I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 73


Chapter 73 The Gift of Liu Situ

As soon as I entered the old physical examination hall, a round black shadow hit my face .

Shen Qian’s eyes narrowed, and he subconsciously raised his hand to punch out.

Pu chi!

Looking at the shriveled basketball hanging on his arm, and Zheng Shaoyang who ran over and stopped in shock, Shen Qian corner of the mouth twitched.

“Have you secretly taken the power pill recently?”

After Zheng Shaoyang was shocked, he looked up and down at Shen Qian as if he didn’t know him, tsk tsk said, “I am a basketball player. The synthetic leather of monster beast is very tough, and it was actually smashed by you with one punch, you are awesome, my ex!”

“Where, such insignificant ability, what’s the point, Brother Yang is serious!”

Seeing that Zheng Shaoyang didn’t mean to lose money, Shen Qian relaxed and said very modestly.

“But you’re really outrageous.”

After taking the tattered basketball down, Zheng Shaoyang still couldn’t believe it, “Have you already broken through Martial Artist?”

“Let’s be so-so, anyway, it’s okay to punch a Zhou Xiaoguang.”

Shen Qian speaks frankly.

Shen Qian just finished speaking when he saw Zhou Xiaoguang walk in.

“It’s ridiculous!”

Seeing Zhou Xiaoguang staring at him with a bad eye, then he walked past him with his head raised and arrogantly, Shen Qian suddenly had a feeling of talking about others behind his back. Shame on being caught talking badly.

“There is a set of business blows, monster beast leather…why don’t you just say that it’s dragon scales?”

“Play it, play it, don’t take it Brother Zhou, I’m joking!”

The two who walked in following Zhou Xiaoguang commented one by one, and passed by them with a sneer.

“Don’t worry, Zhou Xiaoguang is arrogant, he feels invincible in seven, and won’t lower oneself to somebody’s level with you.”

Seeing Shen Qian’s face is wrong, Zheng Shaoyang comforts Shen Qian said, “Look back and find a chance to apologize to him, and this will be over.”

“Well, Xiao Zhou…Xiaoguang is still good.”

Shen Qian made a no-deal evaluation. He and Zhou Xiaoguang actually didn’t have any major conflicts. When I counted them down, it was just that Zhou Xiaoguang was dissatisfied with himself and directly admitted defeat during the first competition. He felt that he didn’t talk about martial arts.

Also, Zhou Xiaoguang was defeated in the last death row battle, but Zhou Xiaoguang was embarrassed, and he was not mentally balanced.

Compared to Zhao Xin, Zhou Xiaoguang, who was also born in a powerful family in Beicheng, did not play any tricks on himself, and could be regarded as straightforward and upright.

“Shen Qian, why don’t you answer my messages or answer my calls!”

The voice of panting with rage sounded, but it was Huo Linger who had just arrived. She asked with puffed cheeks, “Also, why did you disappear from the unfathomable mystery for a week?”

“Am I obliged to report to you, what is our relationship?” Shen Qian asked rhetorically. .

“You, me, we…”

Huo Linger’s face was flushed, especially when she saw Zheng Shaoyang’s inquiring eyes, she was speechless for a while.

“Anyway, you’re wrong!”

Weakly dropped a sentence, Huo Linger turned around and ran away, looking at the direction of the toilet.

Tsk, still the familiar Zhan Wuji…

Shen Qian, who felt that his EQ had grown recently, shook the head with no sense of accomplishment.

After waiting for the top class to arrive, Chen Feng and Zhao Hanhai walked in just right.

The time was stuck every time, and Shen Qian was extremely suspicious that they had arrived long ago, just hiding in a corner and insisting on coming out last.

After the two arrived, they didn’t speak in a hurry. At first, Shen Qian thought she was waiting for Liu Changqing. It wasn’t until a middle-age person with gray temples and graceful demeanor walked in that Shen Qian realized that she had misunderstood. .

“Hey Principal!”

The people in the training class are no strangers to coming, and they all said hello loudly. It is the current Principal of No. 7 Middle School, Huang Tao.

“Hello, classmates.”

Huang Tao nodded, swept his eyes across the crowd and said with emotion, “Although I haven’t shown up these days, I have been following you all the time. Two months ago, both of you have grown a lot…”

“Xiaoguang is ready to start breaking through Martial Artist, right?”

Huang Tao’s appreciative gaze first looked towards Zhou Xiaoguang, “Once you have broken through, you can be comparable to the three Beginner Martial Artists. It is worthy of being the light of the seven, very good!”

The three Beginner Martial Artists?

Everyone was startled first, and then they all started whispering, some lost self-control.

As a group of people with good family background and knowledge, they only know the concept of the extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist, but few people have the conditions to really attack.

At this moment, I heard that Zhou Xiaoguang, who is an extraordinary Quasi Martial Artist, is so powerful, and they are all envious.

Shen Qian silently estimated that Zhou Xiaoguang should have opened two or three orifices, which is almost better than Huo Linger, but compared with the ordinary line, it is already outstanding.

I don’t know if Ding Yi has any enlightenment, how many…

But someone who can be invited twice by Northern Martial’s admissions team, It shouldn’t be bad, right?

“Linger is not bad either. The admissions team of Shenwu and Su Kewu University are almost breaking the threshold of my family.”

Huang Tao looked towards Huo Linger again, laughing He asked, “How is it, do you have any idea of skipping a level to take the college entrance examination ahead of schedule? People from both admissions offices have said that they won’t affect your liberal arts scores.”

Huo Linger is There was only one high school sophomore present, so Huang Tao asked this question.

Huo Ling’er was stunned, then glanced at Shen Qian awkwardly, “I…I haven’t thought about it yet.”

You don’t think about it. OK, what am I doing?

Shen Qian complained in her heart.

“Think about it.” Huang Tao nodded lightly and sighed, “It’s a pity that Liu Situ doesn’t accept female students…”

Everyone couldn’t understand why, only Zhou Xiaoguang complexion changed, Huang Tao ignored everyone’s reaction, and praised many people by name one after another.

Only then did Shen Qian find out that there are so many Quasi Martial Artists in the training class, and even two people have succeeded in breaking through Martial Artists.

It’s all small Silver Coins…

Shen Qian sighed to himself that he didn’t see anyone showing off at ordinary times, so he was quietly making progress.

What makes Shen Qian flattered is that he is also praised. Although it is just some dry phrases such as “late bloomer” and “bright future”, it at least proves that Huang Tao really understands with his heart. everyone’s situation.

“I discussed it with Chen Feng and Liu Situ. Next week’s training class will officially end. Today is your penultimate class.”

Huang Tao restrained his smile. I finally got to the topic, “The last group activity was an outdoor trial, which is also equivalent to the graduation exam of your training class.”

“I hope everyone can prepare well and perform well, Those who pass the test will not only receive the school’s reward, but also have the opportunity to receive gifts from Liu Situ.”


Everyone is hearing this, and they are all in spirit. vibrate.

“Principal, can you tell us what the reward is?” a teenager named Qian Enbo raised his hand and asked.

“The school’s rewards are temporarily kept secret.” Huang Tao said laughter, “but Liu Situ’s gifts can be disclosed to you in advance.”

“Is it… Heavenspan Pagoda chance?” Zhou Xiaoguang, breathing heavily, couldn’t help asking.

“That’s right.” Huang Tao nodded, faintly smiled and said: “To be precise, it’s an opportunity to enter the Tongtian Academy!”

Shen Qian, who had been looking forward to it. As soon as I heard it, I suddenly lost interest…

That’s it?

(end of this chapter)

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