I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 59


Chapter 59 Tongtian (Four Bigger Chapters)

After Shen Qian finished the phone call, Song Ye saw something strange Glancing at Shen Qian.

He could probably understand every word of what Shen Qian said to Wang Yangming just now, but he didn’t know what it meant when they were grouped together.

There was another urging knock on the door. Song Ye didn’t ask any further questions. After taking the bracelet back, he patted Shen Qian’s shoulder.

“Shen Qian, don’t worry, I will follow up on this matter all the time. I may have nothing to do with the procedural matters, but I will definitely find a way to restore the truth and let those outlaws be punished! “

“You don’t have to worry about your safety after entering the martial arts bureau. Since the police know about this, they don’t dare to mess around.”

Looking at Song With Ye’s firm look, Shen Qian nodded lightly, took the pen and paper after thinking about it, wrote a few lines and handed it to Song Ye.

“Assuming I haven’t come out in a day, please go to the address written above and find a person for me, his name is on it, show him this note when the time comes That’s it, many thanks to Song Team!”

Shen Qian felt that he still couldn’t pin all his hopes on Wang Yangming, so he added another insurance to Song Ye.

Song Ye probably glanced at it, but it was similar to the content of the phone call. He didn’t quite understand it, but the address was vaguely familiar, but Song Ye couldn’t remember where it was for a while.

After Song Ye took the note seriously, Shen Qian walked out of the interrogation room and let the two black clothed officers of the martial arts bureau escort him out.

Behind him, Song Ye stood on the promenade, sighed softly, then turned to call two of his men, and went out to the scene of the incident to see if he could find some more useful evidence.


Out of the gate of the police Martial Artist city detachment, Shen Qian looked up at the sky.

It was the middle of the night, the night was full of darkness, and the dark clouds covered the moon.

Under the steps of the door, in the darkest place, a black van was parked. The outside was covered with iron, and on the body of the van, a pattern like a sharp sword was drawn.

This pattern is also on the black clothed uniform of the Martial Arts Bureau. Shen Qian guessed that this is the exclusive logo of the Martial Arts Bureau.

In front of the van’s open door stood a woman in a police Martial Artist uniform. She had short hair and flat features, but her eyes were sharp and indifferent, watching the man walking down the steps. Shen Qian.

She has a work card on her chest. Her name is Zhao Guiying, and her position is Vice-section Head of the Logistics Department of the Police Martial Artist City East Division.

Shen Qian looked at the other party for a while, and guessed from the slightly familiar eyebrows and eyes of the other party, and asked directly: “Zhao Xin’s cousin?”

“Yes. Me.”

Zhao Guiying paused for a moment, then stared at Shen Qian, indifferently said: “Xiao Xin has suffered a lot in that ghost place in Lucheng since he was a child, and he will be bullied when he comes to Jing City. It’s too unreasonable, so I’ll teach you a lesson this time.”

“If you’re wrong, you must admit it, if you’re beaten, you must stand at attention. This time, stand up for me.”

Zhao Guiying’s voice Falling, the corner of his mouth raised a mocking arc, and he suddenly kicked Shen Qian’s broken leg.

It was not strong, but it was right at the wound, causing Shen Qian’s forehead to sweat.

Shen Qian didn’t make a sound or scream, just took a deep look at Zhao Guiying, and then got into the van with the black clothed push behind her.

There is another person in the back row of the car, Chai Mu who is complexion pale but with an inexplicable smile.

“It’s a pity.”

Chai Mu looked at Shen Qian, but he couldn’t hide his excitement in his regret.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to the Wufa Bureau as a guest, where you are a rare guest at your age!”

Shen Qian ignored his morbid behavior and went to the middle. Sitting on the seat, he closed his eyes slightly.

For the sake of prudence, when Shen Qian was in the interrogation room just now, she used the system’s AFK box to search for a self-help plan.

The system provides a name and an exact address.

Seeing that the way he thought of breaking the game coincided with the system, Shen Qian felt a lot more at ease.

But if even that didn’t save him, he would have to resign himself to fate.


Wang Yangming got out of the taxi and started browsing all around to find the address Shen Qian said.

His location is the most prosperous commercial street in the center of Jing City, with shops standing in great numbers and a lot of alleys, and Shen Qian has nothing but “No. 9 Jingnan Road”. The information also made Wang Yangming very depressed.

He was sleeping soundly and was woken up by a phone call from Shen Qian. At first Wang Yangming thought that Shen Qian was joking with him, but after listening to a few words, Wang Yangming, who knew Shen Qian’s character well enough , know that something really happened to Shen Qian.

Life and death are at stake.

These are Shen Qian’s original words, and Wang Yangming believed them.

Although Wang Yangming doesn’t know why Shen Qian is in a life-and-death crisis, and why Shen Qian neither calls the police nor seeks a teacher, but finds him to do a strange thing, Wang Yangming believes that Shen Qian Qian has her own reasons.

Just like in the second year of high school, he offended a senior in high school because of his passion for a while, and was blocked in the woods beside the school playground. When he was desperate, Shen Qian killed him with a bench. came in.

Although both of them were beaten with bloody nose and swollen face afterwards, Shen Qian also called him “idiot” for several days…

But the sun was just right that day, Shen Qian When Qian patted a Senior foul-mouthed and rushed in, he was really handsome.

Wang Yangming, who was full of enthusiasm, soon became a little desperate.

This street is Jingnan Road, but he walked back and forth, but he couldn’t find the place Shen Qian said.

