I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 77


Chapter 77 Dripping Water

Wei Sijian looked at Ding Anbai strangely, not knowing why the other party’s face turned red for a while White.

“Mr. Ding?”

“Oh, I’m fine.”

After all, Ding Anbai has a long history of sophistication, so he quickly adjusted his mentality. “Then I’ll take this agreement with me?”

“I haven’t finished speaking just now.”

Wei Sijian remembered Shen Qian’s small request and quickly added.

“The name of the beneficiary added to the agreement is not one, but two. The other name was added by Brother Shen, who must have added it. I don’t know it.”

Two name?

Ding Anbai frowned, then picked up the agreement and turned to the last page, only to see that two names were written in the column for additional beneficiaries.

β€œShen Qian.”

β€œDing Yi.”

Shen Qian 2% and Ding Yi 3%.

Ding Anbai’s complexion instantly became extremely complicated.

Ding Anbai fell into a long silence, staring at the ugly, crooked writing on the agreement.


After Ding Anbai left, Wei Sijian first sent Shen Qian a message to get it done, and relayed Ding Anbai’s first income before the end of the year A promise to be paid.

After thinking for a while, Wei Sijian opened the bracelet again and made a call.

“Hey, Senior Brother Liu, have you been transferred to Northern Martial’s admissions team recently?”

“I’m going to recommend a talent to you, no, a genius, That’s not right, it’s a peerless genius!”

“Really, in Jing City, come here, as long as he enters the pharmaceutical Academy, our pharmaceutical level will increase by at least 21 percentage points, I have calculated accurately After…”

“What did the teacher say? Senior Brother Liu, stop joking!”

“…teacher is not qualified to evaluate him!”


Seventh Middle School Physical Examination Center.

Shen Qian pushed open the door of the administrator’s office with the gift box. When he looked at the probe, it was startled. Regardless of weather conditions, Mr. Xu, who insisted on going to work every day, was not there?

It’s only Tuesday!

“Brother Zhang, where is Uncle Xu?”

Shen Qian looked towards a young man cleaning the office.

“It’s you brat!” Zhang Chuan looked up, then shook his head, “Xugong has asked for leave, and probably won’t be here this week.”

“Ah, it’s not because of illness. Right?” Shen Qian asked with a frown.

“That’s not the case. Xugong also has the cultivation base of Beginner Martial Artist, which protects the body and won’t get sick easily.”

Zhang Chuan hesitated for a while, then said: “I heard it’s about his family.”

“Home?” Shen Qian wondered, “Isn’t Mr. Xu living alone?”

Speaking of this, according to From what Shen Qian knew from the past, Uncle Xu was indeed lonely. His wife left early and left no children.

“Well, based on the few words I heard before, I can probably judge that it seems to be the family of XCMG’s big brother. If there is something I ask for XCMG, XCMG specially asked for leave to help, and it sounds a bit troublesome to hear.


“Oh, okay, then I’ll come again.”

Shen Qian nodded and put the gift box on Uncle Xu’s table.

“Shen Qian, wait a minute!”

Zhang Chuan stopped Shen Qian, ran to the drawer of the desk to look for it, and then handed over a work permit , said with a smile, “Xugong deliberately kept the work permit, saying that it was close to the college entrance examination, so that you would not be able to find a suitable place for last-minute preparation.”

Shen Qian was stunned for a moment. Immediately took over the work permit, there was warmth in my heart.

He now has some stinky money, and the 200 yuan simulator is still affordable. Shen Qian just wanted to take the opportunity to give Uncle Xu some more gifts to make up for the advantage he took before.

Although Mr. Xu never mentioned it, Shen Qian always knew in his heart that Martial Arts simulators will still be charged even for work permits…

And there is no discount.

Shen Qian said nothing more, greeted Zhang Chuan, and went out.

After Shen Qian left, Zhang Chuan hesitated for a while, but he still came to Uncle Xu’s table and reached out to open the gift box.

This was the first time he saw Shen Qian giving gifts to XCMG, and he couldn’t help being curious.

The inside of the gift box is divided into two layers. The first purpose is to put a crystal clear and near-transparent mountain ginseng like jade stone on the upper layer.

