I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 7


Chapter 7 story begins

Bounce squats, close push-ups, and forehand pull-ups are the foundation of the martial arts class Body Refinement action, Shen Qian has always been very clear about his limits.

He knows that hard work does not necessarily change his destiny, but at least he will not regret it, so he will not be lazy.

The training memory of today’s system AFK has somewhat subverted his cognition of himself.

Although partly because the effect of strength potion is still in play, it is not entirely because of strength potion.

After Shen Qian loaded “training memory”, he found the gap between himself and the system from those familiar and unfamiliar movements.

All actions performed by the self under the control of the system, whether it is amplitude, strength or overall beauty, can only be described as perfect, which is a textbook-like standard.

At this time, as her physical strength slowly recovered, Shen Qian had a strong feeling that she had improved again.

It’s a pity that there is no simulator nearby, but I don’t know how much progress is made.

After tidying up the clothes on the balcony in a hurry, Shen Qian sighed. It’s still the fault of lack of money, otherwise, wouldn’t it be fragrant to go directly to the Martial Arts Hall?


For the next week, Shen Qian felt like she had become a “trash”.

In addition to the daily classes and eat, drink, shit and piss, what Shen Qian needs to do every day is to wait for the arrival of the system father, then go to bed, day after day.

The system can accurately grasp the limit of his exercise every time. His training volume is increasing at an insignificant but very stable rate, and Shen Qian will become full again after a sleep. of energy.

At the same time, his appetite has also increased. Fortunately, the most energy-replenishing meat is not expensive. Wang Xiaojuan didn’t say anything other than complaining about how the refrigerator was empty again.

What makes Shen Qian most gratified is the stability of the system father.

Shen Qian is exercising on the rooftop in various poses, but has never been hit by anyone. From the perspective of probability, this is basically an impossible thing, and he can only attribute everything to the system.

To be cautious, Shen Qian didn’t go to the physical examination hall again this week, and could only roughly estimate his strength. He felt that his physical fitness might have reached the minimum standard for last year’s martial arts college entrance examination.

Shen Qian also tried to get rid of this culture puppet feeling, but when he found that he couldn’t reach the efficiency of the system at all, Shen Qian gave up with peace of mind.


Today is Friday. After dinner, Shen Qian, who had just undergone another round of devil training, was sipping water when she heard the vibration of her wristband. Shen Qian took it out and took a look.

A message popped up in the 109 class group.

Zhou Xu: “What are you doing? Will there be a team in the VR Pavilion for the weekend tomorrow?”

Zhang Ziqiang: “111, “Martial God” will be released in the national service I got a new dungeon, just to experience it together!”

Huo Shuai: “One or two hundred nights, it’s too expensive, why don’t AA sing…”

A group of boys discussed at once, everyone talking at once, Shen Qian could see at a glance that the participants in the discussion were all hopeless scumbags in the martial arts college entrance examination, and couldn’t help laughing contemptuously.

Wang Yangming: “Why don’t you come and play near my house, I have opened a new VR hall here, and new customers are 10% off!”

Zhou Xu: “The game is not at all ?”

Wang Yangming: “Cough, it’s everything…”

Shen Qian, who was about to close the group chat, saw Wang Yangming’s message and immediately sat up from the bed. Get up and start rummaging through the change in your jacket.

“The necessary combination of work and rest is conducive to the healthy development of Martial Arts, and the guidelines in textbooks must always be followed.”

Successfully turned to the thirty pieces of pocket flowers that Wang Xiaojuan gave yesterday Qian’s Shen Qian opened the bracelet and was about to ask Wang Yangming for an address, but the bracelet vibrated first.

Shen Qian glanced at it. It was a video call from Ding Yi. Although he was reluctant, he switched to voice mode and answered it.

“Shen Qian, where are you, why didn’t you answer the video?” As soon as the phone rang, Ding Yi’s urgent but cold voice rang.

“I was about to… No, why should I report this to you?” Shen Qian asked tactfully.

Ding Yi was silent for a while, then avoided Shen Qian’s question and asked, “Are you going to play those messy VR games with them?”

“What are you talking about, when did you see me going to those places?” Shen Qian said righteously.

“Well, not really.” Ding Yi thought about it and agreed with Shen Qian.

