I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 69


Chapter 69 Talking and laughing are all Mountain And Sea, and there are no weak chickens

The system is getting windy again?

This is Shen Qian’s first reaction.

It’s okay to talk about earthy love words before, this time it’s directly upgraded to hands-on.

Something is wrong.

But based on Shen Qian’s understanding of the system, the system should have a specific purpose to do this kind of thing, so Shen Qian quickly calmed down and continued to read.

β€œYou started to play with Ji Ruoshui (16:10)

Ji Ruoshui not knowing what to do (16:11)

you Trying to untie Ji Ruoshui’s daoist robe (16:12)

Ji Ruoshui had a violent mood swing and slapped you against the wall (16:12)

You suffered a slight internal injury (16:12)

You stood up and said affectionately to Ji Ruoshui, ‘Jing City is full of people, you are my love to Jiang Chou’ (16:13 )

You were thrown out of the window by Ji Ruoshui (16:14)


Then Shen Qian fell all the way to the 17th floor Time was saved by Shi Dingyan, and AFK Records ended here.

Well, the familiar earthy words are still the same system…

But why?

Shen Qian’s head was full of question marks.

From the point of view of this AFK Records alone, system is playing a hooligan.

Shen Qian didn’t see any specific purpose of the system at all.

The last time the system tried to sleep with Huo Linger was for the “Blood of Desire”, but what benefit can Ji Ruoshui get by molesting Ji Ruoshui this time?

This left a very bad impression on Sister Hachi Senior just after we met. How will we get along in the future?

Shen Qian’s brain hurts.

Shi Dingyan’s mixture for treating internal injuries is indeed powerful. After about three hours, Shen Qian already had basic mobility.

After saying goodbye to Shi Dingyan, Shen Qian came out of Heavenspan Pagoda, but just walked out of the square and saw an unexpected silhouette.

“Song Team?”

Song Ye, who was wandering around the square, saw Shen Qian, looked at Shen Qian up and down, sighed in relief, “It seems that you are really fine. Now.”

“Why are you here?”

Shen Qian was very fond of this justice-minded police Martial Artist and asked with a smile.

“Everything that happened during the day has been spread throughout our police Martial Artist. I happened to be patrolling this area today, so I came to see you.” Song Ye said with relief, “I didn’t expect you to still be there. …this relationship.”

Song Ye glanced at Heavenspan Pagoda next to him, not mentioning his name directly out of respect.

“It’s good luck.”

Shen Qian said modestly, the two chatted while walking, Shen Qian asked, “Based on the Song team’s experience, what will happen to Zhao Guangshou? ?”

“It depends on how dirty his past is. I guess there are many problems.” Song Ye pondered then said, “At least it’s the end of exile.”

“Scavengers?” Shen Qian frowned.

“That’s not true. The group of scavengers is very complicated, and the so-called criminals are also the kind of people who have escaped legal punishment.”

Song Ye shook his head, “like Zhao Guangshou. This Martial Artist who committed a serious crime is directly exiled to a military base in the restricted area, and the cultivation base is basically abolished, so Shen don’t have to worry about what threats he will have in the future.”

“That’s fine. “Shen Qian hearing this was relieved.

Although there are big bosses now, Zhao Guangshou’s first-class is no longer a threat, but if the other party still has a chance to make a comeback, it is a hidden danger after all.

The two chatted a few more times. Song Ye had been waiting here for a while, and he still had a patrol mission, so they said goodbye.

Before leaving, Song Ye returned Shen Qian’s bracelet, bank card and other personal items to him.

Shen Qian was walking home, looking at the crescent moon looming in the sky, and couldn’t help but put out a long breath.

“It’s a long day!”

It’s been less than a day since being ambushed by Chai Mu, Shen Qian already had the illusion of a lifetime.

Not only the mental growth, but also the biggest gain is to become the final disciple of Jing City Marquis.

It’s like a dream, it’s estimated that no one will believe it.