Zhang Chuan has no knowledge in this area and can’t recognize what kind of ginseng it is. impulse.

Zhang Chuanqiang resisted the inexplicable desire and looked down. There was a small porcelain bottle on the Second Layer of the gift box, and the material was slightly rough.

Zhang Chuan picked up the porcelain bottle, and when he saw the label on it, his first reaction was impossible!

β€œQi Condensation Mixture!”

Qi Condensation Mixture is only for Martial Artists with vitality, which can condense vitality faster. In short, it belongs to the mixture that can directly strengthen itself .

Although this is just a regular potion among Martial Artist, the market price is at least 3W or more…

Is this mixture real?

Based on Shen Qian’s family conditions, Zhang Chuan didn’t dare to believe it, but Shen Qian could also use fake ones to fool Xugong.

It took a long time for Zhang Chuan to restore the gift box to its original state. He recalled that XCMG had indeed borrowed work permits from Shen Qian many times. Blocks once, XCMG is also impossible to lend a hundred times!

After all, Shen Qian also knows how to measure up. In fact, he can’t come several times a month, but how many times in three years?

“If it is true, XCMG will make a lot of money.”

Zhang Chuan felt jealous and regretful.

In the past, it seemed that he also had the opportunity to help the other party, but after he refused in the form of a joke, Shen Qian never mentioned it again.


“Welcome, the air-dried confusion!”

Shen Qian swiped his card into the simulator, ready to concentrate on brushing the “Bronze Array”. “Dungeon, can not only forge body refinement ability, but also sharpen one’s own martial skill proficiency, it is one move, two gains.

This afternoon’s classes are all related to martial arts, and Shen Qian asked Liu Simin for a leave of absence.

For the students who “aspire to take liberal arts”, Liu Simin certainly has no reason to stop her, and she agrees very happily.

Since there is no need to explain, Shen Qian is also happy to save trouble. It just so happens that there is no who in the physical examination hall, which is perfect.

After selecting the level and scene, Shen Qian set the number of bronze figures to five, and then clicked “Start”.

After just over ten seconds, Shen Qian ended the battle. Looking at the statistics that popped up on the virtual screen, he couldn’t help frowning and shaking his head.

With his current strength, the bronze figures of the five Beginner Martial Artist sections are no threat at all.

The explosive power is 467Kg, and the speed of 100 meters is 5.8s.

This is Shen Qian’s current physical fitness data, which is comparable to the average four-stage Beginner Martial Artist.

After thinking for a while, Shen Qian directly adjusted the number of copper figurines to eight, and clicked start again.

But it just took a little more time, and Shen Qian was still able to pass the level very easily.

Shen Qian realized that because of his rapid progress, his perception of his own strength was lagging behind.

When the number of bronze figures reached eleven, Shen Qian finally felt the pressure.

Under the flawless cooperation, the combined power of the eleven bronze figurines far exceeds the siege of the normal eleven Beginner Martial Artists of one stage, and is enough to match the Beginner Martial Artists of more than four stages.

Shen Qian soon lost his hatred.

Shen Qian, who was dripping with sweat on his forehead, was aroused by his long-lost fighting spirit. He took off his shirt, revealing his increasingly smooth upper body, and took out the prepared satiety pill and ultra-concentrated juice from his backpack. The level is opened again.

I didn’t want to say more nonsense at the end of the chapter, for fear of affecting everyone’s reading experience, but some words are really unpleasant.

Blame me for being a slapper in the past, not so many people commented on me, so my mentality still can’t achieve Motionless As Mountains, in fact, I said it before, no matter good or bad, I have something to say Then, I also know that there is no story that can satisfy everyone. This is impossible in itself. If you don’t like it, you can just turn right when you go out. Well, before you leave, you have to say something to disgust me.

…but isn’t it too much for you to rise to personal attacks on the author? What about upbringing? What about the most basic qualities?

Well, when I feed you shi, you spend hours reading it before you realize it’s shi, what’s wrong with you?

If there are any more, I will be banned and deleted, and I have no time to reply to everyone’s comments for the time being. Sorry, let’s do it for now.

(end of this chapter)

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