I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 61


Chapter 61 I…seem to have no energy?

Shen Qian was pushed out of the van. He looked left and right. It was very close to the edge of Jing City. About a kilometer or two away, you could see the city wall hidden in the fog.

Shen Qian looked at the covered sky outside the city wall in a trance.

All weather changes were simulated by some means, and he had a glimpse of the climate in the restricted area from the memory of the system and the iron beast fighting.

Chaos, disorder…

There are three suns in the sky, but it doesn’t prevent howling wind and torrential rain and dark clouds in the next second.

Apart from this There is a miasma that can be seen everywhere in the air. He still got the Heart Protection Pill from Wei Sijian to last outside the city for a while, which shows how good the living conditions of the scavengers are. bad.

The light is all in the city, so he has to stand firm in the city.

“What are you looking at, let’s go!” The black clothed escort behind him pushed Shen Qian impatiently.

Shen Qian didn’t look any further, and silently stepped up the steps and entered the martial arts bureau.

The place where the Martial Arts Bureau is located is an old yard with five small buildings. Although it has been renovated, it is still possible to find some broken atmospheres in the corners from time to time.

I often bump into some black clothed people passing by on the road. They all seem to be very interested in Shen Qian being escorted. They will always come around and ask a question or two. When they know that this is the prisoner Chai Mu wants to interrogate, They walked away regretfully.

Zhao Guiying only escorted Shen Qian into the car, but did not follow, so she was escorted by Chai Mu all the way into the main building, and took the elevator to the negative third floor.

The elevator door opened, revealing a dim aisle and countless cages lining the aisle.

It’s just that Shen Qian saw at a glance that most of the cages were empty. Occasionally, silhouettes appeared in the cages, and they were also curled up in the corner motionless, not knowing whether they were alive or dead.

“It’s been three months since the last time someone came in here, so you should understand why you were so ‘popular’ on it just now.”

Chai Mu glanced at Shen Qian , said meaningfully with a smile.

“Oh, so you are so idle. When my stupid nephew grows up, I will tell him to apply for the martial arts bureau. You are very suitable for old age. There should be five insurances and one housing fund, right?”

Shen Qian asked suddenly.

It didn’t frighten Shen Qian, but instead he was choked hard. Chai Mu’s face turned gloomy, he said with a sneer: “I hope your mouth can be so sharp later.”

Chai Mu, who found himself unable to say Shen Qian, led the way silently. Shen Qian, who was not interested in beeping, also walked silently. When he came to the deepest part of the cage, the place was dead silent. There is also a strong smell of corruption.

Chai Mu opened the innermost black iron door, which was the only room with a wall on the entire negative third floor.

zhi zhi!

The door was a little stuck when it was pushed open, as if it had not been opened for a long time.


Chai Mu turned on the light and turned around to Shen Qian lightly said with a smile: “Come in, let you experience the VIP reception room that the Martial Arts Bureau will never use.”

Shen Qian was pushed into the room by the two black clothed people behind him. He narrowed his eyes, and after getting used to the harsh light, he opened his eyes and looked all around.

After seeing all around clearly, Shen Qian’s eyes shrank slightly, slightly changing color.

Because this room of about 30 square meters is full of various torture instruments… This is a scene that Shen Qian has only seen in TV dramas.

Some of the torture instruments are extremely ancient in style, while others are full of modern technology and can be called a dazzling array.

β€œIs it illegal to exist in such a place?” Shen Qian said solemnly.


Chai Mu noticed the change in Shen Qian’s eyes, and finally smiled with satisfaction and admitted it generously.

“Eighty years ago, it was abolished in plain text, but there is no way. Martial Artists are generally hard bones. How can you be honest without some special means?”

While talking, Chai Mu waved two black clothed hands to lead Shen Qian to the only normal-looking high wooden bench in the room.

“No wonder you say that you are long overdue for being eliminated by the times.”

Shen Qian sighed after sitting down. At this moment, he somewhat understood what Song Ye said about the martial arts bureau” The mechanism is a little behind.” What does it mean?

“Hehe, Juvenile’s View, do you know what a shit?”

Chai Mu said indifferently, “Without the existence of the Martial Arts Bureau, what’s the point of relying on the rubbish of the police Martial Artist? It’s just that many of the things we do are unknown to the outside world.”

Having no intention of discussing this topic with Shen Qian, Chai Mu closed his eyes slightly, as if waiting for something.

Time passed in silence.

dong dong!

After a while, there was a knock on the door, and a black clothed walked in with a piece of paper, “Chai team, this is the confession you want, look See if there is any problem?”

Chai Mu took it and glanced at it, satisfied, “Yes.”

He put the confession in front of Shen Qian, “You are signing now. Should I wait for half an hour to draw a bet?”

He seemed extremely confident, even if Shen Qian would not give in easily, he could endure it for half an hour.

Shen Qian read the confession, although he had expected it, he was still surprised by Chai Mu’s shameless.

Such as desertion and resisting arrest are just the most basic ones. There are also two felonies above, namely assaulting and killing the Law Enforcer and endangering public safety.

Apart from this, there are other charges of damaging municipal facilities, forcibly molesting girls, etc., which seem to be ordinary but add up to enough for Shen Qian to drink a big pot.

“I will endure the rest, so I will forcefully molest the girl… You can’t spit.” Shen Qian said angrily.

“Oh, this week, you are staying at Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall every day, and the waiter named Xiaoxuan is waiting for you there. For me, as long as you leave traces, it is enough. .”

Chai Mu sneered, “As long as I get you, how hard do you think a little girl’s mouth can be?”

“These charges add up, if I admit all of them , what will happen?” Shen Qian asked directly, not bothering to argue.

“No term or more…but considering that you are not yet an adult, you can probably come out after a ten-twenty year.”

Chai Mu said with a smile, “Of course, if It’s hard to say if the two colleagues in the hospital didn’t rescue them.”

“ten-twenty years… how cruel.”

Shen Qian murmured, and then Shaking his head, “Do you think I might recognize it?”

Chai Mu also smiled and shook his head: “Of course not, otherwise why would I bring you here?”

Sick A smile slowly spread from Chai Mu’s face, “If you don’t recognize it, it’s best, come and serve him some appetizers first.”

“Brother Chai, which set should you use?” a black clothed asked.

“Well, I think about it… ah, I almost forgot, you are a genius who broke through Martial Artist at the age of seventeen, what if you will be violent and hurt someone later?”


Chai Mu pointed to the corner, “Bring me the set of ‘Po Yuan needles’ first.”

The Po Yuan needles in Chai Mu’s mouth were nine pieces inserted in the cloth bag and more than Thirty centimeters long hollow silver needle with black liquid flowing in it.

Chai Mu looked at Shen Qian gloomily: “As a Beginner Martial Artist, you should know how difficult it is to condense your vitality, but you probably don’t know that the pain of a little bit of vitality being corroded is a Hundred times as much as when it condenses!”

After Chai Mu finished speaking, he grinned, and he pulled out a needle and inserted it fiercely.

Shen Qian was also chilled by Chai Mu’s words, and he couldn’t help but mention the throat when he saw the silver needle… Hey, wait.

I don’t seem to have any energy?

Shen Qian suddenly remembered something, and couldn’t help but be stunned.

(end of this chapter)

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