I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 74


Chapter 74 Hold on to the thighs of the Six Senior Brothers

Heavenspan Pagoda.

Tongtian Academy.

These two keywords made everyone, like Zhou Xiaoguang, breathing heavily.

“If you say that, that Liu teacher is really…” Zheng Shaoyang recalled Zhou Xiaoguang’s words before, and couldn’t help but be shocked.

“He is the direct disciple of Jing City Marquis.” Huang Tao nodded, affirming Zheng Shaoyang’s guess.

Except for Zhou Xiaoguang and Shen Qian, who already knew the inside story, and Huo Linger, who had a longer reflex arc, everyone was in an uproar.

“Is there really a chance to study at Tongtian Academy?”

“Tongtian Academy is a private school founded by Jing City Marquis. No one knows the admissions standards, but it is said that among the talents such as Cloud, it’s just regardless of age.”

“This is true, a big cousin in my family is in the academy, and he said that there are as many Martial Artists in it. Although there are only a few hundred people, the quality of the students is excellent. .”

Huang Tao coughed and temporarily stopped everyone’s discussion.

“You may not know yet, this training class was established under the suggestion of Liu Situ, and there may be Jing City Marquis’s inspiration behind it.”

“Through the final In the trial, those who perform well can participate in the assessment and get the apprenticeship of Tongtian Academy.”

“But there is an additional condition. If you become a trainee of Tongtian Academy, you will lose the college entrance examination. You will be admitted directly to Jing City Wuke University.”

Huang Tao’s last sentence made everyone less enthusiastic.

Jing City Wuke University has only been established for a few years.

But after weighing it up, it would not be unacceptable if they could enter Tongtian Academy. After all, even if they went to the four famous schools, they were only the most ordinary ones, far inferior to Ding Yi. These super geniuses who were admitted early.

So everyone began to discuss enthusiastically again.

“Principal Huang, what about Liu Situ himself, doesn’t he plan to recruit direct disciples?” Zhou Xiaoguang suddenly raised his hand and asked.

Everyone was startled, and their eyes brightened.

Liu Changqing wants to be an apprentice?

The direct disciple of Jing City Marquis is much more attractive than Tongtian Academy.

Huang Tao looked at what everyone was looking forward to, and hesitated for a while, but opened the mouth and said: “Liu Situ did have this plan at first, but then gave up.”

Everyone It was stunned, then silent, everyone understood what this sentence meant…

Liu Changqing didn’t like them.

Zhou Xiaoguang’s face was even more gloomy, as if he had suffered a great blow.

Only Shen Qian remained as steady as an Old Dog.

The penultimate training session is still taught by Chen Feng, but perhaps seeing that everyone’s mind is a little erratic, Chen Feng is not too demanding. Just leave the get out of class.

Shen Qian stepped out of the physical examination hall first, and while waiting for Huo Linger, a voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

He had to let Huo Linger’s pigeons go again, and then met Liu Changqing in the woods next to the playground.

“It’s been ten days, how the fuck have you improved so much?”

As soon as they met, Liu Changqing punched Shen Qian involuntarily, and then frowned.

Shen Qian corner of the mouth twitched hanging on the tree, he suspected that Brother Six Senior was taking the opportunity to vent, but he had no evidence.

β€œIt only took me four days to recover from my injury.” Shen Qian, who was covered in dirt, jumped down from the tree, and patted clothes explained.

“No, when did the medicine efficacy of Third Senior Brother’s medicine become so poor?” Liu Changqing wondered.

Because Sister Ba Senior has caused me a new injury…

Shen Qian silently added a sentence in her heart, but it was hard to say it.

Fortunately, Liu Changqing didn’t ask any further questions. After punching, he seemed to be in a much better mood and waved his hand: “teacher said let me stare at you before you Mountain And Sea, you have Martial You can ask me any questions on Arts.”

Shen Qian nodded, and the two fell into a long silence.

The wind rises and the leaves fall.

Ten minutes later, the two were still silent.

“Are you asking?” Liu Changqing couldn’t hold back.

“But I have no problem now!” Shen Qian blinked.

“Bullshit, you were born to know it?” Liu Changqing said angrily, “Ask!”

So the two fell silent again, Shen Qian frowned, and began to rack his brains .

“…Really not?” Liu Changqing looked at Shen Qian’s frowning face, not pretending, and felt a little stuffy in his chest.

No, he clearly remembered that he was full of questions at this age.

“Yes!” Shen Qian’s expression relaxed.

β€œWhat?” Liu Changqing also sighed in relief.

“Is there any way to eat less, I feel that eating is a waste of time.” Shen Qian cautiously asked the question that bothered him the most.

Liu Changqing was silent for a while, and Shen Qian watched in horror as his fists clenched and lowered, clenched and lowered…

“There are certain medicine pills that can solve this problem. .”

Liu Changqing held back for a long time before replying sullenly.

“many thanks Six Senior Brother solves the puzzle, it’s like enlightenment, immortal guides the way, my admiration for Senior Brother is like the water of the Yellow River flowing…” Shen Qian hurriedly lost a lot of flattery past.

“Remember my phone number, and call me if you have anything.”

Liu Changqing’s expression softened a little, and after exchanging contact information with Shen Qian, he disappeared like a breeze.

Shen Qian was satisfied with the nodded and hugged another thigh…


Although the question was asked on behalf of Liu Changqing to save his respect, the other party’s answer did give Shen Qian an idea.

Shen Qian had guessed before that there should be something similar to compressed biscuits in the medicine pill, and eating one is the best for ten meals. A normal diet can hardly meet the needs of Martial Artist.

As long as there is demand, there is a market, and this kind of medicine pill, which purely supplements physical strength, is estimated to be less expensive.

But in order to save costs, it is best to find an acquaintance.

After thinking for a while, Shen Qian opened the bracelet and called Wei Sijian.

The last time the system went to Wei Sijian to change the medicine, Wei Sijian forcibly left it to Shen Qian, but Shen Qian never contacted him.

Wei Sijian answered the phone in a very enthusiastic tone. Hearing Shen Qian’s request, he said it was a trivial matter on the spot, and agreed very readily.

Wei Sijian then gave Shen Qian an address, which was his residence in Jing City.

Shen Qian saw it early, so she gave up the idea of going to Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, and made an appointment with Wei Sijian to meet later, Wei Sijian agreed.


Jing City Galaxy Hotel.

A stretched Wuling drove slowly over and stopped at the entrance hall.

Awei quickly stepped down from the co-pilot and went around to the back seat to help Ding Anbai open the car door.

“Is that right here?” Ding Anbai looked up.

“Yes, Mr. Ding, this is the designated hospitality hotel of the Martial Arts Bureau, and Master Wei lives in room 908.” Ah Wei nodded replied.

“Have you heard why Wei Sijian is reluctant to take out the finished medicine recipe of strength potion?”

“No.” Ah Wei shook his head, “It seems that even Professor Cheng has I don’t know the reason.”

Ding Anbai hesitated, he never fought an unsure battle, but this time he really couldn’t understand what Wei Sijian was thinking, so he could only try it out.

“Are the gifts ready?”

When Ah Wei took out a jade gift box from the car, Ding Anbai nodded and took Ah Wei away. into the hotel.

(end of this chapter)

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