I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 70


Chapter 70 Immemorial Hunyuan (late watch)

Shen Qian did not go to school for the next few days.

Although the medicine Shi Dingyan gave was very powerful, it still took a while to cultivate.

However, on the fourth day, Shen Qian found that he was almost better…because the system began to do the same thing for forcing AFK forging body refinement again.

When it was almost the seventh day, the system’s physical training began to double, even more than the previous time, Shen Qian knew that she had almost recovered completely.

The only thing Shen Qian regretted during this period was that the newly opened seafood buffet at the school gate suddenly closed down!

Obviously, I went to eat twice a few days ago, and said that it would go bankrupt without any warning. I really don’t talk about professional ethics.

When I went to see it yesterday, it had been converted into a hair salon again.

It’s a reversal of the times!

Shen Qian condemned, and only continued to go to Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall to eat “white food”, although the taste is monotonous, coming and going is like a hamburger fried chicken, but it is stable…

After all, Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall impossible suddenly collapsed.

Today is another Sunday, Shen Qian got up early and came to Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall.

Xiao Xuan, who had been waiting for a long time, led Shen Qian into the diamond cultivation room, and quietly asked Shen Qian if she had any special requirements for today’s massage attire, and then closed the door obediently and went out.

Shen Qian watched Xiao Xuan’s increasingly twisted back disappear behind the door, and then she gathered her mind and came to sit down on the practice blanket.

He has a major event today.

Study the prehistoric cultivation map given to him by the boss.

Although there is no bottleneck for Shen Qian, as long as he eats, eats and lifts iron continuously, he can reach his physical limit smoothly, but if there is a faster way, why not do it.

It’s been less than a month since the college entrance examination.

Shen Qian doesn’t undervalue oneself. He is indeed very strong now, but if he says how outstanding he is, then he has to be compared with whom.

Every time she enters the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, Shen Qian sees the name at the top of the overall list.

Wang Shuo, a super genius who is the same age as himself but has been promoted to Martial Artist.

Compared with the other party, besides having a system father, a perfection body and a teacher of a peerless powerhouse, what other advantages do you have?

The most important thing is that Shen Qian has fallen in love with the feeling of watching herself get stronger every day.

He longs to see the greater Heaven and Earth…

Only, of course, in the absence of mortal danger.

The tentacles of the animal skin scroll feel rough, but have a faint warmth.

Shen Qian removed the sealant from the outside of the scroll, and slowly spread the scroll on the carpet.

The first thing I noticed was the characters on the left side of the scroll, but Shen Qian couldn’t understand a single word.

After the scroll was completely unfolded, a strange picture came into Shen Qian’s eyes.

It looks like the claws of some kind of scaled beast. The strokes are very rough, but it reveals an inexplicable charm. Come out, take a shot of Shen Qian.

Then the question is… how is this culture?

This time, he decided to rely on his own strength to comprehend the cultivation method on the scroll.

Shen Qian stared at the scroll, lost in thought.

Five minutes later, Shen Qian decided to give up.

After entering the command “comprehend volume” in the system AFK interface, Shen Qian quickly entered an unconscious state.


When Shen Qian woke up again, he glanced at the clock on the wall and found that almost four hours had passed.

Does it take so long to parse with the awesomeness of the system?

It’s not my own waste, but this picture is too difficult.

Shen Qian took some comfort.

Shen Qian clicked on AFK Records, but it was startled.

Because what can be extracted is not one cultivation technique, but two!

Immemorial – The first part of body refinement.

“Hunyuan – the first chapter of spirit refinement”.

This is the name of the two cultivation secret arts obtained after the system observation.

Out of curiosity, Shen Qian first extracted the memory of “Hunyuan – the first chapter of spirit refinement”.

It was like an enlightenment. After a while, there was an obscure text in Shen Qian’s mind. Because this text was not in Mandarin, it was difficult for Shen Qian to repeat it directly, but he naturally understand the mystery.

“It turned out to be the cultivation method of spirit strength.”

Spirit strength is only briefly mentioned in high school Martial Arts textbooks. Normally, it is only accessible after officially becoming a Martial Artist. field.

The cultivation spirit strength of the system, according to Shen Qian’s understanding, is something that can only be achieved by Mountain And Sea Realm.

Shen Qian also developed spirit strength ahead of time because he touched the corpse twice and obtained the Spirit Stone in the restricted area.

Immediately after, Shen Qian extracted the method of “Immemorial – The First Part of Body Refinement”.

It’s not as magical as I imagined, after all, Beginner Martial Artist has no vitality and can’t come up with anything fancy.

In addition to some new ways to increase strength, the most unique of these methods is a secret technique that uses qi and blood to increase physical strength from the inside out.

It’s a bit like the feeling of Shen Qian’s enlightenment, but it’s more systematic and gentle than that.

Shen Qian first tried the method of running spirit strength. After reciting the formula a hundred times in his mind, something like a projection gradually appeared in Shen Qian’s mind.

This is a person, not exactly a person.

Because it has two heads, one male, extremely ugly, and one female, appearance like a heavenly immortal.

The same is true of its body, an ugly monster when viewed from the left, and a stunning woman when viewed from the right…and only in sheer veil.

All Shen Qian has to do is visualize it in her mind.

Don’t be afraid and don’t get lost.

The longer you hold on, the better your spirit strength will be.

Shen Qian didn’t dare to test his concentration, so he directly chose the ugly side of this unknown monster.

He stared at it fixedly, sweat dripping from his forehead.

In Shen Qian’s perspective, the monster seemed to come alive, it changed into many forms, and dragged Shen Qian into the abyss step by step.

Sometimes it was Sadako under Shen Qian’s bed, sometimes it was red-clothed at the corner of the dark corridor, or it turned into a rotten little girl, jiΓ© jiΓ© rushed towards Shen Qian with a weird smile.

Shen Qian gradually forgot her situation and was completely dominated by fear.

At the last moment, he heard the sound of the system automatically starting AFK mode.


Shen Qian, who came back to his senses, was panting heavily, his whole body soaked in cold sweat.

He was born with the most fear of ghosts and was a shadow all his life, but the monster turned into the deepest darkness in his heart, almost swallowing it up.

After surviving, the temples became warm, and Shen Qian really felt the satisfaction of increasing spirit strength.

But what if…you can’t make it?

Shen Qian doubts that without the backing of the system, he would be completely lost in fear and become a muddleheaded psychosis.

This prehistoric cultivation scroll is really not something that ordinary people can touch.

I don’t know that the big brother HD is not aware of the danger, but the other party has no reason to harm him.

It’s just that Shen Qian couldn’t figure it out. If there really existed a group of human Martial Artists in prehistory, how did they cultivate this Visualization Technique?

Shen Qian shook his head, but it doesn’t matter…

I have a system anyway.

The third shift will be late, but it will not be absent. The promise still has to be fulfilled. Ask for a recommendation ticket!

(end of this chapter)

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