate this matter, and get key evidence with enough luck, I can clear it up. All your suspicions, but…”

“Have you thought about how much time this matter will take, and how much time do you have?”

Song Ye said in a low voice. said.

Shen Qian didn’t understand why, then thought of something, and immediately cleared the comprehension, “You mean…the college entrance examination?”

“Yes, any case has a long investigation period. As short as a month or two, as long as about a year, but at that time, the college entrance examination has already passed, and even if you get your innocence, your future will be ruined…”

After Song Ye regretted it, he said with a bitter smile: “Assuming I’m not mistaken, that’s what they did at first, but didn’t expect you to be stronger than expected, so they paid a higher price.”

Yes, it doesn’t matter if there are many “desert cases” weak spots, as long as there is an excuse.

Shen Qian also figured it out. This was their original idea.

This is a conspiracy, so it’s harder to crack.

“To do all this, we need to be very clear about the whole process. Maybe that Zhao Xin’s cousin is the real mastermind.”

“And they chose to arrest them. Your location happened to be on our patrol route. After receiving the warning signal from Chai Mu, it took us less than 3 minutes to arrive at the scene, which is also because of this.”

Shen Qian went to the chair Sitting on the back, some trance, some self-deprecating.

“Is this the so-called adult’s method? It’s really cruel… It’s just that he had some quarrels with Zhao Xin, and he dealt with me so deliberately.”

“Shen Qian , no matter what, you still have to cheer up.” Song Ye took a deep breath, “As long as you are innocent, I will do my best to help you, you…”

Suddenly A hasty knock on the door interrupted Song Ye.

Song Ye got up and walked to the door and opened it. There were three people standing outside the door. One was wearing a police Martial Artist, and the two were wearing black clothed by the Martial Arts Bureau, and they were holding some documents.

“Team Song, the people from the Martial Arts Bureau are going to take people away.”

When the policeman Martial Artist saw Song Ye, he pointed to the two behind him and said.

“Take it away?”

Song Ye frowned and glanced at the two black clothed with indifferent expressions, “Since the fight happened within the jurisdiction of our police force, this The case is naturally under our jurisdiction, and it is impossible to hand it over to you.”

“Hehe, Song team, this person hurt our people, and we also issued the arrest warrant for at first, so naturally it should be ours. Come and interrogate.”

The black clothed on the left said with a smile, “And I’m afraid that this is out of the Song team. This transfer document, your deputy director has already signed.”

Song Ye complexion changed, took out his wristband, walked aside, and made a phone call.

“Chu Bureau, there is a hidden secret in this matter, I think…”

Song Ye walked a little further, and his voice gradually became indistinct, but he could still hear it occasionally. A sentence or two of Song Ye’s passionate words.

A few minutes later, Song Ye walked back with a gloomy expression on his face.

Shen Qian was immediately clear when he saw his expression, and it seemed that Song Ye could not prevent him from being transferred.

And went to the Martial Arts Bureau, which is Uncle Zhao Xin’s territory, and what will happen is unknown.

Shen Qian settled down for a while, and quickly regained his senses. He glanced at Song Ye, who walked up to him and hesitated to speak, opened the mouth and said: “Song team, I can talk to you alone. Would you like to say a few words?”

“Okay.” Song Ye started and nodded agreed, and then turned around and said, “Give me five minutes.”

Two of the Martial Arts Bureau A black clothed indifferent shrugged, Song Ye closed the door and walked back after the police Martial Artist who was in charge of recording the house also went out.

“Shen Qian, I’m sorry, I…”

“Captain Song, time is tight, so I’ll just say it.” Shen Qian interrupted Song, who was apologetic. Ye, first confirmed: “Is it certain that I will be transferred to the Martial Arts Bureau?”

Waiting for Song Ye nodded, Shen Qian then asked, “After I came in, did Song team inform who? ?”

“I haven’t had time yet.” Song Ye thought that Shen Qian was worried about the reaction of his family, and immediately said, “I will explain this matter to your parents…”

“Don’t, Team Song, I want to ask you two things. The first thing is to not notify my parents or my school…at least, give me one day.”

“This… well, what about the second thing?” Song Ye thought for a while, and nodded replied.

“Second thing, my bracelet was taken away by you. Can you get it for me so I can use it?”

“I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult.” Song Ye shook his head, “Your personal items are all evidence now, and people from the Martial Arts Bureau will definitely be watching.”

“Well, can Team Song borrow my bracelet to make a phone call?” Shen Qian was mentally prepared, so he changed his words immediately.

Song Ye hesitated for a moment, glanced at the monitor in the corner, and then gritted his teeth nodded, “Okay, but only one.”

“many thanks Song team.”


After taking Song Ye’s bracelet, Shen Qian closed his eyes and recalled it. When he was sure that he only remembered Wang Yangming’s phone call besides his parents and Ding Yi, he showed a helpless smile.

“Pharaoh, Pharaoh, this time brother’s life and death is up to you, you must depend on it once!”

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