I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 63


Chapter 63 Kick Me

Shen Qian woke up from a dream and quickly followed Liu Changqing.

During this period, all the black clothed atmosphere in the ground did not dare to take a risk. Zhao Guangshou, who was a high Martial Artist with one punch, was seriously injured. They didn’t have a clear understanding, but they had the idea of ants in their hearts. self-awareness.

When Shen Qian dragged his legs that were not very convenient to move to his side, Liu Changqing grabbed his shoulders with his right hand and Zhao Guangshou with his left, and suddenly rose into the sky.

From the minus third floor, go straight up.


As the floor broke open, the rocks collapsed, and a lot of screams were faintly heard from below.

“Don’t look at me with that kind of eyes, I’m a bit of a culture base anyway, can I still be crushed to death?”

Liu Changqing seemed to have noticed Shen Qian’s eyes. indifferently said, “Just teach me a lesson.”

Shen Qian wanted to say something, but next moment they had penetrated the ground and swept out of the first floor of the main building. Under the high-speed flight, the violent wind assaults the senses, Shen Qian couldn’t even open his eyes, so he could only tightly close his mouth.


Police Martial Artist has more than twenty stations throughout the city, and the Chengdong station is the larger one.

At this time, it was the morning when the sun rose, and a large number of police Martial Artists came in and out of the station in the east of the city, creating a busy scene.

The two police Martial Artists in the compound were walking forward while discussing the case when one of them suddenly stopped, “What’s the sound?”

The other one was also focused. Listen carefully, and then look up if you feel it.

Not only the two of them, but also the high-rises of the office building in the compound. Many policemen, Martial Artist, stuck their heads out and looked up at the sky.

The harsh sonic boom grew louder and louder, followed by a rapidly falling black shadow.


Liu Changqing with two people landed heavily in the courtyard of the police Martial Artist.


Cracks like cobwebs extend for ten meters on the blue bricks on the ground.

Liu Changqing said Motionless As Mountains on the surface, but he was muttering in his heart. It’s still a bit difficult to fly at high speed with two people. It’s hard to control the strength, and the legs are so fucking painful…

Shen Qian didn’t move for a long time after seeing Liu Changqing fall, and couldn’t help but say: “Liu teacher, what’s the matter?”

“It’s okay.”

Liu Changqing waited for the blood to be smooth again. , Only then did he spat out one mouthful of impure air, looking at the slightly chaotic station, grabbed it, and a policeman Martial Artist was photographed.

“That Zhao…what’s Zhao?” This sentence was asked by Shen Qian.

“Zhao Guiying.”

“Oh, yes, where is Zhao Guiying?” Liu Changqing looked towards the police Martial Artist again.

The policeman Martial Artist glanced at Zhao Guangshou in Liu Changqing’s hands, and his look of shock flashed past. Then he swallowed and answered honestly, “The third floor.”

Shen Qian subconsciously looked up, and soon his eyes narrowed, pointing to a window on the east side of the third floor, “There!”

Liu Changqing followed his finger, just in time Zhao Guiying, who saw complexion greatly changed, shrank back, turned around and ran away.


Liu Changqing smiled contemptuously, threw Zhao Guangshou on the ground, and then grabbed Shen Qian’s feet.


The foreground changed for a while. When Shen Qian came back to his senses from dizziness, they had penetrated the broken glass and appeared in Zhao Guiying’s office.

Zhao Guiying’s movement to open the door froze, she turned around slowly, and looked at Liu Changqing’s eyes with uncontrollable fear, no more indifference when she first saw Shen Qian.

“Why…why do you support him?” Zhao Guiying shouted in disbelief, “How can this kid have anything to do with you!”

“It seems that You know me.” Liu Changqing laughed, “I need to explain to you when I do things?”

“Liu teacher, I’ll do this myself.”

Shen Qian suddenly said , then walked towards Zhao Guiying.

“Come on, kick me again.”

Shen Qian limped to Zhao Guiying and stood still, opened the mouth and said.

