I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Cultivation chart 18,000 years ago

“Finally, you can go down too,” said Gao Wenyuan.


Shi Dingyan’s expression was a little tangled.

“Seeing that his spirit strength is good, so I got thinking?”

“Yes.” Shi Dingyan said nodded.

“He can’t untie the knot in your heart.” Gao Wenyuan whispered, “Let’s go.”

Shi Dingyan was full of disappointment hearing this, but he didn’t say much, Gao Wenyuan respectfully gave a salute and then turned and left the high platform.

Shen Qian was puzzled, but probably guessed that Shi Dingyan wanted to take him as a disciple for some special reason.

But Gao Wenyuan didn’t mean to explain, so Shen Qian was very obedient and didn’t ask.

At this moment, Gao Wenyuan got up from the sofa and turned to look at Shen Qian.

I only saw Gao Wenyuan’s profile just now, but when she looked at the other party, Shen Qian realized that the other party was indeed a handsome man, mainly because those eyes were too extra.

It seems to contain the sea of stars, the vicissitudes of life, and the depths of the sky.

“Hundreds of years have passed, Heaven’s Chosen are numerous, and I have seen one or two bodies with nine orifices.”

Gao Wenyuan looked at Shen Qian and sighed suddenly, “But I never thought that I could see the real Perfection body, the body with ten apertures.”

Just this sentence exploded in Shen Qian’s mind like a thunder.

This shock was ten times stronger than when Shen Qian heard that Gao Wenyuan wanted to accept him as a disciple.

For a while, Shen Qian came back to his senses from the shock. Looking at Gao Wenyuan with a faint smile, he couldn’t help the doubts in his heart and asked, “How did you find out?”

“When you stand tall, nothing can hide.”

Gao Wenyuan walked to the edge of the platform and stared at the buildings below, “I was there for the days when you got enlightened. Watching you run.”

“I’m just curious, how did you find out about the existence of the ‘Gate of Life and Death’?”

These words both shocked Shen Qian and shocked him Peace of mind.

I was shocked because Gao Wenyuan was able to monitor the whole city. Obviously, the other party must also know about his sniping and killing of scavengers.

I feel at ease because, since Gao Wenyuan asked him this way, it seems that he does not know the existence of the system.

After thinking for a while, Shen Qian replied respectfully: “Actually, I didn’t know there was a tenth orifice. They all live in Jing City, so I had the idea to go out and have a look…”

“Then I encountered an iron-eating beast outside the city, and between my life and death, my unfathomable mystery opened the tenth trick. , then I realized that the belly button is also a hole.”

Shen Qian this remark half true half false , but it was the best rhetoric he could think of.

Gao Wenyuan indifferent expression and turned to say: “Do you know why I said they can’t teach you?”

Shen Qian shook her head.

“Because they couldn’t understand the concept of the perfection body in Martial Arts, I didn’t know it at the time. It was a long time later when I reversed the mystery of the human body and discovered that the nine orifices still have flaws.”


Gao Wenyuan followed beckoned, “The picture is coming.”

Playing magic again…

Shen Qian stared at the picture that appeared out of thin air on the table Picture roll.

The picture scroll is made of some kind of animal skin, and the dirty surface is very vicissitudes of life, because it is rolled into a ball and you can’t see what is drawn on it.

“Thirty-three years ago, I retrieved this map from the Kunlun Mountains, and sent it to the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences for verification, and found that it was about 18,000 years ago.” Gao Wenyuan said .

β€œEighteen thousand years?”

Shen Qian startled, isn’t China only five thousand years old?

β€œWhat is it?”

β€œA cultivation chart.”

β€œcultivation?” Shen Qian was even more confused.

β€œWhat is the opening sentence of the history of modern Martial Arts?”

β€œOn December 22, 2022, the comet mysterious passed through Earth, and Spiritual Qi revived…”


“What does recovery mean?” Gao Wenyuan asked again.