In the future in Jing City, I can finally feel a little more secure.

Thinking about seven senior brothers and senior sisters with Mountain And Sea Realm battle strength and one high Martial Artist battle strength, Shen Qian is very down-to-earth.

Is this “Mountain And Sea all talk and laugh, no weak chickens”…

weng weng!

The bracelet just turned on is crazy Shaking, Shen Qian glanced… well, there are still weak chickens.

“Shen Qian, is that you?!” On the other end of the phone, Old Wang’s anxious voice rang, “I found that Liu Changqing in the morning, and then he…”

“I’m fine.” Shen Qian interrupted Wang Yangming, who was like a barrage of cannons, and paused, “Thank you this time, Old Wang.”

“Sorry, why are we talking about this?” Wang Yangming sighed in relief, “You even gave up the martial arts college entrance examination for me, what should I do for you?”

Shen Qian:?

No, what the hell are you talking about, Mr. Wang…

Shen Qian thought about it and realized that what Wang Yangming said might be the fact that he gave him the special effect mixture .

In fact, Shen Qian also tried to explain to Zhou Xu, Wang Yangming, etc., but the two of them didn’t listen at all. In their eyes, they don’t even want such an awesome physical mixture, that’s for sure. That is to properly give up the martial arts college entrance examination.

Later, in order to “comfort” Shen Qian, the two of them often asked him to play in the VR hall, making Shen Qian very sorry.

“Shen Qian, no matter how polite you are, I will worry about you. Today is mine!” This is what Zhou Xu said while patting his chest.

“My strength is almost 125, and there is a stable batch of Wu Ke University. My dad gives me two thousand pocket money in January, you can spend it for me!” This is the blushing old Wang with a thick neck said.

The two of them have finished speaking, what else can Shen Qian say?

After talking to Wang Yangming, Shen Qian, who realized that he had disappeared for another day inexplicably, stopped talking to Pharaoh, and quickly hung up the phone to check the information on the bracelet.

Fortunately, Wang Yangming had already asked Shen Qian and Lin Xiaoqian for a day off in advance this morning, so there was basically no information from the school. Liu Simin just sent a message telling Shen Qian, “Don’t stress too much, be good. rest” and so on.

apart from this, the house is also very quiet, except that in the evening mother made two missed calls, probably asking Shen Qian if she would go back for dinner.

They should think they went to class today.

Thinking about it this way, there is no major event on the day of my disappearance.

But there are still a lot of unread messages, 38 unread messages, 26 of which are from Huo Linger.

7 are sharing daily routines, 11 are questioning why Shen Qian ignores her, 5 are animated expressions, and 3 are her selfies.

In comparison, Ding Yi’s total of 6 messages and 1 phone call are very thin.

But Shen Qian knew that with Ding Yi’s character, he asked 5 more times without answering her, which was already a compromise in a sense, a compromise to his own principles.

So Shen Qian made a quick phone call.

The first one didn’t answer, the second one didn’t answer… It wasn’t until the fourth one, after a long while of ringing, that Ding Yi’s slightly cold voice came from the other end.

“I was exercising just now, I didn’t hear it.”

Smiling knowingly, Shen Qian didn’t expose Ding Yi’s little lie, and instead explained the reason why he didn’t reply to messages during the day .

“…Yes, I accidentally broke the handle while training the basic martial skill!”

“Ah, no, no, it doesn’t cost much to repair…”

“By the way, I still have some savings now, do you want to pay it back?”

“…Hey, why are you angry with me when I pay you back?”

“Stop pretending, it’s obvious…”

The moonlight is bright, and the shadow of the young man grows long under the street lamp and drifts away.

Indistinctly, a low, inaudible lightly said from a very high place seemed to sound:

“At that time, when I was young, I was wearing a thin shirt, riding a horse and leaning on a leaning bridge, full of red sleeves…

What a good time.”

(end of chapter)

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