Zhao Guiying stared at Shen Qian resentfully and said nothing.

β€œKick me.”

Shen Qian repeated.

“Kick me!”

Shen Qian shouted suddenly, Zhao Guiying body trembled, screamed, and kicked out her leg.

But her legs froze in mid-air, she was panting violently, but she couldn’t kick.

Shen Qian stood quietly, letting Zhao Guiying’s expression change. Seeing that the other party never dared to make another move, Shen Qian sneered, “merely this.”


Shen Qian kicked out fiercely with her intact left leg, hitting Zhao Guiying’s right leg.


Accompanied by screams, Zhao Guiying fell to the ground with her broken leg bones, face deathly pale.

“Your three Beginner Martial Artist’s cultivation bases are more than Chai Mushui.”

Shen Qian, who was full of anger in his heart, commented and walked back to Liu Beside Changqing.

“I don’t need me to help you with Zhao Xin’s, right?” Liu Changqing asked.

“No need.” Shen Qian shook his head, “these two people are gone, and he won’t be a threat anymore. I can handle it.”

Liu Changqing nods and takes a hand. I grabbed it, took Zhao Guiying over, and then took Shen Qian out of the window and returned to the courtyard.

I don’t know where Liu Changqing found the rope, so he asked Shen Qian to tie Zhao Guangshou and Zhao Guiying together, and then carried them in his hand like a zongzi.

“Today, I’m helping you make a big fuss to vent your anger, which is reasonable but not in compliance with the law, so this matter has to be closed, let’s go.”

Liu Changqing said, Just as he was about to leave with Shen Qian, he seemed to think of something, turned his head and shouted in the direction of the office building, “How much did the repair cost, go back to Heavenspan Pagoda and ask me for reimbursement… Remember to invoice!”

After finishing speaking, Liu Changqing took Shen Qian and took the “zongzi” into the sky again, blinking disappeared.

After Liu Changqing left, a fat middle-aged policeman Martial Artist walked out of the lobby on the first floor of the office building with a wry smile.

“Boss, this person is too outrageous, even a Mountain And Sea Martial Artist can’t be so messy, right?”

The police martial artists who were too breathless just now came back to his senses, complaining.

“Forget it, fortunately, it’s just that the venue is damaged a little bit. Just go back and ask the chief to ask for an explanation.” “This lord’s temper is very restrained now, you don’t know what happened back then…”

“I’m afraid that apart from that and the city lord, no one in this Jing City can hold back any more. He is.”

“By the way, let’s find out what happened to Zhao Guiying, and I saw that he was carrying Zhao Guangshou just now. Let’s also check whether there is another trouble at the Wufa Bureau. What a moth.”


It wasn’t until the dozen or so pavilions of the Star Sifting Cover by the lake came into view that Shen Qian realized what Liu Changqing said, ” Closing” is at the Jing City Martial Arts Bureau.

Before the four of them approached, a vigilant voice sounded high in the sky, “Liu Situ, please stop, dare to ask me what is going on at the Martial Arts Bureau?”

“It’s business.” Liu Changqing spit out two words.

“Liu Situ, this is the Jing City Martial Arts Bureau! This is inappropriate, please drop down from the main entrance!”

However, Liu Changqing ignored the person’s dissuasion. , led Shen Qian and Zhao Guangshou and their daughter to one of the office buildings of the Martial Arts Bureau.

After landing, Shen Qian strangely said: “Why did that person just shout with his mouth, but he didn’t really show up to stop you?”

“Because he can’t beat me. “Liu Changqing shrugged.

“…Okay.” Shen Qian held back for a while and could only answer dryly.

“It’s here.” Liu Changqing was facing the white brick 7th Layer office building in front of him, exhaled and said, “Minister Han, welcome to Liu Changqing!”

Shen Qian also looked up. Taking a look, I saw the nameplate hanging on the office building is “Martial Arts Institutional Disciplinary Inspection and Administrative Affairs Supervision Department.”

(end of this chapter)

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