Shen Qian was stunned, and then reacted, “You mean?”

Gao Wenyuan nodded slightly, “The era we live in is not the first era to have Spiritual Qi. “

Shen Qian, who had never thought about this issue, had a sudden realization.

“So, this cultivation picture scroll is something left by people or creatures in the previous Spiritual Qi era?”

“That’s understandable.”

Gao Wenyuan stared at the picture scroll on the table, “This book of cultivation pictures is very basic, it roughly corresponds to the stage before we became Martial Artists, but…no one can cultivate.”

“Why?” Shen Qian guessed something, but asked anyway.

“Because the human body is inherently blocked.”

“The human body is inherently blocked…”

Shen Qian murmured and finally figured it out, this sentence is not Is it the opening sentence of the First Chapter of “Ice Soul Kaizen Method”?

“So big…teacher, do you mean that you have to have a body of ten orifices, that is, a body of Perfection to cultivate this picture?”

Shen Qian originally wanted to subconsciously call “” Boss”, but after thinking about it, he immediately changed his tune.

“This requires you to verify.” Gao Wenyuan said gently, and did not object to Shen Qian’s title.

So Shen Qian was completely at ease, and immediately took a few steps back and respectfully bowed three times to Gao Wenyuan, which was considered to be the completion of the apprenticeship ceremony.

According to the TV series, the next step is to serve tea…

Shen Qian looked at the iced cola on the table, and then dismissed the idea.

Gao Wenyuan was not picky about Shen Qian’s etiquette. After Shen Qian bowed three times, he nodded and said, “From today onwards, you are my ninth student, but your realm is too low. I have nothing to teach you.”

“After Changqing leaves the customs, I will let him teach you for a while, and you can find him if you have any questions.”

“Ah?” Shen Qian felt embarrassed when he thought that it was Liu Changqing who wanted to take him as his apprentice after all.

Who knows if Liu Changqing sees himself as a “cheap Junior Brother”, will he have the idea of “I fucking punch you to death”?

“Changqing will figure it out. The reason why he is so impatient is because the way he is looking is a little bit special.”

As if knowing Shen Qian’s concerns, Gao Wenyuan opened the mouth and said, “His Dao shouldn’t be on you, but you may be able to help him in the future.”

Shen Qian seemed to understand, but just wrote down a key word… road.

β€œIf you can understand this cultivation catalogue, it will be enough for you to digest Quasi Martial Artist. Before you condense your vitality, come here to find me.”

After Gao Wenyuan finished speaking , turned around and looked at Jing City under his feet, “What more questions do you have?”

“teacher…” Shen Qian wanted to ask about her mother Wang Xiaojuan, but she didn’t know how to speak for a while.

“I can cure your mother’s disease, but her body is too weak to withstand Essence Power’s scrubbing, so she needs to wait.”

Gao Wenyuan said softly.

Shen Qian’s body trembled, his heart fell like a big stone, and he only felt a sour feeling rising from the tip of his nose.

Gao Wenyuan didn’t speak any more and sat back on the black sofa, just like when Shen Qian first saw him, he quietly overlooked Jing City.

Shen Qian knew that this was the meaning of seeing off guests, and was about to bend over to say “goodbye teacher” when a sudden turmoil occurred in the back of her mind.

Already familiar with the feeling of Shen Qian complexion greatly changed, isn’t it, now? !

Before Shen Qian could react, a series of prompts had already popped up in his mind.

“When a valuable knowledge-carrying target is detected, the system automatically turns on the AFK mode.”

“The target character is being locked, and the language logic is being generated…”

“The target character has been locked, and the system is automatically finding its way…”

The last thing Shen Qian saw in his sight was Gao Wenyuan’s puzzled face when he turned around after seeing that he had not moved. Then, he lost consciousness with a blackout in front of his eyes.

Wan Caozi…

Shen Qian expressed very sadness.

(end of this chapter)

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