I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 76


Chapter 76 The moment of Lao Ding’s death

Ding Anbai took Ah Wei to the ninth floor by elevator, and then watched from the corridor He came to a silhouette that surprised him.

“Shen Qian?” Ding Anbai frowned, “Why are you here?”

Shen Qian just came out of Wei Sijian’s room, and was fiddling with her bracelet, when she heard This is not an unfamiliar voice, he lifts the head in surprise, “Mr. Ding?”

Shen Qian was secretly surprised, this was the fourth time he had met Ding Anbai in two months.

Jing City says it’s not big, but it’s not too small. The two are too fateful!

Mr. Ding’s surname is also Ding…

It happened that Shen Qian was replying to Ding Yi’s message, and suddenly his heart moved, and subconsciously asked: “Mr. Ding knows a man named Ding Yi. A girl?”

And Ding Anbai’s eyes just fell on Shen Qian’s bracelet.

“It’s Xiao Ding” is Xiao Yi’s screen name, as well as that familiar avatar…

Is this Smelly Brat still chatting with her daughter so late?

Ding Anbai looked at the watch in his hand, the hour hand had passed ten o’clock, and the Primary One had said good night to him half an hour ago.

What made Ding Anbai’s eyelids jump the most was the chat between the two.

[It’s Xiao Ding]: The north is very hot.

[Half of Jing City’s beauty]: What should I do, I’ll buy you an air conditioner?

[It’s Xiao Ding]: No, yes, just change your clothes and sleep… Don’t waste your money.

[Half of Jing City’s face value]: Clothes? pajamas?

[It’s Xiaoding]: Well.

[Half of Jing City’s face value]: The kind with very little fabric?

[It’s Xiao Ding]: … um.

[Half of Jing City’s face value]: Let’s take a video, I suddenly want to see your face.

At this time, Shen Qian realized that something was wrong and held his breath, and Ding Anbai couldn’t stand it anymore. He said with a dark face: “I don’t know!”

The more this kid wants to break through, the less Ding Anbai will let him succeed.

Such insignificant ability!

Ding Anbai sneered inwardly, are you playing with me here?

“Oh, I misunderstood.”

Shen Qian heard that it didn’t matter, and realized that she was thinking too much, and it didn’t seem like such a coincidence happened.

I’m just saying, it’s not writing a book.

Already know that Ding Anbai has a bad impression of himself, Shen Qian politely said “Goodbye Mr. Ding” and walked into the elevator.

Ding Anbai was a little surprised that Shen Qian walked so decisively. As he coldly snorted toward room 908, he wondered in his heart whether it was time to take some measures.

If it goes on like this, my daughter is in danger…

Awei has already rang the doorbell of 908, Ding Anbai temporarily put aside the distracting thoughts, and turned to think about how to persuade Wei Sijian.

Not long after, the door opened, Wei Sijian saw Ding Anbai couldn’t help but startled.

“Wei teacher, disturbing you late at night, I…”

“I’m just looking for you, come in!”

Ding Anbai’s smile froze, Talking so well today?

Although he was puzzled, this was undoubtedly a good start. Ding Anbai took Ah Wei into the house and sat down on the sofa.

Ding Anbai just wanted Awei to take out the gift, but Wei Sijian had already put a crumpled agreement on the table.

“Mr. Ding, I have signed the agreement you sent last week, but there are some minor changes.” Wei Sijian said.

Ding Anbai is dumbfounded again.

He looked at the agreement on the table in disbelief, but felt confused.

The agreement was indeed delivered to the hospital last week, but according to A Wei’s feedback, Wei Sijian kept saying that he would have to wait, and that’s why he came to the hospital in person today.

Thinking of Wei Sijian’s “small change”, Ding Anbai’s heart moved, and probed: “Whether teacher Wei has any doubts about the distribution of rights and interests in the agreement, but this is what I negotiated with Professor Cheng at that time. The…”

“No, no, Mr. Ding misunderstood!”

Wei Sijian waved his hand, “You and the teacher are talking about the September 1st distribution, that’s not true. Change.”

“What does the teacher mean?” Ding Anbai frowned.

“I need to increase the number of beneficiaries.”

“Within that 10%?”

Ding Anbai pondered for a while and felt that he understood Wei Wei. Si Jian’s meaning, he asked tentatively.


“It’s a small matter!”

Ding Anbai said with a smile when he heard it: “This is completely a teacher In fact, there is no need to discuss with me about things that can be done by the master.”

“Yes, so I have already added it.” Wei Sijian nodded and said.

Knowing that Wei Sijian is not very good at chatting, Ding Anbai didn’t care, laughed said curiously: “Whose name did Wei teacher add?”

“Said From this person, he is truly the most talented person I have ever seen in the field of medicine refining!”

Wei Sijian sighed, “I only admired my teacher before, and I will have another one in the future. There are two people who admire, no, no, it’s one and a half, and the teacher can only count as half…”

You really are a filial disciple and grandson.

Ding Anbai mourned for Professor Cheng silently, but his face remained calm, “Could it be that there is another Master in the medical industry?”

“He can’t be considered a Master, right? , seems to be younger than me, the textbook It shouldn’t be admitted.”

Wei Sijian scratched his head and said.


Ding Anbai is really interested now, he is even younger than Wei Sijian to be so admired by Wei Sijian, that’s absolutely true unacceptable thing.

“I don’t know who this person is?”

“His name is Shen Qian, he is… Hey, Mr. Ding, are you all right?”

Wei Si Jian glanced at Ding Anbai strangely, and just after Ding Anbai shook for no reason, he almost fell off the sofa before he could sit still.

“Which… which Shen Qian?” Ding Anbai stammered for a while.

“This…I think about it, oh, yes, Brother Shen is a student of Jing City No. 7 Middle School. It seems that this year’s college entrance examination.” Wei Sijian said after thinking about it.

Ding Anbai was stunned.

At this moment, the past began to roll wildly in my mind.

Although he didn’t know when Shen Qian became a Master of Medicine, he thought of the occasions when he met him several times. Could it be that… the other party really didn’t know him?

β€œDo you still have any impressions of Wei teacher from the last Jing City Medical Summit?” Ding Anbai probed unwillingly, β€œDid Shen Qian…”

β€œNo Wrong, that was the first time we met, Brother Shen knew that I was in trouble, so he made a special trip to guide me!”

Wei Sijian said with emotion, “Such a genius and such kindness, Brother Shen is really my role model. !”

“Mr. Ding may not know that the strength potion can be developed thanks to Brother Shen’s guidance, otherwise it would not have been so fast…”

Ding Anbai glanced at it A Wei with a sluggish expression finally confirmed that he was not wrong.

He remembered the look on Shen Qian’s face, Shen Qian’s unfathomable mystery, and heard Wei Sijian say that strength potion was finally developed by Shen Qian…

Ding Anbai thought for a while and called Ding Yi on the spot, confirming from the side that the other party had never revealed his identity to Shen Qian.

So, the wise man clear comprehension of a terrifying fact.

Shen Qian approached herself several times, probably just to promote the strength potion’s medicine recipe, not to justify her daughter…

Thinking of one day in the future, Shen Qian Qian appeared in front of him holding Ding Yi’s hand, then pointed to himself in shock and said, “So you are XXX, no wonder XXXX”, Ding Anbai had an urge to dig into the ground.

…this picture is too shameful.

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