I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 72


Chapter 72 Toast to the past

In the early stage, it only takes Shi Dingyan to help Wang Xiaojuan to recuperate his body. When Gao Wenyuan completely removes toxins will intervene.

This is what Shi Dingyan told Shen Qian at Heavenspan Pagoda that day. In order to make it easier for his parents to accept, Shi Dingyan also said that when the time comes he will pretend to be a professor of medicine.

It’s just that Shen Qian didn’t expect Shi Dingyan to fulfill his promise so soon…

Third Senior Brother is reliable!

“The doctor at the hospital said that the spread of toxins in your mother’s body has been completely stopped. Even if the toxins are not removed later, the lifespan will be greatly prolonged.”

Shen Liangman There was a sigh of relief on his face, and there was a sense of relief in his eyes.

“These years, I have dragged down your father and son…”

Wang Xiaojuan said, tears began to fall “crash-bang” again.

“What are you talking about!” Shen Liang scolded, “It’s all a family, it should be wind and rain in the same boat, what’s the drag?”

Father also This is the time to be tough…

Shen Qian glanced at Shen Liang, feeling warm and a little funny.

This night, Shen Qian didn’t go anywhere. She sat on the sofa obediently and honestly and watched two episodes of the new drama with her parents. Of course, the plot was boring and Shen Qian didn’t remember anything. Live…

Except for the popular actress who plays the heroine.

It’s not how good the other party’s acting is, but because…

At night, Shen Qian stood on the balcony, looking at the stars in the sky (Shen Qian thought that these stars might be simulated by the weather system), listening to the parents next door whispering their vision for the future, and gradually became a little distracted. .

He has neither extraordinary innate talent nor super high IQ. Unlike many people, Shen Qian has already cleared the comprehension of the fact that he is only an ordinary person when he was in elementary school.

If you want to say which day, it is probably the day when he shouted to go to summer camp but was beaten by Shen Liang, and Wang Xiaojuan wiped away tears while comforting him.

And even, just wanting to live this ordinary life well, he has to work hard.

Meeting Ding Yi was probably the only bright spot in his dark years.

But Shen Qian also understands that if there is no change, one day, she will also go far.

He tried his best, he really tried his best…

No one can understand that just because the crazy body refinement can nourish but can’t keep up, and finally fainted in class and parents still need The guilt of being blamed by the teacher.

No one can understand the awkwardness of going to the physical examination center to work as a free laborer every day just to rub various instruments and accidentally hear the pointing fingers of others behind their backs.

No one knows what it feels like to be “borrowed” by a girl.

Although Pharaoh and the others always joked that they envy them, Shen Qian knew that even a best friend like Wang Yangming might have a trace of contempt for him in the deepest part of his heart.

Just, nothing to complain about.

Who in this world lives perfect and without blemish?

Father is not easy, mother is not easy either.

Old Wang’s family is better than himself, but his parents are worried about his future like a quarrel for three days and a big one for seven days. He is someone who has left home more than once.

Zhou Xu looks like hehe haha and has some money at home, but he has never felt maternal love.

Shen Qian has also seen Lin Xiaoqian hide in the woods and cry rustling sound because of reporting others cheating in exams.

Liu Changqing is awesome, but that day Shen Qian found that he had scars on his chest and calf, maybe there are more, what kind of past is that?

The only taboo for Uncle Xu, who reads newspapers all day, is not to mention his wife.

Huo Linger heartless and Shen Qian chatted about nail art, cats and dogs, and even about underwear styles, but she was very silent when it came to the topic of parents.

There is also the Eight Senior Sisters, who are considered to have met, a woman in her prime who eats fasting and worships Buddha all day long. Either she is ill or has a story.

All beings are suffering.

But we have hope.

This glass of wine, toast the past.

Shen Qian picked up the Old Bai that came from the father in his hand, and took a sip from Xiangtian, but immediately, Shen Qian spit it out again, blushing and cursing with a thick neck. Said: “It’s so fucking hard Hah!”


“There are still 22 days until the college entrance examination!”

Zhou Three Purities morning, prostitution for nothing Shen Qian, who came to the school by the tram, glanced at the banner at the school gate and calculated silently.

Last night he went to Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall again, just two days later, after the test again, his explosive power has broken through the 400 mark, reaching 430Kg.

Similar to Shen Qian’s previous estimate, the improvement rate is about 30Kg a day, so theoretically he still has time to become an official Martial Artist before the college entrance examination.

However, you can’t just play iron, the study of liberal arts knowledge can’t be wasted, and the proficiency of basic martial skills also needs to be improved…

Thinking about this, the next day It’s still going to be full, awesome.

Entering class 109, the morning before the early self-study is always the most noisy… mainly from those students who are busy copying homework on the spot.

Shen Qian, who has completed her homework in the process of reviewing the textbook every day, naturally has no such pressure, and Zhou Xu, who is not planning to hand in the homework at all, gathers around Wang Yangming, who is busy copying the homework. Made very resentful.

“It’s coming, it’s coming!”

Suddenly, Zhang Liangwei hurriedly ran into the classroom, shouting as he ran.

“What’s coming?” Everyone was confused.

“The second round early admissions of major universities are here!”

Zhang Liangwei couldn’t wait to share, “I saw Principal Huang greet the entire group at the school gate just now, I found out that it is the admissions office of the martial arts colleges in the magic capital, and many schools have come, and it is said that there are also people in Shenwu!”

All the students were ignited by the news.

“There’s really a second round early admission this year?” Lin Xiaoqian said excitedly, “It’s strange that it didn’t happen in previous years!”

“Never mind, I think we should all Take the initiative to ask the teacher, if you miss the opportunity, it will be a tragedy…”

“The magic capital is coming, and it is estimated that colleges and universities in other provinces and cities will come one after another.”

” Monitor, you have to keep an eye on it at all times!”

Even if the college entrance examination scores meet the standard, there are still many surprises when filling out the application form, because the admission line is not fixed every year, but there is no such thing as early enrollment. There was a risk, so everyone was in high spirits.

…except for Shen Qian.

Even if she was admitted early, Shen Qian would not do such a thing.

If you have to ask why, it is probably that you take the college entrance examination normally. If you get good grades, you will have a lot of small money in your account.

First, the school will issue a sum, then the local Martial Arts Bureau, and the provincial Martial Arts Bureau will also indicate that the admitted colleges and universities are also very likely to issue scholarships…

If you are admitted to the top spot again accidentally, it will be amazing, and a million-dollar net worth is just around the corner.

Shen Qian thinks a long way.

The atmosphere in the class this day was relatively active. All the students were jumping up and down to inquire about the news. Only Shen Qian was quietly reading the book.

When the get out of class bell rang, Shen Qian packed up and walked towards the training class.

Whether or not to participate in the training class is of little significance to Shen Qian. After all, he has already obtained the greatest potential benefit in theory.

It’s mainly to count the time, Liu Changqing should have come out of Heavenspan Pagoda, Shen Qian wants to ease the relationship that may have been stiff.

(end of this chapter)

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