I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 65


Chapter 65 You can’t teach him

Liu Changqing brought Shen Qian to the Seventeenth Layer first.

The two had a brief conversation along the way, but for Shen Qian, there was a lot of information.

For example, Jing City Marquis Gao Wenyuan has eight direct disciples, and six of them are above Mountain And Sea Realm.

As for Liu Changqing, according to what he said, he is still one step away from Mountain And Sea, but his battle strength is by no means inferior to the average Mountain And Sea Realm.

This shocked Shen Qian.

For most ordinary people, Mountain And Sea powerhouse is already the ceiling of Martial Arts that they have been pursuing all their lives, and the disciplines taught by Jing City Marquis are almost at this level.

But Shen Qian could vaguely feel that there must be more extraordinary realm above Mountain And Sea, such as Jing City Marquis.

This also involves another piece of information that Shen Qian just learned…

The first Disciple was recruited by Jing City Marquis one hundred and eighty-seven years ago.

This means that Jing City Marquis lived at least two hundred years.

You’re a real boss.

If only Jing City Marquis took me as a disciple…

Shen Qian glanced at Liu Changqing beside him, and was immediately ashamed of his own thoughts.

You scumbag who isn’t even a Beginner Martial Artist, you’re still trying to pick and choose!

Shen Qian fiercely despised herself.

In addition, the third message that Shen Qian extracted is that Mountain And Sea this realm is very special, and he doesn’t know what is special.

But Liu Changqing’s few words have already revealed that there is a great difference between Mountain And Sea and Mountain And Sea.

Considering that this realm is too far away for Shen Qian at present, Shen Qian is too lazy to think about it.

He still wants to become a Beginner Martial Artist first…

Shen Qian’s brain hurts a bit when he thinks of his exaggerated physical limit.

β€œThird Senior Brother is the most knowledgeable man among the eight of us. Although he is not a doctor, he is not difficult for ordinary minor illnesses. Let him help you heal his legs first.”


After getting out of the elevator, Liu Changqing explained.

Seventeenth Layer has about 2,000 square meters of space, all of which are decorated in an antique Chinese courtyard style.

Small bridges and flowing water, carved beams and painted buildings, and even a separate bamboo forest, Shen Qian was fascinated…

How much does this cost!

All the way in, Liu Changqing and Shen Qian came to a balcony full of flowers and plants.

There is a stone table on the balcony, next to the stone table is a middle age person with an ancient bun and elegant face, and there are three cups of fragrant tea on the table, which is bubbling hot.

β€œI’ve seen Senior Shi!”

Liu Changqing had already told Shen Qian the name of this Third Senior Brother in the elevator, Shen Qian hurried forward and called him respectfully. Say hello.

Shi Dingyan, sitting in front of Shen Qian, is a genuine Mountain And Sea powerhouse.

It’s not a blurry image on TV, nor is it a P-picture monster in an online video, it’s close at hand, alive, and warm…

Shen Qian quietly Momo took a few more glances, and sure enough, just like Liu Changqing, he is a talented person with a wolf-like appearance.

…well, I seem to have used the wrong word, but that’s what it means anyway.

I just don’t know if it’s his own delusion, he always felt that Shi Dingyan was looking at him a little differently.

β€œThird Senior Brother?” Liu Changqing shouted when he realized that Shi Dingyan was suddenly distracted.

β€œShen Qian, right?”

Shi Dingyan came back to his senses, smiled gently, stretched out his hand and said, β€œSit.”

Liu Changqing took the lead to sit down , Shen Qian sat down after seeing this.

“Drink tea.” Shi Dingyan stretched out his hand again.

Shen Qian Yiyan picked up the tea and took a sip. The fragrant tea was not as tasty as expected. Shen Qian was about to put down the teacup when Shi Dingyan spoke again, “Drink it up.”

Although it was strange, Shen Qian sipped the tea in his hand very obediently.

He put down the teacup and was about to praise “this tea is awesome” against his will, a warm current spread out from his belly and quickly moved towards his right leg.

