I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 68


Chapter 68: You Are Hands-on with the Eight Senior Sisters

The darkness fades away, Shen Qian wakes up faintly, and meets a pair of caring eyes eye.

“Jiu Junior Brother, you are awake.”

“Shi…Third Senior Brother, where am I?”

Shen Qian patted has a headache The cracked head was secretly surprised.

This is the first time he wakes up with a sense of exhaustion from overusing his brain. Is this…system racking my brain?

Shen Qian couldn’t figure it out for a while, what made the system drain the wisdom of the two?

“You are in the guest room of my residence. I have already repaired the broken bone for you, but what else is uncomfortable?” Shi Dingyan asked with concern.


Shen Qian was very puzzled, wasn’t his leg bone already connected, but just as he was about to sit up, a burst of throbbing came from his lungs. Heartbreaking pain.

“Nine Junior Brothers, don’t move for now, it will take a while for the medicine efficacy to strike.” Shi Dingyan stopped him.

Shen Qian looked down and saw that his upper body was naked, with a thick bandage wrapped around his chest and abdomen. On the ground, a blood-stained garment was thrown into the trash can, and it was faintly visible that he was It was the white shirt he wore before.

“What’s wrong with me?” Shen Qian froze.

“You fell off the Heavenspan Pagoda, and although I caught you later, you scraped a lot of tapas during your fall. You still had seven broken ribs and minor viscera injuries.” Shi Dingyan explained.

β€œI fell from the tower?” Shen Qian asked in disbelief.

Shi Dingyan nodded.

“Thrown down by…?” Shen Qian probed.

Shi Dingyan is nodded.

So Shen Qian sat for a long time with a blank expression.

“Have I been kicked out of the sect?” Shen Qian opened the mouth and said after a long time.

He still doesn’t know what the system did, but he was thrown down by Gao Wenyuan, so it must be very bad.


Shi Dingyan was startled first, then he understood what Shen Qian meant, he shook his head and said, β€œteacher rarely cares about our private affairs.”

Shen Qian was puzzled, “Ah? Private matter?”

Shi Dingyan looked at Shen Qian with complicated eyes, affirmed: “Well, this is definitely a private matter, but since the Nine Junior Brothers went to provoke them, You also need to be aware of the consequences…”

“Third Senior Brother, wait!”

Shen Qian knew that he might have misunderstood something, and he asked uncertainly. : “Didn’t the teacher throw me down?”

Shi Dingyan glanced at Shen Qian strangely, “Little Junior Brother don’t remember?”

“I’m still a little awake. Right.” Shen Qian smiled wryly.

“…You were thrown down by Little Junior Sister.” Shi Dingyan said with a strange expression.

Shen Qian didn’t respond for a while, who?

Which Little Junior Sister?

Immediately he remembered what Liu Changqing had said that in addition to him and Third Senior Brother, Little Junior Sister also lived in Heavenspan Pagoda.

According to their seniority, they entered the door by themselves. Their Little Junior Sister is also their Eighth Senior Sister…

This result surprised Shen Qian very much.

I was thrown down by Sister Hachi, who I had never seen before?

What exactly does the system do?

“Third Senior Brother, go do your business first, I want to be alone.” Shen Qian of AFK Records, who can’t wait to see Shi Dingyan, said.

“Alright.” Shi Dingyan nodded, “I’m watering the flowers outside, you can call me if you have anything.”

Walking to the door of the guest room, Shi Dingyan stopped again, After deliberation, he added two more sentences.

“Nine Junior Brothers, although I don’t know what misunderstanding happened between you and Little Junior Sister, but Little Junior Sister has always been indifferent and likes to eat fast food and recite scriptures. I like to be disturbed.”

“I know a fair lady, a gentleman loves it, but Little Junior Sister … is a bit special, the Nine Junior Brothers can know what to do, absolutely don’t act recklessly.”


After Shi Dingyan finished speaking, she left. Shen Qian thought about it for a while, and then she probably understood what Shi Dingyan meant.

He actually wanted to say “Third Senior Brother, you misunderstood”, system is not that kind of person.

It is a cultivation machine with no emotions, and it can also seduce girls?

Stop kidding.

The scene where she forcibly flirted with Huo Linger was so embarrassing that Shen Qian pulled out a sea-view villa on the spot.

Lying down again and adjusting to a comfortable position, Shen Qian called out the system interface in his mind, and clicked on the date, which is the last AFK Records of today.

“This AFK has no combat experience and no training memory. To save energy, only written records are left for the host’s reference.”

“You asked Gao Wenyuan about ‘Heaven and Earth Spiritual’ The essence of Qi’ (11:47)

Gao Wenyuan was silent for 17 seconds (11:47)

Gao Wenyuan invited you to sit down (11:48)


Shen Qian felt a chill in her neck just after reading the first few sentences.

system father Are you dying?

The essence of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi right out of the box?

Is this a realm that you are not even a Beginner Martial Artist can reach?

There is another key point in this, that is Gao Wenyuan’s silence.

What was Gao thinking in those 17 seconds?

Has he noticed something…

Shen Qian couldn’t stop thinking about it for a while, then read on.

β€œYou and Gao Wenyuan discussed the origin of Spiritual Qi (11:49)

You and Gao Wenyuan conducted a probability analysis on whether there was a fourth cataclysm in prehistory (11:59)

You studied the feasibility of using Martial Arts to test ‘string theory’ (12:37)

You had a heated debate about the existence of a ‘cosmological constant’ (13:01) )

You asked about the principle of the unification of creatures in parallel time and space (13:58)


You thought about what Gao Wenyuan said ‘the speed of light does not The true meaning of not being able to truly transcend time’ (15:39)

Gao Wenyuan suddenly has something to deal with and asks you to leave (15:43)

You got Gao Wenyuan when the time is right to open to you Heavenspan Pagoda Seventh Layer’s Promise (15:45)

You left Heavenspan Pagoda full of food and drink (15:46)


Shen Qian fell into a long silence after reading the dozens of lines of densely packed text.

He wanted to find a translator.

He couldn’t read a fucking word because of this long paragraph.

There is also the word “full of food and drink”, Shen Qian guessed, guessing that the system is trying to express that he is very satisfied.

Sighed’s Shen Qian doesn’t know how big boss Gao will see himself after this incident, but it has already happened anyway, no matter how worried he is, it won’t help.

And with the IQ of the system, it should not make low-level mistakes.

In other words, in the judgment of the system, asking Gao Wenyuan for advice on these topics will not encounter mortal danger.

Shen Qian thought about it, these theoretical knowledge can barely be covered by a sentence of “knowledgeable and versatile”, anyway, he is also the most lovely little discipline of the big brother, and he is very good. normal.

What happened to the Eight Senior Sisters?

Could it be that system also went to ask for a lot of knowledge?

Remembering the “knowledge carrying target” mentioned by system when AFK was turned on, Shen Qian continued to read it.

β€œYou took the elevator to the 33rd floor of Heavenspan Pagoda (15:51)

You found Ji Ruoshui in the Buddhist hall on the 33rd floor (15:52)

You and the other party discuss the pros and cons of ‘Pure Heart Resolution’ and ‘Meditation Mantra’ (15:53)


See Shen Qian slightly nod here, His guess was indeed correct.

I just didn’t know which sentence system said was wrong, which made Hachi Senior Sister throw herself down.

Immediately, Shen Qian saw AFK Records on the next line.

β€œYou guys had a great time talking (16:09)

You started to play with Ji Ruoshui (16:10)


Shen Qian: ? ? ?

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