I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 66


Chapter 66 You Can’t Teach Him

Shen Qian is very uneasy.

On the one hand, it is because of Gao Wenyuan’s status.

On the other hand, it was because for the first time that Shen Qian was nervous about “what if someone sees through her secret”.

Even Shi Dingyan is able to have ears on the wall and easily know the conversation between himself and Liu Changqing in the elevator. How can he know what the big boss Gao Wenyuan can do?

The three walked into the elevator with their own thoughts, and Shi Dingyan pressed the floor.

Shen Qian discovered that Heavenspan Pagoda only had 99 floors from the elevator, and Shi Dingyan pressed the 99th floor.

The three of them were silent during the elevator going up. Shen Qian probably saw that Liu Changqing wanted to say something to himself, but gave up, and then wanted to say something to Shi Dingyan, but coldly snorted also gave up.

Soon, the elevator came to the 99th floor. Shen Qian followed the two of them out of the elevator, but found that it was different from Shi Dingyan’s 17th floor, 99th floor…

It was still a blank.

Shi Dingyan seemed to see Shen Qian’s doubts and said with a smile: “There are many floors in Heavenspan Pagoda that are uninhabited, so they have not been decorated, and the same is true for the 99th floor. As for the teacher…he It’s upstairs.”

Shen Qian looked at the center of the empty floor and saw that there was a single small staircase leading to the upper floor, and he was relieved.

The three of them walked up the small spiral staircase to another level. As soon as they walked out of the stairs, the frigid wind asserted the senses, and the unprepared Shen Qian swayed.

“It’s already very high here, Jing City’s weather regulation system is hidden in the clouds above your head, the wind is brought by the rotation of the engine, and you go a little further and it’s gone. “

Shi Dingyan’s reminder sounded in his ears, Shen Qian walked forward a bit according to the words, and sure enough, all around became calm again.

Shen Qian opened his narrowed eyes and looked all around. Immediately, he was shocked.

The place where he is located is an incomparably huge and wide platform, far wider than the floor below, which does not conform to the logic of the narrower spire.

Looking up, there is a thick cloud layer and a sky that seems to be within reach. There are many dark shadows in the cloud layer, and metal traces are faintly visible. Above the head that Shen Qian has just passed, a turbine with a diameter of 100 meters is in the air. Crazy turning, but strangely silent.

β€œThis is Jing City’s weather regulation system?”

Shen Qian took a few more curious glances, remembering when he was in elementary school, because he had never seen snow, he I also mobilized my classmates to write a joint letter and send it to the newspaper, asking Jing City Marquis to snow.

In less than a month, it really snowed in Jing City.

Probably since then, Jing City Marquis Gao Wenyuan has become the omnipotent god in his heart.

Although I later learned that Jing City’s weather is regulated by the weather system, it is not that Jing City Marquis made the sky snow by himself, but such a character can respond to children’s wishes, which is Legendary.

It is purely topped by the blue sky, but the layout on the platform is not monotonous and novel.

The grass is paved, the cobblestone road is built, and a stream runs across the platform.

Some peach trees are randomly planted every ten meters by the stream. Under the peach trees, you can see modern bookcases, chairs and even computer desks.

Several cats and dogs of different breeds ran after him, circled around Shen Qian and ran again.

It seems that the big guy still loves life very much.

The nervousness in Shen Qian’s heart subsided a little. Following Shi Dingyan and Liu Changqing, they finally saw the legendary existence in an open space on the edge of the platform.

Jing City Marquis Gao Wenyuan, wearing a long white suit, sat on a black sofa on the edge of the platform with his back facing the three of them, quietly overlooking the Heavenspan Pagoda.

He has short hair and black hair, but he looks like a forty-fifty from the side. His facial features are handsome and he looks like the handsome uncle in the TV series.

When the three of them got closer, Gao Wenyuan’s very magnetic voice came over: “You haven’t seen Jing City from this angle, come here and take a look.”

No name was given, but Shen Qian subconsciously knew that Gao Wenyuan was talking to him.

Slightly stunned, Shen Qian took a deep breath and walked over.

Not daring to be side by side with Gao Wenyuan, Shen Qian took a step behind and carefully stuck out his head and looked down.

The vague fog quickly dissipated with Shen Qian’s probe, revealing the floors of different heights and the small cars moving along the tidy or untidy streets.

“How do you feel?” Gao Wenyuan asked.

“The scenery is nice, but I can’t see people clearly, it’s too high.” Shen Qian replied obediently and honestly.

This is at least five hundred meters from the ground.

“Yes, if you can’t see people, you can’t see the rules.”

Gao Wenyuan indifferently said, “Changqing, I will punish you for facing the wall in the underground grotto for three days.”


Shen Qian then realized that Gao Wenyuan was using his words to beat Liu Changqing, and immediately fell silent.

“teacher, you punish me and I admit it, although I think there is nothing wrong with me being a chivalrous person and a righteous man…”

“But you have to judge, and the surnamed Shi actually wants to rob I Disciple, and said I can’t teach him, it’s too outrageous, teacher, you have to be the master!”

Liu Changqing immediately shouted.

Just as Shi Dingyan was about to explain, Gao Wenyuan raised his hand slightly, and Shi Dingyan immediately shut up, making him feel a little sorry for Shen Qian who wanted to see the bosses tear up for him.

“None of you can teach him.”

Gao Wenyuan said lightly and directly concluded both of them.

Liu Changqing was stunned, while Shi Dingyan probed: “teacher, what do you mean?”

“I’m coming.”

So the three of them stayed silent. Living.

I heard that right…

All three have this idea.

“Teacher… Teacher, are you also robbing me of the recipe?”

Liu Changqing held back for a long time and then popped out a sentence.

“Teacher, didn’t you say you would no longer accept apprentices?”

Shi Dingyan was a little puzzled.

With his knowledge of the teacher, the eight senses are by no means a reason.

Gao Wenyuan shook his head slightly, did not respond to Shi Dingyan’s question, but said indifferently: “Scolding Master ‘old thief’, plus seven days, you can go underground for ten days, and finish copying “Encouraging Learning” for 3,000 Come out again.”

Liu Changqing argued: “I didn’t really scold…”

“You should be underground.”

Gao Wenyuan He waved his hand, softly spit out five words, and then the scene that made Shen Qian stunned and subverted his three views appeared.

From Liu Changqing’s feet, an ancient character that he couldn’t understand suddenly appeared, and then the brilliance covered Liu Changqing who was still chattering.


The next second Liu Changqing disappears disappeared without a trace.

What Divine Immortal means is this?

Speak with the law?

Shen Qian was shocked.

“It’s not so mysterious, there are some formation marks engraved on the platform, it’s just a boring eye-catcher.”

“The table is coming.”

Shen Qian just calmed down a bit, only to hear Gao Wenyuan spit out two more words, the rays of light lights up, and a table appears out of thin air In front of Shen Qian.

β€œChair here.”

Shen Qian has an extra chair behind her buttocks.

“What to drink?”

Gao Wenyuan looked towards Shen Qian.


Shen Qian subconsciously said something a little confused.


Gao Wenyuan nodded, waved his hand, and a bottle of ice-cold Coke appeared on the table.

Shen Qian finally came back to his senses from the sluggishness, looking towards Gao Wenyuan’s eyes full of distrust.

…is this what you’re talking about?

(end of this chapter)

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