The broken bone of the right leg became numb and itchy in an instant.

β€œThis is…” Shen Qian was shocked.

“I put some of my special anti-beating mixture in your tea, your right leg should be able to recover completely within three to five days.” Shi Dingyan smiled slightly.

Shen Qian tried to stand for a while, but the pain was relieved a lot.

Shen Qian, who thought she would have to cultivate at least half a month, was pleasantly surprised, but said sincerely: “This tea is really awesome.”

“It’s just a small road.”

Shi Dingyan smiled, waved his hand and said, “Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about your mother’s illness. The toxins produced in the restricted area are very special, not very poisonous but hard to remove from the tarsus, which requires extremely powerful spirit strength and extremely solidity. I can’t do it.”

Although I have heard Liu Changqing say it, Shen Qian is still a little disappointed hearing this.

“Don’t worry, the days when I step into Mountain And Sea will not be far away, if the teacher refuses to take action, at worst I will go to help you change your personality, please ask a Mountain And Sea who is a doctor. Powerhouse shot, I still have the face of Liu Changqing!”

Liu Changqing patted Shen Qian’s shoulder, self-confident.

Shen Qian nodded slightly. Although he was disappointed, he was not too anxious. Mother has now changed to better medicines, her condition is stable, and she has at least three years to operate.

If this one doesn’t work, try another one.

“Young Friend Shen, I heard that you have opened eight orifices?”

At this moment, Shi Dingyan suddenly asked.

“I’m lucky, I did get lucky.” Shen Qian said modestly.

Regarding Shen Qian’s so-called “good luck”, neither Liu Changqing nor Shi Dingyan have delved into it. It seems that this issue is not important to them.

β€œEight orifices are rare in the world…”

Shi Dingyan said with emotion, β€œYoung Friend Shen may only think that the benefit of the eight orifices is physical growth, but in the future someday One day you can really feel the huge benefits brought by the body of eight orifices, at least, you will have many choices.”

“Young Friend Shen, sixth junior brother should have told you something about me. However, there is one thing you may not know very well. Although the Eldest Senior Brother is the first to get started, I am the first in terms of the time I actually follow the teacher.”

Originally Shi Dingyan praised Shen Qian and Liu Changqing couldn’t help but show some smugness and listened quietly, but after hearing it, they didn’t feel quite right.

Shi Dingyan has never been a boaster…

“Third Senior Brother, what are you talking about for no reason?” Liu Changqing asked suspiciously.

“The ability of a teacher to teach people is unparalleled in the world, and I also learned some fur. I wonder if Young Friend Shen has ever thought about worshipping under my door?” Shi Dingyan ignored Liu Changqing and asked Shen Qian directly. .

Shen Qian was stunned, not knowing how to respond when Liu Changqing exploded first.

“The surname is Shi, you he… what do you mean!” Liu Changqing said angrily.

“Sixth junior brother, be safe…”

“Don’t be silly, you don’t have a sixth junior brother.”

Shi Dingyan was held back and sighed. Said: “Changqing, some things I realized just after seeing Young Friend Shen, you should know who I am, and I don’t make this proposal out of selfishness… The path you take may not be suitable for him.”

“Are you saying that Lao Tzu can’t teach him?” Liu Changqing said with a sneer.

“One day in the future… yes.” Shi Dingyan admitted frankly.

Liu Changqing was furious and was about to say something when he suddenly started, then frowned and leaned forward as if listening to something.

Shi Dingyan was just like him, his expression suddenly became focused and his ears turned forward.

Only Shen Qian was at a loss, not knowing what happened.

Ten seconds later, both Liu Changqing and Shi Dingyan’s expressions became a little weird.

“Liu teacher, what’s wrong?” Shen Qian waited for a while and couldn’t help asking.

Liu Changqing still frowned and didn’t speak, but Shi Dingyan gave Shen Qian a complicated look.

“The teacher wants to see you.”

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