“No. 10 Jingnan Road” and “No. 8 Jingnan Road” are next to each other, and there is no “No. 9 Jingnan Road” in the middle.

Damn it.

Seeing the dawn of dawn, thinking of the urgency in Shen Qian’s words, Wang Yangming turned around in a hurry.

Suddenly, Wang Yangming saw a cleaning aunt on the street. His eyes shined, and he hurriedly walked over and asked, “Aunt, do you know where No. 9 Jingnan Road is?”

“Who do you call Auntie, are you polite?” The cleaner gave him a dissatisfied look.

“Elder sister, please do me a favor!” Wang Yangming quickly changed his words.

“It’s not too bad.” The cleaning aunt pointed at Wang Yangming’s back with a broom, “Isn’t this ‘No. 9 Jingnan Road’, are you from Jing City, you don’t even know about this place? ?”

Aunt Cleaning had gone far away, Wang Yangming didn’t pay attention, he just stared blankly at the place pointed by Aunt Cleaning, only a single thought remained in his mind.

Shen Qian, are you sure you’re not kidding me? !

On the opposite side of Wang Yangming is a tower.

A giant tower built entirely of bronze in a retro style.

Its spire is hidden in the clouds.

Before the ancient bronze pagoda, it was a square that was completely paved with Chinese white jade, covering an area of 1,000 square meters. A monument was erected on the square, and there were two vigorous ancient characters on the monument.

Wang Yangming didn’t know what those two words were, but Wang Yangming knew where it was.

This is the Jing City Heavenspan Pagoda.

It’s… where that man lives!

He is the living god of Jing City, the Legendary that has remained unchanged for a hundred years, and the ceiling of countless Jing City people in mind Martial Arts.

Jing City, Gao Wenyuan.

Yes, Wang Yangming has searched all over the Jingnan Road, but the subconscious ignored it because he felt that it was impossible.

Waiting until he reached the square, Wang Yangming was at the bottom of an unremarkable step, and sure enough he saw the sign of Jingnan Road, which was marked with “9”.

“Damn it, it’s really here…Shen Qian, don’t play with me!”

With apprehension, awe and unconditional trust in a good brother, Wang Yangming clenched the teeth Or set foot on the steps in the middle of the square.

In this unmanned morning, Wang Yangming walked alone on the quiet and empty road, but he came to the tower surprisingly smoothly.

There are eight doors on the first floor of Heavenspan Pagoda, but only one is open. Two young men in vintage robes are leaning against the door, discussing something fiercely.

Wang Yangming got closer, and there was a conversation that he couldn’t understand at all.

“…No no, brother Zique, you are wrong, ‘The Getai is warm, the spring is mellow, the dance hall is cold, the wind and rain is desolate’, this paragraph is clearly referring to A Fang Gong too.

It’s too big, so there are two climates between the first palace.”

β€œI think it’s clearly Brother Jingwen, you are wrong, how can the Epang Palace be as big as Jing City?

This section clearly refers to the loud singing, which gives the illusion of spring, while the floating sleeves bring cold wind, so it is like wind and rain, which is a change of mood, do you understand…”

“Hello, you two, what, I want to ask…”

Wang Yangming’s bronze oneself opened the mouth and said.

But the two of them didn’t seem to see him at all, just spitting at each other with red cheeks, and the closer they got, the more they were about to fight.

Wang Yangming shouted a few more times. Seeing that the two were completely ignoring him, he hesitated for a while, then walked directly past the two of them and walked towards the door, wanting to ask another normal person.


The two who were fighting happened to fall at the feet of Wang Yangming. The two looked up at Wang Yangming, who suddenly appeared in their sight, and couldn’t help but stop.

“Who are you?”

“Who are you looking for?”

The two spoke at the same time.

“Oh, I’m looking for someone named Liu Changqing…”

“I’m looking for Liu Senior Brother, wait a minute, I’ll kill this turtle before I receive you !”

The robed man riding on top said something, then turned around and fought with the robed man below.

The two of them made their shots in a random manner, which made Wang Yangming want to laugh, until one of them accidentally scratched his sleeve.

Wang Yangming’s eyes were empty, and his mind was full of doubts… What about me?


Next moment, the pain came, Wang Yangming, who flew five meters and fell heavily on the ground, almost fainted.

“Aiya, brother, sorry, sorry, I forgot you were by my side, I confiscated it, it’s all my fault for this shameless person!” The man in robe riding on top ran over to help Wang Yangming, and apologized repeatedly.

The other person was coldly snorted too lazy to speak, but the fight between the two finally stopped because of this little episode.

“My name is Wu Hongxu, the name is Zique, he is Qian Weiyun, and the two of us are on duty at the gate today.”

The man in the robe introduced a sentence, and then asked, “You just now Say you’re looking for Liu Senior Brother?”

“Yes, I’m in a hurry to find him.” Although he was puzzled that someone named him this year, he still took the word, but Wang Yangming, who had something in his heart, didn’t think much about it, so he quickly said.

“Do you have any special relationship with Six Senior Brothers?” Wu Hongxu asked.

“No, I was asked by a person named Shen Qian to come to him for help.”

“Well…the Six Senior Brothers don’t usually see guests easily. For the sake of your suffering, just wait here, I’ll go up and spread a message for you, I don’t know if he sees you or not.”

Wu Hongxu said something and turned around quickly. Stepping into the gate, I walked straight to the escalator standing in the middle of the hall on the first floor.

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