“Then I’ll…”

Shen Qian was about to hang up when Ding Yi asked again, “Are you busy today?”

“Yes!” Shen Qian said “ge-deng” in his heart, and he opened his mouth.

“Put it until tomorrow.”

“Can’t push it.”

“Then you will pay today.”

“Heh… … pushed it away.”

“I’ll be waiting for you in the central square in an hour.”

until she hung up the phone and scolded the spineless Shen Qian for putting on a coat He went out listlessly and made another phone call before leaving.

“Hey, Pharaoh, when will the new visitor event in your VR hall end…”

“Today?! Ayu?”


In the central square of Jing City, dusk has passed and it is the busiest time.

But Shen Qian, who arrived by bus, saw Ding Yi standing under the statue of Tai Ajian at a glance.

The spotlights of the statue shattered into pieces and hit her, and the three-dimensional facial features showed a lot of shadows, but they still couldn’t cover the bright eyes. It is an illusion of mixed blood, but the eyebrows, eyes and lips are clearly and have the charm of oriental classical beauty.

The familiar high ponytail, knee-length plaid skirt, and the taller 177 are very conspicuous, and the flow of people has slowed down a lot.

“Shen Qian, why are you so slow?” She saw Shen Qian’s Ding Yi’s foot move, but she still stood there and waited until Shen Qian walked over before asking in a clear and cold voice.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but there are police Martial Artists at many intersections in the southern area. The bus stops and starts, which is much slower than usual.” Shen Qian explained.

He didn’t lie about this, since he promised Ding Yi Shen Qian he wouldn’t intentionally ink it.

“It should be because of the group of scavengers who sneaked in?” Ding Yi speculated, “I also saw the police Martial Artist interrogation just now in the central square.”

” There have been scavengers sneaking in before, why is there such a big battle this time?” Shen Qian frowned.

“I read the news that it is because there are not only a large number of scavengers crossing the border this time, but also an unknown number of Martial Artists.”

“Martial Artists?”

Shen Qian was stunned, that made sense.

Even the lowest-level Beginner Martial Artist has great lethality to ordinary people. A little carelessness can lead to serious bloodshed. Due to the existence of Jing City, Jing City has been peaceful. No wonder police martial artists have been so nervous over the years.

“By the way, where are we going?”

Unconsciously, the two of them had left the central square and turned into another street. Shen Qian then remembered and asked. .

Ding Yi glanced at Shen Qian but didn’t speak, just quickened her pace.

Shen Qian shrugged, who was familiar with her character, didn’t bother to ask any further questions. He was half a step behind and glanced at Ding Yi’s white legs from time to time, which was not boring.

I don’t know when Ding Yi stopped, “Shen Qian, do you remember this place?”

Shen Qian realized Ding Yi was going to take him a minute ago Where, at this moment, looking at the brightly lit Jing City National Martial Arts Hall, Shen Qian also grinned laughed.

All stories have a beginning.

Jing City National Martial Arts Hall held a special Martial Arts training course for teenagers three years ago. One class is taught.

Shen Qian came to pay the registration fee with a huge sum of 3,000 yuan from his parents, only to meet Ding Yi crying at the door.

She raised her head and stood under the street lamp where they were standing at the moment, tears crash-banging, but she made no sound.

Learning that Ding Yi’s money was stolen, Shen Qian was enthusiastic and lent Ding Yi his registration fee at the risk of his parents breaking his leg.

Later Shen Qian found out that it was the last half hour of the registration deadline.

It was only later that Ding Yi found out that Shen Qian only had 3,000 yuan.

“Actually that matter…you really don’t owe me anything.”

Shen Qian looked at Ding Yi’s bright eyes and suddenly felt a little pain in her conscience, so she decided to speak frankly , “Actually, I went in once before I borrowed you, but my innate talent was too bad for the card quota, so I was brushed off… So, cough cough…”

“…” Ding Yi was silent for a while, then said indifferently, “I know…”

“You know?” Shen Qian sighed in relief, but the next moment sucked in a breath of cold air again, and his eyes moved down there Pinched on the slender fingers around his waist.

“If I know, I also borrowed you money for three years?” Ding Yi gnashing teeth said, turning his hands a few times.

(end of this chapter)

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